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Sweet! Thanks! {nm}

Posted by: eyescovered on Oct 13, 10:58 in response to Antibody's post Official Adjusts

Official Adjusts   Antibody on Oct 13, 10:38

Sweet! Thanks! {nm}   eyescovered on Oct 13, 10:58

Spectacular! {nm}   SocioEvo on Oct 13, 11:35 will be missed!!!   nazwar on Oct 13, 14:28

Holy Hotdogs, Batman! That was a crazy adjust for your MSHEE, nazwar, excellent! {nm}   SocioEvo on Oct 14, 06:30

thanks...long-game strategy, but lovely numbers in the end. {nm}   nazwar on Oct 14, 06:54

thanks! did I miss JKSIM?...did Jennifer's Body end up delisting way lower than it's adjust?   tealfan on Oct 13, 14:39

Not sure, He was up on both PrG and the numbers. {nm}   toughbax on Oct 13, 15:02

Prolly missed it cause he adjusted for Extract just a week or two ago. {nm}   eyescovered on Oct 13, 16:05

aha!...probably {nm}   tealfan on Oct 13, 16:40

You missed JKSIM when he lost SPID3 from his TAG {nm}   laujer on Oct 13, 21:46

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