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Post Adjust Bond Show For 11/9/10

Posted by: RazorHawk on Nov 09, 11:09




Post Adjust Bond Show For 11/9/10   RazorHawk on Nov 09, 11:09

I have KURBA's next adjust as ASDRK and MLPAR's as HOWL. I like the extra bit you put in this week explaining your choice for BWILL's next {nm}   RogerMore on Nov 09, 11:20

ASDRK isnt expected to report box office   RazorHawk on Nov 09, 11:25

Ah, I'd forgotten that post. {nm}   RogerMore on Nov 09, 11:28

Where does it say it's not going to report box office in that thread you linked to? {nm}   secretstalker on Nov 09, 11:33

It doesn't say explicitly, but it's a 4-wall release by a distributor that doesn't always report BO, so it's a reasonable call {nm}   Roger More on Nov 09, 11:40

Not really... unlike the Anchor Bay movies that didn't report box office, ASDRK doesn't have a DVD release date yet.   secretstalker on Nov 09, 11:54

uh dude, ....yes it does have a DVD release date.   RazorHawk on Nov 09, 11:57

Or maybe that release date has changed cause Amazon doesn't list one, which is what I checked before commenting. Dude.   secretstalker on Nov 09, 12:05

again, it is helpful if you actually read and know what is going on before mouthing off   RazorHawk on Nov 09, 12:16

To all the young dude, follow the news....per RH,,check the link   StarBond Fund Sweet 16 BUY BONDS on Nov 09, 17:45

That's in the **2nd** link you posted, not the first. I asked Moviesnob and he said the plans are still the same. {nm}   secretstalker on Nov 09, 18:36

(IOW, I didn't read the entire thread. I just read the post you linked to.) {nm}   secretstalker on Nov 09, 18:37

Moviesnob already told us 2 weeks ago that the plans had not changed {nm}   RazorHawk on Nov 09, 18:43

Why don't you read the post right above this one? As I've said many times, I don't live here like you do, so I miss a lot of conversations. {nm}   secretstalker on Nov 09, 19:00

Then you need to take that into consideration before you take it upon yourself to "correct" other people   RazorHawk on Nov 09, 19:16

This whole argument started because you claimed the movie won't report box office (something you STILL don't know for sure).   secretstalker on Nov 09, 19:58

RH posted that he didn't _expect_ it to report Box Office, not that it definitely won't. There is a difference.   DTravel on Nov 10, 12:30

Saying something "isn't expected to report box office" seems like a pretty definitive statement to me. {nm}   secretstalker on Nov 11, 05:22

But not to everyone. {nm}   DTravel on Nov 11, 10:59

Also, I don't know why you didn't link to *that* post which is more pertinent to the discussion than the one you did. {nm}   secretstalker on Nov 09, 12:11

with the DVD hitting the street a week after the theatrical release date {nm}   RazorHawk on Nov 09, 11:54

Thanks again for this research. Very appreciated. :-) {nm}   Skauge on Nov 09, 13:04

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