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As may Brighton Rock. {nm}

Posted by: secretstalker (a.k.a TheWeekendWarrior) on Dec 14, 13:46 in response to secretstalker's post And London Boulevard is completed so in theory, it could...

Post Adjust Bond Show For 12/14/10   RazorHawk on Dec 14, 11:52

Yay! Thanks HSX Dude! {nm}   Port Value League Admin on Dec 14, 12:07

Razor - your LPUNC maths is totally out dude - Bad Teacher is trading at $55, not $9 so she's a long...   Mackenzie on Dec 14, 12:09

TMHTN is her next now. {nm}   Antibody on Dec 14, 14:53

Thanks. I have DTHEW dropping HPOT5. {nm}   RogerMore on Dec 14, 12:09

And London Boulevard is completed so in theory, it could open before next July. {nm}   secretstalker on Dec 14, 13:18

As may Brighton Rock. {nm}   secretstalker on Dec 14, 13:46

thanks!...time to put ice on your {nm}   tealfan on Dec 14, 12:11

DTHEW should be in HPOT8 though, yes? Lupin is def in the second half of the book... {nm}   DramaKim on Dec 14, 14:34

BNIGH is dropping UNDW3, not VALKR, which halves your adjust calculation. {nm}   osmosis2003 on Dec 14, 14:47

Actually, I see him as dropping G-Force... {nm}   Port Value League Admin on Dec 14, 15:11

You got caught out. Wild Target is still active :-) {nm}   osmosis2003 on Dec 14, 15:21

I have the abiliity to click and to count to 5. Apparently that's it! Thanks for the correction. {nm}   Port Value League Admin on Dec 14, 20:36

Thanks a lot! :-) {nm}   Skauge on Dec 14, 23:23

why is jhurt trading below tag? next film is hpot8... {nm}   Ramu_the_Wolfboy on Dec 17, 18:47

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