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YUP!..a big cheer for dan! {nm}

Posted by: GLAMMGUY on Apr 05, 11:47 in response to eyescovered's post Thank you DFOGL!

Official Adjusts   Antibody on Apr 05, 10:42

Thank you DFOGL! {nm}   eyescovered on Apr 05, 11:30

Wheeee!! {nm}   Mojave on Apr 05, 11:36

YUP!..a big cheer for dan! {nm}   GLAMMGUY on Apr 05, 11:47

Razor, where art though!?! {nm}   confusedman on Apr 05, 12:11

2nd that. Got used to "The Show". {nm}   Bags on Apr 05, 12:14

I'm sure he's typing as fast as he {nm}   tealfan on Apr 05, 12:20

He just posted he is almosted finished...I've called off the search party! {nm}   Bags on Apr 05, 12:37

Wow I spell grate! {nm}   Bags on Apr 05, 12:38

sprained right hand = typing one handed {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 05, 12:49

ow {nm}   tealfan on Apr 05, 12:51

Just grateful for your posts. One of the reasons I hit 1 billion today! {nm}   Bags on Apr 05, 12:54

congrats dude! {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 05, 13:11

Sprained hand? Sure, *that's* the reason you are typing one handed. ;P {nm}   Hooray360 on Apr 05, 13:17

Thnx Razor, thnx for DFOGL. Together with 1THAE makes this best week for this newbie. Sad I missed on HOP though. {nm}   Ziggy on Apr 05, 14:08

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