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But can those other weapons be easily converted to fire 100 rounds? That might be why "assault" is an important distinction.

Posted by: Catzan on Jul 22, 17:02 in response to Scorpion's post You -cannot- buy a new full auto gun in the US unless you...

Ok, let's start a debate on banning assault rifles here. I think access should be limited.   elchan on Jul 22, 15:05

Wouldn't change anything.   medv4380 on Jul 22, 15:31

In smaller countries, it might...America's issue with enforcement is the amount of people, the amount of land and the amount of freedoms.   Catzan on Jul 22, 15:42

Didn't stop Anders from getting Fragile Rounds for his killing spree, or from using a pretty big bomb. {nm}   medv4380 on Jul 22, 16:01

Possibly a good point...but how many mass murders has Norway had since they put laws into effect? One? Two? Per capita comparison?   Catzan on Jul 22, 16:57

My opinions on Lobo's link to the audio, I promised I would keep it light on this forum board. {nm}   damenchipguy on Jul 22, 17:08

Increase the area that you're looking at and they become the same. North America vs Europe has nearly the same Murder Rate. {nm}   medv4380 on Jul 22, 17:30

So per capita we have the same murder rates...what about all the countries that have gun bans lumped do they fare as a whole?   Catzan on Jul 22, 17:42

What about States like Idaho with a relatively low murder rate? If you exclude and pick a small enough sample you can make them say exactly   medv4380 on Jul 22, 18:49

Heh...I grew up in New Orleans. And that cuts both ways...numbers being able to say anything.    Catzan on Jul 22, 20:22

But, the problem with the illegal arms argument is that none of these mass shootings have been done using illegal firearms.   elchan on Jul 22, 16:04

Most Gang shootings use illegal weapons. Namely unregistered weapons or weapons with their ID filled off.   medv4380 on Jul 22, 16:16

Yes, but we're not talking about gangs killing each other, and sometimes collateral damage to citizens.   elchan on Jul 22, 16:26

How would your ban on Assault Rifles stop the Crazies? Charles Whitmen only needed a basic Rifles   medv4380 on Jul 22, 17:28

I don't think you can ban crazies, but a ban on assault rifles can limit the damage they do. {nm}   elchan on Jul 22, 17:59

How is an Assault Rifle more dangerous than a home made bomb? {nm}   medv4380 on Jul 22, 18:45

They are both used to kill, so no difference I can see, other than the assault rifle being more portable. {nm}   elchan on Jul 23, 07:09

Nice Quote from CNN inside about mass killers. -more-   arf on Jul 22, 18:52

So...Freedom of Speech isn't enough...the pen is NOT mightier than the sword. Compelling but sad argument...but that is humanity?   Catzan on Jul 22, 17:00

100 people (in US, estimate) died in car crashes yesterday. wheres the outrage over that? I demand a ban on cars. {nm}   islander on Jul 22, 15:39

Was it intentional? Better...was texting involved? heh...a whole different discussion could brew up in a sec.   Catzan on Jul 22, 15:44

ive checked stuff online while driving; its scary how much distance passes in just the time it takes to load my port   islander on Jul 22, 15:49

HAH! Better sell some stocks to speed that loading!    Catzan on Jul 22, 15:51

But the fact is that cars have multiple uses, including benignly as a means of transport. Assault rifles, have no benign function. {nm}   elchan on Jul 22, 16:05

Hunting, Match Target Competitions, Leasure Target Shooting. Just off the top of my head. {nm}   Scorpion on Jul 22, 16:09

Hunting with an assault rifle? Seriously? Target shooting usually done at shooting ranges, so no need to bring the gun home.   elchan on Jul 22, 16:12

.308 & 7.62 calibur AR's can hunt very well. The use of .223 is frowned upon......cause it's not deadly enough. {nm}   Scorpion on Jul 22, 16:16

It's not really a question of the calibre of the ammo. Most legal assault rifles have at least a semi-auto mode, and some have full auto.   elchan on Jul 22, 16:29

You -cannot- buy a new full auto gun in the US unless you are Law Enforcement, the Military or a Federal Fire Arms Dealer.   Scorpion on Jul 22, 16:55

But can those other weapons be easily converted to fire 100 rounds? That might be why "assault" is an important distinction.   Catzan on Jul 22, 17:02

yes they can   RazorHawk on Jul 22, 17:09

Are there any squirrels alive around your grandfather's house at all??? ;-)   Catzan on Jul 22, 17:22

not within 150 yards...   RazorHawk on Jul 22, 17:35

rats with fluffy tails. Good riddance!   Catzan on Jul 22, 17:44

There's nothing stopping any rifle that takes a detachable box magazine from having a 100 round magazine made   Scorpion on Jul 22, 17:12

Never got into the gun thing...and somehow my brain typed the question I already know the answer to despite that. Thanks for the answer. =)   Catzan on Jul 22, 17:24

The the 100 round magazine is not legal in most states, right?   elchan on Jul 22, 17:30

gun laws vary widely from state to state. I would make an educated guess they aren't as illegal as you would think.   Scorpion on Jul 22, 17:44

"For the first time in 45 years, homicide dropped out of the top 15 causes of death in the United States in 2010"   islander on Jul 22, 15:51

The fact that it is safer than other countries is what makes these few random violent acts seem that much more horrifying.   Catzan on Jul 22, 15:53

Safer is relative to the country you're using to compare. Did you know that Japan actually lies about its murder rate.   medv4380 on Jul 22, 16:05

You make my point. I was saying America seems safer and that is why these acts appall so much. So if Japan isn't as safe as it says...   Catzan on Jul 22, 16:53

I don't think it's safer in other countries necessarily. Everyone thinks that Canada is safe, but don't forget we have 10x less population.   elchan on Jul 22, 16:18

Per capita is another way to look at safety...   Catzan on Jul 22, 17:24

Homicides per 100k: USA 4.8, Can 1.62 , UK 1.23 {nm}   Rednax on Jul 22, 18:05

From {nm}   Rednax on Jul 22, 18:06

There's less gang shooting in Canada, but looking at crazies going off ...   elchan on Jul 23, 07:48

The U.S government banned the sale of new fully automatic guns in 1986.....crime was uneffected. Gatling gun's are still legal.   Scorpion on Jul 22, 16:02

There is no need for them ever. Nobody is part of a militia. Want to be in one? Join the National Guard.   Buy BONDS 19 coming 7/24/12 on Jul 22, 16:05

The gun culture relies on the history of our founding. Tougher to break that it would seem than a business.   Catzan on Jul 22, 16:55

Heller vs. US - "Militia Clause irrelevant", Every individual has the right to keep and bear arms, not just the National Guard. {nm}   arf on Jul 22, 19:07

maybe we should start banning everything...   RazorHawk on Jul 22, 16:40

If I'm ever in your neck of the woods or you mine, steak dinner is on me. {nm}   Tanker on Jul 22, 17:34

Banning assault rifles will not stop the sickos, but it will limit the damage they can do. {nm}   elchan on Jul 22, 18:05

anybody anywhere can do whatever damage that they want to do at anytime (if there is a will there is a way)   RazorHawk on Jul 22, 18:58

Sure, but the assertion is that the assault rifle is a tool of killing. Banning it would make it one level more difficult for the sicko   elchan on Jul 22, 19:31

And that assertion is wrong   davmoo on Jul 22, 21:05

lol... the same Bill Of Rights that allows you to have guns... also guarentees "freedom of assembly" {nm}   RazorHawk on Jul 22, 22:22

That's my point...if we're going to ignore gun ownership rights, then why can't we ignore some of the others too. {nm}   davmoo on Jul 22, 23:51

You just proved the assertion. " has never killed anyone. And it won't...until someone tries to take it away from me. " {nm}   elchan on Jul 23, 07:07

You should be able to get a permit that permits you to carry your gun with you on your property. But there are no snakes in the hood.    goodvibe61 on Jul 23, 00:26

America has in its past banned alcohol. That worked out about as well as the war on certain drugs. Banning firearms will be no different.   Tanker on Jul 22, 17:08

Banning alchol resulted in smugglers making faster cars to outrun police... which eventually became NASCAR {nm}   RazorHawk on Jul 22, 17:11

7 Killed and 14 wounded in Chicago this weekend. Chicago is "gun free". -more-   arf on Jul 22, 18:09

He also used explosives to kill and distract police, though he failed on the first pat. -link inside-   arf on Jul 22, 18:16

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