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HSX Fan Sites

Although HSX has no direct affiliation with these Web sites, and cannot vouch for the accuracy or validity of anything printed thereon, much less whether it's entertaining, we can pretty soundly say that this is some of the best stuff out there. I mean, who else but the top HSX® traders are really equipped to tell you everything you need to know to excel?

The HSX Dude

"The HSX Dude" provides HSX site news, teaches players how to play the game, and attempts to entertain HSX-ers while they are waiting for adjusts and delists.


KaiGee's provides StarBond adjust projections, security changes, Price Trends and the Top 100 Traders by H$ gains for the week.


A veteran trader's blog answers some of the most commonly asked questions.

How Profitable

"Profit is King" is the motto of this site that will teach you how you make money off StarBonds.

Hollywood Stock Journal

The Hollywood Stock Journal features enough reliable data and opinions from top traders to help you join their ranks.

The Numbers

Tons of graphs and charts clueing you in to the hottest stocks on the Exchange.

Cantor Exchange

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