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Golden Globes deliver the standard

Last Sunday, the 67th Golden Globes brought out all the stars on tap to get recognition this year.  The Golden Globes are awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.  Many believe that whoever wins a Globe is also likely to win the equivalent Oscar.  One thing is for sure, it doesn’t hurt to bring home one of these trophies. 

Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony were hosted by the original British The Office star Ricky Gervais [RGERV] and broadcast live for the very first time.  Martin Scorsese [MSCOR] was given the Cecille B. Demille award for a lifetime achievement.  The films are divided into two categories: drama and comedy/musical.  Let’s take a look at who took home a Golden Globe.

The James Cameron [JCAME] cinema machine Avatar [N0PAVA] won Best Picture in the drama category and The Hangover took home Best Picture for Comedy.  Avatar competed against The Hurt Locker [N0PTHL], Inglourious Basterds [N0PING], Precious [N0PPRE] and Up in the Air [N0PAIR].  The Hangover fought off 500 Days of Summer, It’s Complicated [N0PCMP], Julie and Julia [N0PJUL] and Nine [N0PNIN].

Jeff Bridges [N0AJBR] won Best Actor in drama besting George Clooney [N0AGCL], Colin Firth [N0ACFI], Morgan Freeman [N0AMFR] and Tobey Macguire [N0ATMA].  Sandra Bullock [N0CSBU] took home Best Actress in a drama beating out Emily Blunt [N0CEBL], Helen Mirren [N0CHMI] and newcomers Carey Mulligan [N0CCMU] and Gabourey Sidibe [N0CGSI].

Robert Downey Jr. [N0ARDO] did Sherlock Holmes good by taking home the Best Actor-comedy and Meryl Streep was Golden bringing Julia Child to life for Best Actress comedy.  Downey outsmarted Matt Damon [N0AMDA], Daniel Day-Lewis [N0ADDA], Joseph Gordon-Levitt [JGLEV] and Michael Stuhlberg [N0AMST].  Bullock, Marion Cotillard [N0CMCO], Julia Roberts [JROBE] couldn’t keep up with Streep, who also beat herself for It’s Complicated.

The Best Supporting acting categories are not divided between drama and comedy. Christoph Waltz [N0RCWA] took home the Globe for Basterds while Mo’Nique [N0SMON] won as the abusive mother in Precious.  Damon, Woody Harrelson [N0RWHA], Christopher Plummer [N0RCPL] and Stanley Tucci [N0RSTL] all lost out on the prize.  Mo’Nique beat Penelope Cruz [N0SPCR], Vera Farmiga [N0SVFA], Anna Kendrick [N0SAKE] and Julianne Moore [N0SJMO].

Jason Reitmen [JREIT] and Sheldon Turner took home the Best Screenplay Globe for Up in the Air [N0EAIR] and the ‘king of the world,’ Cameron won his second Best Director Golden Globe [N0DJCA] after, Titanic.  Cameron is a hot favorite to be the main man at this year’s Oscars.

Streep has had some wonderful performances over her illustrious career.  On Sunday evening, she made history when she took home her seventh Golden Globe.  This goes to prove that there is nothing this woman can’t do. 

The Globes kick off a season of Guild awards, BAFTA’s and the upcoming Oscars.  Trade your favorite films and stars on the 2010 NominOptions.



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