Moviesnob's Z Movies part II

If you didn't previously read my introduction, please go back and do so in Part I where I covered my taste in films as well as my recommendations for movies to watch on VOD.   Part II now continues with my recommendations for movies coming soon to a streaming channel near you.


HARDCORE HENRY (8/1) - It’s a straight action flick made from the love of first person video games. The whole film is first person perspective and filled with ridiculous stunts and set pieces. You’ll know if you like it within the first 10 minutes. Director’s mission statement: “Hopefully none of us are going around picking up weapons and stabbing people. But if we were to do that, that's what it looks like.”

WE SUMMON THE DARKNESS (8/7) - I enjoyed this horror thriller about three best friends who head to a heavy metal concert, pick up three dudes, take them home to party and...well...you’ll have to see what happens next. It’s pretty low budget and not all the acting works, but the main twist is effective and the kills are fun.


MY BLOODY VALENTINE (8/1) - This 80’s slasher is still criminally unseen. It’s got all the elements of all the well known 80’s slasher films like FRIDAY THE 13TH and HALLOWEEN - killer in a mask, plenty of gore, plausibility stretched to the breaking point - but the filmmaker (George Mihalka) isn’t really a horror filmmaker so elements like the score and the cinematography are excellent for the genre. Mihalka also shot the film in actual coal mines for realism which adds greatly to the suspense. Also on Amazon Prime through Amazon & Hulu’s Epix deal.

DORA AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD (8/3) - This film was made years too late which is a shame as it's a really strong Indiana Jones knock off for families. The humor also plays more broad than most films for kids, mostly because co-writer Nicholas Stoller makes his living with R rated comedies like FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL and NEIGHBORS. Also on Amazon Prime through Amazon & Hulu’s Epix deal.

THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON (8/6) - Amazon spent millions and millions at Sundance this year buying a bunch of movies no one really wanted to see while Roadside grabbed this audience pleasing dramedy at SXSW for less than $1m and ended up with a hit. With Shia LaBeouf and Dakota Johnson, it’s about a young man with down syndrome who wants to be a professional wrestler. It was the feel good arthouse hit of last summer. Also on Amazon Prime through Amazon & Hulu’s Epix deal.


UN FLIC (August) - Alain Delon and JP Melville work together again after LE SAMOURAI and LE CERCLE ROUGE. It's another crime thriller that's nowhere near as great as those masterpieces, this still has a lot going for it including an incredible opening scene and Melville signature style and rich storytelling. Of course, no one could do Melville like Delon and he’s as amazing as ever.

LONG WEEKEND (August) - Colin Eggleston’s mystery about a couple in Australia who head to the beach for a camping getaway has developed a reputation over time in how to use sound to produce suspense. Without giving too much away, it had one of the great taglines in horror - “Their crime was against nature. Nature found them guilty.”

SIGHTSEERS (August) - Ben Wheatley had an incredible run at the beginning of his career with low budget horror films between this, DOWN TERRACE (made for less than $100k) and KILL LIST. This one is probably the funniest of the three as it's about two lovable (at least at first) losers who set off on a caravan vacation until accidents start happening and their personality flaws start emerging.

SUN DON’T SHINE (August) - Amy Seimetz’s second recommendation on this list! This one is an incredible SXSW entry from 2012. Noirish mystery about a couple on the run. Expect double crosses and best laid plans that go awry. Seimetz’s shows she understands that mood can be as valuable - and sometimes even more so - than narrative.

BACURAU (August) - This Brazilian revenge Western from Cannes 2019 is one of those small foreign films that you’ll see on top 10 lists at the end of the year and either ask “What is that??!!??” or “Stupid critics and there snobbish love of movies no one will ever see”. Both reactions are valid. This feels like something Werner Herzog would have made and it's no accident Udo Kier is in it.


BOYS STATE (8/14) - Terrific Sundance 2020 documentary about a high school program for guys that introduces them to the US political process by having attendees participate in fictional campaigns. The doc shot hours and hours of footage about almost all the participants and found the most interesting stories to focus on. Human drama at its best. [BOYST]

Finally, here are things I haven't seen, but looking forward to checking out:

STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS (8/6, CBS All Access) - Duh, I’m a Trek die hard.

HOWARD (8/7, Disney+) - Biopic about legendary Disney producer and lyricist

CAPONE (8/10, Amazon Prime) - “A baffling misfire. This is just terrible, but exquisitely so and must be seen.” - Christy Lemire, KPCC

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