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you are like Trump...

Posted by: RazorHawk on Aug 04, 12:14 in response to diamondman56's post You keep using this as an argument... and you're wrong...

You're not cheating... but claim to have more than one account (which is against HSX rules).

And your other account is HUUUUUGGE.  You won't tell us what your other account is... we just have to trust you that if we saw it we would say that it's HUUUUGGE.

So why do you have a second account (that you have operated for 4 years now)?

The only options I see are

1) You have no other accounts at HSX (and are a liar)

2) You have another account at HSX (and are a cheater)

3) You started another account at HSX so you can behave like a troll on the boards and your main account will not get penalized. Or maybe we knew you under your main account username... or was your main account banned from posting on the HSX Boards (like RotoHockey's was) so you had to start a second account so you can make posts?

So, are you a liar, a cheater, or a troll?

MEW: new specific production target start date [AVNG3]   Oleg Max on Aug 04, 10:56

Priced to make $166 million, released in almost two years and a $200 IPO on Saturday. No thanks! {nm}   diamondman56 on Aug 04, 11:04

What does JLEA2 got to do with this? {nm}   Antibody on Aug 04, 11:08

Does anyone want to explain to Antibody what happens whenever there's one of these high-priced IPOs? {nm}   diamondman56 on Aug 04, 11:10

What happens on Saturday has nothing to do with what happens when AVNG3 opens in May 2018. {nm}   Antibody on Aug 04, 11:12

Depends on how much AVNG3 drops when everyone with smaller ports sells it off to buy Justice League 2, doesn't it?   diamondman56 on Aug 04, 11:15

That has absolutely no relevance to an unrelated film getting a production start date. {nm}   Antibody on Aug 04, 11:16

But it has relevance to a certain stock market game affiliated with this message board.    diamondman56 on Aug 04, 11:31

Again, it has zero relevance to what Oleg Max posted. {nm}   Antibody on Aug 04, 11:34

You're so funny.   diamondman56 on Aug 04, 11:41

You're so paranoid :-) {nm}   jmt-nl on Aug 04, 11:42

Diamondman i mean. Seeing clear manipulation in Olegs post... Where Everyone else juist sees à normal prod start date {nm}   jmt-nl on Aug 04, 11:44

Not at all. He posted about a stock and I gave three reasons why I won't buy it, plain and simple. {nm}   diamondman56 on Aug 04, 11:46

Here is a 4th reason.... your port worth is $15.6 mill and you cannot afford either stock   RazorHawk on Aug 04, 11:51

You keep using this as an argument... and you're wrong every time you use it. Try again? {nm}   diamondman56 on Aug 04, 11:54

you are like Trump...   RazorHawk on Aug 04, 12:14

If Oleg max had posted on Sunday, then you won't have made the comment. Thus unrelated and irrelevant. {nm}   Antibody on Aug 04, 11:46

On Sunday it will probably be priced lower and therefore worth buying again.    diamondman56 on Aug 04, 11:51

Oleg Max didn't ask anyone to buy the stock. {nm}   Antibody on Aug 04, 11:55

I never said he did. I just said that I wouldn't buy it based on a production start date and gave my reasons.   diamondman56 on Aug 04, 11:57

You never used the words "I'm not buying..." {nm}   Antibody on Aug 04, 12:05

+1, AVNG3 MovieStock has been on HSX for a year and a half--other traders have by now have decided on a Long or Short position awhile ago.   chosenone2oo5 on Aug 05, 02:05

When AVNG3 opens on May 2018, its stock price on a Sat in Aug 2016 is irrelevant. {nm}   Antibody on Aug 04, 11:54

Okay... fine... so why IPO these things so far in advance? Why not get rid of all the stocks completely and just offer derivatives? {nm}   diamondman56 on Aug 04, 11:55

Now that's just crazy talk. How would one price the derivatives without MovieStocks? {nm}   Antibody on Aug 04, 12:04

+1 {nm}   chosenone2oo5 on Aug 04, 12:16

since i dont have a small port problem, the price of ANVG3 & a $200 IPO do not have any relevance to me. {nm}   adrenalin112 on Aug 04, 15:11

Right? I'll just focus on selling a few "in-development" MovieStocks that have become cold cases. I own all of them, so I'll find them. {nm}   chosenone2oo5 on Aug 05, 02:09

The November 7th specific start date has been there for a while, though, it isn't new. Something else must have been updated. [nm]    Ladybegood on Aug 04, 11:13

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