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SW fans see the movie up to 40x at the extreme end, not to mention a lot of us watch as families...

Posted by: Fitch3k on May 28, 02:33 in response to RogerMore's post SW fans who are boycotting the movie. Hardcore fans are a...

Me being vocal online saying I won't buy a ticket, means my wife and kids aren't either x 3-4 times we would normally go.

We are still a sampling of the population, die hard or not, for everyone of me there is bound to be a few more that is now disinterested and disliked TLJ.

Lastly, your fans are hugely important bc they are your economic and social engine. Excited fans drive your social presence and hype.

The disappointed fans are having a huge impact.

FWIW I took a quick look at the Star Wars subreddit and most seem to have liked it (spoilers)... tealfan May 27, 14:17

Yes. {nm} -JPV- May 27, 14:25

+1 {nm} Moviesnob May 27, 14:51

There are many fans (like myself) that are going to watch it just one time in theaters, and others not even once, just to boycott KK {nm} Filmstardust May 27, 20:23

I don’t think there are that many - at least as a % of the general audience. {nm} RogerMore May 27, 20:27

Aren't that many what? SW fans? or SW fans boycotting the movie? of all the fans i know, 99% are pissed off. And i know hundreds. Filmstardust May 27, 20:52

SW fans who are boycotting the movie. Hardcore fans are a small part of the general audience and even if, say, a million SW fans are RogerMore May 27, 21:12

All the reasons you mention are 100% valid, nonetheless, an important % of the general audiences heard/read that fans didn't like TLJ. --> Filmstardust May 27, 21:19

The Last Jedi was bad but Solo is really good. they don't really have anything to do with each other in my mind {nm} slipping jimmy May 27, 21:32

I liked Solo, yes, it was ok. Although i couldn't stand L3-37 and Enfys Nest revelation. {nm} Filmstardust May 27, 21:39

That's very different to a boycott though. (And I'm not so sure the general audience read that some fans didn't like TLJ, and if they did it RogerMore May 27, 21:36

SW fans see the movie up to 40x at the extreme end, not to mention a lot of us watch as families... Fitch3k May 28, 02:33

Well said, completely agree. {nm} Filmstardust May 28, 06:35

Yes, there are hundreds, but there are millions who LOVED it. If it bothers you all so much, go love another franchise and leave us alone. {nm} austpow May 27, 21:26

I will forever love SW, no matter how hard KK works to destroy it. She is just a person, and eventually will be gone. {nm} Filmstardust May 27, 21:33

Millions more hated TLJ, The descretion and humiliation of Luke legacy took longer for some to accept. Create your own SJW, leave SW alone. Baron_Darcon2017 May 27, 23:50

And the truth finally comes out, your true motivations are revealed. {nm} austpow May 28, 13:21

There are dozens of us! DOZENS! ndmaster May 27, 23:58

I think it's probably, or at least very arguably, the best of the new Star Wars films. Quite good. {nm} MiyazakiFan May 28, 15:03

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