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I get all the excitement to get HSX going again but...

Posted by: doitdoitdoitnow on Jun 28, 08:17

The film industry will never be the same. Specifically, we won't be seeing massive box office hits for years. Without the ability to track VOD numbers, what's the point of putting your $ into a dying system? I understand that some of you are OGs who have created friendships through this site, but are we still in denial about what COVID-19 has done to this industry? 

I get all the excitement to get HSX going again but... doitdoitdoitnow Jun 28, 08:17

I don't think anyone's in denial about what's happening in the industry, the question will be "how does HSX adapt?" RogerMore Jun 28, 09:15

And it will adapt. {nm} Grunt Jun 28, 09:19

Shorting is a thing. (Nm) imacrazymonkey Jun 28, 09:54

^^This. Personally, I'm curious where Antibody will place the OW derivatives for Tenet... once it's "definitely opening." TheWeekendWarrior Jun 28, 09:42

(The "This" was for Roger More's post... but Grunt is right, too.) {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Jun 28, 09:42

All this site talk, I forget to fully say.. Welcome back WW, good to see you back on here. {nm} VictorY Jun 28, 16:17

Probably no massive hits for a while (sorry MULAN and TENET), but I bet there will be studio-backed first-run films in drive-ins TFeeney Jun 28, 09:20

There won't be a VOD service like comscore and box office any time soon. The main issue is that digital transactions are easy to track but Moviesnob Jun 28, 12:49

if a movie does well on netflix, its price could go up. The only reason it doesn't..is the human behavior of the players of this game. 3ebfan511 Jun 28, 16:16

Errm...do you not know how HSX works? {nm} TFeeney Jun 28, 17:38

Do you know how the stock market works ? 3ebfan511 Jun 28, 18:26

HSX is not the stock market. It works the same in some ways but different in many ways. Stocks cash out on a regular basis and the final {nm} JDolphin Jun 28, 23:59

Ooops. the final price is the box office (Unless major changes are made) {nm} JDolphin Jun 29, 00:00

that has nothing to do with movie stock values on HSX ndmaster Jun 29, 21:42

Great points. I fully get what you're saying, and sadly agree.. But consider this also: VictorY Jun 28, 15:50

The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Restaurants will come back, sporting events will, concerts will, and movies will PhoneHome Jun 28, 19:54

There's definitely going to be a middleground, COVID-19 is already forcing a significant amount of "gone forever" theatre closings, but.... notfabio Jun 29, 08:27

Excellent point, many theaters were struggling befor COVID. {nm} VictorY Jun 29, 09:51

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