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First trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyVol3       First trailer for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny #IndianaJones       Trailer for One Fine Morning directed by Mia Hansen-Løve #OneFineMorning       US trailer for #Broker directed by Kore-eda Hirokazu       First trailer for #Transformers: Rise of the Beasts #TransformersRiseoftheBeasts       #ViolentNight is trading at a $11.4M Opening Weekend on #HSX. Should you Buy, Sell or Hold?…       Trailer for Bed Rest starring Melissa Barrera, premiering December 7 only on Tubi. #BedRest       #Close will open in theaters on January 27th       #Plane will arrive two weeks earlier on January 13th       Trailer for Return to Seoul, in theaters on February 17th #ReturntoSeoul      
Cocaine Bear (COCAB) 366 32.39 (0.00)         Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley (BHCP4) 10074 1.18 (0.00)         Jungle Cruise 2 (JUNG2) 1000 105.30 (+0.11)         Van Helsing (VANHL) 14000 8.16 (-0.50)         Avatar: The Way of the Water H$1 (AVAT2.CA) 5485 3.25 (+0.03)         Thug (THUG) 67654 9.74 (-0.26)         Metal Men (METAL) 45678 28.45 (+0.57)         Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among (DNDGN) 149999 81.20 (-0.33)         Avatar: The Way of the Water H$1 (AVAT2.PU) 25000 1.67 (0.00)         Avatar: The Way of the Water H$1 (AVAT2.CA) 25000 3.25 (+0.03)         Avatar: The Way of the Water - O (AVAT2.OW) 100000 162.38 (0.00)         Thug (THUG) 10 9.74 (-0.26)         Avatar: The Way of the Water H$1 (AVAT2.CA) 25000 3.25 (+0.03)         Avatar: The Way of the Water H$1 (AVAT2.CA) 25000 3.25 (+0.03)         Freud's Last Session (FLSES) 150000 2.83 (+0.01)         Mending the Line (MDLIN) 150000 1.20 (-0.01)         Metal Men (METAL) 150000 28.45 (+0.57)         Metal Men (METAL) 150000 28.45 (+0.57)         Empire of Light (EMPLT) 150000 11.39 (+0.66)         Empire of Light (EMPLT) 150000 11.39 (+0.66)         Avatar 3: The Seed Bearer (AVAT3) 15341 402.38 (0.00)         Van Helsing (VANHL) 150000 8.16 (-0.50)         The Wild Bunch (WILDB) 1 0.07 (0.00)         The Wild Bunch (WILDB) 1 0.07 (0.00)         Van Helsing (VANHL) 10000 8.16 (-0.50)