Box Score: How to Train Your Dragon flies back on top.

With two new R-rated films underperforming at the weekend box office, the family-friendly How to Train Your Dragon [HTRYD] regained the top stop with an estimated $20 million in its fourth frame.   The 3D fantasy from DreamWorks Animation declined just 20% in bringing its cumulative gross to $158.6 million.

Like its title character, Kick-Ass [KCKAS] got its ass kicked at the box office.  The Lionsgate release debuted in second place with $19.7 milion.  The violent superhero satire did not live up to its fanboy buzz, while its R-rating kept out its prime target demographic of young males teenagers.

Date Night [DATEN] ended the weekend at the third spot with $17.3 million.  The adult-oriented comedy tailed off a respectable 31% second weekend to bring its 10-day sum to $49.2 million.

Death at a Funeral [DEFUN] gathered $17.0 million to open fourth overall.  The R-rated comedy remake was unable to cross outside the core African-American audience.


1 HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON $20,000,000 $158,618,000
2 KICK-ASS $19,750,000 $19,750,000
3 DATE NIGHT $17,300,000 $49,246,761
4 DEATH AT A FUNERAL $17,000,000 $17,000,000
5 CLASH OF THE TITANS $15,770,000 $132,985,000
6 THE LAST SONG $5,788,000 $50,013,000
7 WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO? $4,180,000 $54,880,000
8 HOT TUB TIME MACHINE $3,545,000 $42,504,464
9 ALICE IN WONDERLAND $3,540,000 $324,015,000
10 THE BOUNTY HUNTER $3,200,000 $60,378,000
11 DIARY OF A WIMPY KID $2,800,000 $57,100,144
12 AVATAR $1,025,000 $745,045,453


Source: Exhibitor Relations Co.


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By Antibody on Sunday, April 18, 2010 @ 11:32 AM        2341 views

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Sunday, April 18 at 19:08 PM Pacific
Kickass was horrible. It was like a very bad version of a Tarentino movie for 11 year olds. go figure what they were thinking?
Monday, April 19 at 08:19 AM Pacific
Personally I found the movie pretty awesome, much better than Kill Bills. This is going to cult category as far as I'm concerned, it's fresh, daring and well acted. Shame teens can only pirate the movie to see it, otherwise it could have had a much strong

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