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CelebStock®: Today's Top Price Movers

Celebstock™ can be issued for a celebrity in any field of entertainment such as movies, television, fashion, popular culture, sports, music and games. StarBonds® are a specific type of CelebStock® for only actors and directors with film credits. The price of a StarBond® reflects how the box office gross of a star's next MovieStock® in release will affect their trailing average gross.

Name Symbol Current Price Change Today
Idris Elba IELBA H$181.42 H$0.28 (0%) Trade
Henry Cavill HCAVI H$117.92 H$0.28 (0%) Trade
Tyrese Gibson TYGIB H$197.40 H$0.28 (0%) Trade
Sandra Bullock SBULL H$144.29 H$0.28 (0%) Trade
Zack Snyder ZSNYD H$145.34 H$0.28 (0%) Trade
Liam Hemsworth LHEMS H$172.41 H$0.28 (0%) Trade
Doug Liman DLIMA H$83.69 H$0.20 (0%) Trade
Omar Sy OSY H$84.12 H$0.20 (0%) Trade
Louis Leterrier LLETE H$99.80 H$0.20 (0%) Trade
Holly Hunter HOHUN H$90.83 H$0.20 (0%) Trade
Jeff Daniels JDANI H$76.36 H$0.20 (0%) Trade
Neil Patrick Harris NPHAR H$75.81 H$0.20 (0%) Trade
T.I. Tip Harris THARR H$83.16 H$0.20 (0%) Trade
Laz Alonso LALON H$87.48 H$0.20 (0%) Trade
Mark Ruffalo MRUFF H$89.69 H$0.20 (0%) Trade
Russell Brand RBRAN H$88.64 H$0.20 (0%) Trade
Lily James LJAME H$75.50 H$0.20 (0%) Trade
Kate Upton KUPTO H$37.34 H$0.16 (0%) Trade
Holliday Grainger HGRAI H$52.13 H$0.13 (0%) Trade
Li Bingbing LBING H$57.43 H$0.13 (0%) Trade
Alexandra Daddario ADADD H$66.33 H$0.13 (0%) Trade
Ian McShane IMCSH H$53.36 H$0.13 (0%) Trade
Robert Schwentke RSCHW H$73.57 H$0.13 (0%) Trade
Cheech Marin CMARI H$62.88 H$0.13 (0%) Trade
Joel Kinnaman JKINN H$60.46 H$0.13 (0%) Trade
Tarsem Singh TSING H$45.02 H$0.13 (-0%) Trade
Adam Driver ADRIV H$54.42 H$0.13 (-0%) Trade
Jason Mitchell JMITC H$70.70 H$0.13 (-0%) Trade
Noah Ringer NRING H$74.27 H$0.13 (-0%) Trade
Dan Fogler DFOGL H$39.40 H$0.16 (-0%) Trade
Melanie Laurent MLAUR H$25.92 H$0.16 (-1%) Trade
Tate Taylor TTAYL H$76.29 H$0.20 (-0%) Trade
F. Gary Gray FGGRA H$99.49 H$0.20 (-0%) Trade
Bobby Cannavale BCANN H$76.37 H$0.20 (-0%) Trade
Michael Keaton MKEAT H$82.82 H$0.20 (-0%) Trade
Tim Story TSTOR H$89.30 H$0.20 (-0%) Trade
Rebecca Ferguson RFERG H$96.91 H$0.20 (-0%) Trade
Margot Robbie MROBB H$91.80 H$0.20 (-0%) Trade
Andy Samberg ASAMB H$80.72 H$0.20 (-0%) Trade
Jonah Hill JHILL H$75.09 H$0.20 (-0%) Trade
Jamie Campbell Bower JCBOW H$97.59 H$0.20 (-0%) Trade
Irrfan Khan IKHAN H$75.64 H$0.20 (-0%) Trade
David Spade DSPAD H$113.94 H$0.28 (-0%) Trade
Denis Leary DLEAR H$140.50 H$0.28 (-0%) Trade
Chris Pratt CPRAT H$172.97 H$0.28 (-0%) Trade
Justin Lin JLIN H$142.96 H$0.28 (-0%) Trade
Ridley Scott RSCOT H$120.39 H$0.28 (-0%) Trade
Jai Courtney JCOUR H$107.32 H$0.28 (-0%) Trade
Gary Ross GAROS H$113.39 H$0.28 (-0%) Trade
Francis Lawrence FLAWR H$201.60 H$0.50 (-0%) Trade