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Hollywood Movie ExchangeTM

MovieStocks®: Today's Top Price Movers

MovieStocks® are issued on the Hollywood Movie ExchangeTM. The price of a MovieStock reflects the film's potential domestic box office during its first four weeks of wide release, or twelve weeks if the film remains in limited release.

Name Symbol Current Price Change Today
Transformers: The Last Knight aka... TFRM5 H$168.97 H$0.76 (0%) Trade
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 GOTG2 H$321.06 H$0.50 (0%) Trade
Arrival aka Story of Your Life SOYLF H$86.51 H$0.30 (0%) Trade
Life LIFEM H$86.20 H$0.30 (0%) Trade
Rock that Body THBDY H$44.97 H$0.26 (1%) Trade
Fantastic Beasts 2 FBST2 H$173.46 H$0.25 (0%) Trade
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story SW16 H$415.30 H$0.25 (0%) Trade
Justice League JLEAG H$339.95 H$0.25 (0%) Trade
Captain Marvel CMARV H$115.96 H$0.25 (0%) Trade
The Mummy MUMY4 H$119.80 H$0.25 (0%) Trade
Ant-Man and the Wasp ANTM2 H$130.31 H$0.25 (0%) Trade
World War Z 2 WWZ2 H$57.75 H$0.20 (0%) Trade
A Wrinkle in Time AWITM H$49.57 H$0.20 (0%) Trade
Inferno NFERN H$84.41 H$0.20 (0%) Trade
Smurfs: The Lost Village aka Get... SMRF3 H$45.12 H$0.20 (0%) Trade
The Dark Tower DRKTW H$91.57 H$0.20 (0%) Trade
Larrikins LARIK H$46.02 H$0.20 (0%) Trade
The Batman TBATM H$220.57 H$0.16 (0%) Trade
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find... FBSTS H$248.50 H$0.16 (0%) Trade
Toy Story 4 TOYS4 H$279.94 H$0.16 (0%) Trade
Annabelle 2 ANAB2 H$53.07 H$0.14 (0%) Trade
Born in China BCHNA H$9.44 H$0.13 (1%) Trade
Tulip Fever TULPF H$2.39 H$0.13 (6%) Trade
Life of the Party LFOPT H$47.91 H$0.13 (0%) Trade
Pitch Perfect 3 PTCP3 H$73.55 H$0.13 (0%) Trade
Spider-Man: Homecoming SPID6 H$212.03 H$0.16 (-0%) Trade
The Secret Life of Pets 2 PETS2 H$218.83 H$0.17 (-0%) Trade
Middle School: The Worst Years of... MIDSC H$19.19 H$0.17 (-1%) Trade
The Nutcracker And The Four Realms NUTFR H$65.69 H$0.20 (-0%) Trade
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword KARTH H$67.73 H$0.20 (-0%) Trade
Mary Poppins Returns MPOPN H$78.63 H$0.20 (-0%) Trade
Murder on the Orient Express MOTOE H$40.51 H$0.20 (-0%) Trade
Animated Spider-Man movie aka The... ASPDR H$51.45 H$0.20 (-0%) Trade
Kin KIN H$19.77 H$0.23 (-1%) Trade
Star Wars: Episode IX STAR9 H$511.11 H$0.23 (-0%) Trade
The Magnificent Seven MAGN7 H$89.83 H$0.24 (-0%) Trade
Fifty Shades Darker 50SH2 H$120.40 H$0.25 (-0%) Trade
The Incredibles 2 NCRD2 H$161.49 H$0.25 (-0%) Trade
Star Trek 4 TREK4 H$112.21 H$0.25 (-0%) Trade
Star Wars: Episode VIII STAR8 H$592.70 H$0.25 (-0%) Trade
Deadpool 2 DEAD2 H$241.88 H$0.33 (-0%) Trade
Avatar 2 AVAT2 H$267.14 H$0.33 (-0%) Trade
Beauty and the Beast BTATB H$204.25 H$0.33 (-0%) Trade
Transformers 6: Bumblebee TFRM6 H$121.48 H$0.37 (-0%) Trade
Fast & Furious 9 FAST9 H$167.41 H$0.37 (-0%) Trade
Star Wars: Han Solo Anthology SWAR2 H$347.64 H$0.50 (-0%) Trade
Wreck-It Ralph 2 RALP2 H$111.90 H$0.50 (-0%) Trade
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar... PRGRN H$73.53 H$0.58 (-1%) Trade
Deepwater Horizon DPWTH H$47.10 H$0.81 (-2%) Trade
The Girl on the Train GRLOT H$77.82 H$1.71 (-2%) Trade