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Hollywood Movie ExchangeTM

MovieStocks®: Today's Top Price Movers

MovieStocks® are issued on the Hollywood Movie ExchangeTM. The price of a MovieStock reflects the film's potential domestic box office during its first four weeks of wide release, or twelve weeks if the film remains in limited release.

Name Symbol Current Price Change Today
Money Monster MONYM H$27.01 H$3.14 (13%) Trade
John Wick 2 WICK2 H$32.11 H$2.41 (8%) Trade
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 MBFG2 H$44.26 H$2.34 (6%) Trade
Alien 5 ALIE5 H$45.77 H$1.91 (4%) Trade
Tomorrowland 1952 H$93.80 H$1.76 (2%) Trade
Tron: Ascension aka Tron: Voyage TRON3 H$44.38 H$1.59 (4%) Trade
Tink TINK H$17.66 H$1.58 (10%) Trade
Jurassic World JURA4 H$239.97 H$1.25 (1%) Trade
Valerian VALER H$39.12 H$1.23 (3%) Trade
Pan PAN1 H$74.16 H$1.03 (1%) Trade
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice SUPE2 H$319.97 H$1.01 (0%) Trade
Toy Story 4 TOYS4 H$210.33 H$0.99 (0%) Trade
Victor Frankenstein FRNKS H$24.21 H$0.91 (4%) Trade
Fantastic Four 2 FANF2 H$62.05 H$0.88 (1%) Trade
Kevin Hart: What Now? KHWN H$26.11 H$0.85 (3%) Trade
The 5th Wave 5WAVE H$25.35 H$0.82 (3%) Trade
The Divergent Series: Allegiant Part 1 DVRG3 H$111.78 H$0.81 (1%) Trade
Minions MNION H$202.90 H$0.70 (0%) Trade
San Andreas SANDR H$100.00 H$0.70 (1%) Trade
The Chronicles of Narnia: The... NARN4 H$6.29 H$0.70 (13%) Trade
Indignation NDGNT H$9.87 H$0.68 (7%) Trade
Avatar 3 AVAT3 H$223.07 H$0.66 (0%) Trade
The Magnificent Seven MAGN7 H$74.39 H$0.66 (1%) Trade
Fast & Furious 8 FAST8 H$195.46 H$0.62 (0%) Trade
Avatar 2 AVAT2 H$268.00 H$0.59 (0%) Trade
Justice League Part One JLEAG H$271.96 H$0.49 (-0%) Trade
Haunted Mansion HMNSN H$40.79 H$0.49 (-1%) Trade
A Scout's Guide to the Zombie... SVSZ H$22.06 H$0.55 (-2%) Trade
Hotel Transylvania 2 HTRN2 H$69.09 H$0.60 (-1%) Trade
Terminator 2 TERM6 H$43.63 H$0.60 (-1%) Trade
Monster Trucks MNTRC H$41.80 H$0.60 (-1%) Trade
Passengers PSSNG H$25.70 H$0.61 (-2%) Trade
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 HGAM4 H$315.26 H$0.62 (-0%) Trade
The Huntsman aka Snow White 2 SWHT2 H$65.34 H$0.66 (-1%) Trade
Miracles from Heaven MFHVN H$24.33 H$0.67 (-3%) Trade
Spectre aka James Bond 24 JB24 H$191.29 H$0.82 (-0%) Trade
The Revenant REVEN H$48.01 H$0.83 (-2%) Trade
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 GOTG2 H$245.66 H$0.83 (-0%) Trade
Beauty and the Beast BTATB H$118.57 H$0.88 (-1%) Trade
Despicable Me 3 DESM3 H$134.72 H$0.97 (-1%) Trade
Poltergeist POLTR H$52.50 H$1.04 (-2%) Trade
Everest EVRST H$21.73 H$1.13 (-5%) Trade
Popeye POPEY H$28.83 H$1.21 (-4%) Trade
Nerve aka Presto NERVE H$20.02 H$1.32 (-6%) Trade
World War Z 2 WWZ2 H$46.00 H$1.44 (-3%) Trade
It: Part One IT1 H$17.41 H$1.52 (-8%) Trade
Ratchet & Clank RATCL H$20.82 H$1.61 (-7%) Trade
CHiPs CHIPS H$13.71 H$1.68 (-11%) Trade
Jonny Quest JQUES H$10.75 H$2.94 (-21%) Trade
Point Break PTBR2 H$29.10 H$2.99 (-9%) Trade