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Trading Leagues

Compete against friends, colleagues and fellow traders...

Welcome to the new HSX Leagues! Grab your friends, family, colleagues, classmates and fellow traders to compete amongst yourselves and prove your predictive prowess.

  • Bragging rights come complimentary of your hosts; all other prizes are determined (and delivered) within your own leagues.
  • When you join a league, your current Net Worth will be used as the starting point for % gain calculations. All new league members will start at 0% gain. Your standing in your league will be determined by % gain comparison.
  • Each leagues admin can optionally decide to reset all league member's percent gain to 0%, whenever he or she chooses to do so. This will not affect any league member's actual net worth, just starting net worth for the current round of league competition. This way, if you want to maintain a monthly contest within your league, in which everyone starts fresh each month, just reset the %gain to 0% at the beginning of the month (or whatever interval you choose).
  • Join public leagues with the click of a button. Join private leagues by admin approval. Create and trade in as many leagues as you like.

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My Leagues

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New Leagues

Name Size Avg Worth Status
SA Goons 4 H$22,623,500 details | apply
Trollfighters Stock Exchange 4 H$1,976,580 details | apply
Logos School 2015 11 H$3,044,890 details | join
Civics Class 6 2 H$2,253,540 details | apply
Civics Class 5 7 H$2,093,440 details | apply
Civics Class 4 14 H$2,074,780 details | apply
Civics Class 3 17 H$2,103,890 details | apply
Shadowrunners 1 H$5,200,280 details | apply
Civics Class 1 9 H$2,098,100 details | apply
Mackall civics Overall 25 H$2,070,970 details | apply

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