Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set a stop-loss limit order?

No, a limit sell order can only be set at a price higher than the current trading price. If you set a sell price below the current trading price, the trade will be executed immediately. Also, a limit cover order can only be set a price lower than the current trading price. If you set a cover price higher than the current trading price, the trade will be executed immediately.

What is an IPO?

IPO (Initial Public Offering): When a brand-spanking new security is added to the Exchange, it is known the initial public offering (IPO). For the first day a MovieStock® or StarBond® is traded, the price usually remains the same.

I placed a trade and the price I bought it for was different from the one on the confirmation screen. What gives?

The Exchange is in constant motion, and sometimes prices move up or down in the time between the submitted trade and the point it is executed. Sometimes this it to your benefit, other times, not - but it is usually only a few cents in any case. Veteran traders often refer to this as "slippage" or "chuckage."

I have negative cash. How is that possible?

In the FAQ above this one we discussed the notion of "slippage." Your portfolio can read as having negative cash when you submit a trade and the price goes up slightly before its executed. Since this Exchange is for entertainment, HSX "lends" you the additional funds to transact the trade, rather than failing it due to insufficient funds.

Is it possible to lose more money in a trade than I initially invested?

Yes, if you short a security you can lose much more than you initially invested. When you short a security on HSX, you make H$1 per share everytime the security's price goes DOWN one H$. However, you also lose H$1 per share everytime the security's price goes UP one H$. So, if you buy a MovieStock at H$50 and it cashes out at H$150, you lose an extra H$100 per share on top of the original H$50 per share you invested.

Since HSX does not do margin calls, this cash is removed from your bank account when you cover your shares or the MovieStock is delisted. If you don't have enough money to cover your loses, you will show a negative cash balance. In which case, you'll need to sell of other holdings to get back in black and have cash to trade with.

Why am I not showing up on the leaderboard?

The leaderboards are calculated once per day, like your rank. Thus, it is using your percent gain from around 2 a.m. last night, but your portfolio shows your gain right now. It is possible that last night you were ranked like 105th, and so didn't show up. You also might not show up tomorrow because even with some spectacular gains today others may have also gained a lot.

That's still not it. Seriously, what's the deal?

The HSX leader board only counts your gain above H$2 million -- your original starting point. So, if you drive your portfolio down to just H$5K and then win a Cold Cash (1000% gain!), you won't show up on the leader board. Because this is different from what you see in your portfolio (actual gain), a person that goes from H$1.5 million to H$3 million will see a 100% gain displayed in the portfolio -- but only a 50% gain on the leader board.

Why does "today's change" not match the change in my investment holdings?

The total change in your investment holdings may not add up to the amount in your today's change because HSX resets the price change on securities before HSX resets the change on your net worth. If a security should change in price between the two nightly resets, the amounts will not match up correctly.

What qualifies a MovieStock® as a wide release?

650 theaters.

When does a MovieStock® cash out?

A MovieStock delists and cashes out from the market on the first business day after its fourth weekend of wide release. If the film remains in limited release, the MovieStock cashes out similarly after 12 weekends. The MovieStock for a film that goes straight to video or television cashes out the week the film debuts in the U.S. at H$0.00.

Why do MovieStocks® adjust in price?

A MovieStock will adjust in price after its opening weekend in order to bring the expected box office gross in line with the actual box office gross. On average, a film makes 2.7 times its opening weekend box office during its first four weeks of wide release. Typically, a MovieStock is halted on its wide release date and price adjusted on the Sunday of its opening weekend.

Will I be charged a commission when a MovieStock® cashes out?


How is a StarBond® adjusted to match its TAG?

When a StarBond has a credited MovieStock delist from the market, the film and its box-office gross are entered into its TAG. If there are already five films in the TAG, the oldest film by release date is dropped. The StarBond's price is then adjusted to match that of the new TAG.

What happens if a StarBond® adjusts for more than one film on the same day?

The StarBond adjusts only once, simultaneously for multiple films. For each new film added to the TAG, the oldest film is dropped to maintain a maximum of five films.

What happens if two films in the TAG have the same release date?

The film with the smaller gross is dropped from the TAG first.

What if a StarBond® has dual credits as both actor and director?

The film is counted only once in the TAG.

When do StarBonds® adjust in price?

StarBonds® adjust in price to match its trailing average gross (TAG) value the day after a credited film delists from the market.

Why does the TAG seem too low for some StarBonds® from certain blockbusters?

The box office for each film in the TAG is capped at a maximum $250 million -- no matter how high the domestic gross climbs above that mark. The Lord of the Rings films, for example, are calculated as $250 million earners, despite grosses well north of $300 million each.

Why is a StarBond® not listed as eligible for an upcoming adjust?

A StarBond may not adjust for a variety of reasons:

* The film is the star's first credit.
* The star is not an above-the-line credit in the film, its official press kit or promotion materials.
* The film has not reported box office to Exhibitor Relations Co. (ERC)
* The film went to television or video.

What happens to the Call and Put options as well as the Opening Weekend Derivatives if the movie does not get a wide release?

The Call and Put options as well as the Opening Weekend Derivatives are postponed until the subsequent weekend, in case there is a later expansion to wide release. If a theater count of 650 necessary for wide release is never achieved, then all three derivatives will cash out at 0.

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