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Cashouts for 7/30/12

Posted by: Antibody on Jul 30, 16:25

    - A Bag of Hammers (ABHAM) H$0.01
    - God Bless America (GODBA) H$0.12
    - Girl in Progress (GRLNP) H$2.59
    - Hick (HICK) H$0.01
    - Katy Perry: Part of Me (KP3D) H$24.14
    - To Rome With Love (RMWLV) H$12.91
    - Savages (SAVAG) H$43.98
    - The Amazing Spider-Man (SPID4) H$241.95
    - The Cup (THCUP) H$0.01
    - Where Do We Go Now? (WDWGN) H$0.51
    - The Watch H$25 Call (NEIBW.CA) H$0
    - The Watch - Opening Weekend (NEIBW.OW) H$12.75
    - The Watch H$25 Put (NEIBW.PU) H$12.25
    - Step Up Revolution H$10 Call (STUP4.CA) H$1.73
    - Step Up Revolution - Opening Weekend (STUP4.OW) H$11.73
    - Step Up Revolution H$10 Put (STUP4.PU) H$0