How to Trade

Making a Selection

Before you actually make a trade, you must select what you would like to trade. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is. Pick a star that you happen to like or a movie you think will make a lot of money at the box office. Let's use Toy Story 3, for example. Go to the search box, type in "Toy Story", and buy that MovieStock® when it appears. Assuming you have enough money in your portfolio, your trade will be executed and you will now be the proud owner of some Toy Story 3 shares. Should you choose to sell it at some point, simply go to your portfolio and choose the sell option. It's fun, easy, and you don't have to yank your kids out of college if you lose your shirt playing the market. As you get more familiar with the site, search the list pages for other movies, stars and musical artists that you may not be aware of. Also, be sure to check out our profile pages to get an in depth look at all the movies, stars, and other fun stocks that are traded on the Exchange.

What is a Ticker Symbol?

Ticker Symbols are abbreviations for a MovieStock, StarBond or other security, usually consisting of five or six letters.

The HSX Broker

The HSX® Broker fills all of the trades you request. For example, if you buy Dwayne Johnston's StarBond, the HSX Broker will fill that trade for you. The Broker is conveniently available in a number of places - you can find it on every page by mousing over the My Portfolio portion of the top navigation bar. The Broker can also be found on your portfolio page and many listing pages as a rollover button titled "Trade."

Position Limits

HSX has set up position limits to mimic the 13-d Rules of the real world stock markets which are in place to limit the amount of shares an individual can own of a particular company. Simply put, there is a limit on how many shares of a particular MovieStock, StarBond, or any other security one can own, so that no one particular trader can exert undue influence on its price. The position limits outlined below apply to each active account.

Type of Security Maximum allowed number
of shares per trader
MovieStock 100,000
OW Warrant 100,000
StarBond 20,000
Derivatives 20,000
Funds 10,000


HSX defines market manipulation as engaging in any activity which may artificially affect the market price of a security, or any other HSX market information. Market manipulation may include, but is not limited to: coordinated trading by different HSX accounts, unauthorized computer program-assisted trading using a single or multiple HSX accounts, inappropriate disclosure of trading activity, and misrepresentation of information to the HSX community. HSX will impose heavy fines and/or trading restrictions on traders who make use of market manipulation for any purpose.

1st offense: a fine of 25% of Portfolio Value and banned from trading for 15 days.
2nd offense: a fine of 50% of Portfolio Value and banned from trading for 30 days.
3rd offense: the confiscation of the Account Portfolio by the Hollywood Securities and Exchange Commission (HSEC).

The determinations of whether conduct constitutes manipulation will be at the sole discretion of HSX. All decisions are final.


Cantor Exchange

Help & All About HSX

Learn more about trading on the Exchange and HSX by exploring the links below.

Saw: Legacy aka Saw 8 (SAW8) 1 34.10 (+4.10)         Ice Age: Collision Course (ICEA5) 100000 55.78 (-0.92)         Immortals II (IMRT2) 10000 11.10 (-0.20)         The Video Game Fund (GAMER) 10000 26.05 (0.00)         Edge of Tomorrow 2 (EDGT2) 10000 36.14 (-0.10)         The Canadian Fund (CANUK) 10000 69.09 (+0.06)         Science-Fiction Fund (SCIFI) 10000 24.81 (+0.20)         Star Trek Beyond (TREK3) 50000 156.36 (-4.56)         Doctor Strange (DRSTR) 100000 170.00 (+1.77)         Young Hollywood Fund (YOUNG) 10000 44.02 (+0.86)         Universal Studio Fund (UNIVX) 10000 88.27 (+0.31)         The Comedy Fund (FUNNY) 10000 42.87 (+0.06)         Saw: Legacy aka Saw 8 (SAW8) 1000 34.10 (+4.10)         Jonah Hill (JHILL) 1 122.30 (-0.85)         Music Fund (XOVER) 10000 60.28 (+0.47)         Saw: Legacy aka Saw 8 (SAW8) 100000 34.10 (+4.10)         Disney Studio Fund (DISNX) 10000 128.02 (+0.34)         Based on a True Story Fund (TRUE) 10000 67.13 (+0.07)         Sausage Party (SAUSG) 100000 57.76 (+0.73)         Equals (EQUAL) 10000 0.10 (+0.07)         In the Deep aka 47 Meters Down (47MDW) 100000 11.27 (+10.50)         Fast 8 aka Furious 8 (FAST8) 250 276.59 (+1.16)         Ice Age: Collision Course (ICEA5) 5 55.78 (-0.92)         Ice Age: Collision Course (ICEA5) 1 55.78 (-0.92)         Mission: Impossible 6 (MISS6) 1000 71.25 (+0.13)         Phantom Boy (PHTMB) 100000 0.62 (-0.06)         Sinatra (SINAT) 5 0.37 (-0.07)         Star Trek Beyond (TREK3) 100000 156.36 (-4.56)         Pryor (PRYOR) 29 1.37 (+0.02)         Ice Age: Collision Course (ICEA5) 100000 55.78 (-0.92)         Ice Age: Collision Course (ICEA5) 100000 55.78 (-0.92)         The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortar (TKOEM) 2000 36.84 (+0.23)         The Flash (FLASH) 100000 75.40 (+6.73)         Fantastic Beasts 2 (FBST2) 1 161.96 (+1.37)         Doctor Strange (DRSTR) 500 170.00 (+1.77)         Star Trek Beyond (TREK3) 500 156.36 (-4.56)         Assassin's Creed (ASCRD) 5000 58.95 (-0.30)         Jason Bourne (BORN5) 100000 157.22 (+7.78)         Lionsgate Studio Fund (LGFX) 10000 97.40 (+2.07)         Nerve (NERVE) 45000 21.74 (+3.78)         The Down Under Fund (AUSIE) 10000 23.53 (+0.05)         Strong Female Lead Fund (CHICK) 10000 41.31 (+0.18)         The Strangers 2 (STRN2) 99999 3.01 (+0.10)         Sherlock Holmes 3 (HOLM3) 100000 31.11 (+3.61)         Disney Studio Fund (DISNX) 10000 128.02 (+0.34)         Saw: Legacy aka Saw 8 (SAW8) 97500 34.10 (+4.10)         Saw: Legacy aka Saw 8 (SAW8) 100000 34.10 (+4.10)         Animation Fund (AMATN) 10000 42.32 (+0.53)         Nerve - Opening Weekend (NERVE.OW) 100000 5.93 (+0.28)         The Legend of Tarzan $110M Block (TARZN.BW) 20000 7.76 (+0.65)