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Cashouts for 7/16/12

Posted by: Antibody on Jul 16, 16:35

    - 96 Minutes (96MIN) H$0.01
    - Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (ALVH) H$35.92
    - Bernie (BERNI) H$8.11
    - Brave (BRAVE) H$196.06
    - Citizen Gangster (CTZNG) H$0.01
    - Elles (ELLES) H$0.15
    - The Giant Mechanical Man (GMMAN) H$0.01
    - Headhunters (HDHNT) H$1.12
    - Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (SAFEW) H$6.62
    - Seediq Bale: Warriors of the Rainbow. (SEDIQ) H$0.14
    - Sound of My Voice (SOMVO) H$0.41
    - Ice Age: Continental Drift H$65 Call (ICEA4.CA) H$0
    - Ice Age: Continental Drift - Opening Weekend (ICEA4.OW) H$46.63
    - Ice Age: Continental Drift H$65 Put (ICEA4.PU) H$18.37