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DL: Graham Phillips, Miles Robbins & Jimmy Bellinger Join The Pact [TPACT]   Oleg Max on Apr 29, 08:57

DL: Jonas Bloquet Joins The Nun [THNUN]   Oleg Max on Apr 29, 08:53

DLH: FRI 11:15 PM: (FAST8) 5.1 / 18.4 / 191.7 (HTBLL) 3.6 / 11.2 (CIRCL) 3.26 / 9.2   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Apr 29, 00:15

WOWZER - 'Baahubali 2: The Conclusion' 4.8 / 8.8. Almost beating (CIRCL). {nm}   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Apr 29, 00:17

D+ Cinemascore for The Circle... ouch! {nm}   diamondman56 on Apr 29, 02:49

Yikes {nm}   ~JPV~ on Apr 29, 09:14

observation on summer   🐨 on Apr 28, 21:05

It's like deja vu all over again. {nm}   Yogi Berra on Apr 28, 21:22

Nicely Done Yogi !!! {nm}   Boo Boo on Apr 28, 23:44

DL: An untitled Robert Zemeckis project with Steve Carell is set for release on November 21, 2018   warcraft86 on Apr 28, 19:16

Does this = no Flash or is there still a (remote) chance? {nm}   ßionicℳoron™ on Apr 28, 19:18

With Flash tentatively scheduled for 2020, there' still a change he could do both. Push Flash back the chances improve.   warcraft86 on Apr 28, 19:32

Yeah, like I said below, Ezra Miller is going to be busy once Fantastic Beasts goes into production (which I assume is pretty soon) {nm}   ~JPV~ on Apr 28, 19:48

NO pushing back allowed! :-) {nm}   =Flash on Apr 29, 09:01

Sorry, I missed this news already being posted below. {nm}   warcraft86 on Apr 28, 19:34

Is this the Marwencol movie?   bennyg1985 on Apr 28, 20:01

I should've read the deadline article. It is {nm}   bennyg1985 on Apr 28, 20:03

Reading the Articles is Over-Rated. {nm}   Captain Obvious on Apr 29, 01:08

DL: Lionsgate to release The Spy Who Dumped Me, starring Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon, on July 6, 2018   warcraft86 on Apr 28, 19:10

saw Gifted tonight on your recommendation diamondman. thank you for that. we (me and the wife) both really enjoyed it. {nm}   lobogotti on Apr 28, 18:20

Awesome... always happy to hear that. {nm}   diamondman56 on Apr 28, 20:50

As expected Fox has moved up the RDJ Doolittle to April 2019 to avoid STAR9   notfabio on Apr 28, 16:13

Disney:"Tweet now to Bring Pirates 5 to an IMAX at an AMC Theatres in your city" promo. Bad wording or ALIEN:COVENANT IMAX is going wider?    notfabio on Apr 28, 15:35

/FILM thinks it's just a badly worded promo for advance screenings, but IMAX is getting away from locking its screens for unsure things.    notfabio on Apr 28, 15:42

V: Charles Rivkin Replacing Chris Dodd as head of the Motion Picture Association of America   Antibody on Apr 28, 14:56

Jack Valenti yawning in his grave. {nm}   notfabio on Apr 28, 15:27

V: Robert Zemeckis has taken a new project that is dated for next year... = no Flash   RazorHawk on Apr 28, 14:52

Still a (remote) chance if he does back to back ala Spielberg, this has to shoot this year for the tax credit Universal qualified for. {nm}   notfabio on Apr 28, 15:15

And Flash isn't going to go into production (if at all, lol) until after Ezra Miller is done with Fantastic Beasts 2 {nm}   ~JPV~ on Apr 28, 17:32

*sniff* {nm}   =Flash on Apr 29, 09:02

Just back from Guardians, really fun.    tatoufan on Apr 28, 14:24

FYI Rob Zombie gets a credit in Guardians. {nm}   tatoufan on Apr 28, 14:36

James Gunn says it is a cameo (just like RZOMB did in the first movie)...   RazorHawk on Apr 28, 14:48

It is a cameo. I recognized him, which was surprising {nm}   tatoufan on Apr 28, 14:57

I watched it a few days ago as well, really fun. MYEOH and VRHAM are credited in the end credits too. {nm}   extepan on Apr 29, 04:10

JMANG: B&W LOGAN on the evening of May 16th on big screens.   Antibody on Apr 28, 14:03

The home video release is May 23rd. WB did limited Black & Chrome Mad Max Fury Road screenings. {nm}   notfabio on Apr 28, 14:30

Here's hoping LOGAN gets some kind of Awards campaign. It deserves one. {nm}   eallensbp on Apr 28, 16:25

Variety: Laura Dern is allegedly in the running for AMPAS President replacing Cheryl Boone Isaacs. So much for appearing in another Jurassic   notfabio on Apr 28, 13:58

given that the new Academy museum is going to bankrupt the whole organization, good luck to her {nm}   slipping jimmy on Apr 28, 14:09

DL 12:16: CIRCL $3.75M today and $10.3M ; HTBLL $2.5M today and $7.5M    Antibody on Apr 28, 12:42

THR 12:45: The Circle grossing $10 million-$12 million. HTBLL , is projected to gross $7 million    Antibody on Apr 28, 12:47

Trailer for Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait    Antibody on Apr 28, 12:39

PJ: Dwayne Johnson has had a 12 month shooting schedule for the past 2 years.    notfabio on Apr 28, 11:37

Dude really loves his work - or the paychecks that come with it. {nm}   RollingThunder on Apr 28, 11:46

Could be both. Some seem to hate doing publicity but he appears to genuinely enjoy it. {nm}   ~JPV~ on Apr 28, 11:57

He seems like a genuine person, as far as celebs go - very approachable if you ran into him on the street. Like to see that in Hollywood. {nm}   RollingThunder on Apr 28, 12:00

people who live in LA don't approach actors at random because we all know it's just a job and they appreciate having some sort of normalcy   slipping jimmy on Apr 28, 12:07

I wouldn't either, and haven't when celebs have been in town here. But we all know there are plenty that pester them. {nm}   RollingThunder on Apr 28, 12:11

Yeah, but it comes with the want to be famous, be nice to those who MADE you famous! {nm}   =Flash on Apr 29, 09:03

Was there an Ankler newsletter this week? I signed up for the email a couple of weeks ago, but nada. {nm}   Antibody on Apr 28, 11:06

It's (near) daily now. You can go this link and download past issues. They haven't posted tracking lately.   notfabio on Apr 28, 11:15

Thx, I figured NRG wasn't gonna like that. {nm}   Antibody on Apr 28, 11:28

Did you prove that you are not a robot? {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 28, 11:22

...and then did you confirm the email they sent you? {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 28, 11:22

I just completed a second try and haven't gotten a confirmation email. {nm}   Antibody on Apr 28, 11:34

confirmation email took about 20mins to get to me {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 28, 11:59

Ex Machina 2: Antibody. {nm}   diamondman56 on Apr 28, 11:23

Deadline: WB's KARTH free screenings at AMC's last night "sold out" 30K+ attendees   notfabio on Apr 28, 10:52

I liked it. {nm}   CSBD on Apr 28, 11:03

How about reporting what KARTH's tracking? {nm}   Antibody on Apr 28, 11:05

I received an invite awhile ago--and declined their gratis offer. I refuse to see this movie, even for free. What a waste of time. {nm}   chosenone2oo5 on Apr 28, 11:17

Twitter: Jeff Sneider "I know a half-dozen people who attended this and they unanimously said it's a mess."   notfabio on Apr 28, 13:49

My audience applauded afterwards. *shrug*   CSBD on Apr 28, 14:41

hmm..." I refuse to see this movie, even for free. What a waste of time" why the hate? {nm}   Neilthor on Apr 28, 17:14

V: Paramount Television and Anonymous Content have optioned the rights to 11 books from The Vampire Chronicles [VAMPC]   Antibody on Apr 28, 10:07

definitely not to be confused with The Vampire DIARIES {nm}   slipping jimmy on Apr 28, 10:30

The Vampires Diaries show is finished. {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 28, 10:43

did i say it wasn't? {nm}   slipping jimmy on Apr 28, 10:45

reading your post... you did not give any status about The Vampire Diaries tv show. {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 28, 10:53

Which is not to be confused with the Diary of Anne Frank   islander on Apr 28, 11:03

Or Bridget Jones's Diary {nm}   ~JPV~ on Apr 28, 11:12

Or The Princess Diaries {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 28, 11:27

Or the Diary of the Planet of the Apes {nm}   RogerMore on Apr 28, 11:45

Or The Princess Bride {nm}   the_treachery_of_images on Apr 28, 13:04

To be clear, this is to be a television series, right? Seems some here, based on the stock, aren't so sure. {nm}   ~JPV~ on Apr 28, 11:50

"Paramount Television" = television {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 28, 11:51

It was a rhetorical question. :p {nm}   ~JPV~ on Apr 28, 11:57

You are in a Rhetoric-Free & Sarcasm-Free Zone. {nm}   Captain Obvious on Apr 28, 14:12

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