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Catching up on backboards: We've had Avengers 2 tix on sale for two weeks now, and we've been given a 2:30 run time   EdwardHavens on Mar 26, 19:51

man, that's one long credits scene! =P {nm}   tealfan on Mar 26, 22:14

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! **   Strider907 on Mar 26, 16:55

we don't tag movies because of composers, we don't even post such info without tag... {nm}   Oleg Max on Mar 26, 17:12

So you're saying if a film were to snag Hans Zimmer, that wouldn't be considered worthy news for the film? {nm}   Strider907 on Mar 26, 17:27

Do you see films because hans Zimmer scores them? {nm}   tatoufan on Mar 26, 17:31

Yes {nm}   RazorHawk on Mar 26, 17:35

and John Williams, Brian Tyler, Hugh Jackman, Michael Kamen, James Horner, Alan Silvestri, Trevor Rabin, and Mark Mancina {nm}   RazorHawk on Mar 26, 17:37

Don't forget Giacchino. I always look forward to his projects. {nm}   skunkrunner on Mar 26, 18:19

yes!...glad I'm not the only one {nm}   tealfan on Mar 26, 18:25

I was close to running out of space... but lets add Bill Conti and Christopher Drake {nm}   RazorHawk on Mar 26, 20:37

Henry Jackman, I assume, RazorHawk, not Hugh Jackman? {nm}   Paul2k on Mar 26, 18:32

Hugh Jackman - Wolverine: The Musical   RazorHawk on Mar 26, 20:43

I do. I feel a film's soundtrack is every bit as important as any other aspect of the movie. {nm}   Strider907 on Mar 26, 17:44

You're right, it is important. But at the end of the day, composers don't sell tickets, and that's what this game is about.    tatoufan on Mar 26, 17:49

Strider907, my twitter account posts lots of information about composers signing on to movies... you might want to check it out {nm}   RazorHawk on Mar 26, 17:51

Will do. Thanks for the heads up {nm}   Strider907 on Mar 26, 17:51

Well, I am a Capitalist, so can't really argue with that {nm}   Strider907 on Mar 26, 17:51

Clint mansell, Trent Reznor, daft punk, ennino morricone, jerry goldsmith and Mike Patton have all influenced my ticket buying. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Mar 26, 21:59

Maybe to someone but not tag worthy. {nm}   pennystocks2 on Mar 26, 17:33

Yeah - don't be discouraged from posting this type of news, just don't tag. {nm}   RogerMore on Mar 26, 18:55

Exactly. I love a good movie soundtrack. It can make or break a movie in some cases. {nm}   pennystocks2 on Mar 26, 19:23

It is important, just doesn't affect box office which is all that matters here. {nm}   skunkrunner on Mar 26, 17:35

was this an Elfman post? {nm}   Bleachigo on Mar 26, 20:43

No {nm}   RazorHawk on Mar 26, 20:45

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! **   Strider907 on Mar 26, 16:49

that's not the tagged HSX listed project... {nm}   Oleg Max on Mar 26, 17:10

Kevin Chu is Simon Pegg's alter ego. (nm)   Talbain on Mar 26, 17:14

*Wu. Wouldn't want to post false information.    Talbain on Mar 26, 17:15

DL: Focus dumps [ALTCH] to Focus World May 8 in theaters and on VOD.. [COPCR] this summer in theaters and VOD day-and-date.    Antibody on Mar 26, 16:01

nobody "dumps" LMS's pics. nobody! {nm}   professor smartbrain on Mar 26, 16:25

New Dates for TSTYU, OVERN, TDOTG, KPNRM   Antibody on Mar 26, 15:36

Super Troopers 2 Indiegogo funding campaign goes well over the $2M goal in 48 hours. Meow, let's get it filming!   BSmurf on Mar 26, 15:22

V: Brendan Gleeson stars in [ALONB] replacing MRYLA.   Antibody on Mar 26, 14:04

V: first pic from [ASASN] and possible Cannes premiere   Antibody on Mar 26, 12:18

penny {nm}   Dorfman on Mar 26, 12:57

not for long, 88 now {nm}   mattep74 on Mar 26, 13:06

Please don't post stock prices.   RollingThunder on Mar 26, 13:08

Sorry   mattep74 on Mar 26, 13:09

It's ok, I see you're very new. Didn't mean to go enforcer on you, just one of the things we're ask to refrain from.   RollingThunder on Mar 26, 13:10

HSX buyers who have never seen a Hou Hsiao-hsien film before {nm}   Moviesnob on Mar 26, 13:09

Though this is his first Kung Fu film. See ZYIMO with HERO and ALEE with CTHD. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 26, 13:16

WKARW and GMSTR is (though technically that's his second Kung Fu film after ASHTR) {nm}   Antibody on Mar 26, 13:32

fair enough but I would argue that both Ang and Yimou were more mainstream prior to those films than Hau has ever been {nm}   Moviesnob on Mar 26, 13:33

Maybe it could be Drafthouse' biggest earner? ;) {nm}   Antibody on Mar 26, 13:47

I'm a huge fan, but thats gonna be LOSLN. Unless I can get my hands on Lobster or High Rise at Cannes. {nm}   Moviesnob on Mar 26, 13:54

I want to get my hands on some lobster and maybe some shrimp too {nm}   Oleg Max on Mar 26, 13:58

I'll put in a good word for you for both ;) {nm}   numbersix_99 on Mar 26, 14:36

HAHAHAHA. Ben was just in town (we're making Greasy Strangler with him) and he knows I'm eager...   Moviesnob on Mar 26, 14:38

Ah cheers, dude. Really curious about that one. I know the producer of The Lobster as well! {nm}   numbersix_99 on Mar 26, 14:44

I WANT IT {nm}   Moviesnob on Mar 26, 14:49

I didn't know DH and Ben were producing. This script just moved up on my read pile. {nm}   skamanfu on Mar 26, 16:31

also spectrevision and timpson films (he produced ABCs of Death with us). Dream Team!   Moviesnob on Mar 26, 16:42

Straight up: Act of Killing is one of the 10 best films I have ever seen. EVER. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Mar 26, 15:57

thanks dude! Look of Silence is actually better! {nm}   Moviesnob on Mar 26, 16:42

I've seen 14 or so of your company's films in theaters. I go based on your name brand alone. You're my Disney. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Mar 26, 22:02

BOM: confirms Trumbo 11/6/15 date, listed as limited - TRMBO   Oleg Max on Mar 26, 11:32

6th of November - That's surely been positioned for an Oscar run {nm}   ladybegood on Mar 26, 11:47

nothing appeals to Academy members more than being reminded of their craven cowardice during a witch hunt {nm}   professor smartbrain on Mar 26, 11:55

Hee hee {nm}   DTravel on Mar 26, 12:50

Reparations! {nm}   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Mar 26, 13:35

BOM: The Tribe gets ltd 6/17/2015 date [TRIBE]   Oleg Max on Mar 26, 11:24

BOM: confirms The Connection 5/15/15 date - LFRNC   Oleg Max on Mar 26, 11:22

V: Experimenter Bought by Magnolia for U.S [EXPRM]   Oleg Max on Mar 26, 10:29

Anton Yelchin listed in cast {nm}   Oleg Max on Mar 26, 10:30

IPO Needed: God's Not Dead 2 gets 3/23/16 release date   RazorHawk on Mar 26, 10:27

Satan's Revenge? {nm}   Antibody on Mar 26, 10:29

In this one, the kid gets busted for plagiarism. {nm}   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Mar 26, 10:32

New Trailer for Dope [DOPE], now in theaters June 19   Oleg Max on Mar 26, 09:09

Awesome trailer! Love the way social media is embedded naturally into this trailer...DOPE! {nm}   aleksthegreat on Mar 26, 09:42

I remember "dope" at one point meaning "stupid". (nm)   Talbain on Mar 26, 10:00

Why do you think they call it dope?   1970s PSA on Mar 26, 10:54

Quite the opposite, a term from the 90's! {nm}   aleksthegreat on Mar 26, 11:22

D: 50 Shades of Grey Sequel Loses Director Sam Taylor-Johnson   Talbain on Mar 26, 08:38

Now if it would just lose Dakota... {nm}   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Mar 26, 09:04

ouch {nm}   Dorfman on Mar 26, 12:01

W: Screenwriter is out as well   Universal 100 Fund on Mar 26, 14:30 Update: SMEKD 26% all tickets sold, last 24 hours; GHARD at 11%. SMEKD sales at my theater passed Peabody/Sherman this AM.   RollingThunder on Mar 26, 08:20

I'm not its audience, but I thought the TV spot with Jim Parsons's character in the passenger seat was good. {nm}   second gary on Mar 26, 09:00

J-Lo has been on a number of syndicated radio programs pimping it. Awareness is high - we'll see if the subpar reviews hurt at all.   RollingThunder on Mar 26, 09:05

J-Lo? I thought it was Rihanna {nm}   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Mar 26, 09:15

Heard her on IHeart, too, was more of a "I had a blast making the movie" snippet.   RollingThunder on Mar 26, 09:20

DL: New Line and MGM will release "Barbershop 3"   professor smartbrain on Mar 25, 19:12

DL: they are making deals with Queen Latifah and Nicki Minaj to join [BSHO3]   Oleg Max on Mar 26, 04:18

DL: Word is that Ben Mendelsohn is circling a lead role in Rogue One [SW16]   Antibody on Mar 25, 16:54

he could be Dengar! {nm}   Antibody on Mar 25, 16:57

AT LAST! The backstory on his enigmatic diaper head might be revealed... {nm}   MrZero on Mar 26, 10:26

Just watched Bloodline. He was great in it. (nm)   Canis on Mar 25, 20:15

He was Excellent in 'Animal Kingdom'. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2013MainPort on Mar 25, 20:35

DL: Sony Sets Animated The Smurfs For March 31, 2017 [SMRF3]    Oleg Max on Mar 25, 16:49

sets = "pushes back from 8/5/16" {nm}   Antibody on Mar 25, 16:51

And originally it was supposed to come out 8/14/15. {nm}   ~JPV~ on Mar 25, 17:22

In Project Mayhem, the release dates of well-crafted films are repeatedly deferred.   second tyler on Mar 25, 17:44

In Project Mayhem, we all have a release date. His was 8/14/15 {nm}   Strider907 on Mar 25, 17:48

"His date was 8/14/15" {nm}   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Mar 26, 09:05

"His date was 8/14/15" {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Mar 26, 15:58

V: Sony Pictures has secured rights to Robotech [RTECH]   Oleg Max on Mar 25, 16:13

this time it's for real! {nm}   professor smartbrain on Mar 25, 16:17

YES!! {nm}   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Mar 25, 16:23

It is not Robotech if we dont get a love triangle or a bad singer singing We will win(nm)   mattep74 on Mar 26, 08:28

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