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Another noob question   xaqery on Oct 23, 16:32

EAP GOD - Five (5) Bonus Points - (BOAMH) - BigInJapan. (RECH2) - Queensguy. (OUIJ2) - Vadym. {nm}   RotoHockey2013Main Port on Oct 23, 13:02

EAP GOD - Five (5) Bonus Points - (KUWTJ) - Vadym (EXACT). {nm}   RotoHockey2013Main Port on Oct 23, 13:03

Official Adjusts   Antibody on Oct 23, 10:10

Official Adjusts - [OUIJ2]. {nm}   RotoHockey2013Main Port on Oct 23, 13:01

Weekend estimates: BOAMH 27.60; RECH2 23.00; OUIJ2 14.06; KUWTJ 5.60;   MattW on Oct 23, 08:53

I definitely underestimated Tyler Perry (not the first time)... it had a 32.3X Thursday to weekend mult, even more than Sully. {nm}   diamondman56 on Oct 23, 09:12

diamondman56 posted in gut checks that he was shorting Boo A Madea Halloween, so I flipped long. {nm}   RazorHawk on Oct 23, 10:45

Variety Jeff Bewkes will be stepping down as Time Warner CEO when the AT&T deal closes. TW Board voted unanimously in favor of deal    notfabio on Oct 22, 20:49

Should be an official announcement Sunday, but deal expected to take a year to get regulatory approval {nm}   notfabio on Oct 22, 20:50

your turn, Kevin Tsujihara {nm}   slipping jimmy on Oct 22, 21:47

Anyone remember the last time TW was part of a mega merger? Yeah, that worked so well. {nm}   ndmaster on Oct 22, 22:01

+1 {nm}   Dorfman on Oct 23, 05:38

The Wrap on the Tim Miller exit, Reynolds backed Fox on casting and creative choices including Cable not Miller   notfabio on Oct 22, 12:41

Reynolds wanted more R rated comedy Miller wanted stylized action {nm}   notfabio on Oct 22, 12:42

Apparently this has been going on for a long time {nm}   notfabio on Oct 22, 12:44

Side note Tim Miller's Blur Studios is behind the recent The Old Republic expansion CGI trailers {nm}   notfabio on Oct 22, 12:48

I'll take Ryan's side on this one {nm}   tealfan on Oct 22, 16:07

Ditto. Between the star, the writers and the director, the director was the most expendable of the four.   Jay_Beezy on Oct 22, 17:23

BO Updated Weekend Projections:    tomcat90 on Oct 22, 09:55

BOAMH $24.4m; RECH2 $23.0m; OUIJ2 $13.2m {nm}   tomcat90 on Oct 22, 09:57

DL: BOAMH $24.6-$25.0m; RECH2 $23.7m; OUIJ2 $13.0m   tomcat90 on Oct 22, 10:00

V: BOAMH $25.0m; RECH2 $23.0m, OUIJ2 $13.0m   tomcat90 on Oct 22, 10:03

THR: Director Tim Miller leaves Deadpool 2 [DEAD2] over creative differences   RazorHawk on Oct 22, 08:54

There was that Key Arts award Deadpool piece this past week which made it seem like Reynolds was the 3am marketing genius {nm}   notfabio on Oct 22, 10:28

Could have been the last straw. Though obviously Reynolds does deserve credit for going above and beyond {nm}   notfabio on Oct 22, 10:29

they were also testing actresses to play Domino this week. {nm}   RazorHawk on Oct 22, 10:32

But Tim Miller was the one most vocal about keeping Deadpool 2 small, guess we'll see if Liam Neeson or another big name gets Cable {nm}   notfabio on Oct 22, 10:33

Fox may be pushing to make Deadpool the core X-men franchise after Apocalypse underwhelmed and Miller didn't believe in that {nm}   notfabio on Oct 22, 10:38

Miller wanted Chandler, studio wants Neeson. Reynolds is neither of them. Should be who Reynolds wants. {nm}   Jay_Beezy on Oct 22, 17:25

Deadline claims Fox is still high on having him move to adapt Influx as a trilogy {nm}   notfabio on Oct 22, 11:02

Influx sounds like Supermax but with Super geniuses {nm}   notfabio on Oct 22, 11:11

This deleted tweet from Ryan Reynolds on the 22nd might be a look into the creative differences....   notfabio on Oct 22, 12:33

DL: RECH2 24.6 madea 23.7   PARAX Fund (NOLEAFCLOVR) on Oct 21, 23:26

From the Department of Redundancy Department {nm}   Chimpmuck on Oct 21, 23:29

Haha just beat me. Stupid phone copy and paste system! {nm}   PARAX Fund (NOLEAFCLOVR) on Oct 21, 23:31

Definitely surprised that it's this close... and Madea got an "A" CinemaScore, too! It looked like such crap... {nm}   diamondman56 on Oct 22, 02:13

DL: reacher 9.08/24.6...madea 9.15/23.7...ouija ?/12.6...joneses ?/6   tealfan on Oct 21, 23:25

accountant ?/15 {nm}   tealfan on Oct 21, 23:26

OUIJ2 - $12.6M (C cinescore, like its predecessor), KUWTJ - $6M {nm}   ~JPV~ on Oct 21, 23:54

And the disconnect between critics and the general public continues. {nm}   Jelly on Oct 22, 03:04

Ltds: IMNAS 280k/892k | MONLT 110k/331k (4 theaters) | AMPST 37k/112k (50) | FNGSM ?/63k (5) {nm}   warcraft86 on Oct 22, 06:14

So I'm watching the original Magnificent Seven & the remake cast pales in comparison...   tealfan on Oct 21, 21:47

Tom Cruise would have kept me from seeing it. {nm}   DTravel on Oct 22, 09:14

Time Warner has approved the AT&T acquisition terms   notfabio on Oct 21, 19:44

well then {nm}   Dorfman on Oct 22, 05:17

V: RECH2 and BOAMH pointing to $8 million to $9 million for each, with weekend estimates going as high as $24 million for both.   Antibody on Oct 21, 14:52

Donald Glover will be playing the part of Lando Calrissian in [SWAR2]   Antibody on Oct 21, 14:18

sorry, read that as Danny Glover.   TJNFL1 on Oct 22, 07:51

He's getting too old for this sh!t. {nm}   Bubba_Fett on Oct 22, 07:59

DL: Chris Pine joining A Wrinkle In Time [AWITM]   Antibody on Oct 21, 14:10

DL: Beau Knapp joins Death Wish [DWISH] as villain   AFRAM The African-American Fund on Oct 21, 13:15

BO: Long Range Forecast for SW16 $135 OW, COLBT $17, OUTTW $8    ryeontherocks on Oct 21, 12:37

with proposed changes supposedly coming soon, OW doesn't really matter anymore... {nm}   Oleg Max on Oct 21, 12:41

Then what's the point of having OW derivatives? I have a feeling that the regular stocks just won't halt anymore. {nm}   diamondman56 on Oct 21, 12:43

let me clarify, Long Range post does not really matter, because OW will be IPO'ed 2 wknds before anyways... {nm}   Oleg Max on Oct 21, 12:46

Of course it still matters, you just need to combine it with the legs you expect (before seeing any critic or user reviews)   shadowking on Oct 21, 12:47

Need to start working on calculating Thurs preview to delist multipliers :) {nm}   warcraft86 on Oct 21, 12:57

Paging RogerMore... {nm}   shadowking on Oct 21, 13:02

already done, actually {nm}   RogerMore on Oct 21, 13:07

What are the proposed changes? I keep asking and no one replies. Thank you! (nm)   GoodSon, OG on Oct 21, 14:54

the changes are on a (long) thread that is hard to miss on the Feedback Board. {nm}   RazorHawk on Oct 21, 16:05

Thanks for the unnecessary response. Obviously, I couldn't find it. The post below yours? That's the polite way to respond. (nm)   GoodSon, OG on Oct 21, 16:48

Uh dude, don't worry about, I will never help you again. {nm}   RazorHawk on Oct 21, 16:53

proposal is to end the halt and adjust of moviestocks. thread link inside   islander on Oct 21, 16:23

Well, I thought this was a bad idea but then I saw that RazorHawk didn't like the idea... so now I'm all for it! {nm}   diamondman56 on Oct 21, 16:36

Thank you!!! (nm)   GoodSon, OG on Oct 21, 16:49

Some traders like the adrenaline rush of being on the right side of a halted stock...   bbb101 on Oct 21, 19:34

D: Mid-Day Update: RECH2 and BOAMH both neck-and-neck with $8m Fri/$21-$22m OUIJ2 $5.5m-$6m/ $14m   tomcat90 on Oct 21, 12:01

KUWTJ 2M-$2.5M Fri / $6.5M-7M {nm}   warcraft86 on Oct 21, 12:06

I'm dubious of some of these numbers... would be nice if DL and others would offer updates at 7 or 8pm Eastern or later.   diamondman56 on Oct 21, 12:08

They do, always another one around 11pm Pacific Time and get posted here. For MAGN7 weekend, they did one at 4:41pm Pacific.   Antibody on Oct 21, 12:23

Right, 11pm Pacific is when theaters close on East Coast.. and the diff. between the numbers is often drastic. {nm}   diamondman56 on Oct 21, 12:25

Friday click traffic is all about hitting before 4pm EST. There isn't enough interest for your average weekend to justify updating until Sat {nm}   notfabio on Oct 21, 12:26

(as far as continual updating...) if it's a mega blockbuster like Avengers/Star Wars...it's worthwhile as far as clicks {nm}   notfabio on Oct 21, 12:27

Yeah, it's not ideal but they should be getting at least 1or 2 showtimes pacific and mountain, and 2 or 3 showtimes central and eastern   MattW on Oct 21, 12:40

Was yesterday some kind of holiday? Some large Thursday increases for films, especially Storks, Middle School, and Peregrine. {nm}   RollingThunder on Oct 21, 11:50

It was National Brandied Fruit Day yesterday. What's better than a little brandied fruit, followed by a movie? {nm}   BionicMoron on Oct 21, 11:57

It was National Reptile Awareness day.. {nm}   notfabio on Oct 21, 11:57

Ah, that explains it. No wonder I got shut out of my first two picks. {nm}   RollingThunder on Oct 21, 12:00

Here's an interesting article about how the Koch brothers have killed the Florida Film Industry, which used to be #3 in the country   tomcat90 on Oct 21, 10:34

suckers! {nm}   slipping jimmy on Oct 21, 10:44

Power brokering for real. I wonder if it's as fun as this game? {nm}   DTshakes on Oct 22, 10:01

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