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Redmayne gets in touch with his inner lady in The Danish Girl [DANSH]   Strider907 on Feb 26, 21:02

DL: a third Robin Hood script throws its hat in the ring   professor smartbrain on Feb 26, 18:16

This spec hasn't sold yet... so a third may not even enter the ring. {nm}   skamanfu on Feb 26, 18:24

Did a thug shoot Robin Hood's parents with arrows? Leaving him to be raised by kindly forest people trained in martial arts?   second gary on Feb 26, 18:32

at least he would have channeled his anger into a productive and beneficial endeavor for society {nm}   professor smartbrain on Feb 26, 19:09

Brainstorming with Young Mr. Hood.   second gary on Feb 26, 19:16

Worst than After Earth?    OPENRfund on Feb 26, 18:15

or worse rather {nm}   OPENRfund on Feb 26, 18:20

Just got back from it a little while ago. I liked it. Reasonably entertaining/fun {nm}   GMov on Feb 26, 20:28

DL: Harrison Ford confirmed for Blade Runner sequel   professor smartbrain on Feb 26, 18:14

3...2...1...and boom goes the dynamite {nm}   Bleachigo on Feb 26, 18:18

probably just a cameo to hand off the franchise to Chris Pratt {nm}   professor smartbrain on Feb 26, 18:19

do androids get old? {nm}   tealfan on Feb 26, 18:27

terminators do apparently {nm}   tteddy286 on Feb 26, 18:29

DL: Denis Villeneuve is in negotiations to direct the sequel to Blade Runner; principal photography in summer 2016 [BLAD2]   Oleg Max on Feb 26, 18:28

He say you brade runnah! {nm}   Fish_Dude on Feb 26, 19:46

TMZ: David O. Russell went on a tear against Jennifer Lawrence and Harvey Weinstein during the filming of the movie Joy.   Antibody on Feb 26, 17:25

Unnamed Eyewitness - Oh how Exciting. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Feb 26, 17:28

This looks a lot like a supermarket gossip magazine article. {nm}   pennystocks2 on Feb 26, 17:35

We had the EXCLUSIVE. {nm}   National Enquirer on Feb 26, 17:52

DL: DWA is in talks to replace Rob Letterman with David Soren as director of [CUNDP]   Antibody on Feb 26, 17:01

DL: Relativity wants Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire) for the cursed lead role in its "The Crow" reboot   professor smartbrain on Feb 26, 16:39

Jack Huston in early talks for [TCROW]   Antibody on Feb 26, 17:00

Greenbang trailer for Kill Me Three Times   Antibody on Feb 26, 16:30

At least the porn industry is thinking about the environment. {nm}   skamanfu on Feb 26, 16:46

I see what you did there {nm}   Strider907 on Feb 26, 16:48

Riot Club trailer [RIOTC]   Strider907 on Feb 26, 16:09

AC: hmmm, NBLOM now says "I'm not trying to undo Alien3 or resurrection"   Antibody on Feb 26, 16:05

i sure hope there's an evil company who tries to weaponize the alien and keeps their agenda hidden from Ripley when they give her a mission {nm}   professor smartbrain on Feb 26, 16:19

Holy backtracking! The Sky interview from yesterday has been made private. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 26, 17:36

via ERC: TLITV opens 12/11/15   Antibody on Feb 26, 15:48

THR: Christopher Cosmo hired to write a new script for Red Sonja [SONJA]   Oleg Max on Feb 26, 15:43

No director is attached. SWEST out. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 26, 15:47

I love pennies stock {nm}   mike255 on Feb 26, 15:58

Problem with day trading is...   skunkrunner on Feb 26, 17:14

You would have to watch this board non-stop to catch everything. Don't feel bad. Yesterday I   pennystocks2 on Feb 26, 17:44

Sleeping is very problematic too :) {nm}   skunkrunner on Feb 26, 18:02

It sure is. If you play reset you don't sleep much either. {nm}   pennystocks2 on Feb 26, 19:30

THR: Cinderella Aiming for Fairy-Tale Opening of $60M-Plus [CINDE]   Oleg Max on Feb 26, 15:01

DL: Bruce Willis thriller "Wake" suspends production 10 days in for lack of moolah   professor smartbrain on Feb 26, 14:55

Also starring BKING, PPERA, EBURS {nm}   socby19 on Feb 26, 15:48

DL: Samuel Goldwyn Films acquired North American rights to Lila and Eve [LILEV]   Antibody on Feb 26, 14:16

LAW: How Hollywood Keeps Minorities Out   Antibody on Feb 26, 13:21

THR: Diverse Casts Deliver Higher Ratings, Bigger Box Office   Antibody on Feb 26, 14:28

Don't forget include gays, lesbian, bisexual, transgender as diverse {nm}   mike255 on Feb 26, 14:45

good point! {nm}   professor smartbrain on Feb 26, 15:06

The info on that agency list (OWA) (ODA) is wrong. There are more than 3 women and PoC listed. But... very close. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Feb 26, 18:27

Christian singer licenses his song to "50 Shades" and is surprised to learn that the film is not actually a rom-com   professor smartbrain on Feb 26, 13:19

Reading the interview on Mother Jones (!) actually makes me want to check out his band   RogerMore on Feb 26, 15:27

S411: Kirk Kerkorian is funding a secret feature film about the Armenian genocide. an Oscar nominated director and screenwriter signed.   Antibody on Feb 26, 12:29

I wonder if it's AEGOY {nm}   Roger More on Feb 26, 12:31

I wonder will CHER have a role.   csbd on Feb 26, 12:34

Didn't know she was Armenian, but too much plastic surgery. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 26, 12:41

I was joking.   csbd on Feb 26, 12:57

what happened to Kal el Fan? {nm}   gogreen on Feb 26, 12:03

Batman got hold of some Kryptonite. {nm}   DTravel on Feb 26, 12:09

In all seriousness, what DID happen with him? His port is gone. Google's cache shows his last trade Dec 30, 2014 {nm}   BSmurf on Feb 26, 14:54

Can you take these comments to the Life board? {nm}   remrej on Feb 26, 12:11

Auditioning for an assistant forum moderator position? {nm}   clusterxxxx on Feb 26, 12:24

Just trying to keep the, you know, "movies" board focused on talking about movies. It's not too much to ask. {nm}   remrej on Feb 26, 12:46

I'm fairly sure that would be determined by the forum moderator not by us. {nm}   clusterxxxx on Feb 26, 13:01

Why are you sure? Lots of internet forums are mostly self-policing. {nm}   Roger More on Feb 26, 13:10

Roger, that's why I said "fairly sure". {nm}   clusterxxxx on Feb 26, 13:17

Then why are you fairly sure? {nm}   Roger More on Feb 26, 13:23

I'll tell you - if you tell me all of the internet forums that are "mostly" self-policing ;0 {nm}   clusterxxxx on Feb 26, 13:34

Let's see,, boxoffice,com, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, the comments board on pretty much any media website (eg   Roger More on Feb 26, 13:44

Very nice. I'm fairly sure you listed many of them. Good job. {nm}   clusterxxxx on Feb 26, 14:07

Just some examples that are completely obvious to anyone who thinks about the issue for more than a second {nm}   Roger More on Feb 26, 14:18

Or for someone who's obviously obsessed with internet forums. {nm}   clusterxxxx on Feb 26, 14:33

You two should get a room! {nm}   pennystocks2 on Feb 26, 14:36

It is the wrong board, but I don't want to be too heavy handed and delete every slight infraction. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 26, 13:17

That makes sense. {nm}   clusterxxxx on Feb 26, 13:24

I think his last elaborate theory was met with a "who gives a sh@t?" and that was that {nm}   Moviesnob on Feb 26, 12:15

Yeah, I remember that and haven't seen him post since then. {nm}   pennystocks2 on Feb 26, 12:19

i was wrong. He picked another fight, this time with Antibody about why he hadnt delsited Interview and then it looks like his port was   Moviesnob on Feb 26, 14:37

Last Trade: Feb 24, 2015 {nm}   Roger More on Feb 26, 15:33

It gets sick when movies are over promoted .. Like every thread posted is about that particular movie {nm}   karspov on Feb 26, 16:13

I remembered a huge argument but I did forget what it was about. Thanks. {nm}   pennystocks2 on Feb 26, 16:20

I think people who are contributing to the board will be more missed.. Like shadowking.. who gives a s&@$ when trolls goes to exile island {nm}   karspov on Feb 26, 14:02

exile island...hehe {nm}   tealfan on Feb 26, 15:25

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! **   Kotakuman on Feb 26, 11:15

there is already a trailer, so stills are useless. plus it probably won't report any b.o. anyways. {nm}   Oleg Max on Feb 26, 11:16

"What’s the latest buzz? Join the discussion about MovieStocks ®, the box office, and the movie industry in general."   Kotakuman on Feb 26, 11:35

I think it's because you attached the tag. movie talk is OK but tagging is only for serious/NEW news....   CjGaughan on Feb 26, 11:38

and sorry if you didn't tag it, i'm just going on an assumption. {nm}   CjGaughan on Feb 26, 11:38

Nothing newsworthy about stills of a movie that's already released trailers. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 26, 11:40

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