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DL: XMEN6 90 (4day); ALCN2 40 (4day) {nm}   Oleg Max on May 27, 12:16

Link   Oleg Max on May 27, 12:18

X-Men looks to mint $29M-$30M today , while Alice looks to eat up $9M. {nm}   Antibody on May 27, 12:22

if those numbers hold accurate, Alice will be lucky to get to $100M doemstic. from $116M 3day to $40M 4day... wow {nm}   lobogotti on May 27, 12:41

O_O who ever said $116M 3-day for Alice?? Estimates were $55-60M. I think you may be thinking of Alice 1 instead of Alice 2. {nm}   chosenone2oo5 on May 27, 12:44

yes, this is quite possibly the worst receievd sequel of all time. I was referring to the first making $116M OW in 3 days, versus this one    lobogotti on May 27, 12:46

HH: According to my sources, Miles Morales will be the Spider-Man in [ASPDR]   Antibody on May 27, 12:13

The general audience is going to have no clue what's up with this film. That's a "Fanboys-only" move. {nm}   chosenone2oo5 on May 27, 12:15

Disagree, this is a kids movie for those growing up watching Ulimate Spider-Man cartoons. {nm}   Antibody on May 27, 12:18

Does that audience reach wide enough to apply for earning back a ~$120M+ CG budget, or is that just the Peter Parker Spider-Man? {nm}   chosenone2oo5 on May 27, 12:39

Where you get $120M? LEGO cost $60M and more than made back its budget. {nm}   Antibody on May 27, 12:47

WS summary of "The Hollywood Crash is Coming"   Antibody on May 27, 12:07

Whatever the shortcomings of the Hollywood business model will be severely impacted by the impending crash of the global economy...   hyperzeitgeist on May 27, 12:41

why am I just now seeing a trailer for Weiner? I'm watching that for sure tonight! {nm}   lobogotti on May 27, 12:07

DL: Thora Birch, Johnny Knoxville & Phillip Noyce...there's an interesting mix...I'm still waiting for a Thora/ScarJo/Buscemi reunion   tealfan on May 27, 11:54

Are we ready for really bad day tomorrow due high ipo tomorrow.   mike255 on May 27, 09:48

If you are that poor a trader then maybe its time to do the honourable thing and give up.... {nm}   blaze223 on May 27, 10:33

Wow, lighten up, Francis. {nm}   ~JPV~ on May 27, 10:50

Don't worry, it will be short lived. A Ton of liquidity is freeing up after the CAPA3 Delist. :) {nm}   tomcat90 on May 27, 11:11

Forgot about that. Nice way to cap off the month. {nm}   ~JPV~ on May 27, 11:13

THR: Judge Halts Netflix's Plan to Stream [LOMIS] and [DSPRM] in June   Antibody on May 27, 09:08

DL: Anthropoid [ANTHR] gets a 8/12/16 release date   RazorHawk on May 27, 08:10

V: Matt Damon's "The Great Wall" will open in China in December   Peterlee on May 27, 08:03

Much earlier than its US release date (Feb 17 2017) {nm}   Peterlee on May 27, 08:03

Great! Six week lead time in the home of counterfeiting :D {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on May 27, 08:06

OW Gutcheck Time: Long the X-Men, Short Alice. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on May 27, 07:55

I'm short on both. {nm}   MattW on May 27, 07:58

Short on both.   blaze223 on May 27, 08:10

Short them both as well. {nm}   Quickslver99 on May 27, 08:14

Short both. {nm}   RollingThunder on May 27, 08:14

Ditto. {nm}   second gary on May 27, 09:09

Long on X-Men and probably short on Alice, but I think both will be close to current price.   diamondman56 on May 27, 08:44

Didn't finish that inner message thought... was going to say if Tomorrowland could do $33 mil than Alice is good for $40-50 in 3-days {nm}   diamondman56 on May 27, 08:46

Tomorrowland's preview was only 700 theaters {nm}   warcraft86 on May 27, 08:48

Short Alice extra hard, Short X-people because those movies are so boring and Marvel fatigue {nm}   DTshakes on May 27, 10:44

DL: XMEN6 8.2 mill Friday   RazorHawk on May 27, 07:37

* from early shows {nm}   RazorHawk on May 27, 07:44

XMEN6 was $8.1, if I'm not mistaken? {nm}   numbersix_99 on May 27, 07:58

Ah but shows for XMEN6 started at 7pm, whereas the previous film's figures came from 10pm onwards shows {nm}   numbersix_99 on May 27, 08:00

XMEN5 - 8.1M (from 2900 screens vs 3565 for XMEN6), 110.6m 4-day, SPID5 $8.7M Th, 91.6M OW (3-day) {nm}   RogerMore on May 27, 08:01

XMEN6 could see weaker WOM throughout the weekend. {nm}   Jay_Beezy on May 27, 08:12

Weaker than SPID5? {nm}   RogerMore on May 27, 08:23

I suppose not, but weaker than XMEN5 nonetheless. {nm}   Jay_Beezy on May 27, 09:34

ALCN2 1.5M previews {nm}   warcraft86 on May 27, 08:39

Should have brought back Burton. {nm}   RollingThunder on May 27, 08:41

In this Deadline article, what does PLF stand for? {nm}   goodvibe61 on May 27, 08:44

Premium Large Format screens. {nm}   RollingThunder on May 27, 08:45

Thanks Thunder. {nm}   goodvibe61 on May 27, 08:48

thud {nm}   lobogotti on May 27, 08:47

Yikes {nm}   ~JPV~ on May 27, 08:59

In Pick 5 world, 70 players have XMEN6 in their top 5. 2 have ALCN2. {nm}   second gary on May 27, 05:17

any guesses on midnights?   lobogotti on May 27, 05:30

There were some lower guesses at BOT, as well as a BOG tweet which said. . .   second gary on May 27, 05:38

well Tomorrow played in only 710 locations on Thursday last year. I'd expect Alice to play in 3-4 times that.    lobogotti on May 27, 06:35

*has no shot {nm}   lobogotti on May 27, 06:39

No doubt its the year of the unknown outsider to break through. {nm}   blaze223 on May 27, 07:56

Collider: Exclusive: Rosa Salazar to lead Battle Angel Alita [ALITA]   hyperzeitgeist on May 27, 01:38

Good to see Jonny Quest is still being talked about. Maybe one day...... {nm}   fricnfractal on May 27, 01:47

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! **   erikpatrickmahoney on May 27, 01:09

Slightly old? That story has whiskers! {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on May 27, 01:28

That story is in a retirement home for old stories. {nm}   clusterxxxx on May 27, 01:36

an 8 month old story that says that they are very serious about the project... and nothing has happened in 8 months since... is not news {nm}   RazorHawk on May 27, 06:03

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! **   pquicio on May 26, 23:57

Remember not to tag movies when simply asking a question. You'll likely get scrubbed. {nm}   jakemongoose on May 27, 01:02

IMDB shows limited release March 11th   warcraft86 on May 27, 02:48

IMDB shows 17 December 2015 as an (internet) release. Not theatrical. WHY ALL CAPS IN YOUR POST? {nm}   jdaniel on May 27, 03:36

It's like Captain America just dropped off a cliff after the first 48 hours or so. It hasn't come close to even a 50% weekend drop.    goodvibe61 on May 26, 16:45

Hail Hydra {nm}   Bleachigo on May 26, 17:07

No that was bucky in the first movie... {nm}   Wrath_crfd on May 26, 17:24

It's at $355.4m through Wed+2.4 for Thurs. + the BO prediction of $22m for the long weekend would put it at just below $380 for delist {nm}   tomcat90 on May 26, 17:26

As an IRON MAN vs CAPTAIN AMERICA movie released right after a BvS movie, it was a target for additional frontloading no matter what {nm}   notfabio on May 26, 17:38

SUPR2 is still 3M shy of a 2.0 domestic multiplier, whereas CAPA3 should pass 2.1 this weekend, on the way to 2.4 or so.   second gary on May 26, 17:51

If the villain was true to the comic with his Masters of Evil. People probably would have seen it more than once. {nm}   Baron_Darcon on May 26, 17:58

I bet we will get an Avenger movie soon with "Breakout" escapees forming "The Masters Of Evil" who take the Avengers "Under Siege"   RazorHawk on May 27, 08:55

THR: Ziyi Zhang joins God Particle [GODPT]   RazorHawk on May 26, 14:45

DL: Nocturnal Animals [NOCAN] gets a 11/18/16 EXC; 11/23/16 LMT; 12/9/16 WIDE release date   RazorHawk on May 26, 13:02

V: Early tracking indicates that [WARCF] for a moderate $25 million opening weekend behind The Conjuring 2 and Now You See Me 2   Antibody on May 26, 12:32

CNJU2 +40M OW, NYSM2 25-28M OW (from the same article) {nm}   alfjox on May 26, 13:14

V tracking [CNJU2] $40 million-plus; [NYSM2] $25 million to $28 million {nm}   Antibody on May 26, 13:50

Can you imagine acitvely making a choice to go see Warcraft? Or is the sequel to that dreadful Now You See Me?    goodvibe61 on May 26, 16:23

Yes. Warcraft had more than 10 million subscribers. NYSME had a delist multiplier of 3.2. There are clearly fans. {nm}   Antibody on May 26, 16:40

I didn't think NYSME was dreadful, below average maybe but not anywhere close to dreadful. Dreadful is Avatar or Man of Steel {nm}   JDolphin on May 26, 17:49

I really enjoyed NYSME. Sure it was implausible but it was fun. Definitely not interested in the direction the sequel   Baron_Darcon on May 26, 18:05

THR: Saban Films has acquired North American rights to Come and Find Me. [CMFNM]   Antibody on May 26, 12:29

Didn't Saban have to find it first in order to acquire it? {nm}   DTravel on May 26, 12:52

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