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DL: With 52.5M views in 1st week, ZOOL2 trailer breaks record for most online views ever for a comedy trailer.   RamsFan2004 on Nov 27, 15:46 1 week {nm}   RamsFan2004 on Nov 27, 16:01

New Batman v Superman footage to be shown during Monday's Gotham   Strider907 on Nov 27, 14:28

HUBBA HUBBA - Thirty (30) MovieStocks Bite The Salty Pickle Of Pardinky - Dead Delist CashOut. {nm}   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Nov 27, 13:35

Please see the Market Calendar or Announcements Board for a Complete Listing. {nm}   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Nov 27, 13:36

Had every one of them short.. *smirk* {nm}   DTravel on Nov 27, 15:18

I had 28 of them long :\ oh well, every time a penny stock hits, it more than makes up for it... {nm}   benz0 on Nov 27, 16:37

:0 {nm}   RamsFan2004 on Nov 27, 17:33

LGF & GOEGP Director APROY Apologize For Film's Lack Of Diversity.   Lionsgate Studio Fund on Nov 27, 12:51

Do people care enough about this film to be offended? {nm}   tatoufan on Nov 27, 15:25

It'll likely get punished for both whitewashing & quality issues. Slick move to bury release during Thanksgiving. {nm}   Lionsgate Studio Fund on Nov 27, 15:42

Poor casting decisions also downgrade must-see theatrical status IMO. {nm}   Lionsgate Studio Fund on Nov 27, 15:45

Free publicity imo {nm}   RamsFan2004 on Nov 27, 17:49

First, UK trailer for The Great Gilly Hopkins   Antibody on Nov 27, 10:35

MEW: specific production target start date for today's Re-IPO Downsizing [DWNSZ]   Oleg Max on Nov 27, 09:03

THR: RSCOT confirms two PRME2 sequels planned after Covenant before link-up with original Alien, BLAD2 will film in Budapest   RamsFan2004 on Nov 27, 08:13

Creed - 6.46 Thurs (12.48 cume)   RazorHawk on Nov 27, 07:18

it actually grew from wendsday wow! (if it holds) {nm}   cinebello on Nov 27, 07:38

No surprise - lots of movies aimed at adults do better on Thursday than Wednesday. (Examples are LIFPI, SPYGM, DEJVU, 4CHRS, UNBRK...) {nm}   RogerMore on Nov 27, 08:16

(requisite "man, I *love* spy game" post.) {nm}   miss amanda jones on Nov 27, 10:16

The Good Dinosaur - 6.56 Thurs (16.37 cume)   RazorHawk on Nov 27, 07:47

Ouch! {nm}   RollingThunder on Nov 27, 07:49

About the typical drop for a kids movie for Thanksgiving day. Both Frozen and Big Hero 6 dropped 27.2% on Thanksgiving Day. {nm}   magicdreamer on Nov 27, 07:57

DINOS dropped 34%, suggesting it won't hold as well as those two examples. {nm}   numbersix_99 on Nov 27, 08:13

When you account for the previews (for both movies), DINOS' Thursday drop was about the same as FROZN's. However, if it continues FROZN's   RogerMore on Nov 27, 08:22

that is about the same number that Gitesh is putting out   RazorHawk on Nov 27, 10:02

Victor Frankenstein - $476k Thurs   RazorHawk on Nov 27, 08:05

It's ALIVE... oh wait... no it's not {nm}   RamsFan2004 on Nov 27, 12:52

First images from True Crime production. [TRCRM]   shaunwins on Nov 27, 05:41

another number 23 coming!! {nm}   gogreen on Nov 27, 07:34

Number 24? {nm}   RamsFan2004 on Nov 27, 07:35

Looking at My All American from Clarius Entertainment and it's reporting is haphazard.   Baron_Darcon on Nov 27, 02:57

The only figure that counts for HSX purposes is the one reported by ERC. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Nov 27, 03:09

There is still another week before delist. If no further box office is reported then the gross on the stock page will be used {nm}   JDolphin on Nov 27, 15:17

Where is the Hateful Eight roadshow version going to screen in Los Angeles? I keep looking but not seeing any announcements yet.    goodvibe61 on Nov 26, 17:33

here is a partial list... nothing listed for LA (yet) on this list...   RazorHawk on Nov 26, 18:55

I'd enjoy seeing the 70mm version at Cinerama in Seattle if the 70mm makes it this way. {nm}   pnw_wildcat on Nov 26, 22:39

i would assume the Cinerama Dome {nm}   slipping jimmy on Nov 26, 20:37

(New Beverly is a tiny ****hole, no way they would use that for a 70MM roadshow) {nm}   slipping jimmy on Nov 26, 20:50

I'm not so sure about that. Being QT's theater, and he does all kinds of special stuff in there, the NewBev will be special next month.   goodvibe61 on Nov 27, 00:00

"I spoke to management at The Arclight and nothing is locked down and they are still in negotiations regarding The Hateful Eight."   slipping jimmy on Nov 27, 00:21

But won't the Dome be STAR WARS? {nm}   goodvibe61 on Nov 27, 00:00

true (although El Capitan has Force Awakens). they would do the Chinese before New Beverly if the Dome was booked {nm}   slipping jimmy on Nov 27, 00:17

The New Beverly is 100% playing it, but cannot confirm in 70. There is a high chance not a single single-screen palace plays it (only the   dsbman on Nov 27, 09:47

New full international trailer and poster for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (PRDPZ)   RamsFan2004 on Nov 26, 12:13

Much better than the last trailer. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Nov 26, 12:20

But still a waste of everybodys time and money {nm}   jmt-nl on Nov 26, 13:16

It is a truth universally acknowledged that this entire concept is b------t. {nm}   jjmarino on Nov 26, 19:03

+1 {nm}   RamsFan2004 on Nov 26, 19:19

This trailer does a way better job at selling it. Also helps that it's longer. {nm}   RamsFan2004 on Nov 26, 19:20

Videoeta: The Veil out on DVD 2/2/16 [TVEIL]   Oleg Max on Nov 26, 10:35

New 1-minute long STAR7 TV spot   RamsFan2004 on Nov 26, 10:05

DL (5-day): HGAM4 $78M-80M / DINOS $58M-$62M / CREED $39M-$42M ... FRNKS $3M-$3.7M   RamsFan2004 on Nov 26, 08:35

projected totals by Sunday for: JB24 176; PENUT 120; XMAS 24.5 {nm}   Oleg Max on Nov 26, 08:54

also says BKLYN $5M for 5day {nm}   daveart on Nov 26, 09:30

Drinks are on me! {nm}   RufusS on Nov 26, 09:47

Congratulations! {nm}   second gary on Nov 26, 09:53

i told one of my bosses to take his wife to it {nm}   slipping jimmy on Nov 26, 10:13

Congrats :) {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Nov 26, 10:17

woot! {nm}   tealfan on Nov 26, 12:59

Keep in mind D'Alessandro was bullish about HGAM4 last wkend; on Fri AM quoting sources with up to $115-120m OW, for example.   Lionsgate Studio Fund on Nov 26, 12:12

If HGAM4 has the same daily % changes as HGAM3 (and they have been pretty close so far), based on the Wed estimate of $13.8M we get   RogerMore on Nov 26, 14:13

We'll see. Possible LGF will est $200m 10-day. MJ1 dealt with weak newcomers, so perhaps could see record-breaking frame if MJ2 keeps pace. {nm}   Lionsgate Studio Fund on Nov 26, 15:18

After 5 days, HGAM4 is 20.5M behind HGAM3. If HGAM4 matches HGAM3 to delist, HGAM4 will delist at H$256.40   second gary on Nov 26, 06:33

That is, HGAM4's target for Wednesday was $14.620. Its target for today is $11.079M. {nm}   second gary on Nov 26, 06:36

its not going to match HGAM3 to delist as it is running about 10% behind. for Wed V's link from yesterday was saying ~13 {nm}   Oleg Max on Nov 26, 06:45

I think that's gary's point. {nm}   RogerMore on Nov 26, 06:47

Indeed. {nm}   second gary on Nov 26, 07:02

A Sucker-Play - it hasn't Matched a Single Day yet. Sucker-Play. {nm}   Captain Obvious on Nov 26, 06:45

Yesterday, Variety predicted (based on early estimates) HGAM4 would win the weekend with $73M for the five-day   RamsFan2004 on Nov 26, 08:10

So what. (HGAM3) did 82.6 MILL. All you did was to Confirm that the Post was a Sucker-Play. {nm}   Captain Obvious on Nov 26, 10:18

You drew a false inference. RogerMore did not. {nm}   second gary on Nov 26, 11:10

Not At All. Post was an Obvious Sucker-Play. Sucker-Play. Sucker-Play. Sucker-Play. {nm}   Captain Obvious on Nov 26, 11:19

(HGAM4) was 252.55. QUOTE: (HGAM4) will Delist at 256.40. Sucker-Play. Sucker-Play. Sucker-Play. {nm}   Captain Obvious on Nov 26, 11:21

Really Bippy? You don't understand "if / then" constructions? {nm}   second gary on Nov 26, 11:30

YES, Bippity-Boppity-Bo. Not about ME. It's about all the Ones that You Suckered In with the Sucker-Play. {nm}   Captain Obvious on Nov 26, 11:37

Well, Bippy was someone else. That was a joke for Founders Cup folks. In future, why not try to be more charitable? {nm}   second gary on Nov 26, 11:50

No Charity when it comes to Sucker-Plays. You've been around long enough. You should have known Better. {nm}   Captain Obvious on Nov 26, 11:59

This sentence is still going, as you can tell by, what some might call a comma, but others might not, others, who. . .   second gary on Nov 26, 12:13

Try not Saying 'Will Delist at 256.40' when you don't mean that it will Delist at 256.40. Can you Agree on that. {nm}   Captain Obvious on Nov 26, 12:17

Read whole sentences. Think well of others. {nm}   second gary on Nov 26, 12:20

Not about ME. It's about YOU. Enjoy ALL of your other Postings. Not this One - Horribly Horribly Worded. {nm}   Captain Obvious on Nov 26, 12:38

There's a big if in front of that quote. {nm}   socby19 on Nov 26, 11:34

Not Everybody Understands Delist Analysis nor 'IF' Statements. OTOH, Everybody Understands 'Will Delist at 256.40'. {nm}   Captain Obvious on Nov 26, 11:56

If they took the time to read the whole sentence, it's not that hard to figure out. {nm}   RamsFan2004 on Nov 26, 12:06

Ah, but who has time to read a whole sentence? Oh. . . everybody else. :) {nm}   second gary on Nov 26, 12:07

Not about ME. Your Sucker-Play did a Massive Disservice to many Ports. You should have Known Better. {nm}   Captain Obvious on Nov 26, 12:14

Three words and a number taken out of context. {nm}   socby19 on Nov 26, 12:47

So what's your projection, Gary? {nm}   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Nov 26, 07:53

$229 - $230? {nm}   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Nov 26, 07:54

Well, it isn't H$256.40. :) {nm}   second gary on Nov 26, 08:49

SWOPP and XPLSY are ARB   RamsFan2004 on Nov 26, 05:59

Not even worth the commission to flip... {nm}   slappydavid on Nov 26, 06:17 {nm}   RamsFan2004 on Nov 26, 06:19

Or at the time of posting. Remember, trading stocks priced under $2 means a commission of 2 cents per share traded.   RogerMore on Nov 26, 06:59

Maybe so, if you had a position on them in the first place. They both could still add more box office before delist. {nm}   RamsFan2004 on Nov 26, 07:02

Not really. Look at the box office pages.   RogerMore on Nov 26, 07:11

Okay. Sweet. {nm}   RamsFan2004 on Nov 26, 07:11

You snooze, you lose. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Nov 26, 06:30

I value my sleep over fake money. {nm}   ~JPV~ on Nov 26, 09:46

Wait a minute? IT'S FAKE?! {nm}   RamsFan2004 on Nov 26, 09:52

Sleep is for wimps :D {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Nov 26, 10:22

LOL. Thks. {nm}   DiNar0 on Nov 26, 12:44

BUMP: The three posts below are spam. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Nov 26, 00:36

+1   Bleachigo on Nov 26, 09:27

First 27 Minutes of Rise of the Tomb Raider...   JD_Speir on Nov 25, 18:45

Guys, this is a forum for movies. Not videogames. Put it on another board. {nm}   sberg23 on Nov 25, 19:13

This misleading stuff needs to come down. {nm}   goodvibe61 on Nov 25, 21:38

You and magictime69 both work as hype machines at square enix   Bleachigo on Nov 26, 09:12

Camilla Luddington   magictime69 on Nov 25, 18:31

First 27 Minutes...Rise of the Tomb Raider.   magictime69 on Nov 25, 18:32

Watch the first 27min of my Thanksgiving dinner..coming soon   Bleachigo on Nov 26, 08:59

First 18 mins of Marvel vs. DC   Dr. Brown on Nov 26, 09:18

Last 118 minutes of Inception {nm}   jmt-nl on Nov 26, 13:27

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