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DL: Weinstein will finally open Mikael Hafstrom's "Shanghai" on August 21, 2015   Peterlee on Jul 27, 19:56

grantland's interview with Umberto Gonzalez, who always get superhero movies scoops   Peterlee on Jul 27, 19:18

DC: Trailer Breakdown SUPE2 confirms Tao Okamoto as Mercy Graves.   Antibody on Jul 27, 17:29

V confirms HH: Rachel McAdams is the choice to land the female lead in [DRSTR]   Antibody on Jul 27, 17:03

wondering if anyone knows why it costs $175 to make Inside Out, but only $75 to make Minions? {nm}   lobogotti on Jul 27, 17:02

French labor is cheaper than California?   Antibody on Jul 27, 17:09

Pixar has approximately 4 times the number of employees 1,200 to 300. {nm}   Antibody on Jul 27, 17:12

also they take their time developing the story for each film. Inside Out has been in development since 2009   slipping jimmy on Jul 27, 17:17

you cant tell how much better looking pixar films are?!? about $100M better :) {nm}   islander on Jul 27, 17:31

Also character designs, animation models etc for MNION already existed, while for NMIND they had to start from scratch {nm}   RogerMore on Jul 27, 17:33

thanks for the answers guys. and islander, the film does look $100M better. ;) {nm}   lobogotti on Jul 27, 17:52

Official Cashouts   Antibody on Jul 27, 16:26

Sweet, I finally cracked the top 1000. Next stop H$2 Billion! {nm}   Initech on Jul 27, 15:31

Nicely Done. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2013MainPort on Jul 27, 15:43

congrats! {nm}   tealfan on Jul 27, 16:00

Congrats :) {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jul 27, 16:12

Great Job!!!!! {nm}   Quickslver99 on Jul 27, 16:36

Way to climb! You're like a supermonkey. Flex for us, supermonkey. Flex! {nm}   DTshakes on Jul 27, 17:17

Yeehaw, good stuff Mr SuperFund! {nm}   Qix on Jul 27, 19:05

Very nice!!!! {nm}   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Jul 27, 19:47

Looks like BOM made a mistake. REVEN is back to 12-25 limited; 1-8 wide   Antibody on Jul 27, 14:18

maximum oscar bait {nm}   adrenalin112 on Jul 27, 14:39

BOM: 3GENS retitled About Ray   Antibody on Jul 27, 14:16

it's a shame {nm}   slipping jimmy on Jul 27, 15:14

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! **   Bfg110 on Jul 27, 13:27

The Wrap's review of Vacation concludes: "for the most part, it’s a featureless, repetitive voyage that can’t be over soon enough." Bummer   tomcat90 on Jul 27, 12:56

GQ: Muslim-American actors on typecasting in Hollywood   Antibody on Jul 27, 12:42

EW story now online: Why do trailers spoil their movies? Because you want them to   Antibody on Jul 27, 12:23

OMG that article just ruined SUPAW for me... lol {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 27, 12:39

listen to your good buddy Steve Jobs. he was a cool dude   slipping jimmy on Jul 27, 12:41

"A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them." {nm}   Jobs on Jul 27, 12:46

good article. I tend to like less in trailers while seems like the more that is shown the more my gf wants to see the movie.   Dorfman on Jul 27, 12:44

For a movie I am def seeing I will watch the trailer 1 time only...   William Power on Jul 27, 15:07

THR: Dennis Dugan defends his meal ticket Adam Sandler ""There's been talk of another Grown Ups"   Antibody on Jul 27, 12:14

I loved Problem Child {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 27, 12:35

IPO Dennis Dugan ! {nm}   Buy StarBonds Fund on Jul 27, 13:55

Actually... why does he not have a starbond? He has directed a lot of very high profile projects. {nm}   tawdryhepburn on Jul 27, 17:50

I think the previous answer was because he only directs Adam Sandler films {nm}   JDolphin on Jul 27, 19:31

DL preview: MISS5 looking at an opening weekend in the low $40Ms; Vacation at least $20M from Friday-to-Sunday, $30M over Wednesday-Sunday   Antibody on Jul 27, 11:59

Will be very surprised if Vacation does more than low 20's over the 5-day frame. Another sequel nobody asked for and this one looks bad. {nm}   RollingThunder on Jul 27, 12:04

WB wouldn't have moved it up to Summer if test screening results were bad. {nm}   Antibody on Jul 27, 12:07

They are hoping for a We're The Millers repeat - going to be a longshot based on our surveys but this past weekend opens the door some. {nm}   RollingThunder on Jul 27, 12:09

Everyone I know can't wait to see this movie. Lots of ad's on it and the previews are looking better. {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 27, 12:26

i see it hitting low 20s on the 3-day weekend, low 30s for the 5 day {nm}   adrenalin112 on Jul 27, 14:43

Could be two weekends in a row that a former BO stalwart takes a beating. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jul 27, 12:17

I'm hoping the MI reviews accelerate interest. Most of them say Cruise still has it even if he's not your cup of tea in life. {nm}   RollingThunder on Jul 27, 12:21

it looks exactly like the last three MI movies   slipping jimmy on Jul 27, 12:30

LOVED the first one. {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 27, 12:34

Hated the first one for what Cruise did to Mr. Phelps. {nm}   Antibody on Jul 27, 12:58

You blame Cruise? {nm}   Jobs on Jul 27, 13:21

It was Cruise who wanted to make an M:I movie, convinced Paramount to make it, developed the story (with his producing partners). The movie    RogerMore on Jul 27, 13:33

Yep. Also, he turned M:I from a team concept into his 007 and minor support characters. {nm}   Antibody on Jul 27, 13:42

The article says tracking is in the 30m range. Wasn't it low 40's a week ago? {nm}   MattW on Jul 27, 12:23

yeah, one place had 40m. started off saying 70m, then 60m {nm}   andy007 on Jul 27, 12:35

I can't believe how resistant MI5's stock is to reality. The only one to open over $50m was MI2 from 15 years ago. Highly overvalued IMHO. {nm}   Carcharodon on Jul 27, 12:23

Zero sum go bro'. Someone else's loss is your gain :D {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jul 27, 12:27

That's not true. HSX processes every trade without the need of an opposite party. {nm}   Antibody on Jul 27, 12:29

So when I let people bid up a stock to a silly level and short it I'm not gaining and they're not losing? {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jul 27, 12:32

This... isn't the value of the stock based on how people are holding it? Presumably if it's overvalued it's because people are holding it. {nm}   Carcharodon on Jul 27, 12:48

yes for every gainer there's probably a loser. But the sum is not exactly zero {nm}   andy007 on Jul 27, 13:27

It's almost never zero, and many times there can be far more winners than losers, and vv...   RogerMore on Jul 27, 13:44

Agreed {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 27, 12:27

Damn multiplier for (Previous Box Office + (2.7 * Box Office Fri-Sun)) always messes me up {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 27, 12:32

for vacation not MISS5 {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 27, 12:32

Going to be a long rollercoaster of a ride with Vacation opening Wed. {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 27, 12:35

I'm gonna stay on the sidelines until Wednesday night numbers come in. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jul 27, 12:37

MEW: target production date for today's IPO [BASTR]   Antibody on Jul 27, 11:57

Why the terrible title? This will never go up on a marquee in my area. {nm}   Initech on Jul 27, 12:28

and this would be the first time a movie changes it's name after IPO'd on HSX... {nm}   adrenalin112 on Jul 27, 14:41

the production phone number is included in the post... you should call them and tell them how you feel about the title {nm}   RazorHawk on Jul 27, 16:47

or you could fax them I guess {nm}   RazorHawk on Jul 27, 16:48

S411: A source close to the production “there’s a chance” that Beatty may give in and show HUGHS at either Venice, Telluride or Toronto.   Antibody on Jul 27, 11:52

Toronto has set its most important lineup announcement for July 28, upstaging Venice, which will announce its lineup July 29.   Antibody on Jul 27, 11:54

International teaser for Maryland [MRYLD]   Antibody on Jul 27, 11:35

that would never actually happen in Maryland {nm}   slipping jimmy on Jul 27, 11:40

Nonetheless a pretty cool trailer. {nm}   second gary on Jul 27, 11:45

BO: Paramount's UNTITLED MANN/APATOW COMEDY will no longer be released on April 15, 20 [BMOMS]   Oleg Max on Jul 27, 11:24

why is it even referred to as "mann/apatow comedy" since they already exited the project well over a month ago   adrenalin112 on Jul 27, 11:42

THR: Paramount has scheduled UNTITLED RICHARD LINKLATER FILM for wide release on April 15, 2016 [TWITA]   Oleg Max on Jul 27, 11:22

sources are BO and BK... {nm}   Oleg Max on Jul 27, 11:25

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