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Universal passes on Dark Tower [DRKTW]

Posted by: RazorHawk on Jul 18, 16:17

Tag(s): DRKTW

Universal passes on Dark Tower [DRKTW]   RazorHawk on Jul 18, 16:17

Holy Nose-Diving Stock Batman!!!!    Todrick on Jul 19, 15:33

Meh, who cares since someone else will pick up on a Stephen King money maker. *shrug* {nm}   jgbaxter on Jul 19, 22:31

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! **   gomol on Aug 04, 18:34

Hope springs eternal? {nm}   FalseLight on Aug 06, 15:20

Wasn't there just a thing saying that this was 'moving ahead?' {nm}   GuitarGenius7 on Aug 13, 06:38

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