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Yeah, you are rocking! I am being a turtle, 80% starbonds now. {nm}

Posted by: arf on Apr 18, 16:21 in response to dave3626's post Btw, only 5M behind you now, my friend.

LUCON will finally unseat HGAME. Don't fight it guys, you know you will get dragged to see it. {nm}   elchan on Apr 18, 13:46

I'd rather die in a fiery crash on the way to the theater. {nm}   dave3626 on Apr 18, 13:49

That can be arranged (mwahahahaha....) {nm}   Paul2k on Apr 18, 13:55

Now that's a sinister laugh. You could be in pictures, kid (or man, or woman who uses a man's name, I don't know) {nm}   dave3626 on Apr 18, 14:09

Must not have a girlfriend. They'll be bringing boyfriends to the movie at gunpoint, per another article on LUCON {nm}   arf on Apr 18, 14:07

Yeah not at the moment. Taylor Swift still hasn't returned my calls. Don't know why.. {nm}   dave3626 on Apr 18, 14:10

I do have an ex-wife, though who I married when we were too young and real stupid. But she's more the Ramona Flowers type. Hates chickflicks {nm}   dave3626 on Apr 18, 14:13

I don't know if my ex-wife would like it or not. I don't think about satan much at all since I escaped her grasp. {nm}   arf on Apr 18, 14:17

lol :-) {nm}   dave3626 on Apr 18, 14:21

Btw, only 5M behind you now, my friend. {nm}   dave3626 on Apr 18, 14:26

Yeah, you are rocking! I am being a turtle, 80% starbonds now. {nm}   arf on Apr 18, 16:21

I'm about 50% bonds as per one of the PVL tutorials..very helpful stuff. {nm}   dave3626 on Apr 18, 16:44

You'll be #1, possibly out of the league if you keep up at the pace you are going. Nice trading! {nm}   arf on Apr 18, 16:57

Shouldn't we guys be making our gfs see the action/sci-fi movies instead of them dragging us somewhere? {nm}   Ryan_Stewart on Apr 18, 15:01

I get dragged to anything grim (Haneke, gritty Australian fare).   Jane_Citizen on Apr 18, 16:01

I guess it all depends on your plans for after the movie.... {nm}   arf on Apr 18, 16:21

my fiancee would rather drag me to go see HGAME again. {nm}   stevie1der328 on Apr 18, 14:19

I was pondering yesterday how many women will be dragging thier signicant others to see 40 Shades of Weird Sex when that comes out. {nm}   dave3626 on Apr 18, 14:24

thankfully, high ticket prices have made my wife only want to watch "event" movies...the rest on video {nm}   tealfan on Apr 18, 15:05

Well speaking of "significant others", I think I have an "announcement" of sorts...   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 18, 15:18

Congratulations ;-) {nm}   dave3626 on Apr 18, 15:25

Thanks Dave :) {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 18, 15:45

Do they know about your wants? {nm}   Ryan_Stewart on Apr 18, 15:32

Yes she does, and she thinks the same way. {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 18, 15:45

Well, that's great news. Better than anything HSX can give. (Am I going to be struck by lightning for saying that?) {nm}   Ryan_Stewart on Apr 18, 15:54

Not unless DMac is somehow Zeus in disguise :P Although that could explain a lot... ;) {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 18, 15:57

"Wants"? What are these wants? {nm}   dave3626 on Apr 18, 16:35

The only logical assumption is some form of extreme perversion. {nm}   RogerMore on Apr 18, 18:25

The only logical assumption is some form of extreme perversion. {nm}   RogerMore on Apr 18, 18:26

Hey, a4j. Exceptionally great news. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2012 on Apr 18, 15:36

Thanks RotoHockey :) {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 18, 15:45

Congrats :D. Hope it won't keep you away from HSX ;). {nm}   nomyst on Apr 18, 15:37

Nothing's kept me away from HSX since I was 11, it's not about to start now ;) and thanks :) {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 18, 15:44

felicidades!! {nm}   gogreenytd on Apr 18, 15:51

Thanks! :) {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 18, 15:54

Good for you :) Are we talking meringue dresses and flower arrangements here, or is that premature? {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Apr 18, 15:53

Thanks :) Oh, that's just a little premature at the moment. {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 18, 15:56

No pressure! It's nice to find someone you want to be around :) {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Apr 18, 16:04

Is it wrong to want to be around Selena Gomez, you know, knowing her heart belongs to Beiber? {nm}   dave3626 on Apr 18, 16:45

if those are your wants, those are your wants. {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Apr 18, 23:12

Well, I hope you already did all the crazy and fun things you planned on. That being said, Congratulations! {nm}   arf on Apr 18, 16:24

I've never really been one for many crazy things lol. But thanks :) {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 18, 16:56

congrats!...the first...oh nevermind :) {nm}   tealfan on Apr 18, 16:38

LOL, touche ;) {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 18, 16:56

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