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I'm drooling to see this movie!! {nm}

Posted by: Ryan_Stewart (a.k.a WritingActingDirecting) on Apr 30, 20:30 in response to ShawnMR's post Official New Trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES... Official New Trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES [BATM3]    ShawnMR on Apr 30, 20:22

I'm drooling to see this movie!! {nm}   Ryan_Stewart on Apr 30, 20:30

wow speechless {nm}   thatpj on Apr 30, 20:36

Wow. That will be great. Too bad the series will end as a trilogy. {nm}   GMov on Apr 30, 20:44

There will be more, bet on it. Cash cows were meant to be milked, I just don't see how they can match the quality. {nm}   Decoman on Apr 30, 21:01

Chris Nolan seems like a guy who will stick with that decision. Maybe there'll be a spin-off off of J.G. Levitt character. Or reboot. {nm}   GMov on Apr 30, 21:04

agree, and without Nolan all is lost. pure genius. {nm}   lobogotti on May 01, 06:18

Avengers has a "soft" ending, leaving a sequel a strong possibility, though it could be left to stand on its own as well. {nm}   arf on Apr 30, 23:34

i think marketing wise, Prometheus is better, but personally, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY {nm}   Moviesnob on Apr 30, 20:45

and take it quick! {nm}   lobogotti on May 01, 06:17

In HD here:   BSmurf on Apr 30, 20:54

and if you prefer YouTube...from the Warner Bros channel (link)   tealfan on Apr 30, 21:28

HOLY GOOSEBUMPS! {nm}   Catzan on Apr 30, 22:15

anyone know if the web release was always going to be today?...or they pushed it up due to all the Avengers buzz? {nm}   tealfan on Apr 30, 22:19

the main concern was avoiding poor quality bootlegs {nm}   notfabio on May 01, 05:41

I see...thx {nm}   tealfan on May 01, 08:26

Tantilizing. {nm}   banke005 on May 01, 05:27

Oh My Goodness!!! Most anticipated film since announced. Can't even get the taste out of my mouth. {nm}   lobogotti on May 01, 06:11

Jawdropping. Anyone who thinks the lack of Ledger is going to cause this to open lower is insane. This one's a record breaker, folks. {nm}   MiyazakiFan on May 01, 06:34

with the year we're having it seems almost certain. will be interested to see if Avengers can take it from HPOT8 first though {nm}   lobogotti on May 01, 07:11

This won't beat Avengers at the box office simply because there will be no high priced 3D tickets. {nm}   CactusLand on May 06, 00:05

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