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Good point in your IM. But I would counter with:

Posted by: Dave3626 (a.k.a del_VUA_Dave3626) on Jun 27, 09:30 in response to GMov's post If you ask me this question Sunday, I will say...

Robert Downey was an established superstar by then (Iron Man had come out previous)

Sherlock is a classic character known and loved for over a century to the general public.

It was essentially a big budget action extravaganza.

But Mike has no "super"stars in the cast, no well-loved brand already attached, and it's essentially a character piece.


LAT: Talking with the cast MAGIC MIKE. Talking with a bunch of women last nite, this may do well over what I originally    grammar on Jun 27, 08:26

quote, "they were crazy during the dance routine and afterwards they became very motherly."... That's.... weird. {nm}   Dave3626 on Jun 27, 08:44

How do u make woman motherly after watching that show ? Internal meaning I guess ;-) {nm}   karspov on Jun 27, 08:54

Ack, I think Matthew misspoke ... lol {nm}   grammar on Jun 27, 09:03

I guess they put their Mom jeans back on.... {nm}   dioneta on Jun 27, 09:17

Anyone who wears mom-jeans shouldn't be taking them off in the first place. Gross. {nm}   Dave3626 on Jun 27, 09:43

Giggitty. {nm}   Quagmire on Jun 27, 09:51

You scare me. Not as much as the old guy who's always hanging around Chris, though. {nm}   Dave3626 on Jun 27, 09:56

That could be bad for us guys. I think 99.9999% of women are or will become moms. {nm}   elchan on Jun 27, 10:50

Not if Obama can help it. {nm}   Dave3626 on Jun 27, 11:46

Whoo hoo! Four more years of Obama-rama! Way to go America!   elchan on Jun 27, 14:53

my feeling too. And Matthew McC is key in this I think.    JMT-NL on Jun 27, 09:02

What do you mean by a 'certain' group of woman? <giggling> My recollection of the scenes 5-10 years ago, is women one would never think    grammar on Jun 27, 09:12

lol...the group I tried to pinpoint was...   JMT-NL on Jun 27, 10:13

$35MM+ is my guess. Strong pre-sales, solid reviews, huge Twitter activity (per {nm}   GMov on Jun 27, 09:03

Without an "ocean" in the title, has SSODE ever had a 35M OW? {nm}   Dave3626 on Jun 27, 09:10

If you ask me this question Sunday, I will say "yes". :) I hear you...that is a relevant factor. But I've made that mistake before -- e.g.   GMov on Jun 27, 09:22

Good point in your IM. But I would counter with:   Dave3626 on Jun 27, 09:30

I would counter with The Devil Inside making 33.7M OW. Magic Mike can beat TDI. {nm}   Justin121 on Jun 27, 09:41

If Mike beats the devil, I'll buy you a beer. And spring for an excorcism :) {nm}   Dave3626 on Jun 27, 09:45

Jump street was built on a successful TV franchise, not CTATU's appeal. The Vow had Rachel McAdams, a fairly big name, no? {nm}   Dave3626 on Jun 27, 09:47

CTATU has had 2 $35M+ opener in a row. Iron Man was the draw in IRNMN more than RDOWN. {nm}   Antibody on Jun 27, 09:44

Jump street was built on a successful TV franchise, not CTATU's appeal. The Vow had Rachel McAdams, a fairly big name, no? {nm}   Dave3626 on Jun 27, 09:47

Tatum is not the only force that will propel this movie to a big OW {nm}   Justin121 on Jun 27, 09:51

Well MMCCO hasn't been a huge draw lately, has he? And SSODE never opens big unless a casino is getting robbed, so...   Dave3626 on Jun 27, 09:55

The GILF, MILF, and cougar community rejoices for the movie that finally addresses the under-served community. {nm}   elchan on Jun 27, 09:58

Truly, it is an oft-ignored demographic. ;-) {nm}   Dave3626 on Jun 27, 10:07

Btw, that's the sound of my flipping. Might as well take advantage of the MGCMK bubble. {nm}   elchan on Jun 27, 10:31

So that's what it sounds like.. I thought it was sandals on a wet-floor for some reason. {nm}   Dave3626 on Jun 27, 10:40

As soon as my butler typed that I said to myself, "Oh boy." But I was expecting a different euphemism. ;-) {nm}   elchan on Jun 27, 10:44

Trying to predict euphemisms is like trying to predict openers. It's not for us lay people to do. {nm}   Dave3626 on Jun 27, 11:51

Misleading title/subject line: LAT is The Los Angeles Times. But the article linked to is from Latino Review. That would be LR, then,I think {nm}   Facto on Jun 27, 09:59

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