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That aside, {nm}

Posted by: MontyBurnz (a.k.a jmrickey) on Jul 06, 07:27 in response to islander's post using a made up name and engaging in arguments with...

PSA: MontyBurnz aka jmrickey is HarryWarden. That is all. {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Jul 06, 00:54

Uhhh, Dmac already posted that a long, long time ago. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 00:55

What's the purpose of posting that anyhow? Libel? {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 00:56

As he said, it was a public service. Thanks A4J, much appreciated ...   Jane_Citizen on Jul 06, 01:07

Internet message board stalking is creepy. You can stop anytime now... {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 01:15

Next thing you'll be doing is actually stalking me in person. I might need to get a restraining order... {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 01:17

If anyone should be requesting others be banned, it's me.   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 01:33

Per the HSX Terms of Use:   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 01:35

A4J hasn't said anything that couldn't be gotten by clicking your handle and recalling a post on this board. How is that stalking? Or libel? {nm}   RogerMore on Jul 06, 06:00

Not him {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 06:21

You mean Jane? Who obviously didn't care enough to even think about the secret identity of the mysterious MontyBurnz? {nm}   RogerMore on Jul 06, 06:30

She's playing. Me thinks she knew all along. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 06:32

Please, continue to play the victim card. {nm}   RogerMore on Jul 06, 06:39

I'm documenting it all {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 06:41

HSX so helpfully provides all contact info on one page {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 06:46

I mean, DMAC posted it in its very own topic and made a point to tell everyone for some reason. I assumed after that everyone knew {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 06:40

DMac made a point to tell everyone because you were trolling. Please continue to document vile, hurtful posts like this one {nm}   RogerMore on Jul 06, 06:50

The mob mentality of the Internet unfortunately, thrives here {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 06:52

Actually, no. I tried to distance myself from my previous UN and start fresh. He outed me for no reason. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 07:00

In doing so, he encouraged the mob mentality attacks. Had he not done so, things may have continued without incident. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 07:03

Doubtful. You were well on the road to becoming an outcast again with this persona whether people knew you were HW or not. {nm}   BionicMoron, EAP leader on Jul 06, 07:08

What led you to believe that? {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 07:10

I changed the tone of my posts to basically opposite of what they were/are as HW. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 07:12

Victim card. {nm}   RogerMore on Jul 06, 07:10

You...   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 07:13

Are you asserting that it would be defamatory to associate someone with Harry Warden's record?    DTXbro on Jul 06, 06:10

Release the hounds!!!!! {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 06:21

I am curious which account he actually plays the game under rather than just trolls with. {nm}   MiyazakiFan on Jul 06, 06:19

Revealing that would ruin any chance of posting on here with that account and not immediately being attacked {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 06:50

Really, you actually play this game? Is there any way you can keep doing that while ditching the obnoxious alt? {nm}   stevie1der328 on Jul 06, 06:52

So...   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 07:15

using a made up name and engaging in arguments with anonymous people on the internet *is* obnoxious. however, if "you", the real you is...   islander on Jul 06, 07:22

That aside, {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 07:27

Ack....   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 07:27

yes, others are being obnoxious as well. but you cant go around accusing people of libel and stalking just becuase of some random chitchat   islander on Jul 06, 07:36

I could have just banned this account as well since you never apologized for HarryWarden. {nm}   Antibody on Jul 06, 10:36

Apologizing admits wrongdoing and is a sign of weakness. {nm}   MontyBurnz on Jul 06, 16:37

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