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Hopefully no crazy person is inspired by The Strangers or Last House on the Left... You can't even be safe indoors!!!!!

Posted by: skamanfu on Jul 22, 13:54 in response to PaulBuxton2011's post we all better stay in doors, what if we get knocked over...


With the shooting and possible future shooting, will VOD become more common?   Gijoevu on Jul 22, 12:48

we all better stay in doors, what if we get knocked over crossing the road to the theatres too. VOD all the way {nm}   PaulBuxton2011 on Jul 22, 12:50

Hopefully no crazy person is inspired by The Strangers or Last House on the Left... You can't even be safe indoors!!!!!   skamanfu on Jul 22, 13:54

What's to say a crazy person won't show up at your home? I just don't see this having a long term effect on the theater industry...   LanceStorm22 on Jul 22, 12:56

We really need to consider a ban on assault rifles. There really is no need for any normal citizen to own one.   elchan on Jul 22, 13:16

Again, criminals do not obey the law. {nm}   Tanker on Jul 22, 13:24

Then add something else for criminals to go to jail for. I could use your argument against quite a few laws. Concealed weapons?   Catzan on Jul 22, 13:33

I'm in Texas and you can take my legal concealed weapon out of my cold dead fingers. Seriously! {nm}   arbybaker on Jul 22, 13:50

I really don't have problems with people carrying hand guns to protect themselves.   elchan on Jul 22, 14:08

And you have to go thru a process in order to have a concealed weapon...and it isn't an assault rifle carrying 100 rounds.   Catzan on Jul 22, 14:41

my pistol carries 9 rounds {nm}   RazorHawk on Jul 22, 15:03

Again, a false argument, Tanker. I don't need a flamethrower to disinfect my bathroom because bacteria don't "obey the law".A can of Lysol    BSmurf on Jul 22, 13:35

Again, I don't recall any mass shooting committed by criminals.   elchan on Jul 22, 13:38

Why allow people to drive? They might hurt someone. {nm}   arbybaker on Jul 22, 13:51

A car is a means of transport. An assault rifle is used for one thing only, to kill. {nm}   elchan on Jul 22, 14:09

murder is about the most serious crime there is...   Colt 1911 on Jul 22, 13:52

Exactly. The guns and ammo were legally obtained (at least from the news reports I've heard). He had no criminal record previously,   skamanfu on Jul 22, 13:53

Seriously! I remember something happening in Oklahoma City back in 1995 that did not involve guns at all. There is always a way. {nm}   arbybaker on Jul 22, 13:56

Yes, and again if they had access to higher yield explosives, how many more people would have been killed. {nm}   elchan on Jul 22, 14:06

A Near total ban on private firearm ownership didn't stop the Norway shooter...nm   Colt 1911 on Jul 22, 13:37

But, would it have been worse if he had easier access to assault rifles, and explosives? {nm}   elchan on Jul 22, 13:41

Every able bodied Swiss male is given a full auto machine gun, and trained to use it. lowest gun crime    Colt 1911 on Jul 22, 13:48

I don't have the stats, but I don't believe Americans are more prone to "going off".   elchan on Jul 22, 13:58

I have many customers in Switzerland. This is becoming more of a hot button issue. Suicide by gov'g commissioned weapons is rising steadily. {nm}   goodvibe61 on Jul 22, 14:15

Well, near total... Quite a few Norwegians have firearms. Used to be a lot more, and after it was reduced, murder rates went markedly down.   Facto on Jul 22, 14:14

VOD has been the future for last 30 years... the future has come and gone and the theatres still know why?   b4bad on Jul 22, 13:52

the theater "experience" is huge...the "shared experience" is even more of a draw...nm   Colt 1911 on Jul 22, 15:44

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