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As long as the public eats up crap, the studios will keep making it. {nm}

Posted by: Hooray360 (a.k.a del_XSD_Hooray360) on Jul 08, 14:50 in response to islander's post you're such an apologist for the studios who have lulled...

Raja Gosnell [RGOSN] has signed on to direct Smurfs [SMURF]   RazorHawk on Jul 08, 13:05

do not want   islander on Jul 08, 13:10

Who did you expect would take this project? {nm}   Antibody on Jul 08, 13:17

the smurfs are awesome and deserve better! gosnell dooms this to being a mediocre, soon to be forgotten, midlevel hit.   islander on Jul 08, 13:45

Sony wants a Chipmunks-like family film, not an artsy film like Speed Racer or Where the WILD Things Are. {nm}   Antibody on Jul 08, 13:50

you're such an apologist for the studios who have lulled the public into accepting crap, because its easier for a studio to   islander on Jul 08, 14:13

We haven't seen Pixar tackle a pre-existing property. I {nm}   Antibody on Jul 08, 14:31

I'm a realist. Box Office is a business. Hollywood is a business. {nm}   Antibody on Jul 08, 14:33

So what you're saying is that if you were a studio head, the Lord of the rings trilogy doesnt get greenlit with Peter Jackson as director.   islander on Jul 08, 16:08

Those weren't family films. {nm}   Antibody on Jul 08, 17:54

I wish Jackson hadn't been the choice LOTR. Three of the most boring movies I've ever seen. I fell alseep during the first one, begged for   angusmctrader on Jul 08, 18:18

As long as the public eats up crap, the studios will keep making it. {nm}   Hooray360 on Jul 08, 14:50

There should more quality films, like that one with Kate Winslet as the Nazi bedding the underage kid. Or more of those Eastwood films about   angusmctrader on Jul 08, 18:23

Sounds like a safe enough place for him - at least he's not directing any movie I'd want to watch {nm}   Roger More on Jul 08, 13:38

Experience in live action/animation hybrid, and has a great team: Stem and Weiss (Shrek 2), Kerner (Charlotte's Web), good choice. {nm}   latafilms on Jul 08, 14:09

Great director to be attached for this project! [SMURF] {nm}   latafilms on Jul 08, 13:10

was Raja already on the stockpage, or are updates just super-duper fast in V4? {nm}   tealfan on Jul 08, 13:27

They just put him there, when i bought he wasn't on the page. Super ScoobyDooChihuaha fast.   latafilms on Jul 08, 13:32

That sounds about right. {nm}   secretstalker on Jul 08, 15:11

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