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DL: [JCAME] to direct [AJOLI] in a 3D Cleopatra?

Posted by: Antibody on Oct 14, 16:34


DL: [JCAME] to direct [AJOLI] in a 3D Cleopatra?   Antibody on Oct 14, 16:34

James stop teasing us! {nm}   tealfan on Oct 14, 17:18

C'mon, admit it. You want to see that rack in 3D. {nm}   James Cameron on Oct 14, 19:10

If this flick does well, 3D-Convert "Original Sin" and rerelease! {nm}   Apokalips on Oct 14, 21:39

That and Gia are my top priorities. {nm}   James Cameron on Oct 15, 09:51

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