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THe amount of shares held long/short seems to have no effect on whether a stock goes up or down

Posted by: secretstalker (a.k.a TheWeekendWarrior) on Nov 22, 04:14 in response to edzep's post Posts like mine, there ^, raise a point of order: since...

Basically, one person reverses or buys/shorts a stock at reset and everyone follows and it's those hundred or thousand players that are driving the price up or down and when someone decides to reverse and the stock ticks back up/down, the sheep follow. With the smaller increments and higher volatility, those who are using a ticker to make decisions are creating huge fluctuations in stock prices because one needs fewer people making trades up or down to drive a price up or down under the new system.

HPOT7 Long or Short Post Adjust?   Bill Harkins on Nov 21, 21:02

Here are delist multipliers for other HP   xiayun on Nov 21, 22:07

Thanks! {nm}   Bill Harkins on Nov 21, 22:15

all 3 pre-Thanksgiving openers delisted below their adjust price {nm}   tealfan on Nov 21, 22:22

PLT51 delisted with a 3.02 mult (above adjust), BLDSD delisted at 4.38 times its opening weekend... so where did you get this info? {nm}   secretstalker on Nov 22, 03:35

Twilight Saga: New Moon delisted with a 1.87 and that had a similar 1st weekend internal mult as HPOT7.   secretstalker on Nov 22, 03:38

He is refering to the 3 previous Potter openings in the pre-Thanksgiving frame. Not to 2009. {nm}   GalacticPothealer on Nov 22, 06:14

Yeah, I figured that out later. {nm}   secretstalker on Nov 22, 07:04

And, consider there had been 580M shares held long, to 5M short, before adjust. NOW, it's changed to 527M long, to 29M short. {nm}   edzep on Nov 21, 22:15

Posts like mine, there ^, raise a point of order: since we've long been told not to talk about share price movement, which we can all see...   edzep on Nov 21, 22:18

THe amount of shares held long/short seems to have no effect on whether a stock goes up or down   secretstalker on Nov 22, 04:14

Not the number holding -- but the movement from one position to the other, or from one position, into cash. {nm}   edzep on Nov 22, 04:18

Oh, I see... well, it seems like the amount who change positions on held stocks is minimal and negligible regardless. {nm}   secretstalker on Nov 22, 04:33

Only movers can move the price. This will be interesting, because no one's ever watched holdings --    edzep on Nov 22, 04:40

(Negligible in terms of numbers, not negligible in terms of the effect of them changing positions) {nm}   secretstalker on Nov 22, 04:40

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