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THR: Monsters' Director Gareth Edwards will direct 'Godzilla' [GODZL]

Posted by: Antibody on Jan 04, 17:07

Tag(s): GODZL

THR: Monsters' Director Gareth Edwards will direct 'Godzilla' [GODZL]   Antibody on Jan 04, 17:07

what a score for him! {nm}   Moviesnob on Jan 04, 17:29

A British film maker directing an American movie based on a Japanese creature. Should be interesting   HurricaneKid on Jan 04, 18:38

You're thinking of Garth Jennings (who I was listening to on the Adam & Joe podcast this morning). {nm}   RufusS on Jan 05, 09:53

Wow, that's huge... no pun intended :) {nm}   secretstalker on Jan 04, 21:05

Gareth Edwards Godzilla thinking   madformovies on Jun 09, 07:50

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