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PSA JEDGE adjusts Feb 23...loses GATSB and gains JGGUN ....EAP is 34.63 drol a hefty 1.91 %,,,   Buy BONDS Silver edition on Feb 07, 07:14

DL article about BLIND has DMCDE starring as well   ryeontherocks on Feb 05, 17:05

Just saw Hail Caesar. Michael Gambon is credited along with main cast, has his own card before credits scroll   bennyg1985 on Feb 05, 13:02

On a related note, MGAMB's current price is wayyy out of whack with the reality of his next adjust. Invest accordingly {nm}   BSmurf on Feb 05, 15:12

JWALT is rising after her BKLYN tag has adjusted. Why? See no logic to the rise. {nm}   laujer on Feb 05, 07:31

Look at longs vs. shorts, you may learn something. {nm}   ndmaster on Feb 05, 08:18

for an even worse bond look at MGAMB - 20 above max possible tag and still slight majority have it long {nm}   JDolphin on Feb 05, 13:55

He's in Hail Caeser and has his own title card! I'm hoping he will be added soon enough. {nm}   bennyg1985 on Feb 05, 14:44

StarBond IPO IDEA - Michael Pitt, Actor. (Re-IPO, actually).   RotoHockey2013Main Port on Feb 05, 00:41

Good call. Pitt is a fine actor who seems to be in increasing demand. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Feb 05, 04:09

As you can see, he was already updated. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 05, 09:51

Delisted date was removed, price updated, old credits added. Just needed the TAG to be updated before adding him to the calendar. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 05, 09:54

Kaigee, can I volunteer help to fix/correct some bad links and update SB info? I have some free time for a good cause. Let me know OK? {nm}   fricnfractal on Feb 03, 23:18

I've been slacking recently.   KaiGee on Feb 04, 13:48

Seriously, anytime I could help, if you need it. I'm there. Thanks for all you do! {nm}   fricnfractal on Feb 05, 01:19

No excuses! We appreciate what you do whenever you do it. Thanks again! {nm}   laujer on Feb 05, 07:20

yes thanks!...volunteer work is always good work {nm}   tealfan on Feb 05, 09:19

I appreciate all your efforts :) {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Feb 05, 15:21

You haven't update your site since December 23 {nm}   mike255 on Feb 05, 17:45

What tripe. Set up your own site and maintain it, before you make snide remarks about others. He knows when he updates. {nm}   mrbinns on Feb 05, 22:14

A question about Starbonds.   GruntNoNeck on Feb 03, 06:38

It matters on the NEXT adjust(s) down the road when it comes to those two films dropping off the TAG. Lowest gross falls off 1st. {nm}   BSmurf on Feb 03, 07:03

Gotcha. Thanks. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Feb 03, 09:20

Just curious, will JDMOR get attached to SUPE2? He is in the trailer playing Thomas Wayne. {nm}   ~JPV~ on Feb 02, 22:02

"Prove" it with an official credit source. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 03, 10:24

Could you name a couple of official credit sources used for proof? How about IMDB.COM? Link inside   fricnfractal on Feb 03, 23:57

Never IMDB because the information is user-sourced {nm}   HerrJoebob on Feb 04, 09:21

Anything by Warner Bros. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 04, 09:53

Named in the toplining credits before the scroll. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 04, 09:54

Thanks for the info. {nm}   fricnfractal on Feb 05, 01:21

Ha, it's funny because (spoils, I guess)   RogerMore on Feb 03, 11:02

But is he closely related to (spoil) {nm}   Buy BONDS Silver edition on Feb 03, 15:38

We'll find out in a month I guess.   ~JPV~ on Feb 04, 10:12

it is a cameo performance and is not likely to get an attachment {nm}   RazorHawk on Feb 04, 17:57

Post Adjust Bond Show (2/2/16) - The HSX Dude   RazorHawk on Feb 02, 18:46

thx! {nm}   tealfan on Feb 02, 18:47

Than You for your time! {nm}   arf on Feb 02, 19:08

Gracias Dude! {nm}   JohnTEQP on Feb 02, 19:34

Thanks! DBAUT does have a next movie adjust date, doesn't he? For GOTG2 on 5/30/17. Or did I miss something? :) {nm}   fricnfractal on Feb 02, 21:04

Many thanks. Great work! {nm}   ryeontherocks on Feb 02, 21:51

thank You! {nm}   GLAMMGUY on Feb 02, 23:46

As always ... great work. Thanks! {nm}   gordon06 on Feb 03, 04:28

Dude! {nm}   edzep - Port Monkey! on Feb 03, 06:22

Thanks Dude!!! {nm}   Quickslver99 on Feb 03, 06:31

Lebron James ipo time? {nm}   mike255 on Feb 02, 15:47

HSX tell you on Market Calendar when it LeBron James ipo time. Hope this help you mike. {nm}   pennystocks2 on Feb 04, 07:21

Official Adjusts   Antibody on Feb 02, 10:27

sorry, why did GDELT adjust? {nm}   adn21 on Feb 02, 10:42

I was just coming to ask the same question. {nm}   CSBD on Feb 02, 10:44

Doh, forgot to unattached TROLH. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 02, 12:26

So is TROLH attached now and forever? Do we update our spreadsheets?   Buy BONDS Silver edition on Feb 02, 14:28

He's detached now. {nm}   The Force-Ghost of DTravel on Feb 02, 19:22

IPO Thoughts - Jenny Slate [JESLA] - The HSX Dude   RazorHawk on Feb 02, 08:56

Thank you for the info and analysis. {nm}   BSmurf on Feb 02, 10:12

Seems like a lot of these StarBond IPO's are very optimistically priced. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Feb 02, 10:25

Thanks for the info. That helps a lot. Wouldn't even make for a decent short. {nm}   jakemongoose on Feb 02, 20:06

Is BPITT tag correct? {nm}   Sleprock on Feb 02, 06:41

Yes {nm}   RazorHawk on Feb 02, 07:15

wow, I screwed up on that one! {nm}   Sleprock on Feb 02, 07:47

Need to pay attention to those limited movies {nm}   JDolphin on Feb 02, 13:39

Yup, and the ones that start out as limited but later go wide {nm}   Sleprock on Feb 02, 16:47

PSA SLJAC is attached to CHIRQ which will adjust in 3 weeks....it replaces TSSRV in the TAG Difference of $26.68 in price to EAP   Buy BONDS Silver edition on Jan 30, 14:09

And then he's going to drop Avengers 2 for an even more for us shorters. Don't know what the majority is thinking {nm}   JDolphin on Jan 30, 15:31

Been like that since his last adjust. We talked about it then, too. {nm}   BSmurf on Jan 31, 09:50

In the short time I've played this game it has become clear that the majority don't think! {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Feb 01, 17:20

Just like the real stock market! {nm}   RogerMore on Feb 01, 20:02

Not everyone has 1.7 million to put in and wait. Yup many aren't as attentive, plan for long haul and miss limited movies affecting TAG   Baron_Darcon on Feb 05, 00:50

Official Adjusts   Antibody on Jan 26, 10:22

TROTH adjusts tomorrow and s/b inactive {nm}   laujer on Jan 25, 20:59

Funny...It is currently about .55 from adjust and next adjust is only .14 more than the new TAG...could have been worse.   Buy BONDS Silver edition on Jan 26, 07:17

Just a thought - is ASERK the biggest movie star we've never actually SEEN in a movie?   The Force-Ghost of DTravel on Jan 23, 12:09

We saw him in Avengers: Age of Ultron, right? {nm}   egolub on Jan 23, 16:05

Also seen playing Ian Dury in Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jan 23, 16:09

and King Kong and 13 Going on 30 {nm}   tealfan on Jan 23, 17:53

He was in Brighton Rock, although quite feline in it. Also check out Einstein and Eddington.   RufusS on Jan 26, 09:08

I loved him in "The Dancing Cavalier." {nm}   second gary on Jan 26, 18:19

Just watched trailer for CMPDR and am wondering why Eric Roberts doesn't have a StarBond?   DTshakes on Jan 21, 14:25

There is an Inactive (Delisted) StarBond for an Eric Roberts (ERROB).   RotoHockey2013Main Port on Jan 21, 15:03

It's be deactivated. But I'd say someone's gone crazy on that page. Were any of those starring roles or recorded box office? {nm}   JDolphin on Jan 21, 15:07

This is one of the StarBonds that was delisted in the changeover in 2001. The prices were the old system. The 5.00 price was the minimum    Buy BONDS Silver edition on Jan 22, 05:57

Why wasn't the bond reactivated? He was in The Dark Knight, for pete's sake. {nm}   DTshakes on Jan 22, 10:23

"starbond" = bond for "STAR"... he does not STAR in theatrically released movies and has not for a very long time. {nm}   RazorHawk on Jan 22, 18:21

What's the criteria for the "star" designation then? I feel like a lot of actors {nm}   DTshakes on Jan 24, 15:19

...actors' bonds are adjusted when they merely "appear" in a movie and aren't top or major supporting billing. {nm}   DTshakes on Jan 24, 15:20

You are a 1.6 bill account and you do not know how this works? {nm}   RazorHawk on Jan 25, 07:26

Maybe he's new to Starbonds {nm}   JDolphin on Jan 25, 14:33

Official Adjusts   Antibody on Jan 20, 10:25

Do you think Jada Pinkett Smith's Oscar boycott will affect her image with audiences in a good or bad way? {nm}   Lucas73 on Jan 20, 02:08

It should not affect her image in the least. As an actress of color she is exercising her right to protest what she believes is a bias on    laujer on Jan 20, 08:23

As a mediocre actress? Nope, she still is. {nm}   ndmaster on Jan 21, 06:59

People will forget about it a few month later. {nm}   mike255 on Jan 20, 09:37

Who's boycott? {nm}   The Force-Ghost of DTravel on Jan 20, 11:30

also the video she posted was well thought-out and calmly presented {nm}   tealfan on Jan 20, 12:02

No. She's not exactly Ms. Congeniality. I think perception will improve if she puts her money where her mouth is. {nm}   leo21 on Jan 25, 18:16

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