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DOYEL next adjusts for SELMA, & not AMVYR. Losing MDONW ($78,030)......for those small amount of traders that are confused. {nm}   TheFox on Jan 28, 21:58

There seems to be great amount of confusion on SPEGG as well. {nm}   ryeontherocks on Jan 29, 04:14

I have SPEGG next adjust is for KM3TM. Is that right? {nm}   pennystocks2 on Jan 29, 10:26

KM3TM hasn't open yet and may not report box office. {nm}   Antibody on Jan 30, 09:37

Ya and dropping MISS4 {nm}   ryeontherocks on Jan 29, 12:10

With so many shares held long, I thought I was missing something. {nm}   ryeontherocks on Jan 29, 12:16

PSA: If SPIVT releases as projected 31 May (or "Spring 2015"), KBATE is a SBO to watch.   Rocket123 (aka PVL Admin) on Jan 28, 21:20

Provided that (SPIVT) Reports Box Office. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Jan 29, 00:14

Post Adjust Bond Show (1/27/15) - The HSX Dude   RazorHawk on Jan 27, 10:55

this was a real downer.... {nm}   RazorHawk on Jan 27, 10:55

To be brutally honest I don't mind after the past two weeks! Yes there was a max of H$222k up for grabs, but I usually do post adjust myself   Lucky_Muppet on Jan 27, 12:57

every starbond post adjust was a short.... this was a real "down"er {nm}   RazorHawk on Jan 27, 13:41

haha - nice one. Didn't catch that {nm}   Lucky_Muppet on Jan 27, 13:43

good break from those mega adjust. ty for your help. around 2 years ago i found u and u have helped me as im sure many others ty again {nm}   JWL on Jan 27, 11:44

Thanks Dude. {nm}   GLAMMGUY on Jan 27, 12:53

thx! {nm}   tealfan on Jan 27, 17:10

Thanks dude!! {nm}   Dorfman on Jan 27, 17:29

Yer a good doobie, Razor. {nm}   Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin on Jan 31, 17:27

Anyone know what the record is for fewest SB adjusts in a week? {nm}   HerrJoebob on Jan 27, 10:13

Wonder if there was ever a week where there wasn't any {nm}   Dorfman on Jan 27, 10:20

Not since I've been playing regularly. Even if there aren't any wide releases they are usually some limiteds from 12 weeks prior. {nm}   JDolphin on Jan 27, 16:29

... bond re-do in Nov 2001 ... i started in Feb 2002 ... seem to recall one adjust of only 3 bonds, but have no data ... {nm}   BC on Jan 29, 03:30

Official Adjusts   Antibody on Jan 27, 10:13

Bet that one bout crashed the system... {nm}   Dorfman on Jan 27, 10:18

Ka-ching! {nm}   RogerMore on Jan 27, 10:47

Naw, it's just "Ka" this week. No "ching". {nm}   Rocket123 (aka PVL Admin) on Jan 27, 15:15

No money, but, a nice break! {nm}   edzep - Port Monkey! on Jan 27, 11:08

Good week for BONDS to be on hiatus....Coming back next week.. {nm}   mrbinns on Jan 27, 15:10

I think this was the lowest adjust ever - 44,200. The previous lowest I remember was 86,000 a few years back at this same time {nm}   JDolphin on Jan 27, 16:22

Kaigee, none of the side function are clickable on your site, ie the 6 tabs functions .. On iPad and iPhone {nm}   karspov on Jan 26, 16:24

That's odd. May have to borrow my girlfriend's iPhone to check it. It should work...   KaiGee on Jan 26, 19:28

Same issue for me, only lets me select "movement" from side functions {nm}   lapuckfan on Jan 26, 20:42

does Apple offer any typos, repackaging, proxy service to save bandwidth?   umberto on Jan 27, 09:17

[type of compression, repackaging...] {nm}   umberto on Jan 27, 09:19

Should be fixed now. Mobile Safari doesn't like anchor tags with no href. {nm}   KaiGee on Jan 28, 16:50

Damn, Kevin Spacey wins Golden Globe and SAG award this year. {nm}   Dorfman on Jan 25, 18:40

and...(spoiler)   StarBond Fund on Jan 26, 13:19

Is he?   Dorfman on Jan 27, 04:01

She is VPOTUS {nm}   DTravel on Jan 27, 12:45

DAILYMAIL: Are Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Secretly Married? Actor Seen Wearing New Gold Band On His Ring Finger.   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Jan 25, 11:49

EW: 5 directors who can help Johnny Depp recover from MRTDC   Dorfman on Jan 25, 10:17

AMOLI drop on amvyr?   mike255 on Jan 22, 13:54

A Most Violent Year   mike255 on Jan 22, 13:58

Yes, just today. He's not in the movie. {nm}   Antibody on Jan 22, 14:53

Is Kaigee's adjust calculations right for SMILL? >   fricnfractal on Jan 22, 10:50

Kaigee has not been undated since Foxcatcher went wide...SMILL now has a double adjust adding American Sniper and Foxcatcher on the same day {nm}   RazorHawk on Jan 22, 10:54

It looks like Kaigee WAS updated last night and now has the correct information {nm}   RazorHawk on Jan 22, 10:59

Thanks! Had to have updated since I posted this question, since I was on Kaigee minutes before. Now it makes sense. {nm}   fricnfractal on Jan 22, 11:31

Official Adjusts   Antibody on Jan 21, 10:31

Cha-Ching Part 3! {nm}   eyescovered on Jan 21, 10:48

Not as big a gain today as I had hoped for.. hmmm {nm}   Dorfman on Jan 21, 12:31

As long as you gain more than you lose, you're winning :) {nm}   eyescovered on Jan 21, 13:30

Ah but that's only half the game {nm}   Dorfman on Jan 21, 18:12

it was only 1.8mil - not sure what you were expecting. if this was disappointing don't look at next weeks. Not the worst ever, but close. {nm}   JDolphin on Jan 21, 17:48

After the ~90 adjusts the last two weeks, I'm looking forward to next week :) {nm}   warcraft86 on Jan 21, 18:08

That's about what I gained.. THe last couple of days spoiled me lol {nm}   Dorfman on Jan 21, 18:12

It's about time the PABS had an easy week of it. {nm}   RogerMore on Jan 22, 10:04

TMZ: LINDSAY LOHAN: 'I Am The Queen Of Car Crashes - So I Am Now Selling Car Insurance.' EXCLUSIVE.   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Jan 20, 16:29

Must have been the only way she could get insured. lol {nm}   Dorfman on Jan 21, 18:12

Can anyone give me some basics on how Starbond values work?   1Ed on Jan 20, 14:18

   Lucky_Muppet on Jan 20, 14:30

Not too sure what I did earlier... check the link inside and read a few of the other blogs on Roger More's site if you interested.   Lucky_Muppet on Jan 20, 14:34

TAG {nm}   lhayes37 on Jan 20, 16:18

Explanation of TAG    lhayes37 on Jan 20, 16:20

What time will 01/16/15 box office post? {nm}   laujer on Jan 19, 17:47

Figured it out. Tomorrow instead of today. {nm}   laujer on Jan 19, 18:42

Food for thought..with AMSNP adjusting to approx 270 or so, the possiblity of >250 delist is real..(more than HOBT3 !) Bond EAP's.....   StarBond Fund on Jan 18, 10:38

AMSNP is just the gift that keeps on giving! {nm}   eyescovered on Jan 18, 11:42

Don't forget AMSNP.BW coming to a Calendar near you. {nm}   StarBond Fund on Jan 18, 14:43

Did they change BW warrants? I thought they used to only be done over the summer. {nm}   Dorfman on Jan 18, 16:41

Yes, they are now IPO'ed after the first weekend, at an estimated delist.   ndmaster on Jan 18, 16:44

i began to wonder when the bb warrants werent stopping after summer. lol. {nm}   Dorfman on Jan 19, 06:45

If a movie makes over $100 in it's 1st week or 2 it will probalby get a BW. You should look at the ones avaible now, some are free money {nm}   JDolphin on Jan 18, 21:15

Ah, yes! Of course! {nm}   eyescovered on Jan 19, 15:30

If people forget about FOXCT adjust first, could make a bit of a bonus from SMILL if you flip at the right times {nm}   CjGaughan on Jan 18, 20:02

FOXCT went wide this weekend also, making SMILL a double adjust {nm}   lapuckfan on Jan 18, 20:22

i see, didnt know that changed the scenario. thanks! {nm}   CjGaughan on Jan 19, 05:01

kaigee has it delisting feb 3rd, i think cause thatll be 12 weeks in theatres, does that make a difference? {nm}   gibster420 on Jan 19, 17:33

when a limited goes wide, it then delists 4 weeks from the wide release, so kaigee site will update it soon {nm}   daveart on Jan 19, 18:12

Look at the update date on Kaigee front page - has not been update since FOXCT went wide so still the old 12 week date instead of 4 weeks {nm}   JDolphin on Jan 19, 21:49

The wide expansion bought FOXCT an additional week before delist. {nm}   socby19 on Jan 20, 10:09

TMZ: Nick Cannon Files For Divorce From Mariah Carey. EXCLUSIVE.   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Jan 17, 06:05

damn.. I'd have been all over that back in the day. {nm}   Dorfman on Jan 17, 11:37

And for 44 she still looks damn good. {nm}   Dorfman on Jan 17, 11:39

No matter how good she looks...   dukeness on Jan 20, 10:16

V: BHLEE engulfed in sex and extortion scandal. TERM5 switched distributor in Korea.   Antibody on Jan 16, 09:11

wow, CJ is the biggest distributor in korea {nm}   Moviesnob on Jan 17, 19:26

JORTI credited to CYBER   Antibody on Jan 14, 17:17

Post Adjust Bond Show (1/13/15) - The HSX Dude   RazorHawk on Jan 13, 20:26

No UP or DOWN indicated on (CBLAN).   RotoHockeyYTD2014 on Jan 13, 20:33

Thanks for those Hobbit adjust posts - need the laugh during this loooooooong process {nm}   JDolphin on Jan 13, 21:51

I thought HWEAV's was especially funny {nm}   Dorfman on Jan 15, 07:35

Yes, he is mocking the Dude. :) {nm}   DTravel on Jan 17, 13:10

here's some ice...thanks! {nm}   tealfan on Jan 13, 22:21

Gratzi! Much appreciated today! Good times with this bunch!   JohnTEQP on Jan 13, 23:08

Once again the dude abides. Thanks! {nm}   Dorfman on Jan 14, 06:50

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