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Starbonds adjusting tomorrow are halted, but I believe the tag showing is reflecting the price it will adjust to? {nm}   rmg427 on Sep 26, 16:48

Disregard this post. I just realized what "starbonds will be price adjusted to match their tags" meant {nm}   rmg427 on Sep 26, 16:56

P: Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber Split After 11 Years Together   Antibody on Sep 26, 16:46

18 Starbonds adjusting ! What effect will the Presidential Debate have on this? {nm}   laujer on Sep 26, 12:19

H U G E ! {nm}   daveart on Sep 26, 12:46

The only question is how distracted Antibody will be at 6PM HDT. {nm}   Buy BONDS 26 on Sep 26, 14:53

Sam Neill -SNEIL- reunites with Taika Waititi for Thor: Ragnarok -THOR3-   Lucas73 on Sep 25, 21:06

Post Adjust Bond Show (9/20/16) - The HSX Dude   RazorHawk on Sep 20, 18:24

Thanks! {nm}   arf on Sep 20, 18:27

muchas thankas {nm}   tealfan on Sep 20, 18:31

Thank you RH {nm}   copadon on Sep 20, 19:42

Slight correction on RDENI...dropping INtRN (75.71) ...adding WARGP (30.09) and would adjust down by 9.21 {nm}   Buy BONDS 26 on Sep 20, 19:46

THX {nm}   JohnTEQP on Sep 20, 21:50

Thank you!!! {nm}   billy on Sep 20, 21:55

The Next Adjust Calculation Amount for Edgar Ramirez (EDRAM) is Incorrect.   RotoHockey2013Main Port on Sep 20, 23:10

P6: Angelina dumped Brad after private eye uncovered Marion Cotillard affair   Antibody on Sep 20, 11:29

P: damage control from ALLID producer ""Brad and Marion immediately had the utmost respect for each other..."   Antibody on Sep 20, 11:54

TMZ says Angelina says it's due to weed, alcohol and anger possibly endangering the kids   tealfan on Sep 20, 12:05

So that scene in the pilot of MTV's Mary & Jane must have been ripped from reality. {nm}   skamanfu on Sep 20, 15:24

Official Adjusts   Antibody on Sep 20, 10:17

Did anyone see TB8DW? IMDb lists: WGOLD, EIZZA, SWEAV but how are they credited in the film?   Buy BONDS 26 on Sep 19, 11:04

Newsweek: "random talking heads"   RazorHawk on Sep 19, 13:40

Billboard: 14 year old SWEAV is spotted in the audience in some archival footage   RazorHawk on Sep 19, 13:43

its on hulu so i checked. there is no opening credits to speak of (just prod. comps and ron howards name) they do get    islander on Sep 19, 15:29

I am upset that my local AMC chose to rebook HRC America and this one is no one in our area. {nm}   Buy BONDS 26 on Sep 20, 09:24

yeah that stinks but hulu offers a free one week trial. you could watch it then cancel {nm}   islander on Sep 20, 10:16

They're all mentioned in production notes and should be credited. {nm}   diamondman56 on Sep 20, 13:38

No, they're only listed as they appear at the end of ther scroll. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 20, 13:46

If you go see it, don't leave during the credits, the movie goe on for another half an hour after the credits roll. {nm}   Lucas73 on Sep 25, 21:13

WMOUR not in MAGN7. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 19, 10:33

For those who are counting down 5, REVER loses SHRK3 for PRGRN, then SDUST for limited FALTA s/d release   Buy BONDS 26 on Sep 16, 07:59

AP: Mark Wahlberg has ended his bid for a pardon for assaults he committed as a teen.   Antibody on Sep 15, 18:14

I keep expecting SMCQU to be attached to FSMCQ ....or would that be a spoiler? {nm}   Buy BONDS 26 on Sep 14, 13:54

JBRID adjusts for HNDST but is not on the list {nm}   laujer on Sep 13, 15:17

JBRID will adjust for 'Hell or High Water' - CMNCH {nm}   CSBD on Sep 14, 08:05

I stand corrected. {nm}   laujer on Sep 14, 10:44

He's on the Calendar. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 14, 10:46

Edgar Ramirez (EDRAM) Is Missing From The Market Calendar For Adjust For (HNDST) On TUES SEPT. 20. {nm}   RotoHockey2013Main Port on Sep 13, 14:27

You took the words right out of my mouth {nm}   laujer on Sep 13, 15:15

Post Adjust Bond Show (9/13/16) - The HSX Dude   RazorHawk on Sep 13, 11:49

thx! {nm}   tealfan on Sep 13, 11:56

Thank You Dude! {nm}   GLAMMGUY on Sep 13, 12:11

Dude, thanks. (And, you've got BDHOW mixed in a bit, with RMARA.) {nm}   edzep - Port Monkey! on Sep 13, 12:43

The Next Drop for Jack Huston (JHUST) is (KILYD) not (AMBUL).   RotoHockey2013Main Port on Sep 13, 16:36

The Next Adjust Calculation for Pilou Asbaek (PASBA) is Incorrect.   RotoHockey2013Main Port on Sep 13, 16:38

Thanks for the PABS! {nm}   arf on Sep 13, 17:22

Gratzi! {nm}   JohnTEQP on Sep 13, 19:35

Many thanks! {nm}   ryeontherocks on Sep 13, 21:28

Official Adjusts   Antibody on Sep 13, 10:30

27 Tags adjust tomorrow nice ! {nm}   laujer on Sep 12, 14:59

Technically 27 Starbonds adjust......many more TAGS adjust for Starbonds attached to movies that have alrready delisted....   Buy BONDS 26 on Sep 12, 21:03

I stand corrected {nm}   laujer on Sep 13, 15:18

Why is Khumba not in Steve Buscemi's credits?   durf on Sep 12, 09:07

when a movie does not report any official box office (to ERC, that who HSX uses), any starbonds get detached   islander on Sep 12, 09:15

thanks . . . ERC you have to pay for? Doesn't it seem if boxofficemojo reported something, then ERC missed something? {nm}   durf on Sep 12, 11:44

maybe someone else can confirm , but if a studio is going to report box office they are going to do it to an ERC or Rentrak, not BOM   islander on Sep 12, 11:54

THR: Chloe Moretz - "So I pulled the plug on all my movies because I want to reassess who I am and find myself within my roles again."    lobogotti on Sep 09, 04:10

I'm told a "Mortal Engines" adaptation is PJACK's next project & should be announced shortly. {nm}   Qix on Sep 08, 20:08

just read a bit on it...sounds cool {nm}   tealfan on Sep 08, 23:32

That's bad news for TinTin. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 09, 10:46

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