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Title "section" I should say instead maybe. {nm}

Posted by: Dave3626 (a.k.a del_VUA_Dave3626) on Jun 07, 15:56 in response to Dave3626's post I did read that, actually. Loved the title story,...

So as BONDS 18 is approaching 90 and will delist in a few weeks, I am looking for suggesgtions for a poster for BONDS 19....   Buy StarBond Fund 18 on Jun 06, 18:22

Dark Tower   alfpaulytd2012 on Jun 06, 18:33

The World is Not Enough, wait for it...Bond #19 {nm}   jwammo on Jun 07, 05:17

+19 {nm}   Tanker on Jun 07, 13:59

For me, Dark Tower is like Indy. I have to pretend it stopped earlier than it did. In this case, nothing after Wizard and Glass.. nope. {nm}   Dave3626 on Jun 07, 14:11

I loved the ending. King practically telegraphed it throughout the series. *spoiler inside*   Tanker on Jun 07, 14:44

re: spoiler   Dave3626 on Jun 07, 15:29

Read Hearts in Atlantis. Nothing like the movie. {nm}   Tanker on Jun 07, 15:46

I did read that, actually. Loved the title story, especially. Never saw the movie. "IT" is my all time favorite King book, though.   Dave3626 on Jun 07, 15:54

Title "section" I should say instead maybe. {nm}   Dave3626 on Jun 07, 15:56

The audiobook is awesome, William Hurt and Stephen King, {nm}   Tanker on Jun 07, 16:03

Wow....we have something in common   alfpaulytd2012 on Jun 07, 17:02

We probably have even more than that in common. {nm}   Dave3626 on Jun 09, 10:16

K-19: The Widowmaker {nm}   aaronl5 on Jun 06, 20:09

Kazushi Watanabe's film titled simply 19. Seems like a good poster for this purpose. Film has some merit as well. {nm}   tycoonboy on Jun 07, 04:30

Jose Bautista crushing a Mets fastball. Failing that - Skyfall, The Dark Knight or The Hobbit. {nm}   RotoHockeyYTD2012 on Jun 07, 06:18

19 Kids & Counting {nm}   lapuckfan on Jun 07, 15:56

1984? {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Jun 07, 21:41

Thanks for the suggestions. At one point, I was going to use "61*" {nm}   Buy StarBond Fund 18 on Jun 09, 06:21

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