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Stranger Things season 2 teaser!   islander on Aug 31, 06:08

thanks for the warning {nm}   slipping jimmy on Aug 31, 09:57

an update just for you: duffers say 2nd season influenced by 80s sequels temple of doom, aliens, t2. also, patton oswalt joins cast   islander on Aug 31, 11:32

easier than coming up with an original story, i guess {nm}   slipping jimmy on Aug 31, 13:49

nice! that intro music is DAF. {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 31, 13:58

RIP Teddy Bridgewater's left knee {nm}   slipping jimmy on Aug 30, 19:38

Whoa, that looks a serious injury. Hope it doesn't end his carreer. {nm}   JDolphin on Aug 30, 21:57

Tebow time! (or Favre time!) {nm}   islander on Aug 31, 09:35

BLEACHERREPORT: Green Bay Packers RB Eddie Lacy Says He Will Get A Haircut After Being Tackled By His Hair.   RotoHockey2013Main Port on Aug 29, 01:01

throw some salt...RIP Mr. Fuji, WWE (Harry Fujiwara, 82)    islander on Aug 28, 13:44

Great one loss {nm}   mike255 on Aug 29, 15:05

Good dissection of episodic content - what works in the form, why its working. Focus is on Stranger Things   Moviesnob on Aug 27, 22:41

It is true that the TV is replacing mid range films. It's ticket prices as well as quality that gives TV the advantage. {nm}   leo21 on Aug 28, 10:25

we're in the second Golden Age of television. the problem is now that you have to be selective because there   lobogotti on Aug 28, 16:39

the only problem is the cost of all these channels/services {nm}   islander on Aug 28, 17:08

plotblocking is the cost of doing business and i guess im okay with that   islander on Aug 28, 14:20

i applaud your world view sir {nm}   Moviesnob on Aug 28, 14:46

well said islander. agree on Mr. Robot 2, as well.   lobogotti on Aug 28, 16:31

ST was nothing more than a break from normal and a trip back to the early Spielberg/King days. It might have   lobogotti on Aug 28, 16:38

a good piece on why Stranger Things misses the point of 80s horror/sci-fi completely   slipping jimmy on Aug 28, 21:55

who says anything has to have a point? {nm}   islander on Aug 29, 06:43

it really hit well with the masses. it's the top ranked current show on by user score on MT:   lobogotti on Aug 29, 07:14

CBS has also been the most-watched television network for over a decade {nm}   slipping jimmy on Aug 29, 08:43

I just spit my food up! CBS is a vile station. {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 29, 10:51

even if just for Phil Simms on NFL commentary {nm}   islander on Aug 29, 11:11

ha! I really hate that I have withdraw from NFL Sundays. this really is my favorite time of the year. {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 29, 11:12

following the bears so far, sundays are going to be the *worst* {nm}   islander on Aug 29, 11:14

we're still missing one from FF. sure you can't play? {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 29, 11:15

you're the champion for pete sakes! {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 29, 11:16

my 1 time to go out on top! (but i do hate to leave you guys short. if league is still 1 short at the last minute maybe? {nm}   islander on Aug 29, 11:31

As long as the Rams lose, I'll be happy :) . Well, it would be nice if the Chiefs won {nm}   JDolphin on Aug 29, 13:26

they betrayed you for sure! {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 29, 13:40

HP: Most Canadian Heist Ever: Guy In Hockey Goalie Gear Robs Beer Store. <VIDEO>.   RotoHockey2013Main Port on Aug 27, 21:54

MLB: Gary Sanchez (NYY) Is One Of Five (5) Players In MLB History Since 1913 With 9 Homers In 1st 21 Games.   RotoHockey2013Main Port on Aug 25, 06:16

wow, and he produces will ferrell movies too! {nm}   islander on Aug 25, 06:29

+1 {nm}   Dorfman on Aug 26, 04:11

MLB: Guaranteed Rate Field new name for White Sox home. Stupidest name ever? (third-rate might have been more fitting) {nm}   islander on Aug 25, 06:30

Hall of fame already? {nm}   mike255 on Aug 25, 19:39

NHL: Dawn Braid Named Phoenix Coyotes Skating Coach. 1st Full-Time Female Coach In The NHL.   RotoHockey2013Main Port on Aug 24, 21:20

BLEACHERREPORT: American Soccer: 17-Year-Veteran Hope Solo Suspended By US Soccer. Contract Terminated.   RotoHockey2013Main Port on Aug 24, 21:14

yeah that was a bit ridiculous. {nm}   Dorfman on Aug 26, 04:12

USAT: dunno if anyone still cares about the Lochte incident, but it ain't over yet...for the security guards   tealfan on Aug 23, 21:52

Always Wondered why the Brazilian Police would not say, nor would not show, what had been Vandalized. {nm}   Captain Obvious on Aug 23, 23:32

Thanks - seems Lochte wasn't completely exagerating, and the Brazil police wanted it to seem more serious than it was {nm}   JDolphin on Aug 24, 14:05

Donald trump said no longer illegal immigrant. He is losing vote for immigrant.   mike255 on Aug 23, 18:25

He no longer deport illegal immigrant {nm}   mike255 on Aug 23, 18:25

Only the bad ones, whatever that means. {nm}   Buy BONDS 26 on Aug 23, 21:43

"Only the ones who violated the law by coming into the country illegally will be deported." {nm}   Donald Trump's doppleganger on Aug 24, 09:48

V: Amazon developing series adaptation of The Departed, set in Chicago and a Latino gang   Antibody on Aug 23, 11:43

there's a group of 4 of us at work watching Vice Principals. we're quoting this show daily   lobogotti on Aug 23, 05:43

no hbo, maybe i can find it somewhere else. also, PSA: halt and catch fire is back tonight {nm}   islander on Aug 23, 07:50

Mutiny! {nm}   tealfan on Aug 23, 09:32

I need to set up my DVR, love that show! {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 23, 11:06

its 2 hours tonight iirc {nm}   islander on Aug 23, 11:07

Eastbound and Down season 1 is better. I like this and its funny, but Eastbound and Down S1 is so good its art.    Moviesnob on Aug 23, 09:45

S1 of Eastbound was excellent. I wish it had ended there. I laugh harder at VPs than anythign I have in a long while...   lobogotti on Aug 23, 11:08

it's hilarious (Sleep mother****a!) {nm}   slipping jimmy on Aug 23, 11:12

OMFG, tears! 2nd and 5th episodes I physically cried from laughter. spoliers...   lobogotti on Aug 23, 12:12

HP: (Frearful Of A Trrump Presidency) 1,500 Americans Float Into Canada.   RotoHockey2013Main Port on Aug 23, 01:33

Classic Americans. Last sentence in the video: "Canadians were left to pick up the (American) rafts and beer cans washed ashore". {nm}   ndmaster on Aug 23, 07:22

we haven't even begun to pay Canada back for the war of 1812 {nm}   slipping jimmy on Aug 23, 11:29

CNN: Ryan Lochte (USA) Ditched By Four (4) Major Sponsors Including Speedo & Polo Ralph Lauren.   RotoHockey2013Main Port on Aug 23, 01:22

Brock lesnar did ufc style hurt Randy orton. Blood everywhere {nm}   mike255 on Aug 22, 21:02

Jim Gaffigan show will not return. Sad, very sad. I need a hot pocket to console myself.   UNIVX on Aug 22, 20:49

Trailers for Batman Return Of The Caped Crusader featuring Adam West and Burt Ward   Antibody on Aug 22, 15:04

The Apprentice promo with ASCHW    Antibody on Aug 22, 13:09

that was crazy week of wwe: some a+ matches and entrances, some bad botches and injuries   islander on Aug 22, 10:04

There Will Be Blood {nm}   Initech on Aug 22, 20:43

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