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Boris Johnson has long realised that the EU is a threat to British sovereignty and was more than happy for Cameron to trigger a referendum..   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 26, 11:05

Oops! This should have been a continuation of the thread below. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 26, 11:06

The point is that if Cameron = Chamberlain and referendum = appeasement, Boris /= Churchill.   RogerMore on Jun 26, 11:10

My argument, as I said at the outset, is that Boris is the politician who had been ostracized by the political establishment...   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 26, 11:46

i understand your argument, but it's also clear that you didn't understand the OP's argument and made your own assumptions.   RogerMore on Jun 26, 12:17

I thought we'd already established that. To recap: {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 26, 12:22

1. Cameron = Chamberlain 2. Boris = Churchill. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 26, 12:23

http://www.hsx.com/forum/forum.php?id=5&pid=388852 {nm}   RogerMore on Jun 26, 12:30

Cometh the hour...   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 26, 12:42

Just like Trump is doing in the US.    numbersix_99 on Jun 26, 13:57

Trump is a whole different kettle of fish... and Boris is busy plotting,l not hiding...   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 26, 15:15

You got to blame Alex Jones? People search what's euro union?   mike255 on Jun 26, 19:42

How David Chamberlain blew it   slipping jimmy on Jun 25, 22:15

Interesting typo: mixing up 'Chamberlain' with 'Cameron'. More apt than you probably realize, as there was former British politician   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 26, 08:25

I'm 100% certain that wasn't a typo. {nm}   RogerMore on Jun 26, 09:06

I'd be Interested to know how many people reading this board know who Neville Chamberlain was? {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 26, 09:27

I do for a start, and I'm pretty sure the OP does too. Munich Agreement, "Peace in our time", etc. People know these things.   RogerMore on Jun 26, 09:31

Then the logical corollary is that the 'Churchill' stepping into the breach is Boris! {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 26, 09:47

No, because Churchill campaigned against appeasement. {nm}   RogerMore on Jun 26, 09:52

So did Boris. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 26, 10:43

From your personal perspective maybe, but not from the view of the argument.   RogerMore on Jun 26, 10:57

Sorry Hyper Boris J is not the man and Article 50 should have been the first thing activated on Friday morning. {nm}   blaze223 on Jun 26, 11:27

With Labour imploding and Liberals irrelevant i could do a better job than Cameron of upholding traditional Tory values {nm}   blaze223 on Jun 26, 11:39

Why would you play into the EU trap and start the clock ticking on a two year countdown without at least ...   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 26, 12:05

Good points . {nm}   blaze223 on Jun 26, 12:50

Wasn't the point of the vote to stop giving the EU what they wanted? {nm}   DTravel on Jun 26, 15:09

AOL: Renewed Lawsuit Accuses Donald Trump Of Raping An Underage Girl (13).   Captain Obvious on Jun 25, 01:37

Manziel's lawyer accidentally texts AP, confirms he is seeking plea deal in assault case, worries about QB's ability to stay clean   JDolphin on Jun 25, 00:19

WP: The British are frantically Googling what the E.U. is, hours after voting to leave it   Antibody on Jun 24, 11:49

Can't make it up.Some are in shock because they did not think voting Leave would actually result in the win. {nm}   blaze223 on Jun 24, 11:56

Patronizing nonsense. At least we know where Europe is, unlike most Americans. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 24, 12:28

Hyper lets not pick a fight witb all of them at the same time. {nm}   blaze223 on Jun 24, 13:19

Especially since most, if not all, the Americans here know where Europe is. Even the individual countries {nm}   islander on Jun 24, 13:46

Slate: The Best of British “Leave” Voters Realizing They’ve Made a Huge Mistake   slipping jimmy on Jun 24, 13:19

Another barrel- scraping exercise by ignorant Americans with all the political sophistication of a retarded gnat. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 24, 13:47

please quick using ignorant Americans and go with stupid media looking for click bait {nm}   JDolphin on Jun 24, 14:09

quick = quit {nm}   JDolphin on Jun 24, 14:09

Fair point :) {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 24, 14:13

Alex jones is so happy. {nm}   mike255 on Jun 24, 17:11

Why do you keeo mentioning the presenter of the BBC programme The One Show {nm}   blaze223 on Jun 24, 21:58

Sorry Chicago, the George Lucas museum going to California.   Antibody on Jun 24, 11:28

Lucasxit {nm}   slipping jimmy on Jun 25, 10:28

Bye Bye Cameron you Blair Wannabe lets hope The Conservative Party elect a proper leader.Well done England and Wales {nm}   blaze223 on Jun 24, 02:50

The 'well done' part will be decided over the next couple years. It's a big decision to go at it alone. {nm}   tatoufan on Jun 24, 09:40

a big, dumb decision that Cameron brought entirely upon himself and the country {nm}   slipping jimmy on Jun 24, 11:18

Scandinavian bloc to go next then possibly some of central Europe and then Germany will be left with a bunch of basket case economies {nm}   blaze223 on Jun 24, 11:36

Netherlands and French National Front also agitating for a referendum. Possibly Austria {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 24, 12:52

Alex jones is very happy man. Huge defeat against globalist due uk exit EU.   mike255 on Jun 23, 22:33

Fuller shoots down new Star Trek series anthology rumors. sad face   Moviesnob on Jun 23, 19:41

Brexit is going to happen! Happy Independence Day Britain :) {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 23, 18:10

you're an anti-china guy. Check out how your currency is doing today & how china's is. pretty wild how the markets are responding min by min {nm}   Moviesnob on Jun 23, 19:45

I don't understand your 'anti-China reference. As for the pound, I'm shorting it and long gold. My best trading day of the year...   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 23, 19:53

i wasnt trying to be confrontational. {nm}   Moviesnob on Jun 23, 19:58

I genuinely didn't undersrtand your 'anti-China' reference. In fact I'm very much pro-China and look forward to increased trade with them...   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 23, 20:09

it was in reference to their manipulation of their currency and box office reporting. {nm}   Moviesnob on Jun 23, 20:10

Gotcha :) {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 23, 20:13

You do realise it was the EU that negotiated trade deals with China in the first place? {nm}   numbersix_99 on Jun 24, 07:53

EU is actually China's biggest trading partner. {nm}   numbersix_99 on Jun 24, 07:58

I agree that Brexit will be good for China.... (and bad for humanity) {nm}   Peterlee on Jun 23, 20:34

Brexit will be Great for Britain - despite what the 1% say. China is a basket case (and bad for humanity). {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 23, 20:57

Last I read, only 52% had been counted and leave is only ahead by 52%-48% {nm}   JDolphin on Jun 23, 20:42

When I made the call that was true. Now it's a done deal :) {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 23, 20:55

Link...   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 23, 20:59

Yeah, the BBC page I was looking at just changed it to 70% counted and still 52-48% {nm}   JDolphin on Jun 23, 21:04

you ****s deserve every ounce of misery that's going to be visited upon you {nm}   slipping jimmy on Jun 23, 20:59

You really are a loathesome c**t aren't you? {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 23, 21:02

enjoy your new dumpster fire of a country {nm}   slipping jimmy on Jun 23, 21:18

Can't make up my mind if you're just a useful idiot or a pathetic troll. Probably a bit of both :D {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 23, 21:30

Pound is dropping even more than expected. UK has lost $190b today. And we're supposed to be happy? {nm}   numbersix_99 on Jun 24, 07:47

Pound sterling is back to where it was in February (pre referendum campaign) and FTSE is now down only 2%...    hyperzeitgeist on Jun 24, 08:03

Only because traders are buying cheap stocks and currency now. Pound will continue to drop, as experts have predicted...   numbersix_99 on Jun 24, 08:15

Yes the same 'experts' that got the 2008 crash so badly wrong. Why don't you wait and see what happens rather than talking the economy down. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 24, 08:22

I don't have to talk it down. Uncertainty leads to instability. As does more people dropping before the poverty line.    numbersix_99 on Jun 24, 08:24

Oh, and pound is at €1.226, which is lower than when it was in Feb at any stage. {nm}   numbersix_99 on Jun 24, 08:28

I was talking £ to $. If you're talking £ to euro, it's now in the same ballpark as it was back in April...   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 24, 08:38

Ah okay, fair enough (although dollar is taking a temp hit due to Federal policy reassassment) {nm}   numbersix_99 on Jun 24, 08:44

Actually I'll refer you to someone who knows a lot more about currency wars than any of these so-called experts....   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 24, 08:45

Yes, well the flaws of paper monetary systems are abundand, but here's Rickard on Brexit:   numbersix_99 on Jun 24, 09:09

Yes, I have acted accordingly (See my initial reply to Moviesnob at the top of this thread) :)...   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 24, 09:19

That's kinda like saying the 2008 Meltdown was great for those who shorted the property market. {nm}   numbersix_99 on Jun 25, 02:51

Also, since this is a film site   numbersix_99 on Jun 24, 07:56

...but not the 'Film' forum.Maybe you should take the post over to the 'Movie' board. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 24, 08:05

...but not the 'Film' forum.Maybe you should take the post over to the 'Movie' board. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jun 24, 08:05

I did. DMac wiped it. Besides, they do talk about the TV industry as well ;) {nm}   numbersix_99 on Jun 24, 08:23

WoW/GoT mashup: A Jon Snow's tribute to Leeroy Jenkins.    Antibody on Jun 23, 11:15

Leeroy! {nm}   Dorfman on Jun 24, 04:37

Led Zeppelin has beaten a lawsuit claiming that the iconic guitar riff in Stairway to Heaven was copied from Spirit's Taurus   Antibody on Jun 23, 10:23

Bad Day for Plantiff's Legal Counsel if Working on Contingency {nm}   ChifferBrane on Jun 23, 10:55

they all work on contingency {nm}   slipping jimmy on Jun 23, 14:06

B: Burger King launches Mac ’n Cheetos   Antibody on Jun 22, 17:25

What's next? A Whopperrito?   Antibody on Jun 22, 17:35

those put a :) on my face and a (________|________) on my backside {nm}   islander on Jun 23, 05:44

Did you lose some weight there, Islander? :D   DTravel on Jun 23, 12:40

as im reading this, i have a giant slice of pizza in my hands, so... {nm}   islander on Jun 23, 12:59

Not like my waistline is much better. {nm}   DTravel on Jun 23, 16:41

Copy cat of taco bell {nm}   mike255 on Jun 23, 17:17

More like copy-cat of lazy bachelors everywhere. ;) {nm}   DTravel on Jun 23, 18:50

Y: Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin will fight in September.... 2017.    Antibody on Jun 22, 17:04

cm punk fighting in ufc this september   islander on Jun 23, 05:48

Las Vegas awarded NHL franchise   Antibody on Jun 22, 14:32

it is 108 degrees in Las Vegas right now. {nm}   RazorHawk on Jun 22, 15:07

that AC bill... {nm}   tealfan on Jun 22, 17:16

Build it underground with a grass roof? {nm}   ndmaster on Jun 22, 22:06

The Las Vegas Foreclosures? The Craps? The Implosions? {nm}   islander on Jun 23, 05:50

Starbucks Secret Menu site   tealfan on Jun 22, 12:29

Still not going to Starbucks. {nm}   DTravel on Jun 22, 12:59

Starbucks always smells good as I drive by. {nm}   RazorHawk on Jun 22, 15:07

So do the dancers at the local strip club. Doesn't mean I ever stop in for those empty calories, either. :) {nm}   BSmurf on Jun 23, 10:35

SITWAP..."The Present" by Jacob Frey...apparently this led to him working on Zootopia and Moana   tealfan on Jun 22, 12:25

VB: The cancelled Star Wars TV series was about Emperor Palpatine being wronged by a woman.   Antibody on Jun 22, 12:15

****es be crazy {nm}   slipping jimmy on Jun 22, 12:31

Dafuq? {nm}   DTravel on Jun 22, 12:58

NP: Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher Marco Estrada Sets MLB Record While Kevin Pillar (C) Makes Another Amazing Catch.   RotoHockey2013Main Port on Jun 22, 06:14

WWE has suspended Roman Reigns for 30 days for his first violation of the company’s talent wellness policy.   Antibody on Jun 21, 12:45

too healthy? {nm}   slipping jimmy on Jun 21, 14:46

I thought Roman reign chosen one? He got match next ppv against Ambrone and seth {nm}   mike255 on Jun 22, 08:57

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