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Happy St George's Day to my fellow English traders.Roast beef Yorkshire pudding and a pint of local ale to all {nm}   blaze223 on Apr 23, 00:06

DLH: Bill Maher Tells Donald Trump To Forget Mars: 'Make Earth Great Again'.   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Apr 21, 22:10

President Trump to unveil massive tax reform package next week.   TJNFL1 on Apr 22, 09:55

sure to benefit only corporations and millionaires. no good for any of us regular folks. {nm}   islander on Apr 22, 10:00

how about you start posting how aggresively, antagonistically anti-consumer, pro-wealthy/corporate your trump admins policies are {nm}   islander on Apr 22, 10:03

President Trump said on Friday that there would be "a big announcement on Wednesday".   TJNFL1 on Apr 22, 22:37

NYT: the bomber of Borussia Dortmund bus was not an Islamist extremist, but a stock shorter. (ala Le Chiffre in Casino Royale)   Antibody on Apr 21, 09:21

say what you want, but at least no one dies using the ROTO short strategy {nm}   islander on Apr 21, 10:01

That you know of. ;) You spend all day on HSX, lose your job, run out of real money, no food ... {nm}   JDolphin on Apr 22, 15:58

Youtube Child Abuse Controlversy!! Child Abuse to make profit on youtube?   mike255 on Apr 20, 21:54

this is really lame, why do you fall for garbage like this?   islander on Apr 21, 10:00

He got you to look and that was his point. he wants attention. He's a troll who should be ignored. {nm}   JDolphin on Apr 21, 17:50

RIP: Cuba Gooding Sr {nm}   AFRAM The African-American Fund on Apr 20, 16:40

TMZ: Cuba Gooding SR. Dead At 72 ..... Possible Overdose. EXCLUSIVE.   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Apr 20, 18:00

What a coincidence. WWE appoints a Vice President and General Manager, WWE India on the same day Jnder Mahal becomes the no. 1 contender   Antibody on Apr 19, 14:16

You see Internet Fans are crying he won the match. Smart Decision More money for Vince!! {nm}   mike255 on Apr 19, 23:46

I am waiting Nfl Give opportunity Asia Quarterback? They expand in China and Asia?   mike255 on Apr 19, 23:50

Maybe give Chan Kong-sang a try. {nm}   TJNFL1 on Apr 20, 08:30

internet fans think its because vince loves jinders newly ripped (enhanced?) body. i think jinder is meh, but way better than orton   islander on Apr 20, 07:08

Internet Fans trying to push this Indy Stars? but they are not good at the Poster {nm}   mike255 on Apr 20, 08:32

Trailer for Cloak And Dagger tv series   RazorHawk on Apr 19, 13:10

Squiggle!   DTravel on Apr 19, 15:38

BG: Aaron Hernandez kills himself in prison   Antibody on Apr 19, 10:28

Meanwhile, Gronk crashes Spicer's daily presser   Antibody on Apr 19, 10:43

gronk will have a solid post nfl career, either wwe or some comedy show/films {nm}   islander on Apr 19, 10:56

huh the legal fallout from his suicide is interesting. basically, hes now innocent {nm}   islander on Apr 19, 11:36

HP: Jake Tapper Nails The Hypocrisy In Trump's 'Buy American' Executive Order.   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Apr 19, 00:31

BLEACHERREPORT : Pittsburgh Pirates' Josh Harrison Gets Hit By A Pitch In Four (4) Consecutive Plate Appearances.   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Apr 18, 21:52

a good start {nm}   slipping jimmy on Apr 18, 23:32

His lawyer says Alex Jones on Infowars is just a character played by Alex Jones like the Joker is a character played by Jack Nicholson.   Antibody on Apr 17, 15:22

Alex Jones Help Donald Trump win the Election? {nm}   mike255 on Apr 18, 09:29

HSX TV Stock Update #19 (4/17/17) - The HSX Dude   RazorHawk on Apr 17, 10:45

Facebook live serial killer in Cleveland is on man hunt. {nm}   mike255 on Apr 16, 18:30

update: he is dead (self inflicted after a brief pursuit) {nm}   islander on Apr 18, 09:17

HP: Canada Men's Rugby Sevens Team Makes History, Wins HSBC World Rugby Seven Series Cup Final.   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Apr 16, 17:48

Obama criticized by former staffers for not attacking Syria earlier   TJNFL1 on Apr 16, 14:46

Perhaps President Obama relied more on the Advice from the Generals at the Pentagon. {nm}   Captain Obvious on Apr 16, 17:52

Perhaps?   TJNFL1 on Apr 17, 19:14

but if he had, the attacks would have done more than create a bunch of potholes that failed to render the airbase or fighters useless {nm}   slipping jimmy on Apr 17, 00:45

Its a new form of diplomacy called, "action", that simply conveys a message through means other than just using words. {nm}   TJNFL1 on Apr 17, 19:18

The Syrian Civil War is over now. Every refugee can go home. Oh wait. The "action" accomplished nothing.   Antibody on Apr 17, 22:06

Sending a message is not the same thing as ending a war. {nm}   TJNFL1 on Apr 18, 10:41

If Trump sends the same message to North Korea, he's gonna start the Korean War 2. {nm}   Antibody on Apr 18, 11:02

There are some articles concerning China and the U.S. working together on North Korea listed down the page. {nm}   TJNFL1 on Apr 18, 11:05

Russia and US were working together on Syria, which you criticize for not taking "action". {nm}   Antibody on Apr 18, 11:09

The first time chemical weapons were used, nothing happened, the second time they were used, an airport was bombed. {nm}   TJNFL1 on Apr 18, 11:16

That's not true, US went the diplomatic route with Russia who had more influence on Assad to remove the chemical weapons.   Antibody on Apr 18, 11:25

Which were not, and were never going to be removed as there were no consequences under Obama. {nm}   TJNFL1 on Apr 18, 11:42

Syrian didn't use chemical weapons again under Obama, or there would have been consequences. {nm}   Antibody on Apr 18, 12:02

How could Syria use chemical weapons that it said it got rid of? {nm}   TJNFL1 on Apr 18, 12:19

HP: Emma Morano (117), World's Oldest Person & Last Surviving Person Born In The 1800's, Has Died.   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Apr 16, 01:18

NESN: Boston Celtics' Isaiah Thomas' Sister Chyna, 22, Killed In Car Crash In Washington State.   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Apr 15, 17:59

Star Wars Battlefront II: Full Length Reveal Trailer    TJNFL1 on Apr 15, 11:58

Star Wars Battlefront II: Full Length Reveal Trailer   TJNFL1 on Apr 15, 12:00

*hand-wavey* This is the Star Wars trailer you've been looking for (Final season trailer for SW: Rebels)   islander on Apr 15, 09:56

I think that's Hera's voice on the initial narration...I hope that doesn't mean someday she's the only one left to tell their story {nm}   tealfan on Apr 15, 13:07

well...   islander on Apr 15, 14:02

oops...forgot about that one {nm}   tealfan on Apr 15, 19:01

U.S. and China working together on North Korea   TJNFL1 on Apr 14, 14:34

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