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Recent IPO's

IPO Date Name Symbol Type Price Change Today
09/24 Shanghai Dawn SHAI3 MovieStock H$29.86 -H$2.22 (-7%) Trade
09/23 Americanah AMNAH MovieStock H$5.34 H$0.04 (1%) Trade
09/23 Coming Through the Rye CTRYE MovieStock H$1.56 -H$0.01 (-1%) Trade
09/22 Inner City INRCT MovieStock H$31.27 -H$1.04 (-3%) Trade
09/22 Burn Country BURNC MovieStock H$1.44 -H$0.01 (-1%) Trade
09/21 Lady Bird LADYB MovieStock H$5.93 H$0.04 (1%) Trade
09/21 Masterminds - Opening Weekend LOMIS.OW Derivative H$7.47 -H$0.02 (-0%) Trade
09/21 Deepwater Horizon - Opening Weekend DPWTH.OW Derivative H$20.40 -H$0.66 (-3%) Trade
09/21 Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiars... PRGRN.OW Derivative H$27.22 -H$0.12 (-0%) Trade
09/21 Masterminds H$10 Call LOMIS.CA Derivative H$1.20 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/21 Deepwater Horizon H$20 Call DPWTH.CA Derivative H$2.92 -H$0.02 (-1%) Trade
09/21 Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiars... PRGRN.CA Derivative H$2.62 H$0.02 (1%) Trade
09/21 Masterminds H$10 Put LOMIS.PU Derivative H$2.83 H$0.02 (1%) Trade
09/21 Deepwater Horizon H$20 Put DPWTH.PU Derivative H$2.05 -H$0.03 (-1%) Trade
09/21 Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiars... PRGRN.PU Derivative H$2.25 -H$0.04 (-2%) Trade
09/20 I am Not Madame Bovary IANMB MovieStock H$1.33 -H$0.01 (-1%) Trade
09/20 The Last Film Festival TLFF MovieStock H$0.94 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/20 Ruth Negga RNEGG StarBond H$15.54 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/19 Last Flag Flying LFFLY MovieStock H$20.90 -H$0.07 (-0%) Trade
09/19 Railroad Tigers RRTGR MovieStock H$1.58 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/17 Curious George CGEOR MovieStock H$41.01 -H$0.07 (-0%) Trade
09/16 Kodachrome KODAC MovieStock H$6.07 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/16 Strange Weather STRGW MovieStock H$1.40 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/15 La Leyenda del Chupacabras LCHUP MovieStock H$3.69 H$0.04 (1%) Trade
09/15 Disney Studio Fund DISNX Movie Fund H$9.62 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/15 Fox Studio Fund FOXX Movie Fund H$10.05 H$0.02 (0%) Trade
09/15 Paramount Studio Fund PARAX Movie Fund H$10.74 -H$0.01 (-0%) Trade
09/15 Sony Studio Fund SONYX Movie Fund H$9.89 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/15 Universal Studio Fund UNIVX Movie Fund H$9.34 -H$0.10 (-1%) Trade
09/15 Warner Bros. Studio Fund WBROX Movie Fund H$11.02 -H$0.33 (-3%) Trade
09/15 Lionsgate Studio Fund LGFX Movie Fund H$9.78 -H$0.07 (-1%) Trade
09/14 Finding Steve McQueen FSMCQ MovieStock H$7.46 H$0.45 (6%) Trade
09/14 Storks - Opening Weekend STORK.OW Derivative H$31.74 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/14 The Magnificent Seven - Opening... MAGN7.OW Derivative H$45.11 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/14 Storks H$25 Call STORK.CA Derivative H$4.53 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/14 The Magnificent Seven H$45 Call MAGN7.CA Derivative H$2.46 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/14 Storks H$25 Put STORK.PU Derivative H$0.54 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/14 The Magnificent Seven H$45 Put MAGN7.PU Derivative H$2.81 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/13 We Are X WERX MovieStock H$1.11 -H$0.03 (-3%) Trade
09/13 Other People OTPEP MovieStock H$0.62 -H$0.02 (-3%) Trade
09/13 Janelle Monae JMONA StarBond H$47.24 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/12 American Express aka Untitled Nash... AMEXP MovieStock H$16.97 H$0.07 (0%) Trade
09/12 City of Tiny Lights COTLT MovieStock H$1.92 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/10 Angry Birds 2 ANGR2 MovieStock H$38.79 -H$0.04 (-0%) Trade
09/09 We Have Always Lived in the Castle WHALC MovieStock H$12.99 H$0.86 (7%) Trade
09/09 The Autopsy of Jane Doe TAOJD MovieStock H$1.90 H$0.01 (1%) Trade
09/08 Brad's Status BRADS MovieStock H$16.99 -H$0.03 (-0%) Trade
09/08 Things to Come THNTC MovieStock H$1.05 H$0.02 (2%) Trade
09/08 Frantz FRNTZ MovieStock H$1.67 H$0.01 (1%) Trade
09/08 Max Rose MAXRS MovieStock H$0.32 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/08 Bad Moms H$100M Blockbuster Warrant BMOMS.BW Derivative H$11.78 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/07 Mahershala Ali MALI StarBond H$110.03 H$0.28 (0%) Trade
09/06 Mercy MRCY MovieStock H$4.33 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/06 King Cobra KCOBR MovieStock H$1.38 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/03 The Wolf Man TWLFM MovieStock H$35.33 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/02 Cardboard Boxer CBOXR MovieStock H$0.97 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
09/02 CW: No Tomorrow NOTMRW Derivative H$13.75 H$0.06 (0%) Trade
09/02 CW: Frequency FREQNC Derivative H$13.48 H$0.03 (0%) Trade