ANNOUNCEMENT: Trade Blockbuster Warrants of Hollywood's biggest moneymakers.

Hollywood Movie ExchangeTM


MovieStocks® are issued on the Hollywood Movie ExchangeTM. The price of a MovieStock reflects the film's potential domestic box office during its first four weeks of wide release, or twelve weeks if the film remains in limited release.

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Name Symbol Current Price Change Today
$40,000 Man 40MAN H$0.05 H$0.01 (25%) Trade
10,000KM 10KKM H$0.92 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
13 Hours 13HRS H$29.02 H$0.05 (-0%) Trade
13 Minutes 13MIN H$0.32 H$0.01 (-3%) Trade
1906 1906 H$1.05 H$0.01 (1%) Trade
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 20LUS H$5.29 H$0.05 (-1%) Trade
23 Jump Street 21JS3 H$70.57 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
3 Hearts 3HRTS H$0.15 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
442nd 442ND H$0.04 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
5 Flights Up RALEX H$0.77 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
5 to 7 5TO7 H$0.05 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
6 Miranda Drive 6MRDR H$3.29 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
7500 FLT75 H$0.05 H$0.01 (-17%) Trade
99 Homes 99HOM H$0.19 H$0.02 (-10%) Trade
A Bigger Splash ABIGS H$1.59 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
A Brilliant Young Mind aka X Plus Y XPLSY H$0.07 H$0.01 (17%) Trade
A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island ACOJI H$0.16 H$0.01 (7%) Trade
A Cure for Wellness ACFWL H$25.98 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
A LEGO Brickumentary BTBRC H$0.68 H$0.01 (-1%) Trade
A Little Chaos ALTCH H$0.35 H$0.01 (3%) Trade
A Little War of Our Own ALWOO H$0.01 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
A Midsummer Night's Dream AMSND H$0.15 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
A Moment To Remember AMTRM H$0.07 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
A Monster Calls AMCAL H$12.09 H$0.07 (-1%) Trade
A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 NELM2 H$0.06 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
A Perfect Day APDAY H$1.93 H$0.01 (1%) Trade
A Royal Night Out aka Girls' Night Out GNOUT H$3.99 H$0.02 (-0%) Trade
A Scout's Guide to the Zombie... SVSZ H$22.46 H$0.15 (-1%) Trade
A Second Chance ASECH H$0.03 H$0.02 (200%) Trade
A Star is Born ASTAR H$5.78 H$0.02 (-0%) Trade
A Storm in the Stars ASITS H$2.38 H$0.02 (1%) Trade
A Tale of Love and Darkness TLVND H$2.36 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
A Walk in the Woods WLKWD H$1.48 H$0.01 (1%) Trade
Aaron and Sarah aka B.F.F. ARASA H$0.04 H$0.03 (300%) Trade
Absolutely Anything ABSAT H$5.48 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
Adam Jones ADAMJ H$15.41 H$0.02 (-0%) Trade
Adam Strange ADAMS H$0.11 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
Adult Beginners ADBGN H$0.14 H$0.01 (-7%) Trade
Africa AFRCA H$16.41 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
Afrosamurai AFROS H$0.05 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
Afterburn AFBRN H$0.11 H$0.01 (-8%) Trade
Age of Rage AGERG H$0.07 H$0.01 (17%) Trade
Agent: Century 21 AGC21 H$0.07 H$0.01 (-13%) Trade
Akira AKIRA H$1.00 H$0.01 (-1%) Trade
Alex of Venice ALXOV H$0.02 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
Alice Through the Looking Glass ALCN2 H$125.79 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
Alien 5 ALIE5 H$45.39 H$1.53 (3%) Trade
Alive Alone ALVAL H$1.72 H$0.01 (1%) Trade
All I See Is You AISIY H$19.55 H$0.00 (0%) Trade
All Quiet on the Western Front AQOWF H$0.35 H$0.00 (0%) Trade

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