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Orange County

Delist Date:Feb 4, 2002
MPAA Rating:PG-13
Release Date:Jan 11, 2002


Theater: 2317

Paramount Pictures and MTV Films present Orange County, the story of an intelligent young man whose life and aspirations are suddenly turned upside down. A brilliant high-school senior is all but set on gaining admission to the school of his choice, Stanford University. However, his guidance counselor mistakenly sent the transcript of an average student in the place of the young man's impeccable records. The senior now must scramble to go to the local community college in hopes of restoring his lost goal.

Colin Hanks star in the lead, with Jack Black, Catherine O'Hara, and Harold Ramis in supporting roles. The comedy was scripted by Mike White, the writer of Chuck and Buck, and directed by Jake Kasdan.






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Orange County (OC)

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