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also, forgot that the audience got a 10 minute preview of The Girl With the Dragon was easily forgettable.

Posted by: lobogotti on Sep 20, 19:32 in response to lobogotti's post Moneyball was a very good film. B to B+ in quality. It...

reaction wasn't good.  several people were making negative comments.  mine was "why did they cast the dude from Beastly to play Lisbeth Salander?"

couple others were "why did they remake the film to pose as a foreign movie?" , "looks very boring." and yes, "ughhh"

Moneyball was a very good film. B to B+ in quality. It plays a little long, but I wouldn't quite know what to cut.   lobogotti on Sep 20, 19:27

thats awesome {nm}   Moviesnob on Sep 20, 19:29

:) it was a moment to finally relay what little knowledge I have gained from all these great minds! {nm}   lobogotti on Sep 20, 19:33

here? great minds? its like 12 monkeys in here! NO MORE MONKEY BUSINESS BUY NOW! {nm}   Moviesnob on Sep 20, 19:43

:) one of his best roles indeed! {nm}   lobogotti on Sep 20, 19:44

also, forgot that the audience got a 10 minute preview of The Girl With the Dragon was easily forgettable.    lobogotti on Sep 20, 19:32

will say though before they played the Tattoo clip and told the audience what they were going to see, people did cheer a little. {nm}   lobogotti on Sep 20, 19:34

I am not listening! Dragon Tattoo WILL be great. I am willing it to be so. {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Sep 20, 19:35

it very well might be, but I stand by my post of months back about its box office potential. they made a mistake making   lobogotti on Sep 20, 19:37

i suspect Fincher has a great deal of sway over the marketing if not final decisions. Its great art wise, but its turning most people off {nm}   Moviesnob on Sep 20, 19:41

exactly. art wise ain't gonna get back those dollars at the box office. if Craig can move Dreamhouse maybe that will be more telling, but    lobogotti on Sep 20, 19:47

But that's what the character is meant to be like ...   Jane_Citizen on Sep 20, 19:52

... but maybe I'm coming at it too bookishly. :) {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Sep 20, 19:53

it does have the advantage of getting the holiday legs. that will help. maybe it gets glowing reviews? it is Fincher and he is great at   lobogotti on Sep 20, 19:59

indeed.   Jane_Citizen on Sep 20, 20:09

not sure where it was set, UK I think? i know everyone is speaking with accents. found that odd. {nm}   lobogotti on Sep 20, 20:11

interrresting ... that sounds like an alternative universe anglophone Sweden to me :) {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Sep 20, 20:14

TGRLW is also set in Sweden. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 20, 20:17

right there with you! {nm}   tealfan on Sep 20, 20:09

although I'm not actually a big fan of the book myself, actually   Jane_Citizen on Sep 20, 20:23

Really? I found it to be a particularly easy, acceptably flowing narrative. No, it's not Cormac McCarthy or Thomas Pynchon, it's pop fiction   goodvibe61 on Sep 21, 00:25

I think it reads flatly and pulpily. But that may be the translation.   Jane_Citizen on Sep 21, 01:02

A couple things of note:   goodvibe61 on Sep 21, 00:37

hehe :) {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Sep 20, 19:38

I don't understand the comparison between Blind Side and moneyball. Surely dolphin is more like blind..   perply1 on Sep 20, 19:38

well early on the only comparison was that the books were written by the same author. but then Yahoo did a story about the comparisons   lobogotti on Sep 20, 19:42

It's marketed like The Social Network x Major League. I don't get Blind Slide vibe at all. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 20, 19:39

i gotta agree, i dont see blind side in the marketing {nm}   Moviesnob on Sep 20, 19:40

I agree, too. I haven't seen Blind Side but I kind of got a straight tearjerker drama vibe from it while Moneyball seems very lighthearted {nm}   Ruthian23 on Sep 20, 19:46

I also agree no Blind Side. I'm getting more of a Field of Dreams vibe. {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Sep 20, 19:59

... it would take a lot to get me to watch a baseball movie, but I'm up for this one.   Jane_Citizen on Sep 20, 20:04

and it is...if you get the chance take it in. i think you'll enjoy it. {nm}   lobogotti on Sep 20, 20:06

I'm a massive Sorkin fan too of course :) I totally forgot this was his! Der. {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Sep 20, 20:12

I love Field of Dreams, but I didn't really get that from it, either. I didn't really see Major League in it, either.   Ruthian23 on Sep 20, 20:18

from the 1st and 2nd trailer it is all over it. the TV spots and recents ads I can agree with your comments on. it's nothing like Major   lobogotti on Sep 20, 19:44

Out of curioisty, how big of a baseball fan are you, lobgotti?    Ruthian23 on Sep 20, 19:48

lobogotti*, sorry. Lost an "o" there. {nm}   Ruthian23 on Sep 20, 19:48

I'm a big fan. I also read the book....a few weeks back actually. They handled it very well. The scouts were what scouts are.   lobogotti on Sep 20, 19:55

That's good to hear, though slightly disappointing that Hoffman doesn't play a bigger role as Art Howe, as I'm a huge Hoffman fan.    Ruthian23 on Sep 20, 20:04

he shines in his scenes though {nm}   lobogotti on Sep 20, 20:05

Gotta disagree. The comedy may not be as broad, but assembling a bunch of cast-off players and reaching the playoffs = Major League. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 20, 19:48

but it's such a scientific movie. there are no belly laughs and for the most part the film is very serious in tone. {nm}   lobogotti on Sep 20, 19:53

Hence x The Social network. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 20, 19:57

yes, I agreed with that aspect of yor post and said so. Sorkin contributes that much to the film.    lobogotti on Sep 20, 20:01

Always nice to have you around posting, lobogotti. Nice story :) Did she ask if you needed a job? {nm}   Paul2k on Sep 20, 19:46

thanks Paul, love to be here. just been hard lately. haven't traded a stock in a while....scared to look in the port.    lobogotti on Sep 20, 19:51

for those in doubt that people early on are comparing this to The Blind Side do a google search for moneyball blind side.......dozens of   lobogotti on Sep 20, 20:04

That's because it's an easy story to write based on the fact both movies were adapted from the same author. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 20, 20:06

but my comments that peopel are comparing the two were pulled out of thin air. that's been going down since the trailer first hit.   lobogotti on Sep 20, 20:08

*weren't pulled out {nm}   lobogotti on Sep 20, 20:09

look at all these posts, the foums miss you, lobo :) {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Sep 20, 20:15

yeah and i miss all you guys/gals. movies are my passion. i love to conversate about them and gather feedback from people    lobogotti on Sep 20, 20:21

Sounds about right   thatpj on Sep 20, 20:16

first time i have approached them like that. but considering i can go to about any sneak i will start engaging more. {nm}   lobogotti on Sep 20, 20:22

Trust you to be so specific about its prospects ;). As much as this movie looks good, I don't get a "must-see" vibe. {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Sep 21, 03:05

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