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Grammar, no we bought a zoo for eap? {nm}

Posted by: islander (a.k.a del_USA_islander) on Dec 20, 07:56 in response to grammar's post Oh oh .. you have these reversed: TGRLW low 40s MISS4 mid...

Mtc 3 day nuttin for xmas edition 23 mi4 20 girl 11 zoo 11 tintin 4 war {nm}   notfabio on Dec 20, 07:06

Thanks ! {nm}   joeoftexas on Dec 20, 07:08

Well aint' that a kick in the stocking. Thanks! {nm}   Paul2k on Dec 20, 07:09

MTC Xmas tagging: [MISS4] [TGRLW] [WBZOO] [TINTN] [WHORS] {nm}   Paul2k on Dec 20, 07:11

THX! What about DARKEST HOUR? {nm}   marek66 on Dec 20, 07:19

I'll take the "over" on all of those.e {nm}   TheWeekendWarrior on Dec 20, 07:23

Looks like it's all about legs... But for now it's ka-Ching .. Thanks notfabio ;) {nm}   karspov on Dec 20, 07:24

RS x-day for comparison: MISS4 low 40s, TGRLW mid 30s, TINTN mid 20s, WBZOO mid teens. Uh-oh. {nm}   second gary on Dec 20, 07:24

Oh oh .. you have these reversed: TGRLW low 40s MISS4 mid 30s {nm}   grammar on Dec 20, 07:37

Thank you. As I typed, a shadow of a shadow of a doubt swept across my mind. {nm}   second gary on Dec 20, 07:39

Darkest Hour is 2 I think they are gunshy after overprojecting lately {nm}   notfabio on Dec 20, 08:35

Only 2 -- Yikes ! {nm}   joeoftexas on Dec 20, 11:50

MTC Xmas tagging: [DRKHR] {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Dec 21, 02:32

Grammar, no we bought a zoo for eap? {nm}   islander on Dec 20, 07:56

Added .. thanks {nm}   grammar on Dec 20, 09:30

if these are 3 day, does someone have analysis for adding in monday? {nm}   islander on Dec 20, 07:50

As I posted earlier, Monday should do at least half the three-day weekend but more in the case of family films {nm}   TheWeekendWarrior on Dec 20, 07:51

thnks {nm}   islander on Dec 20, 07:56

thanks. {nm}   thatpj on Dec 20, 08:01

this is the news that kicks the hornets nest... {nm}   b4bad on Dec 20, 10:49

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