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TOLDJA-SLAPPED! Deadline: [MEFOX] out of [TFRM3]!

Posted by: Moviesnob on May 19, 14:02

Tag(s): MEFOX, TFRM3

TOLDJA-SLAPPED! Deadline: [MEFOX] out of [TFRM3]!   Moviesnob on May 19, 14:02

Wowsa. {nm}   Antibody on May 19, 14:15

Especially since she's already been on the lot for pre-viz work. {nm}   notfabio on May 19, 14:22

Bay must have a lot of cars that needs washing. ;) {nm}   Antibody on May 19, 14:27

I nominate ASEYF...let's see how she is with stunts {nm}   tealfan on May 19, 14:55

She doesn't need TFRM3 and will be doing GWRRH. {nm}   Antibody on May 19, 15:12

I second that. ASEYF can dress up very nice and is likable and can actually act.   Budd on May 19, 16:04

are we only looking for low-end choices?...why not class up the place a bit? can alternate between good films and money films :) {nm}   tealfan on May 19, 16:33

ScarJo was already there, kinda, with The Island (ISLND), but is now the Black Widow. She'd have been the ultimate choice, I'd say, if it    Facto on May 19, 17:11

meh, not attractive enough. sorry... {nm}   Simon Cowell on May 19, 23:13

Olivia Munn, call your agent! {nm}   Hooray360 on May 19, 15:09

Well... The race (or the fight...) is on... Who will be the replacement? {nm}   lukasck on May 19, 15:31

There are any number of smoking hawt talentless harpies out there. {nm}   Hooray360 on May 19, 15:37

Betty White. {nm}   second gary on May 19, 16:02

Fred Savage {nm}   Moviesnob on May 19, 18:00

No big deal!!! It's the robots/CGI that makes this movie with a solid storyline. Get rid of Shia since he disagreed with 2. {nm}   AgentEvil on May 20, 05:27

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