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Latino Fund Siete

IPO Date:Apr 21, 2016
Fund Manager:LatinoFund


LATIN will celebrate the Hispanic and Latino panorama of the current cinema. The fund will invest in MovieStocks and StarBonds that have roots in Latin America as well as related Derivatives.

Fund Manager:

Daveart lives in Northern California, has been playing HSX since November 1999, is currently in the top 15 LTD, and has previously managed such diverse funds as the Remake Fund, the Man Fund, the One Degree of Kevin Bacon Fund, the Sports Fund, the Horror Fund, the Animation Fund, the Literary Fund, and the Latin Fund.

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Latino Fund Siete (LATIN)

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Shares Held Long on HSX: 21,889,460
Shares Held Short on HSX: 28,100
Trading Volume on HSX (Today): 19,000

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This Week H$53.88 H$51.13
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