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At his TAG price from what I read. Anyone can confirm... {nm}

Posted by: nomyst on Apr 30, 18:35 in response to Ryan_Stewart's post why would you invest in something if it isn't really...

Bucket List? wtf is that? {nm}   Ryan_Stewart on Apr 30, 18:14

Actors that have no release movies that counted towards their TAG in the last 3 years.   nomyst on Apr 30, 18:15

Here is an explanation for you...   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 30, 18:18

The key thing is HSX discretion, so you don't know if/when they will delist.   Jane_Citizen on Apr 30, 18:29

Sorry that should be reply to the original question {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Apr 30, 18:29

The pattern to the delists is what I've observed from the past 2 years of delists.   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 30, 18:31

why would you invest in something if it isn't really going to go up or down, necessarily?    Ryan_Stewart on Apr 30, 18:34

At his TAG price from what I read. Anyone can confirm... {nm}   nomyst on Apr 30, 18:35

To use JVOIG again as an example...   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 30, 18:38

Okay, now I understand...finally! Thanks. Bucket listers are a product of our own research? Is someone else doing the work for me? {nm}   Ryan_Stewart on Apr 30, 18:41

RazorHawk has a list on his website of potential Bucket List candidates (per the link that Rocket123 posted below). {nm}   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 30, 18:42

KaiGee site has a list too (link inside)   JDolphin on Apr 30, 21:30

Here is the pattern of Bucket List delists for the past few years...   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 30, 18:48

The final question is about HSX discretion: what are the probabilities of them actually delisting if they're on the bucket list?   Ryan_Stewart on Apr 30, 19:41

That's something that can't really be answered by us, only DMac knows when the Bucket List delist is scheduled to occur.   accountant_4_Jesus on Apr 30, 19:58

That's the problem for small ports - you could be holding them for 1 month, 6 months or longer {nm}   JDolphin on Apr 30, 21:32

THANK YOU For compiling those dates! I've been holding some of them since March! {nm}   arf on Apr 30, 20:52

One last point...MWEBB will make 1393 total StarBonds on 48 pages. A delisting of a dozen or so will keep us away from    Buy StarBond Fund 18 on May 01, 09:09

Read RH's explanation. {nm}   PVL Admin on Apr 30, 18:38

Ah good! Someone did the dirty work for me!! {nm}   Ryan_Stewart on Apr 30, 18:45

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