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Content quality appears to influence the half-life of movies.At least, that's the general record. See: Transformers, Twilight, etc. {nm}

Posted by: DTXbro on May 07, 07:57 in response to Tanker's post Oh, I'm sorry, I thought we were talking box office...

There are still 90M shorts on AVNGR. It's gone up. Some brave souls. {nm}   elchan on May 07, 07:43

Have you researched the record of shallow, spectacle-laden films with monster openings fueled by midnight showings? Knowledge is good. {nm}   DTXbro on May 07, 07:49

Have you noticed that The Avengers has been understimated at every turn? {nm}   Tanker on May 07, 07:51

Yeah, the Best Picture Oscar is probably in the bag. {nm}   DTXbro on May 07, 07:53

Oh, I'm sorry, I thought we were talking box office figures and not nominoptions. Please carry on then. {nm}   Tanker on May 07, 07:54

Content quality appears to influence the half-life of movies.At least, that's the general record. See: Transformers, Twilight, etc. {nm}   DTXbro on May 07, 07:57

Would you consider Dark Knight to be a shallow, spectacle-laden film? {nm}   BionicMoron on May 07, 08:04

No. I believe it transcended its genre to substantial degree, thanks in large part to Heath Ledger. {nm}   DTXbro on May 07, 08:16

Heath Ledger won (and, I believe, deserved) an Oscar for Dark Knight. Which Avenger is most likely to win an Oscar? Plus, Buffy The Vampire   DTXbro on May 07, 08:29

You do realize Joss Whedon didn't direct Buffy the Vampire Slayer, don't you? Not that it matters. {nm}   Tanker on May 07, 08:43

The difference here is that The Avengers is quite entertaining good action/comedy movie likely to have good legs. {nm}   Adriii on May 07, 08:08

Though I don't think using its quality as an argument here, I'm in flippers' team. At least in short tearm. {nm}   Adriii on May 07, 08:09

Which Transformers should I see? The one with 57% fresh, 35%, or 20% fresh on RT? Avengers holding at a paltry 93% fresh, BTW.   Tanker on May 07, 08:13

Did not fanboys (& girls) inflate Transformers and Twilight fan ratings for a (brief) time? Historically, that subsides, and numbers at IMDB   DTXbro on May 07, 08:24

Oh, I didn't bother with the viewwer's %, just the critics. Fanboys & fangirls skew things too much.   Tanker on May 07, 08:35

The 93 rating is a point in Avengers' favor, but perhaps a misleading one. The reviewer in Pittsburgh, for example, wrote this:    DTXbro on May 07, 10:01

Ooh! A cherry-picked bad review, one that coincides with your opinion. Most critics (and viewers) disagree with you.   Tanker on May 07, 10:30

I am comfortable relying on Ebert, especially when The New York Times has his back. Quality is readily distinguishable from quantity.{nm}    DTXbro on May 07, 10:33

The movie worked great for Deltas. We made millions. The point was that predicting delist>adjust, esp. without support, was lame.   DTXbro on May 07, 10:36

His comment is about how huge openers do post adjust historically...and the lack of research done by the poster   alfpaulytd2012 on May 07, 08:17

Really?! Do you think that any research could have predicted the AVNGR performance?   elchan on May 07, 08:36

Once again....made NO CALL either way of how its going to do...just giving perspective with actual facts   alfpaulytd2012 on May 07, 08:39

Only $8M for TLKAM. {nm}   elchan on May 07, 08:47

Yes...and that's 33-60% higher than your EMPHATIC prediction   alfpaulytd2012 on May 07, 08:54

I said $5M-$6M, so it's more like 25%-36% better. Still won't make the $90M delist that it was at last week. ;-) {nm}   elchan on May 07, 09:15

Hey, enjoy playing and GL....just don't try to make it out like I'm giving out an opinion like that other id and we're cool {nm}   alfpaulytd2012 on May 07, 09:17

DRKSH seems like a descent enough movie, but there's AVNGR has too much momentum.   elchan on May 07, 08:10

I was thinking the same, but then i did look up some other ones that had A+ cinema score. I honestly think its not worth the commission    idrom on May 07, 08:19

Especially Fund Managers, wouldn't you say :) ? Three funds I found long on AVNGR yesterday have all flipped. {nm}   fred_ott on May 07, 08:03

I don't find it unreasonable to think that it won't make the 2.7 multiplier with such a big opening. {nm}   jwammo on May 07, 08:06

Given the competition this week, it's not unreasonable to think that it would have another > $100M weekend.   elchan on May 07, 08:16

yeah, I personally would give it 50/50 on making the multiplier, no conviction either way... {nm}   jwammo on May 07, 08:21

The Dark Knight ended its fourth weekend with a 2.78 opening weekend multiplier - that was in the summer with all the kids out. {nm}   fourstars on May 07, 08:16

Delists: BATM2 $430/Avatar $430/HPOT8 $343/LRDL3 $312/Titanic $42. {nm}   forlorne on May 07, 08:39

Again, AVNGR has been underestimated, even for the adjust. The total domestic gross is $207.1M   elchan on May 07, 08:52

You can't even compare Avengers to HGAME?   Tanker on May 07, 09:08

That's post flip. During halt, there were only about 13.918 (you know, just "about") million shares shorted. {nm}   funnybillypro on May 07, 10:45

So it's the funds doing the shorting. There should be rules against funds doing shorts, unless they're specifically hedge funds. {nm}   elchan on May 07, 11:27

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