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L.A. Film Schooled Fund

Delist Date:May 9, 2013
Fund Manager:LAFSFund


Fund Inception Date: October 7, 2009

The L.A. Film Schooled Fund will celebrate the talents who were educated at one of the 3 top film schools in Southern California. The USC School of Cinema has produced such notable alumni as Ron Howard, John Singleton and Will Ferrell. The UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television has produced such notable alumni as Francis Ford Coppola, Justin Lin and Rob Reiner. CalArts has produced such notable alumni as Brad Bird, Tim Burton and James Mangold.

LAFSF will invest in the StarBonds of these alumni and the MovieStocks they direct or star in.

The Fund will cash out when it surpasses H$100.

Fund Manager:


Fund Holdings



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L.A. Film Schooled Fund (LAFSF)

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