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Whisper Numbers: Gamer shoots for first during the long Labor Day weekend.

After pleasing the ladies in The Ugly Truth, Gerard Butler [GBUTL] returns the favor for guys with Gamer [CGAME].  The R-rated action film is set in a future where game players control real people in a multi-player first person shooter tournament.  Lionsgate has had success this weekend appealing to male moviegoers, usually with films starring Jason Statham [JSTAT].  In his first pure action film since 300, Butler should be able to command $19 million from 2502 venues over the long holiday weekend. 

3D screens should help The Final Destination [FDES4] from suffering too steep of a drop-off.  The horror sequel could generate another $14 million over the four day weekend.  The long holiday weekend should bring out more adults to check out heavily buzzed Inglourious Basterds [BSTRD].  The Quentin Tarantino [QTARA] film could hack away with another $13 million.

Sandra Bullock [SBULL] returns with her second romantic comedy of the summer, All About Steve [ABSTV].  Knowing it’s second-rate to her top moneymaker The Proposal, Fox has shifted the marketing focus instead to Bradley Cooper [BCOOP], hoping to get some rub off The Hangover.  Stalking 2251 locations, the PG-13 rated comedy may restrain just $12 million over the Labor Day weekend.

A decade after Office Space, director Mike Judge [MJUDG] returns with another workplace comedy Extract [EXTRC].  Although Jason Bateman [JBATE] and Ben Affleck [BAFFL] are recognizable stars, the target audience for a smart, R-rated film is a rather small population.  Opening in just 1611 theaters, Extract could wring out maybe $9 million.

Halloween 2 [H2] looks to deteriorate rapidly from the scene.  The horror sequel could trick another $8 million in admissions from patrons.

That’s the whisper from the trading floor.


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By Box Office Whisperer on Thursday, September 3, 2009 @ 03:39 PM 3025 views

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