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Weekend Pass: Alexis Bledel takes on the real world!

If you graduated college last spring, you are already looking forward to the rest of your life!  In Warner Bros. Post Grad [POSTG], the adorable Rory Gilmore, er, Alexis Bledel [ABLED] plays a fresh-faced college graduate ready to take on the world.  The film is released against the male-oriented Inglourious Basterds [BSTRD]. 


Bledel portrays the title character of Ryden Malby, who comes out of college as a high achiever.  She has a plan to get a job at her favorite publishing house and then a dream apartment.  But when the job she wants is snagged by her nemesis, Ryden has to move back in with her parents.  If that isn’t bad enough, even after several interviews, no job offers come her way. 


Ryden finally realizes that you can’t plan life out but instead you have to roll with the punches.  It seems the only person who gets her is her platonic friend Adam, played by Zach Gilford.  A friendly neighbor in the form of Rodrigo Santoro [RSANT] helps to brighten her day.  Michael Keaton [MKEAT] and Jane Lynch [JLYNC] play her parents.


The real life tale behind Post Grad is actually more interesting than what’s on screen.  The film is based on the life experience of screenwriter Kelly Fremon.  After graduating from University of California at Irvine, Fremon was excited to enter the real world and headed back home to find a job.  Months went by with no job offer in sight.  Fremon became desperate, ready to take anything available.  In the throes of frustration, the young woman put her experiences on paper, and the script for Post Grad came about.


Post Grad is an intelligently drawn film about a topic that affects many people, mainly young people.  It speaks directly to the experience of working hard with nowhere to go.  The makers of this film, Montecito Picture Company are also the brains behind I Love You, Man and the now classic Old SchoolPost Grad also speaks of real-life malaise presented in quirky charm and witty humor. 


With her success in Gilmore Girls and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants films, Bledel is a reliable actress who does young and brainy very well. Bledel should help soothe many a Post Grad’s frustrations with reality. 


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By HSXniknak on Wednesday, August 19, 2009 @ 04:46 PM 3285 views

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