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Universal Studio Fund [UNIVX] relists today

Posted by: UNIVX (a.k.a UNIVXFund) on Sep 10, 16:53

As the new Fund Manager for UNIVX with today's relisting, I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself.  In the real world I day trade actual stocks for real money, and have been able to maintain a consistent annual ROI for the last several years of 165%, not too shabby in today's volatile marketplace.  The key is always being a step ahead of the market, and knowing as much as possible about what way the market will run.  In today's world that can sometimes have more to do with public perception and global economies than the strength of an individual stock.

On the HSX, I have a personal profile of over $2.2 billion, which puts me in the top 700 traders and the top .5%.  I've been playing here since May 5, 2000.

I definitely have some big shoes to fill as the Fund Manager of UNIVX.  My predecessor was able to turn a $10 stock into a $200 stock in one year's time, for a 2000% ROI.  My challenge is to obviously beat that.  Without Jurassic World.  Universal doesn't need to only release juggernauts for me to do that; I just have to know when to go all in and when to short the flops and underperformers.

It will definitely be interesting for me to go back to working with a smaller sized portfolio.  At $10,000 million to start, UNIVX could hold 40,000 shares of a $250 stock and have no money left for anything else.  On the other hand, the greatest gains can be made with a smaller sized portfolio.  When the portfolio gets too big, you end up having to invest in everything, at which point you're just kind of riding the wave of overall general increase.  And of course, the studio funds don't allow for Starbonds, which are probably where the most money can be made on the HSX.  But we've got opening weekends and derivatives to play with, cashouts, blockbuster warrants, and good old wisdom at knowing when to jump on and when to drop it like it's hot-no-more.

And it's an interesting year ahead for Universal.  This weekend M. Night Shyamalan's The Visit releases into theatres.  Will audiences stay away based on the way he's alienated them in the past, or will they turn up for a picture some early reviewers are calling somewhat of a return to form?  I won't say which way I initially plan on playing it for fear of poisoning some of the returns, but I will be watching this particular stock more closely than most so that I can reverse course as quickly as possible if the tides change.  We also have a couple of Universal stocks cashing out next week that we may be able to make a little early cash on, as well as an outstanding Blockbuster Warrant to throw a little spare change into.

This fall's slate of Universal films includes the likes of Everest, Steve Jobs, and Crimson Peak, with Krampus showing up around the holiday season, and then Ride Along 2 and London Has Fallen as we head into 2016.  The Focus Features releases include awards contender The Danish Girl this awards season, and Race and Ratchet & Clank early next year.

I invite you to make UNIVX a part of your HSX portfolio and take this Universal ride with me, and see if we can capture the kind of spectacular returns that have made recent UNIVX investors very happy.


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