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Holy crap...I'm gone for 1 day and you guys blow up HSX? I lost $60M just like that. Sheesh! {nm} Flash Dec 04, 08:26

Bit late to the party, Barry... Gotta be faster. {nm} jimhogarth Dec 04, 08:36

For a supposed Speedster he is pretty slow. Think its time for him to hang up the red suit. (I just hope he's been wearing underwear!) {nm} DTravel Dec 04, 10:02

Hey! Some of us gotta work for a living! :-) {nm} Flash Dec 04, 10:11

I *do* have to keep repeating to myself "It's only play money...it's only play money!" lol {nm} Flash Dec 04, 10:13

I'll tell you what, I'll take your job so you can have more time to play HSX. Sound good? {nm} DTravel Dec 04, 10:18

Awww...nice offer!...but gotta earn some real money...play H$ will have to wait...hard to make up a $60M loss on the 'ol port though! Ugh! {nm} Flash Dec 04, 16:25

Flash. I jumped in down H$48 m and after flipping I was up abou 30 {nm} mrbinns Dec 04, 19:10

Flash. I jumped in down H$48 m and after flipping I was up abou 30 {nm} mrbinns Dec 04, 19:10

Today I was gradually bleeding until I was down 13 m. {nm} mrbinns Dec 04, 19:11

Today I was gradually bleeding until I was down 13 m. {nm} mrbinns Dec 04, 19:11

Really though, what's the strategy now? totempole99 Dec 05, 05:24

Don't touch the 2022/2023. It's safest to short, but only what you have info on. Also, Disney might be prepping for their own stream move... {nm} jimhogarth Dec 05, 07:48

A lot of waiting for more shoes to drop. {nm} DTravel Dec 05, 10:20

Hahaha ndmaster Dec 04, 00:14

[Young] has passed $100 and ready for delist {nm} YoungFund Dec 03, 22:20

Nice work! {nm} WBROXFund Dec 03, 22:51

I think ROTO has us all in absolute $change ndmaster Dec 03, 22:13

Amazing! I’m at $133,528,577.36 and knew I was going to get beat. The Big Short Dec 03, 22:22

The net worth history graphic is going to break tomorrow! Lol {nm} The Big Short Dec 03, 22:24

[AFRAM] 16 has passed $100 and is ready for delist. {nm} AFRAM The African-American Fund Dec 03, 19:10

Congratulations! {nm} WBROXFund Dec 03, 19:36

congrats {nm} oneman Dec 03, 20:27

VERY nice trades AFRAM, DJAVU, LATIN & WBROX !! {nm} stormgod Dec 03, 22:23

Today must be the biggest day ever on HSX. booboo Dec 03, 12:51

Absolutely. BENF05 Dec 03, 13:01

curious to see what the new highest single day profit will be. {nm} Paparazzi217 Dec 03, 13:08

good for some, not others! Paparazzi217 Dec 03, 14:48

Currently plus H$100,077,695.72 {nm} ozi Dec 03, 13:17

I’m at $115M+ but expect to be beaten by many (nm) The Big Short Dec 03, 14:41

I arrived late to the party and bleeding like never before :( {nm} fwerner Dec 03, 14:02

Worst day for some people. JoshuaL Dec 03, 14:07

Still not too late to turn it around! Don’t give up! (Nm) The Big Short Dec 03, 14:45

Yeah. Not the best day to be in Australia and wake up to news. thesilverfox Dec 03, 14:13

The good news is that Roto isn't in the top 50 traders by volume today! :-P (At least as I type this.) {nm} DTravel Dec 03, 14:40

Yeh I showed up late. Lost $36m , but will get that back in a few hours at this rate {nm} Shirtavius Dec 03, 14:47

Up 14% as of now ndmaster Dec 03, 14:55

Im bleeding everywhere. Marvel stocks taking a huge hit as well from a WB decision. How many percent is the market down? {nm} Shirtavius Dec 03, 15:14

I'm guessing the Marvel drops are due to sell offs to get capitol for the WB stocks {nm} monkeybeat Dec 03, 15:22

That or anticipation of them announcing next.... {nm} Paparazzi217 Dec 03, 15:36

That and a general sell-off of big ticket movies in anticipation of ripples and other streaming services making similar deals. {nm} DTravel Dec 03, 16:04

WOND2 somehow bucking the WB trend. Is this because it already announced its HBO max deal? {nm} Shirtavius Dec 03, 16:31

More people are covering to short better investments. {nm} Antibody Dec 03, 16:53

bad time to go shopping...i missed it. worst beating i ever took...down 50 million {nm} horrorfanatic Dec 03, 16:38

I’m up 85 million {nm} Steved1998 Dec 03, 17:01

I've been saying for weeks that everybody should be shorting everything. And, wouldn't you know it... {nm} jimhogarth Dec 03, 18:25

I've been saying for months. +H$90M today! HAHAHAHAHA!! Merry New Year!!! {nm} stormgod Dec 03, 18:56

Lol. Yeah, I've been doing this for months, too. I've been posting about it since Oct. Back then, I still had a guy try to "warn" me.. {nm} jimhogarth Dec 03, 20:10

Australian here, Net Worth History graph looks like it jumped off a cliff... :-( {nm} Peakers Dec 04, 01:37

Shouldn't the Dec 1 Calls ( JB25.RC & SOUL.RC ) expire on Nov 30 with the other delists? {nm} stormgod Nov 27, 17:18

Quarantine while......KTSSP.CA will delist at 60. Invest wisely my friends. {nm} mrbinns Nov 28, 10:49

KTSS3.RP. {nm} RotoHockeyYTD2014 Nov 28, 11:15

OOPS {nm} mrbinns Nov 28, 11:36

Maybe I should know this after many years (but what is my "Banking History" when I click "My "Portfolio" link?? Flash Nov 27, 11:32

Cash transactions - Mostly from the games under Earn H$ {nm} DTravel Nov 27, 11:50

Hmmm...OK, but I thought all our transactions were 'cash?' (albeit play cash. :-) {nm} Flash Nov 27, 11:59

Yeah, but all of your transactions are found under transaction history. This link just shows when you win classic cash, movie mogul or box ndmaster Nov 27, 14:47

There are occasional other transactions. Adjustments due to duplicate trades, friend recommendation, etc, which would be there. {nm} mrbinns Nov 28, 07:21

Thanks guys, much appreciated. {nm} Flash Nov 28, 08:37

Selling everything and starting over ........ (shrugging shoulders) unaturalx Nov 26, 06:38

Try SHORTING. {nm} RotoHockeyYTD2014 Nov 26, 14:12

That's pretty much all I ever do here. I've only invested in a few movies that also made me bank. And, only with indies. {nm} jimhogarth Nov 26, 20:30

Shorting has always been a huge part of the game. It’s still a legit way to earn $$$. (Nm) The Big Short Nov 27, 00:14

From its Start on January 01, 2014, the ROTO Port ALWAYS Held 92% to 96% of ALL M/S SHORT at ALL Times. {nm} RotoHockeyYTD2014 Nov 27, 05:41

When the ROTO Port Crushed the Daily PROFIT Record with a +38.54 MILL Daily PROFIT ON 16MAR20, over 99% of ALL M/S were Held SHORT. {nm} RotoHockeyYTD2014 Nov 27, 05:44

If the ROTO port is currently holding 90% or more short , the ROTO port will break every daily record the site has ever had {nm} Shirtavius Dec 03, 16:32

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! ** halkells Nov 27, 14:20

I've had good experience with WW2 and Soul myself {nm} jimhogarth Nov 28, 14:34

I've also done well with GOVK, Croods 2, and Black Widow. But, that's just me. {nm} jimhogarth Nov 28, 14:35

I had totally missed GOVKO. Thank you, jimhogarth! {nm} halkells Nov 29, 08:38

WOND2 is opening wide on Christmas Day. {nm} Antibody Nov 30, 15:40

Sure... But it's also going straight to streaming. Who's going to want to go out, during COVID? Especially when it's at home, and cheaper? {nm} jimhogarth Nov 30, 15:57

It's misleading to say that WOND2 will delist near zero. {nm} Antibody Dec 01, 07:47

We'll see how it goes. But, it definitely ain't headed away from zero, that's for sure... {nm} jimhogarth Dec 01, 14:28

Where are the forum's rules posted? I'm not sure why my post was removed, and I want to comply with whatever rules there are. Thanks {nm} halkells Dec 03, 16:41

What's from with the BOOKS movie fund? vin689 Nov 24, 07:44

books last trade may 24, so maybe the manager gave up. that happens sometimes. islndr Nov 25, 05:31

Thank you, islndr! vin689 Nov 27, 05:53

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! ** project Nov 22, 07:08

For that matter, why does anyone hold this stock??? It’s a Concept listing which has bee lurking since summer 1998 ... project Nov 22, 07:12

Its a "Wax on, Wax off" thing. One is not a true HSX Master until one knows why to hold PINK2. {nm} DTravel Nov 22, 09:16

Pray tell, oh great sage, what is the true meaning of this mystery? {nm} project Nov 23, 03:05

Such things can only be learned, not taught. {nm} DTravel Nov 23, 09:19

Some of us will be holding PINK2 till it delists like GONI2. It is what it is . . . {nm} albrown Nov 22, 13:30

PINK2 FOREVER!! :) {nm} JDolphin Nov 23, 23:54

Good Point but no need to TAG. Post will be removed as TAGGING is for Movie News. {nm} RotoHockeyYTD2014 Nov 22, 08:37

Besides (PINK2), (OPENR) is also invested in the House Options, the Senate Options & the Presidential Options. {nm} RotoHockeyYTD2014 Nov 22, 08:42

But at least those are classified in the derivatives category rather than just a moribund stock - that doesn’t even appear to have any ... project Nov 23, 03:10

:* {nm} Opener Fund Nov 26, 19:18

I would cut that fund a little slack.....There are no puts and calls so the action is very limited. PINK2 will never be delisted. Deal {nm} mrbinns Nov 22, 12:52

Players that have been around awhile know PINK2 is kind of a long running joke at HSX...it's been kept around for that reason. :-) {nm} Flash Nov 22, 15:42

Spoilsport! {nm} DTravel Nov 22, 19:17

Young weedhopper, we all must learn the tough lessons... ~signed~ Your HSX Sensei {nm} Flash Nov 23, 13:52

Who's how many places behind me now? :P {nm} DTravel Nov 23, 14:21

You have learned well! {nm} Grunt Nov 24, 10:06

I always have. *preens extravagently* :P {nm} DTravel Nov 24, 12:01

NOT that lesson, weedhopper! :p {nm} Flash Nov 25, 08:57

When I met you I was but the learner. Now, *I* am the master. {nm} DTravel Nov 25, 09:42

A good Sensei schools his weedhoppers to be better than the Sensei. :-) {nm} Flash Nov 26, 09:28

Personnally, with the new limits, I think the fun is back with this game... lukasck Nov 20, 10:57

Top 200! Yea me! {nm} DTravel Nov 20, 10:48

Yea you! {nm} AFRAM The African-American Fund Nov 20, 11:14

Congrats {nm} cj19 Nov 20, 18:00

Super! {nm} islndr Nov 20, 18:03

Great job! {nm} WBROXFund (Qix) Nov 20, 18:45

Its a bingo! {nm} ndmaster Nov 20, 22:51

That is a LONG slog into that group....way to go!! {nm} Flash Nov 22, 15:40

Why did Come Play, Honest Thief etc cash out in 3-4 weeks of release while still earning @BO while others with 1 day/week release still go Tallwonder Nov 19, 22:10

The difference between Wide and Limited openings DTravel Nov 19, 22:49

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! ** jimhogarth Nov 19, 09:53

Be cautious when posting "calls for action" (short this, buy that, etc) typically, HSX feels this is "manipulating" stock prices... {nm} Flash Nov 19, 14:13

Whoops. I thought that this forum was to discuss strategy though? Eh, whatever... Won't happen again. {nm} jimhogarth Nov 19, 16:40

General strategy, yes. If you want to suggest players' trades on a specific security you need to show some math and/or source(s). DTravel Nov 20, 10:44

If I try to "edit" my profile now, I (basically) get an screen saying I don't have access to my account?? Flash Nov 17, 13:05

I'm also unable to post on the Feedback Board...I get a message saying basically "HSX has too much site traffic, etc.? Flash Nov 17, 13:10

Drop Down Menu shelact Nov 16, 13:47

Agree. Seems mobile devices have priority and to hell with what things look like on a PC. {nm} mwbigyank Nov 16, 21:40

I want to bring this to the top of the Forum. Please fix the drop down menu problem described above when you play HSX on a PC. {nm} shelact Nov 27, 06:46

is it just me, or has HSX been tweaking the website a little lately? pacrat Nov 15, 11:17

Yes ndmaster Nov 15, 11:35

There is an update on the Announcement page.....it works much better on my IPhone. {nm} mrbinns Nov 15, 12:19

Swapping the info and chart on MST and STB pages seems silly ndmaster Nov 15, 17:54

Great desgin Bluescorpio Nov 16, 04:52

Love the changes! FINALLY a mobile friendly version! been wanting this for years. even added a straight to hsx widget to my home screen. {nm} SEETVFund Nov 20, 16:31

Man! This site works AMAZING on Chrome on Android! Loving it great job guys and gals! Loving it!... SEETVFund Nov 21, 16:47

MILESTONE : One Billion Dollars! Shirtavius Nov 08, 17:19

Instead you get a key to the lower executives bathroom. :) Congrats! {nm} DTravel Nov 08, 17:50

A+ {nm} tallbridge Nov 08, 19:28

Nicely Done. {nm} RotoHockeyYTD2014 Nov 08, 22:43

Congrats! {nm} gordon06 Nov 09, 08:57

congrats! {nm} tealfan Nov 09, 09:09

Way to go! {nm} Grunt Nov 09, 13:23

Only downside : Next Milestone is a long, long way off {nm} Shirtavius Nov 09, 14:52

I don't know with days like today! {nm} Grunt Nov 09, 17:37

Kudos to ya!! {nm} Flash Nov 10, 08:31

Grab a brew! Don't cost nuthin'. {nm} SenJohnBlutarsky Nov 11, 11:34

Congrats {nm} cj19 Nov 20, 17:59

Kachingo! {nm} WBROXFund Nov 21, 13:23

Soul and Call/Put Bluescorpio Nov 06, 14:54

Soul stock and RC derivative would delist at 0. The RP would delist how ever many days the streaming date would be {nm} JDolphin Nov 06, 23:21

Why wouldn't the RP pay out at $60? It will have never opened. {nm} FrozenDude Nov 07, 05:56

Never mind. I hadn't noticed the "U.S. release date (Theatrical or Streaming)" in the description. {nm} FrozenDude Nov 07, 09:15

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