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Milestone: 74-day old port = Up 100 percent! New Projection: Reach No. 3 spot by Fall 2021 {More...-->}   NeilSite_VanThomas on Feb 13, 12:17

Let me get this went from 2M to 4M in 74 days ....and you posted?   Buy BONDS xXx on Feb 13, 23:33

Man you are cluesless on this.Look at the leaderboard there are 10 ports that have done better then that since Jan 15th.   hotsambatcho on Feb 14, 04:51

Ok, now, I think he's just trolling us. I hope so, anyway.   ndmaster on Feb 14, 16:10

First 2 million is the hardest ..bahahaha. {nm}   chipshot on Feb 14, 09:48

especially when you don't understand how to play the game {nm}   hotsambatcho on Feb 14, 10:23

Does an Amazon distribution mean the same as "straight to video"? {nm}   BuenaOnda on Feb 10, 16:17

If you search for movies distributed by Amazon, only one (so far) has not reported any box office. {nm}   DTravel on Feb 10, 18:01

No. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 11, 09:18

RALP2 blockbuster warrant : what am I missing in the equation?   anukul_dixit on Feb 10, 10:18

Everybody that is playing has already purchased it. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Feb 10, 11:52

Some players just ignore BWs. (nm)   Patient Player on Feb 11, 00:12

Call to Raise the Share Limit on Movies   Alby on Feb 10, 06:43

One million shares? R U nuts? {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Feb 10, 08:05

If you could buy a million shares of RALP2.BW would you? {nm}   ndmaster on Feb 10, 14:27

Raising the share ceiling favors those already doing very well. Plus...   DTravel on Feb 10, 13:18

I've always said it should be unlimited. The only thing limiting the number of shares you can purchase does is create inefficiencies    ndmaster on Feb 10, 14:26

What I really don't understand is that HSX wants the data to be as ACCURATE AS POSSIBLE.   ndmaster on Feb 10, 14:28

For this to happen, I think you’d have to have something like daily trading limits.   RogerMore on Feb 10, 15:39

You are missing the point. Your comment shows that you don't understand markets very well.   ndmaster on Feb 10, 20:26

What value is there in predicting the 12 week box office of a movie that’s already opened, and has grossed over $100M?   RogerMore on Feb 10, 21:01

An "unlimited" market with no genuine financial risk would seem to invite manipulation (but current limits seem stale) {nm}    DTXbro on Feb 13, 07:43

BWs are just a bonus so that traders can hold a major hit beyond 4 weeks. The price is not used as a predictive daa. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 11, 09:16

Any "solution" would be to take the H$Billions out of the game, not to generate even more H$Billions. {nm}   Antibody on Feb 11, 09:17

Just take the last three zeros from all accounts with more than a billion dollars! {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Feb 11, 09:35

Being a Billionaire is a lot of work to move the needle. I'm opting to just ride the interest rate yield.   Alby on Feb 12, 18:50

That you want to concentrate into fewer stocks is actually an arguments against raising the limit.    Antibody on Feb 13, 11:41

I'd rather have huge concentrated positons in a few stocks than spend a lifetime chasing nickels in a zillion stocks.   Alby on Feb 13, 20:44

Personally I disagree with that. That takes away much of the challenge and need to think about what to do. {nm}   DTravel on Feb 14, 11:05

Bring back the merchandise exchange -- still can't believe we didn't get the hat, mug, pen, etc. {nm}   DTXbro on Feb 13, 09:08

Anyone here started day-trading with any amount of success?   Nigel_Ray on Feb 06, 15:57

I mean in the REAL world :-) {nm}   Nigel_Ray on Feb 06, 15:57

Check this out...   BuildTheWall on Feb 06, 16:31

No, one game is enough. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Feb 07, 08:39

Thanks!! Will give it a shot and see how I go. {nm}   Nigel_Ray on Feb 07, 13:19

Yes, I trade commodities futures daily (e.g., Crude oil, Gold, Soybeans, Wheat, etc.) {nm}   NeilSite_VanThomas on Feb 07, 04:16

With a consistent level of success, or a lot of back and forth? {nm}   PhoneHome on Feb 07, 11:55

My (real life) trading strategy has changed considerably over the years...and you learn from your mistakes. {More-->}   NeilSite_VanThomas on Feb 08, 08:01

Sounds a lot like doubling down on red or black on the roulette table. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Feb 08, 08:47

For some, it is roulette...and there's always a risk, but I have always argued for folks like myself it's more skill-based. {nm}   NeilSite_VanThomas on Feb 08, 14:23

Woohoo first $2,000,000 day. I'll sure to pass Oleg_max by Easter at this pace j/k. {nm}   hotsambatcho on Jan 28, 18:55

WTG {nm}   AJRimmer on Jan 28, 19:10

Those types of days are always nice!! {nm}   Flash on Jan 29, 08:25

WOW, that is an increase of 40% {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Jan 29, 11:46

Free money like the HTGSC BW makes it easier to do. {nm}   hotsambatcho on Jan 29, 12:18

I'm sure you played Classic Cash, too. {nm}   ndmaster on Jan 30, 13:44

Actually no I dont bother its a waste of time. {nm}   hotsambatcho on Jan 31, 15:52

I was sure, SURE, all of your success had come from playing Classic Cash! {nm}   ndmaster on Jan 31, 16:27

He must be cheating there is no other way to explain it. {nm}   AJRimmer on Feb 01, 10:10

Oh No you're on to me i hope I dont get banned. {nm}   hotsambatcho on Feb 03, 18:51

New Rule: "Grow Up" (1/25/2019); Perfectly explains "Bumblebee" and Comic-Based Movies (More-->)   NeilSite_VanThomas on Jan 27, 17:38

WHy do you play then? You obviously don't want to be successful at it as you ignore others advice   hotsambatcho on Jan 27, 18:06

He already knows everything. He's the best. We should all just quit. {nm}   ndmaster on Jan 27, 20:49

Wow this from someone who wasted more time on Classic Cash-Mogul-Boxoffice battle to earn $ then actually playing the game. {nm}   AJRimmer on Jan 28, 04:55

You mean if I sell my port I have to pay income tax on it!!!??? {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Jan 28, 07:55

He is speaking out of his ass.   ndmaster on Jan 28, 23:06

there is no point in clamping your buttocks if the gas is already passed. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Jan 29, 09:21

JFC, dude, this is a game!   ndmaster on Jan 28, 16:04

He can't he doesn't understand how it works thus he trolls. {nm}   hotsambatcho on Jan 28, 17:48

Question about Shorting AwardOptions   budque on Jan 25, 12:52

yes you get the full value...i.e however much it dropped from your purchase price down to 0 {nm}   tealfan on Jan 25, 13:12

Milestone: $7B... thanks for all the help!...*hands out Super Bowl tickets* {nm}   tealfan on Jan 25, 09:20

congrats {nm}   oneman on Jan 25, 09:22

Congratulations! The first $7 billion are the hardest. {nm}   RogerMore on Jan 25, 10:39

Well done, tealfan! {nm}   tatoufan on Jan 25, 12:23

To quote our resident superhero, "Slow down!"   DTravel on Jan 25, 13:01

Heh heh!! {nm}   Flash on Jan 26, 07:01

Keep on keepin' on. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Jan 25, 19:20

Congrats {nm}   cj19 on Jan 25, 20:57

Nice milestone!! Kudos! {nm}   Flash on Jan 26, 07:01

How to play Award options   anukul_dixit on Jan 24, 23:26

Similar, but only one derivative will pay out per catagory. {nm}   tatoufan on Jan 25, 12:28

Milestone! (not really) I am now better than half of ALL PLAYERS ON HSX!!! And, it only took me a week.   NVT_vs_bonds on Jan 24, 13:16

Oh my gosh. This game must be easy! {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Jan 24, 13:21

If this continues, I'm worried that by Easter, I may slip to #7 LTD. Or even #8! {nm}   RogerMore on Jan 24, 16:39

Hmm   ndmaster on Jan 25, 08:29

Them thar's a lot of inactive ports, mister!! {nm}   Flash on Jan 25, 08:18

Can’t we have a column indicating net gain / loss in the day apart from the overall gain / loss for each stock ? {nm}   ashsagar on Jan 16, 19:21

It's pretty simple math. {nm}   ndmaster on Jan 16, 19:40

It could be called "Today's Change". {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Jan 18, 09:37

Doesn’t give the net change for the total stock value in the day .. {nm}   ashsagar on Jan 20, 03:13

multilpy your shares times the change {nm}   jdolphin on Jan 20, 12:31

It would be easier to have a column indicating that .. {nm}   ashsagar on Jan 22, 05:59

FFS   ndmaster on Jan 22, 16:02

Yep! {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Jan 22, 19:01

#300! (I had a good day yesterday, yea me!)   DTravel on Jan 16, 10:18

hehe...congrats! {nm}   tealfan on Jan 16, 11:48

Keep on keepin' on. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Jan 17, 14:07

Congrats {nm}   cj19 on Jan 17, 15:44

Haha! Well done, congrats. {nm}   tatoufan on Jan 19, 10:17

What has been the best day and best week for most players since the adjust went away?   MattW on Jan 16, 08:16

I'd say my best day (and probably best week) but I don't want to rub it in. {nm}   jdolphin on Jan 17, 00:07

Whoops - adjust was still happening then - so best day since adjust 01/11/2017 - 12.68 mil {nm}   jdolphin on Jan 17, 01:55

Best day Jan 15/19...H$12,990,450. I just do daily, not weekly, but I would imagine this week. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Jan 17, 14:10

You did better than me the 15th, and with a much smaller port too, nice. {nm}   MattW on Jan 18, 22:29

Thanks, I am heavy into bonds. We were close once upon a time though.   GruntNoNeck on Jan 19, 19:22

Milestone: 1.5 month old port surpasses majority of HSX players = 51.7 Percentile!! (Read more...)   NeilSite_VanThomas on Jan 15, 07:37

FFS {nm}   ndmaster on Jan 15, 10:11

Really??? Way to pat yourself on the back for passing inactive ports. {nm}   AJRimmer on Jan 15, 18:34

grory is an inactive port...Have you passed that port yet? {nm}   NeilSite_VanThomas on Jan 16, 07:27

No cause she was an elite trader before going inactive it will take years for me to pass. You are passing people who never really played. {nm}   AJRimmer on Jan 16, 07:48

Why do you engage with his trolling? {nm}   hotsambatcho on Jan 16, 18:34

If you had invested in 4 starbonds on Sunday.....    MattW on Jan 15, 23:00

Thanks...Unfortunately, I don't have enough cash to buy any more securities! {nm}   NeilSite_VanThomas on Jan 16, 07:26

Sell them and then invest them for a better return so you can move up faster. {nm}   AJRimmer on Jan 16, 07:55

You have other investments that will gain more than SCARE in the next week? Then I expect to see you higher than 4.5m by this next Tuesday {nm}   MattW on Jan 16, 07:58

*4.0m {nm}   MattW on Jan 16, 08:00

Did you win Classic Cash today? {nm}   ndmaster on Jan 16, 20:29

I've created this account to benchmark your progress versus bonds.   NVT_vs_bonds on Jan 18, 07:36

Nice. I've wondered how much bonds alone are worth for a new port in the first year. My guess is something like 150-200m   MattW on Jan 18, 07:48

Probably too high, 100-150 might be a better range starting from H$2m {nm}   MattW on Jan 18, 07:50

Thanks i will follow this to assess my progress hopefully you wont pass me {nm}   hotsambatcho on Jan 18, 09:22

Following you now. THis will be fun.   NVT_vs_bonds on Jan 18, 15:32

It wont take long to pass NVT he obviously does't know how HSX works. {nm}   AJRimmer on Jan 19, 20:13

Feb 1st? {nm}   MattW on Jan 19, 21:39

At the latest. {nm}   NVT_vs_bonds on Jan 23, 16:15

Lmao {nm}   MattW on Jan 27, 19:24

If you're new to the game it can take some time to get how things work and find a groove that fits you.    MattW on Jan 18, 22:32

After all these years, I still don't know how a bond adjusts with two delisting the same day. JALWY is a good example. {nm}   BuenaOnda on Jan 14, 12:30

How StarBonds work...   BuildTheWall on Jan 14, 12:39

I was told to "Learn the rules of the game" by HSX billionaires when I admitted to not knowing about StarBond adjusts. {nm}   NeilSite_VanThomas on Jan 15, 07:35

Kaigee, Tealfan - Winter Pic contest MPOPN error. Picks 1 & 4 zero points (correct), picks 2 & 3 one point (wrong). {nm}   jdolphin on Jan 13, 15:02

(im checking the winter one) If kaigee doesnt see this, or it doesnt correct after the box office gets updated monday, then i will email kg {nm}   islndr on Jan 13, 15:34

Fixed. Scores and ranking were correct, only color on MPOPN was wrong. {nm}   KaiGee on Jan 13, 19:03

I also added expanded scoring info to match the summer page. {nm}   KaiGee on Jan 13, 19:05

Note to Kaigee.....Movies changes week of Jan 2 2019 has double entries. {nm}   Buy BONDS xXx on Jan 13, 13:00

Also WEETZ on the Bond changes same week. {nm}   Buy BONDS xXx on Jan 13, 16:46

Fixed. That's twice recently, one of my scripts must be acting weird. {nm}   KaiGee on Jan 13, 19:17

Just looking for a quick clarification on movie stock valuation   MiyazakiFan on Jan 11, 06:57

That information is on a need to know basis. Apparently only Antibody needs to know. {nm}   Triggered on Jan 11, 13:22

I think it's ERC only. {nm}   ndmaster on Jan 11, 20:07

That's for star bomds and derivatives. Per the Glossary - If ERC does not report box-office for a film, alternate sources may be used. {nm}   jdolphin on Jan 11, 23:37

That's under 'Cash Out Price' {nm}   jdolphin on Jan 11, 23:38

"MAY be used". Thus the OP's question {nm}   Triggered on Jan 12, 10:01

I don't think there is a definitive answer, whether an alternative source is used or not is at HSX's discretion. {nm}   DTravel on Jan 12, 19:08

BOM is usually used - but it will probably be the weekend number 3.75 and not the total {nm}   jdolphin on Jan 13, 15:00

Both TSNGO and 2Pt0 have box office showing on BOM but not ERC. In both cases the alternate box should be used. {nm}   Buy BONDS xXx on Jan 13, 13:03

Milestone: 9 Billion {nm}   oneman on Jan 10, 07:00

Congratulations! The first $9 billion are the hardest! {nm}   RogerMore on Jan 10, 07:31

Congratulations ^9 {nm}   Buy BONDS xXx on Jan 10, 08:04

Well Done! {nm}   kibitzer on Jan 10, 08:18

congrats! {nm}   tealfan on Jan 10, 08:50

Keep on keepin' on. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Jan 10, 09:13

Wowzers...way to go!! {nm}   Flash on Jan 10, 13:06

Grab a brew! Don't cost nuthin'. {nm}   DTXbro on Jan 10, 13:17

Wow!! Woo Hoo and way to go!! {nm}   jdolphin on Jan 11, 17:40

Congrats {nm}   cj19 on Jan 11, 21:28

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