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Charts   DanMnz on Sep 21, 11:04

The charts/graph are still there...I'm on Chrome, and they show up fine...maybe wait for the page to load?? {nm}   Flash on Sep 21, 12:03

its probably a flash issue (the bad adobe flash, not the good Flash) u may need to allow hsx to use flash. check plugin and settings   fork on Sep 21, 12:17

:(   DanMnz on Sep 21, 13:25

try this:    fork on Sep 21, 13:49

Back in the Old Days   Alby on Sep 21, 04:06

Unfortunately not. {nm}   blaze223 on Sep 21, 05:22

Commission free Saturdays were discontinued in 2009 (8 years ago).   RazorHawk on Sep 21, 10:51

There are a lot of things I miss about the "old days!" Adjusts & halts on Fridays are 2 more I miss! {nm}   Flash on Sep 21, 12:04

Attention Everyone (All Must Read): You're about to run off yet another HSX member from forums!   Van_Thomas on Sep 18, 17:43

actually your answers are wrong... and bumblebee transformers gives you away Neil...   RazorHawk on Sep 18, 19:07

Neil, I have a job (more inside)   DTravel on Sep 18, 19:36

So eerily Similar: Commodities Trader, Same Grammar, Syntax, Complaints (Real Life, Billionaires, Prizes, Etc.). {nm}   Captain Obvious on Sep 18, 19:51

Answering your questions...   JDolphin on Sep 18, 20:30

Make a billion and I'll congratulate you too. It's an accomplishment that impresses me. {nm}   parthm_ on Sep 19, 11:02

I don't think this dude realizes that THIS IS A GAME. {nm}   arf on Sep 19, 17:58

Some of you follow the philosophy: "It's better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody." {nm}   Van_Thomas on Sep 19, 18:30

That's enough, Van_Thomas! Apologize now, or the gloves come off. {nm}   NeilSite on Sep 19, 18:31

Does your tin-foil hat still stay on? {nm}   Van_Thomas on Sep 19, 18:32

Van_Thomas: Is your peg-leg loose? [nm} {nm}   NeilSite on Sep 19, 18:34

(yawn) We've seen this act before. {nm}   edzep -- Port Monkey! on Sep 19, 19:09

"get a job" . . . says the guy who by his own account is living off unearned, inherited funds   DTXbro on Sep 19, 19:22

Also, where in HSX rules is the "All Must Read" clause (you all know how we are sticklers for rules at Delta House) [nm]   DTXbro on Sep 20, 07:51

take your own advice   johnyg on Sep 20, 09:02

dude, Van_Thomas and NeilSite are the same person. {nm}   RazorHawk on Sep 20, 09:44

What size hat do you wear? (RazorHawk is a tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist) {nm}   Van_Thomas on Sep 20, 10:01

I don't want any hsx merch {nm}   johnyg on Sep 20, 13:52

I do. Still kicking myself over not scoring a mug, that pen, or the other goodies that were offered {nm}   DTXbro on Sep 21, 15:16

okay, sorry if I don't keep up with people alt accounts.. My post still stands. {nm}   johnyg on Sep 20, 11:47

Firefox 57 release in November 2017 will break Grease-Monkey   Seattlezoid on Sep 18, 08:09

Good point. I've been thinking of this...   edzep -- Port Monkey! on Sep 18, 11:43

Switch to Chrome. I don't know how much correlation you can draw, but 64% of my site visitors are on Chrome. {nm}   KaiGee on Sep 19, 18:23

I'm fine with that. But, I'll give Firefox a chance, for old time's sake. {nm}   edzep -- Port Monkey! on Sep 19, 19:20

Tampermonkey said to be FF57 compatible (link)   edzep -- Port Monkey! on Sep 19, 15:11

Easy money in IT1 still   MattW on Sep 16, 06:53

Today's StarBonds adjusts - What the hell??   dubord.s on Sep 12, 12:03

Probably best to leave Neil alone at this point. {nm}   RogerMore on Sep 12, 13:37

What a crappy thing to post dude. {nm}   RazorHawk on Sep 12, 18:58

Consider This...   Van_Thomas on Sep 15, 08:36

your example is kinda like someone whos never played monopoly landing on baltic but thinking they deserve boardwalk   islander on Sep 15, 09:07

join the 'RazorHawk's HSX School' League. {nm}   RazorHawk on Sep 15, 10:01

Riddle me this. On September 7, you bought Equifax at 142.72 Due to the storm you are out of touch. On Sep 15 it is worth 92.98   StarBondFund on Sep 16, 08:29

False Equivalency   Van_Thomas on Sep 17, 04:38

"Learn the rules" is the best advice. JMOMO will adjust up in three months time, but you could make more H$ by focussing on the most   RogerMore on Sep 17, 09:29

Neil, you are only allowed to have one HSX account. {nm}   RazorHawk on Sep 17, 16:33

+1 Worst. Disguise. Ever. {nm}   Wellespring on Sep 17, 17:03

RazorHawk & Wellespring: I am NOT Neil! (More inside...FYI: RotoHockey & OlegMax use multiple ports!)   Van_Thomas on Sep 17, 17:38

If you weren't bragging, then why do you mention in every post you make how you've "never gone down" in rank or port value? {nm}   DTravel on Sep 17, 22:10

DTravel: Need to rephrase that ("you") as I am NOT NeilSite...More inside -->   Van_Thomas on Sep 18, 06:00

I stand by my phrasing. {nm}   DTravel on Sep 18, 12:49

Both Ports held 9 Securities SUN. Now both Ports hold 8 Securities.    Captain Obvious on Sep 18, 14:16

Ever heard of a coincidence? (More inside...)   Van_Thomas on Sep 18, 15:48

The gentleman doth protest too much. {nm}   Wellespring on Sep 18, 16:31

Neil, just learn how to play the game and try to fit in {nm}   RazorHawk on Sep 18, 17:04

RazorHawk and Wellespring (Both of you): Refer to the new post at the top of this board. {nm}   Van_Thomas on Sep 18, 17:30

If you jump into a game without knowing the rules, you are probably going to lose at 1st. {nm}   JDolphin on Sep 17, 18:40

Okay, this time I really am gone for good...(Wellespring: You're getting your wish)   NeilSite on Sep 10, 18:14

Showed you a RISK-FREE Strategy for making over 100+ MILL PROFIT / YR on StarBonds alone.   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Sep 10, 19:51

tl;dr - I'm leaving, not really, but I might, sad there are no more hats.    Wellespring on Sep 10, 20:48

Repetitive and dull Neil {nm}   blaze223 on Sep 11, 01:49

SSDD {nm}   edzep -- Port Monkey! on Sep 11, 06:12

Is there an exact time movie bonds are adjusted after an opening weekend? {nm}   Genesis1975 on Sep 10, 07:12

Moviestocks don't adjust any more for opening weekends. Opening weekend warrants, calls and puts cash out after 4pm Monday. {nm}   RogerMore on Sep 10, 07:28

I didn't even realize that! When do you guys typically sell your opening weekend stocks (I have IT) {nm}   Genesis1975 on Sep 10, 09:33

When the price is above what I expect it to delist at, or maybe before I think other traders are going to sell it. {nm}   RogerMore on Sep 10, 10:12

Thanks for the replies. {nm}   Genesis1975 on Sep 10, 10:28

Depends - either when I think it's at its peak price, or I hold on if I think the Delist will be higher {nm}   dubord.s on Sep 10, 19:35 we don't go by the 2.7 multiplier anymore? {nm}   Genesis1975 on Sep 10, 08:41

Sadly that part of the game was removed in November of 2016 :( {nm}   MattW on Sep 10, 09:09

Studio Fund Performance for 2017   Wrath_crfd on Sep 09, 18:37

Thank you! not bad for the smallest of the funds! hopefully i can do it again this year! {nm}   PARAXFund on Sep 09, 22:43

Hey, everyone. What's up!? How's life? {nm}   CactusLand on Sep 09, 11:35

Sorry. Wrong forum. I denounce and reject myself. {nm}   CactusLand on Sep 09, 11:40

It's been a while since I paid much attention...   g2 on Sep 09, 09:54

No, opening adjusts have ended. Moviestocks are priced at whatever traders think the delist price is going to be. {nm}   RogerMore on Sep 09, 10:10

StudioFunds...already down in just 1 day! (Here we go again)   NeilSite on Sep 09, 04:23

Rather than trying to figure out a "system" why not play the game and just enjoy it?   Flash on Sep 09, 07:56

I appreciate your input, but I believe there's some things you should know...   NeilSite on Sep 10, 06:25

Well, you can look at HSX two ways...   Flash on Sep 10, 08:32

..and for what it's worth..   Flash on Sep 10, 08:39

Thanks, Flash! (Others should take notes on how well you respond to others...You're an inspiration to us all!)   NeilSite on Sep 10, 10:52

You need to learn how to play the game...   RazorHawk on Sep 09, 10:29

RazorHawk, honestly, I actually do want to be happy, but...   NeilSite on Sep 10, 06:01

I want to help you...   RazorHawk on Sep 10, 09:40

I no longer want to help you. Please ignore my previous posting. {nm}   RazorHawk on Sep 10, 13:39

A $9,000 loss is trivial and it is well known that funds usually dip slightly on their first days because of commissions.   DTravel on Sep 09, 10:30

Thanks for the feedback but hold on just a moment...   NeilSite on Sep 10, 05:46

WRONG!!!!!   RazorHawk on Sep 10, 09:22

RazorHawk, I am not "WRONG": Posted (inside) is the exact words I replied when you responded "WRONG!!!!!!"   NeilSite on Sep 10, 11:03

Ok... I am finished with you... bye. {nm}   RazorHawk on Sep 10, 11:51

Ok... I am finished with you... bye. {nm}   RazorHawk on Sep 10, 11:51

He's right though. You are completely and utterly wrong about how funds work.    parthm_ on Sep 10, 12:02

Wow...You can dish it--but you sure can't take it!   NeilSite on Sep 10, 16:26

Please just answer this question for me   parthm_ on Sep 10, 16:38

Actually, I have...   NeilSite on Sep 10, 17:01

Actually, I myself was one of the people who answered your question earlier   parthm_ on Sep 10, 17:15

All right, Case in point: I concede the point you made! (aka You're right) {nm}   NeilSite on Sep 10, 18:16

Aaaaaand the apology proves to be worthless! *Shocking* learn the game.    PARAXFund (NOLEAFCLOVR) on Sep 10, 01:04

Aaaaaand again...Cruelty before considerations: Before this year, I never had these funds lose money   NeilSite on Sep 10, 05:25

This is a terrible comparison {nm}   parthm_ on Sep 10, 12:04

You are comparing a year's worth of growth to one day's worth of hits from commission   parthm_ on Sep 10, 12:05

I don't understand how you don't understand.    Wellespring on Sep 10, 05:10

Actually, yes...and connections to REAL LIFE have been a major point of mine as of late!   NeilSite on Sep 10, 05:42

Oh brother. It's time to hang it up my man...    Wellespring on Sep 10, 06:20

Here's a list of 142 Starbonds that have adjusted down more than H$10 since Jan 2014 - so yes were "magically lucky"   JDolphin on Sep 10, 16:17

There were also another 1538 bonds that dropped less that H$10. So of the 3930 bonds I tracked 42% were short. {nm}   JDolphin on Sep 10, 16:28

Yes I like messing with Excel spreadsheets. That's fun for me. {nm}   JDolphin on Sep 10, 16:28

Thanks...but you obviously have WAY too much free time on your hands! {nm}   NeilSite on Sep 10, 17:08

So you completely missed the post where this is fun for me. So what do you do for fun - because this game is obviously not it for you. {nm}   JDolphin on Sep 10, 17:36

Funds are NOT a quick and clear way of making $H   The_1250_Man on Sep 11, 15:21

Good luck to all fellow Fund Managers! May this winter not suck as bad as this summer did! Let's make some MONEY! {nm}   PARAXFund on Sep 08, 01:15

HEY! Some funds didn't make money yet? YOU ALL SUCK AND THE GAME IS FIXED! (j/k!!) {nm}   dubord.s on Sep 10, 19:33

You are not a very nice person. {nm}   RazorHawk on Sep 12, 18:59

$500 mil   lagunacat on Sep 07, 13:01

Nicely Done. {nm}   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Sep 07, 14:45

congrats! {nm}   tealfan on Sep 07, 20:34

A+ {nm}   tallbridge on Sep 07, 21:39

Congrats! As a wise person who used to post all the time. "The first H$500 Million is the hardest!" {nm}   PARAXFund on Sep 08, 01:13

Well done there. {nm}   blaze223 on Sep 08, 11:55

Kudos...great milestone!! {nm}   Flash on Sep 08, 12:01

AMASN.CA priced well above AMASN.OW   J0shle0 on Sep 07, 12:01

Deja Vu {nm}   DTravel on Sep 07, 13:02

INCV2 is also massively overpriced   J0shle0 on Sep 07, 13:48

Idiots are actually bidding both of them up    J0shle0 on Sep 07, 14:22

Correction    J0shle0 on Sep 07, 14:24

So what? You can make money on both if AMASN open aboce 18. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 07, 14:44

it's too much work to play arbitrage between 100,000 shares of OW and 20,000 shares of CA. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 07, 14:43

Confused by why IT1.CA doesn't correlate to IT1.OW   J0shle0 on Sep 05, 16:37

Reply to this and your movies board question   MattW on Sep 05, 17:21

MattW... this player has a history of making posts talking about price to manipulate stocks.   RazorHawk on Sep 05, 17:36

But not in this case. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 05, 18:11

Glad you saw that at least.   J0shle0 on Sep 05, 22:21

Please show the rest of this "history."   J0shle0 on Sep 06, 02:36

link...   RazorHawk on Sep 06, 11:05

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! **   J0shle0 on Sep 07, 14:29

Bye. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 07, 14:55

Traders buy the cheap $2 Call at IPO and hold it so it doesn't move as much. {nm}   JDolphin on Sep 05, 19:22

August is by far the worst month since I restarted my portfolio Jan 2016   MattW on Sep 02, 15:38

I completely understand!   NeilSite on Sep 02, 18:52

Invest in StarBonds. Here's how they work   Chimpmuck on Sep 03, 10:54

Lowest since 2014. +172.2 MILL for AUG 2017 - Down -16%. AUG 2016 (+205 MILL) which had SUICD SAUSG & ADJUSTS.   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Sep 03, 19:05

Ok that's a bit comforting that it's not just me.    MattW on Sep 03, 20:23

Let's Call A Truce: Look inside for Your Name for a New Game!   NeilSite on Sep 02, 05:37

No Reason to LOSE $$$ on StarBonds. Ports can make more than 100+ MILL / Year easily with StarBonds alone.   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Sep 02, 07:30

SHORT ALL Concept M/S. List Attached.   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Sep 02, 07:32

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! **   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Sep 02, 07:34

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! **   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Sep 02, 08:55

This is the ONLY Trading Tool that you need.   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Sep 02, 07:36

I mentioned that in one of my posts he ignored {nm}   JDolphin on Sep 02, 18:28

JDolphin: I mentioned you in my post "Let's Call A Truce"   NeilSite on Sep 02, 18:37

SHORT ALL 1.00 & 2.00 IPO's. The odd one does increase in Value - but can be picked up if on Daily. {nm}   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Sep 02, 07:39

Not interested. {nm}   DTravel on Sep 02, 11:21

Change your profile page - until that happens your apology means nothing (3 other tips inside)   JDolphin on Sep 02, 18:47

Thanks...I will! Also: Please read the response I left for MattW above {nm}   NeilSite on Sep 02, 18:57

Fund Performance August 2017   Wrath_crfd on Sep 01, 21:14

Hi! I want to sell my 6.2 B port on eBay.Anyone interested? link inside   delfinasu on Aug 31, 22:16

I doubt it will fetch $500   NeilSite on Sep 01, 05:57

Your port is not getting any action because your picture does not show the port information. A pic of a star bond won't sell anything. {nm}   Initech on Sep 05, 07:32

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