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Man... apparently I should stick to holding movies long term   steamboat2302 on Apr 25, 06:21

I have mixed success   srrichardson on Apr 25, 07:02

I'm a ton better at predicting upswings than downswings.    steamboat2302 on Apr 25, 07:08

link...   RazorHawk on Apr 25, 13:19

Complete Roller Coaster   MitchC on Apr 24, 07:26

Mitch, this is exactly what I've been talking about!   NeilSite on Apr 24, 10:14

Just like a roller coaster, the pattern becomes perdictable over time. {nm}   Wellespring on Apr 24, 10:34

Well said {nm}   parthm_ on Apr 24, 10:40

^predictable {nm}   Wellespring on Apr 24, 11:17

Predictable by whom? Those that are setting the trend? Re-read your response and think for a long time before responding. {nm}   NeilSite on Apr 24, 18:25

You seem to be the only one surprised or perturbed by this, so I'd guess it was predictable for everyone besides you. {nm}   parthm_ on Apr 24, 20:08

...here is an example of Neil *talking* again... talk, talk, talk, talk {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 25, 06:10

IRISH has been steadily dropping because it is a Netflix movie. It will almost certainly delist at H$0,   parthm_ on Apr 24, 10:39

Maybe like myself people invest in the Saturday IPO for a few days and then start profit taking. {nm}   blaze223 on Apr 24, 11:30

Most would call it a trend and follow it for profit. {nm}   AJRimmer on Apr 24, 11:56

You do too much talking and do not do too much listening...   RazorHawk on Apr 24, 12:12

Antibody (and anyone else): Please notice the difference in response between RazorHawk & myself...   NeilSite on Apr 24, 17:48

The difference is his include logic and reasoning whereas you posts do not {nm}   AJRimmer on Apr 24, 17:56

Wow...so, where is this "help" I'm allegedly refusing to receive? (Again, another rude post & unsolicited I might add) {nm}   NeilSite on Apr 24, 18:17

Examples of RazorHawk, Roto, DTravel, and others trying to help you   parthm_ on Apr 24, 20:07

Oh, brother...It's time to hang it up! (You did however link the best one-->)   NeilSite on Apr 24, 22:56

You were passing mostly inactive ports. You will not pass active ports if you are only making interest + cash from games. You were    parthm_ on Apr 25, 05:11

Never mind, Antibody: I'm finally deleting my port once and for all...But, before I do (Please read-->)   NeilSite on Apr 24, 23:18

Is...Is this a dear john letter??? {nm}   jjbst68 on Apr 25, 10:37

...here is an example of Neil *talking* again... talk, talk, talk, talk {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 25, 04:17

Once again you show you don't listen - current share holdings have NOTHING to do with price movement. Stocks move up when buy or cover,   JDolphin on Apr 24, 14:05

When did I say I was "trading on yesterday's movement"? On the contrary, I don't think YOU listen...   NeilSite on Apr 24, 18:22

Yep - it's everyone elses fault but yours. You don't want to listen to anything that doesn't fit your narrative. Sorry I got involved again {nm}   JDolphin on Apr 24, 20:12

Goodbye! {nm}   JDolphin on Apr 24, 20:12

...here is an example of Neil *talking* again... talk, talk, talk, talk {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 25, 06:09

I agree, this year hasn't been that great so far, but really you're still doing just fine overall.    MattW on Apr 24, 20:20

...   MitchC on Apr 25, 07:50

Misunderstanding Star Bonds (Jon Boyega)   keeks137 on Apr 18, 08:04

You need to look at everything that goes into the bond's TAG   srrichardson on Apr 18, 08:43

help...   RazorHawk on Apr 18, 08:51

How StarBonds work   Chimpmuck on Apr 18, 10:29

All of the above is correct...Now a short rule of thumb.   Buy BONDS 29 on Apr 21, 21:15

Sorry Final step.... {nm}   Buy BONDS 29 on Apr 21, 21:17

Final step New= Old + (N-E).5 {nm}   Buy BONDS 29 on Apr 21, 21:18

Thanks all! {nm}   keeks137 on Apr 19, 07:45

Milestone...6 Billion!!! {nm}   cactusdan on Apr 18, 03:32

Well done there. {nm}   blaze223 on Apr 18, 05:41

congrats {nm}   oneman on Apr 18, 06:47

Congrats! {nm}   Wrath_crfd on Apr 18, 06:50

congrats! {nm}   tealfan on Apr 18, 09:26

Congrats on the milestone {nm}   Randy on Apr 18, 10:18

Milestone...4 Billion!!! {nm}    laujer on Apr 18, 12:00

Congrats luajer on the milestone {nm}   Randy on Apr 18, 12:11

congrats as well but did you mean to put that in your own thread? :) {nm}   tealfan on Apr 18, 12:12

Nice piggybacking job!! :-) {nm}   Flash on Apr 20, 08:36

Who's your friend who likes to play? Bing Bong! {nm}   ndmaster on Apr 19, 20:37

Awesome work! {nm}   cj19 on Apr 19, 22:02

Racking up those H$!! Nice pinnacle!! {nm}   Flash on Apr 20, 08:35

Congratulations. Stop by Delta House and grab a brew. Don't cost nuthin' {nm}   DTXbro on Apr 23, 14:03

KaiGee.com new feature: User Net Worth Comparison Graph   KaiGee on Apr 17, 20:57

Cool additions of late! {nm}   Wrath_crfd on Apr 18, 06:51

Another great addition. Thanks. {nm}   MattW on Apr 21, 23:26

Earn H$: Am I the only one who plays Movie Mogul & Box Office Battle daily and keeps a file of all the correct answers?   NeilSite on Apr 15, 22:56

You're not the only one who plays it, but I don't keep a running list... {nm}   Flash on Apr 16, 09:06

You are spending too much energy on the wrong part of the game... in order to make profits you need to invest in more stocks and bonds. {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 16, 10:49

And...the cyber-bullying towards me continues!   NeilSite on Apr 16, 20:29

you had multiple accounts doing coordinated trading; you impersonated me on the boards; your other accounts have been muted or deleted {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 16, 21:24

And I was punished for all of that...but how come RotoHockey hasn't been punished for his multiple accounts?   NeilSite on Apr 17, 07:00

great... you are willing to put it past you...   RazorHawk on Apr 17, 09:04

It's not cyberbullying; he gave you advice and did so without once insulting you.    parthm_ on Apr 17, 05:59

Please just consider how much I've made in the last 12 hours via HSX games vs. trades...   NeilSite on Apr 17, 07:12

You're doing it wrong   JohnSherman on Apr 17, 07:35

This was how he was "cyber-bully" before... people tried to correct him and he got mean about it...   RazorHawk on Apr 17, 08:58

You made H$80k today. Good for you. I made H$1.7m today due to StarBond adjusts. Doesn't take a genius to figure out whose strategy worked   parthm_ on Apr 17, 10:52

That's not cyberbullying. So you were insincere in your apology and I'm regretting unblockng you. {nm}   Antibody on Apr 17, 09:41

Antibody: What have I posted on this forum that shows insincerity? (Please read)   NeilSite on Apr 17, 10:17

You didn't choose to stay on the sidelines, you were banned. You're playing the victim and blaming others again, when you're the problem.   Antibody on Apr 17, 10:56

It's about time {nm}   OPENRfund on Apr 18, 19:21

Neil: Does anyone else use this strategy?   parthm_ on Apr 17, 10:56

BOM for BOB. Not a lot of variation in the MM questions.   Wellespring on Apr 16, 17:28

Way to much drama for a game {nm}   jjbst68 on Apr 17, 12:59

That sounds EXTREMELY BORING   ndmaster on Apr 20, 20:50

First, consider the title of your response: "That sounds EXTREMELY BORING"   NeilSite on Apr 21, 06:15

20 minutes a day at HSX can (should) generate millions of dollars in daily profit   DTXbro on Apr 22, 11:12

How? Please do tell...as today has been an absolute roller-coaster and I don't believe it's an anomaly? {nm}   NeilSite on Apr 22, 15:32

The brothers of Delta House will attempt to assemble a brief, idiosyncratic tutorial and post it on this board. Thank you for asking. {nm}    DTXbro on Apr 23, 10:39

See inside   DTravel on Apr 23, 15:50

I have to say, that's the best article on advice I've ever read here on HSX...thank you! {nm}   NeilSite on Apr 23, 21:11

LOL +1 to you {nm}   ndmaster on Apr 23, 19:41

Good god, you're pedantic   ndmaster on Apr 23, 19:40

I don't rock at this game...In fact, I never did and I never said I did. (More inside)   NeilSite on Apr 23, 22:05

$4 Billion! Syrup shots for everyone. {nm}   Initech on Apr 13, 12:28

is that the cup that has pancake syrup in it at the restaurant?...congrats! {nm}   tealfan on Apr 13, 13:03

Great job! {nm}   Chimpmuck on Apr 13, 13:07

congrats {nm}   oneman on Apr 13, 13:33

Congrats on the milestone {nm}   Randy on Apr 13, 14:43

Who's your friend who likes to play? Bing Bong! {nm}   ndmaster on Apr 13, 22:27

Kudos!!..nice milestone!! {nm}   Flash on Apr 14, 08:55

Great Work. {nm}   cj19 on Apr 14, 10:10

Well done there. {nm}   blaze223 on Apr 14, 11:15

Super! {nm}   islndr on Apr 14, 15:40

Woo Hoo!! {nm}   JDolphin on Apr 14, 16:31

Congrats mate! Nice work {nm}   Wrath_crfd on Apr 14, 22:05

Excellent work! {nm}   gordon06 on Apr 16, 09:08

A dumb answer: 'Yes, I should short the call or put associated with a H$210 opener'   DTXbro on Apr 11, 09:59

I shorted the put and bought the call and the opening weekend derivative. Agreed, little risk. {nm}   steamboat2302 on Apr 12, 07:36

If you shorted AVNG2.PU at H$2, you would've lost over H$217,000. {nm}   Antibody on Apr 12, 12:56

AVNG2.PU didn't have the record amount of reserved pre ordered tickets a month before it came out. My expectation is 230. {nm}   steamboat23 on Apr 14, 09:37

In short... I'm covering the put before the end I expect it to delist at 0 {nm}   steamboat23 on Apr 14, 09:41

fwiw, AVNG2 presales is only beating other superhero films, the highest of which is AVNGR's $207M. {nm}   Antibody on Apr 16, 09:47

It has yet to pass the presale records of the Star Wars sequels. {nm}   Antibody on Apr 16, 09:49

Glad to compete against that thinking, much as I am grateful my children get to compete economically with Trump supporters {nm}   DTXbro on Apr 12, 18:01

Maths...   Wrath_crfd on Apr 13, 08:59

May be a dumb question?   kingddp1973 on Apr 10, 18:28

Cover the shares. It's "buy/sell" and "short/cover". {nm}   MattW on Apr 10, 18:40

Thanks, I knew there was an easy answer {nm}   kingddp1973 on Apr 10, 19:22

Thanks, I knew there was an easy answer {nm}   kingddp1973 on Apr 10, 19:22

what does cover/short do exactly ? {nm}   MadThor on Apr 16, 14:24

If you think a stock/bond is going to go down then you short it. When you want to get rid of it, you cover. {nm}   JDolphin on Apr 16, 16:27

Earn H$: Classic Cash   NeilSite on Apr 10, 07:08

Huh?   vanssa on Apr 10, 09:10

Yes, I just it would be nice if the winning poster was shown. {nm}   NeilSite on Apr 10, 09:16

*thought* (it would be nice) {nm}   NeilSite on Apr 10, 09:22

My guess is there is no correct pick. After you choose one of the options the site does a random 7 sided dice roll for whether you win {nm}   MattW on Apr 10, 11:29

There actually is a correct pick in each batch. {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 11, 01:05

Meaning the correct pick for everyone today is Dial M for Murder? I kind of doubt it works that way, too easy to game the system {nm}   MattW on Apr 13, 08:20

I happen to know that it's not the same pick everyday...   NeilSite on Apr 14, 22:06

How do you know this? {nm}   Wellespring on Apr 16, 17:35

Well, how do you think one would know this for certain?   NeilSite on Apr 16, 20:52

I never pick a poster, just the same position every day. Win about every 6 to 8 days but have won two days in a row. {nm}   Novelist on Apr 21, 23:55

KaiGee.com new feature: Rank History Chart   KaiGee on Apr 08, 20:01

thanks again! {nm}   tealfan on Apr 08, 22:44

feautre doesnt work for me. also your search has never worked for me either (details)   islndr on Apr 09, 06:52

(update) i can see my chart using Edge (IE) sorry about that. {nm}   islndr on Apr 09, 08:35

(2nd update) Ah i see if i search using the net worth menu search instead of the search bar it does give me a recap page which is neat. {nm}   islndr on Apr 09, 08:41

*sigh* sorry kaigee and thank you ! {nm}   islndr on Apr 09, 08:42

The left menu bar search is for securities only, you have to use the specific pages for net worth, rank, etc.   KaiGee on Apr 09, 11:41

Very cool, thanks. It has data for my username all the way back to 2006 even tho I started my first port Oct 2013 and restarted it Dec 2015   MattW on Apr 10, 11:35

Cool!   Abraxas on Apr 11, 02:04

Average YTD Gains for first quarter 2018   Wrath_crfd on Apr 07, 01:05

2018 Q1 Top Traders   Wrath_crfd on Apr 07, 01:11

Great info thanks Wrath {nm}   Randy on Apr 07, 09:51

sneaking my way up {nm}   DTravel on Apr 07, 13:28

Thanks for the data! {nm}   JDolphin on Apr 08, 20:08

Thanks for compiling these stats! Really fun being able to see how I stack up against comparable ports {nm}   parthm_ on Apr 08, 23:33

Awesome stuff, thanks {nm}   MattW on Apr 10, 11:37

Had no idea--great info. {nm}   Abraxas on Apr 11, 02:14

free trading?   Telly on Apr 06, 07:54

Free trading days went away many years ago. {nm}   DTravel on Apr 06, 09:53

Summer Pick 5: just taking a poll for now...do you folks want to start a week early (Apr 27) so we can include AVNG3? {nm}   tealfan on Apr 03, 10:25

Yes. I think it would be silly if it did not include it. {nm}   RogerMore on Apr 03, 14:19

Si {nm}   ndmaster on Apr 03, 14:38

skip it & wait til may 18 for deadpool 2. {nm}   islndr on Apr 03, 14:42

also, sticking with 5? yes, anything can happen, but its this summer is so top heavy. (5 films trading at $300+, then one at $170 & thats it {nm}   islndr on Apr 03, 14:46

You could go with a Pick 100 game....   DTravel on Apr 03, 21:44

you better run! =P {nm}   tealfan on Apr 04, 15:22

Yep include it. {nm}   Randy on Apr 03, 20:44

Pick 6 if you include it. {nm}   Antibody on Apr 04, 09:46

Please. {nm}   tatoufan on Apr 06, 01:41

Start a week early, make it 6 picks, make it 10, I started updating my site for it. {nm}   KaiGee on Apr 06, 19:37

Summer Pick 7: so let it be written, so let it be done...7 picks and we start with movies out Apr 27...watch for the entries thread Apr 20! {nm}   tealfan on Apr 06, 22:04

Hey! (I just emailed you but from a different account, just in case you were wondering what was up with that! (if u even see this ;) {nm}   islndr on Apr 07, 15:19

Fund Performance March 2018   Wrath_crfd on Apr 02, 05:17

Fund Performance February 2018   Wrath_crfd on Apr 02, 05:18

Fund Performance January 2018   Wrath_crfd on Apr 02, 05:19

Thank You for the Data. {nm}   kibitzer on Apr 03, 06:37

When to sell a short stock movie   kingddp1973 on Mar 30, 13:17

A couple things.   ndmaster on Mar 30, 18:19

Ready Player One   MrEdgingtonCantBeBeat on Mar 29, 20:29

hmm. theres a lot to discuss. not sure why you are thinking the way you are, but my take...   islndr on Mar 30, 06:07

Terrible Month (HSX wise)   MitchC on Mar 29, 09:47

Still a profit and yes we all go through times when things plateau and nothing seems to help. {nm}   blaze223 on Mar 29, 10:38

...   MitchC on Mar 29, 12:29

A few years back I believe I managed to barely move from September to mid November.Had to have a major strategy change {nm}   blaze223 on Mar 29, 13:17

....   MitchC on Mar 29, 15:43

The adjust days have not changed. They are Tuesday unless a holiday. Here's a tip. LOOK AT THE CALENDAR!!!!! {nm}   JDolphin on Mar 29, 17:27

..   MitchC on Mar 29, 18:12

Feb was great but march not so much, it's been a rough month for me too.    MattW on Mar 31, 19:48

tealfan, i pitched a similar idea to the summer pick em for birth movies death and they are into it. Want to get your permission since its   Moviesnob on Mar 28, 10:32

go for it! {nm}   tealfan on Mar 28, 12:24

thanks and good luck in the playoffs {nm}   Moviesnob on Mar 28, 22:11

you too...here's hoping for a Sharks/Caps final {nm}   tealfan on Mar 29, 08:36

Hey - the Blues still have a chance! {nm}   JDolphin on Mar 29, 09:13

hey, could you beat the Knights for us tomorrow?...thanks {nm}   tealfan on Mar 29, 12:10

I {nm}   Moviesnob on Mar 29, 09:23

I'm not holding my breath. Caps D is pretty awful this year. Of course, when my expectations are zero, they'll finally win the thing {nm}   Moviesnob on Mar 29, 09:24

in that case...Caps and Sharks suck! {nm}   tealfan on Mar 29, 12:10

Interest Rates Rising   Alby on Mar 23, 06:17

Alby's LTD rank when he took over his portfolio: top 10. Alby's current LTD rank: 124.   RogerMore on Mar 23, 06:55

I've been slacking. lol {nm}   Alby on Mar 23, 10:41

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