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You may have escaped me for now but I will get you, my pretty, and your little dog Tat too! *cackles* {nm}   DTravel on Apr 19, 13:38

Does someone know how a release like Endgame typically affects the multipliers of movies opening just before & after it? {nm}   forlorne on Apr 17, 13:39

huh...I don't think anyone's ever looked into that...that I know of {nm}   tealfan on Apr 17, 17:25

It doesn't. It has been said on here many times before.   ndmaster on Apr 17, 17:38

No, I was just thinking of all the screens it will be taking up . {nm}   forlorne on Apr 18, 06:21

It's more like " "Avengers Endgame is in theaters next week, so I'm not going to see XYZ movie this weekend" {nm}   Antibody on Apr 18, 09:00

Here's the box office chart for STAR7's opening weekend   RogerMore on Apr 18, 09:06

AVNG3 doesn't seem to have near the effect I thought it might. Deadpool still had >2X OW, Overboard nearly 3X, Book club >4X   forlorne on Apr 18, 11:53

I think a lot of the screens AVNG4 and similarly hyped blockbusters would dominate are the premium ones. There are plenty of screens to go   RogerMore on Apr 18, 12:38

It looks like the big impact is on movies that open the same weekend, which won't apply for AVNG4   TheDowIsUp on Apr 18, 12:27

I'd expect them all to have that kind of multiplier because of the time of year they are released, with or without a Star Wars movie.   RogerMore on Apr 18, 13:01

The biggest impact could be on the weekend box office the week tickets go on sale...   Silverblue76 on Apr 19, 12:02

I am back. I just check my hsx porfolio. I am worth 4 billion dollars {nm}   mike255 on Apr 11, 09:08

any news on when the new BONDS fund lists? it's been a little while ..   pacrat on Apr 10, 08:10

Soon Grasshopper....between family illness and trips that involve Europe and perhaps no HSX, we are on hold. {nm}   BONDS xXx on Apr 10, 20:14

Live long and prosper, Mr. Bonds.. :-) {nm}   Flash on Apr 11, 09:43

For my birthday I'm paintballing a bullseye on the back of my next target!   DTravel on Apr 06, 21:46

"I know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail nonetheless. Dread it. Run from it...    tatoufan on Apr 10, 05:03

Hmmmm, can I pass Neilthor AND tatoufan at the same time? Find out next week! Same HSX time, same HSX channel!   DTravel on Apr 10, 13:19

Plenty of good days ahead, Cheers! {nm}   tatoufan on Apr 10, 18:15

Passed one of you yesterday. {nm}   DTravel on Apr 11, 12:12

Endgame .OW set at H$255. That's pretty spicy stuff right there {nm}   MattW on Apr 01, 18:13

Bumped up to 260 today {nm}   MattW on Apr 02, 17:00

What difference is 5 bucks going to make on 255? {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Apr 03, 10:34

1.96078431373% {nm}   ndmaster on Apr 03, 21:20

Only 11 decimal places? {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Apr 04, 08:44

That's as far as my calculator on my computer went...I thought it was pretty decent. {nm}   ndmaster on Apr 05, 16:25

Must use a MAC. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Apr 06, 14:48

checked in after several year absence...turns out I bought SHAZM at 41 cents! {nm}   forlorne on Apr 01, 11:24

On the other hand, I shorted Brie Larson at $41... {nm}   forlorne on Apr 01, 11:26

I bought it at $4.78. I'm a very happy player right now. {nm}   JonaBurns on Apr 05, 08:48

I got it for a nickel! Easily the best purchase I've made here. {nm}   thoughtbubble on Apr 12, 07:06

Been gone for a while, why can't I see the history graphs for, well, anything?   Decoman on Mar 27, 07:34

close...need to enable Flash :) {nm}   tealfan on Mar 27, 09:19

Yep, that did it. You rock. {nm}   Decoman on Mar 28, 08:05

I'm enabled!! :-) {nm}   Flash on Mar 28, 09:08

we're all Flash's enablers {nm}   tealfan on Mar 28, 09:30

Except me, I don't want him catching up. {nm}   DTravel on Mar 28, 12:18

Slow down. :-) {nm}   Flash on Mar 29, 08:38

I have this this week. {nm}   DTravel on Mar 29, 13:37

Take the next year or so off... :-) {nm}   Flash on Mar 30, 12:47

Don't fire Danielle Panabaker. {nm}   DTravel on Apr 02, 12:18

Crush?? :-) {nm}   Flash on Apr 03, 09:05

Easier on my eyes than Candace Patton. :) {nm}   DTravel on Apr 03, 12:42

I miss Patty. {nm}   RazorHawk on Apr 04, 16:31

HSX going mobile?   fwerner on Mar 26, 13:18

The first person who starts singing 'On The Road Again' gets whacked!!   DTravel on Mar 26, 15:12

LOL {nm}   fwerner on Mar 27, 13:42

An app would be excellent, I think to NOT have this available on mobile in 2019 hurts the game overall. [nm]   Decoman on Mar 27, 07:31

Fixing the "reset rocketeer" problem seems more important than developing an app, although app wouldn't hurt {nm}   SenJohnBlutarsky on Mar 27, 10:33

Absolutely! Never saw any mention of the topic or request in these forums though {nm}   fwerner on Mar 27, 13:45

I've seen it asked about a few times over the years. Doesn't appear there are any plans for it though. {nm}   DTravel on Mar 27, 16:12

*Taps Moviesnob on the shoulder* Excuse me. Hi, coming thru.   DTravel on Mar 22, 11:46

<gets out of the way> {nm}   Moviesnob on Mar 22, 13:27

Ha! Okay, that's a response I wasn't expecting. :P {nm}   DTravel on Mar 22, 13:32

I liquidated my port and havent traded in 4 years :-P {nm}   Moviesnob on Mar 22, 20:00

Spoilsport. {nm}   DTravel on Mar 22, 20:17

Slow down. Speed trap ahead! {nm}   Catzan on Mar 30, 14:03

well im at $275m portfolio value...   jaymel on Mar 22, 09:38

Onward and upward! {nm}   Flash on Mar 22, 09:53

Keep on keepin' on. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Mar 23, 17:28

Big Spring jump today   Seattlezoid on Mar 20, 19:25

The Green Bird of HSX Happiness? {nm}   DTravel on Mar 20, 20:30

Actually, I'm in the red today...so much for the spring "bump." :-) {nm}   Flash on Mar 21, 13:22

That's just your port matching the color of your suit. :D {nm}   DTravel on Mar 21, 16:46

Hmm...hadn't thought of that one! :-) {nm}   Flash on Mar 22, 09:52

A broad, across the board sell-off today. Why?   berndog62 on Mar 22, 12:23

People jumping on the band wagon that reset traders started plus the usual slow bleeders. {nm}   DTravel on Mar 22, 16:33

Delta House Pledge Class (tips for freshmen from the brothers of Delta Tau Chi) -- Vol. 1: Playing the Players   SenJohnBlutarsky on Mar 20, 06:49

Good advice for noobies. Thanks {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Mar 20, 10:54

Bonds only port update   NVT_vs_bonds on Mar 17, 21:29

Wow   Catface on Mar 10, 16:32

Nice job...onward to $2 Billion!! {nm}   Flash on Mar 10, 16:36

Good work {nm}   MattW on Mar 10, 20:00

Keep on keepin' on. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Mar 11, 09:07

congrats! {nm}   tealfan on Mar 11, 09:37

Grab a brew! Don't cost nuthin'. {nm}   DTXbro on Mar 11, 12:05

have you met Catzan? =P {nm}   tealfan on Mar 11, 19:59

how do you even get to a $1B lol i've been playing for years and still in like $130M!!    tamparican on Mar 12, 17:06

How proficient are you at the game? What is your strategy?   ndmaster on Mar 17, 21:32

I started off years ago buying every superhero movie stock when they were all cheap    Catface on Mar 19, 14:30

Congrats {nm}   cj19 on Mar 12, 20:08

Congrats on the Milestone {nm}   Randy on Mar 13, 11:33

get a screenshot for posterity's sake ! :) {nm}   pacrat on Mar 13, 16:35

I do that too! {nm}   tealfan on Mar 14, 12:13

on several occasions, when i've had a particularly good day (such as really good star bond adjusts), I've saved screenshots {nm}   pacrat on Mar 16, 16:42

You have my favorite username on HSX. {nm}   ndmaster on Mar 13, 20:12

Thank you, ndmaster {nm}   SenJohnBlutarsky on Mar 17, 13:27

This one, not so much.   ndmaster on Mar 17, 21:34

Grab a brew! Don't cost nuthin'. {nm}   SenJohnBlutarsky on Mar 17, 13:27

Playing Philosophy.    MitchC on Mar 08, 10:54

If you are a billionaire its go big or go home. Buy max of the best investment, then the next best, repeat until out of money. {nm}   DTravel on Mar 08, 15:08

My philosophy   ndmaster on Mar 08, 20:02

I read this on the board a few months ago. Short what you just sold and buy what you just covered. Do it to the "max"   GruntNoNeck on Mar 09, 09:24

I always max on everything I buy (or short)...it's only play money and nothing worse than owning 10K shares of a blockbuster! {nm}   Flash on Mar 10, 05:18

I max, either way, if I want to invest, and I radar if I just want to keep an eye for later decision... {nm}   Lukasck on Mar 12, 13:01

Started May 29 2018, just crossed the $20M mark! Not sure if that's good or slow. :) {nm}   bluefishbaker on Mar 07, 08:07

It's a game we play for fun and in our own time. Don't make it a competition. Doing Great!! {nm}   chipshot on Mar 07, 08:29

sounds good to me {nm}   daveart on Mar 07, 08:46

just enjoy the milestones whenever they may come...congrats! {nm}   tealfan on Mar 07, 09:12

It's now part of my morning getting-into-work routine. I love it. {nm}   bluefishbaker on Mar 07, 11:44

Congrats {nm}   cj19 on Mar 07, 19:19

You really compete against yourself...everyone has different times to play, so keep up your efforts!! {nm}   Flash on Mar 08, 05:01

Nice. I bet you get to 40m in less than half the time.   MattW on Mar 10, 20:02

BONDS has crossed the line over 100 in just over 5 months and is ready to delist...   Buy BONDS xXx on Mar 05, 20:19

congrats {nm}   oneman on Mar 05, 20:51

It is so much easier to earn the same ROR with small ports. Duh   NVT_vs_bonds on Mar 05, 23:19

At the start there is a lot of low hanging fruit. As you go along, the DROi goes lower. Also, as you have more H$, more choices.   Buy BONDS xXx on Mar 06, 05:59

THANK? {nm}   psisson on Mar 06, 12:17

Thank You, MR. BINNS! Once Again You Have Managed BONDS To A Fast And Very Successful Conclusion.    kibitzer on Mar 06, 10:01

How can you people keep investing in a Fund that loses 80% of its value every few months!!???!?   DTravel on Mar 06, 10:51

Lol! We must be bad investors... {nm}   Lukasck on Mar 07, 15:25

Well done, sir. Thanks! {nm}   tatoufan on Mar 06, 16:21

Thanks for your work on the fund {nm}   cj19 on Mar 07, 19:19

Really appreciate the free H$ and hard work on your part !! {nm}   Flash on Mar 08, 05:02

Why is it that there are no Starbonds attached to BRDBX? {nm}   rickmonday on Mar 03, 11:29

If a movie doesn't report box office, its starbonds are detached and will not adjust after the moviestock delists. BRDBX hasn't reported BO    RogerMore on Mar 03, 11:42

Maybe they're attached, but no one who sees them survives? {nm}    DTXbro on Mar 04, 09:22

:-) {nm}   PhoneHome on Mar 05, 11:23

Thanks. Good one bro! {nm}   rickmonday on Mar 05, 18:44

Shorting CMARV - "Get woke, go broke" is real.   kswheels on Feb 28, 10:33

Well said oh great and wise trader who holds only one security. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Feb 28, 10:48

LOLs {nm}   chipshot on Feb 28, 11:46

Especially that he's been playing since 2006... and has a 3M port... (millions, not billions...) {nm}   Lukasck on Mar 01, 07:29

he used to have a really big account.... but he shorted Wonder Woman. {nm}   RazorHawk on Mar 01, 09:56

Hollywood has yet to go broke by pissing off Nerds. {nm}   DTravel on Feb 28, 15:37

Shorter: 'Comic book moviegoers are stale-thinking vestigial bigots running against the grain of modern America.' We're not persuaded. {nm}   DTXbro on Mar 03, 11:11

What's your disappointment level, under 100m? I say 95% chance it goes over that.   MattW on Mar 03, 16:02

I am more concerned with week 2 falloff. Would be fine with H$100m and a week 2 crash. (nm)   kswheels on Mar 03, 19:48

Thor3 had a 2.5 total multiplier. Combined with today's tracking of 125+ we're looking at 300 total dom on the lower end   MattW on Mar 05, 09:58

140 or more OW * 2.3 or better delist multi = 322.   MattW on Mar 06, 20:42

My only regret is shorting so soon. $90M opening $225M or less after a month. (NT) {nm}   kswheels on Mar 07, 09:27

349.4-352.8 on 4th Sunday guess {nm}   MattW on Mar 26, 16:30

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