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Do you think there is a deliberate move to run down the amount of Movie Funds available to invest in? {nm}   errol on Feb 19, 21:02

Does the OW adjust? If so how much? {nm}   HollywoodTycoon61 on Feb 19, 11:14

the .OW dont adjust, per se. they cash out based on box office. in the case of bpnth, estimates are around 235M so $H235/share   islndr on Feb 19, 12:02

OK. TY. Sure miss the adjusts. {nm}   HollywoodTycoon61 on Feb 19, 16:18

You'll just have to adjust to not having adjusts. {nm}   DTravel on Feb 19, 16:57

Do you think there is a deliberate move to run down the amount of Movie Funds available to invest in? {nm}   errol on Feb 19, 21:00

ooops wrong place for post apologies {nm}   errol on Feb 19, 21:03

Will AwardOptions cash out on Monday 3/5? {nm}   FiscalPolicy on Feb 19, 10:31

if Black Panther makes it to number 2, I've got djgrimlok winning the Winter Pick 7 {nm}   tealfan on Feb 19, 08:57

ok but what if it goes to #1 thats a possbility! {nm}   islndr on Feb 19, 09:28

it hadn't occurred to me that it might...but there's a chance!...   tealfan on Feb 19, 15:16

ill post an update to mvies board when the chart updates {nm}   islndr on Feb 19, 09:40

FWIW if Black Panther goes to number 1, I still get djgrimlok {nm}   tealfan on Feb 19, 22:24

What is the current multiplyer for 3/4 BO securities adjust? {nm}   HollywoodTycoon61 on Feb 16, 13:36

Used to be 2.7 and 2.2(???) respectably. Has it changed? {nm}   HollywoodTycoon61 on Feb 16, 14:02

if you're asking about opening weekend adjusts, there aren't adjusts anymore {nm}   tealfan on Feb 16, 15:13

Oh crap. thats what happens when i dont play for a while-plus the old age memory thinky. thanks {nm}   HollywoodTycoon61 on Feb 19, 10:23

Last adjust was Nov 2016 {nm}   JDolphin on Feb 16, 15:14

Has it been that long? Wow! {nm}   ndmster on Feb 16, 15:25

Does the OW adjust? if so how much? {nm}   HollywoodTycoon61 on Feb 19, 10:25

Has anyone developed a market average or index that would track general HSX market value?    DTXbro on Feb 15, 14:01

It's been asked before, but, not really. With IPOs and delists each day/week, too fluid a situation to make any sense. {nm}   ndmster on Feb 15, 18:58

The lays the difficulty...   fwerner on Feb 19, 15:56

*There {nm}   fwerner on Feb 19, 15:57

A few insights into my methods...   KaiGee on Feb 15, 19:22

Delta House portfolio currently indicates $4.35 billion in investments, with no duplicates of which we are aware.   DTXbro on Feb 16, 08:43

How would One use Market Average, Market Index or General Market Value for Decision-Making?   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Feb 16, 00:17

I'd say just for fun! But also...   fwerner on Feb 19, 16:03

It would be Just for 'Fun', or some version of that. Of No Use for Decision-Making. None. <INSIDE>.   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Feb 19, 18:00

Please stop spreading this garbage. Your claims are wrong.   KaiGee on Feb 19, 20:53

What is the practical application of the HSX tool on theun4gven?   FiscalPolicy on Feb 14, 18:40

Usually, once a MST turns, you can profit from it. Seeing it in real time helps timing. {nm}   ndmaster on Feb 14, 19:46

I use this same pricing info on my site and allow you to create a list of the biggest movers...   KaiGee on Feb 15, 19:24

You can see if a stock has moved for possible news or just reset trading, If a movie has gone up a lot, you can see if it has stopped or    JDolphin on Feb 16, 15:17

[BONDS] has passed 100 and is ready to delist. {nm}   Buy BONDS 28 on Feb 14, 17:35

Well-Done mrbinns! Thank You For the Profits. I Look Forward To Buying StarBond Fund 29 Very Soon. {nm}   kibitzer on Feb 14, 17:55

congrats {nm}   oneman on Feb 14, 19:02

Agreed! BONDS has been one of the steadiest performers for years. Kudos! {nm}   mattingly23 on Feb 15, 07:36

Thank you for the efforts...and the H$!!! {nm}   Flash on Feb 15, 08:47

Congrats and thanks for the free money {nm}   Randy on Feb 15, 20:19

Thank you Mr Bonds!   Doru on Feb 16, 04:59

[AFRAM] 12 has passed $100 and is ready for delist. {nm}   AFRAM The African-American Fund on Feb 14, 07:51

congrats {nm}   oneman on Feb 14, 10:18

RazorHawk, My Thanks and Congratulations to You for Successfully Managing the African-American Fund to a Profitable Delist! Now, Please {nm}   kibitzer on Feb 14, 10:43

'Take Two': RazorHawk, My Thanks and Congratulations to You for Successfully Managing the African-American Fund to a Profitable Delist! {nm}   kibitzer on Feb 14, 10:45

Appreciate the effort...thanks for the H$!!! {nm}   Flash on Feb 14, 12:44

delist when? new when?   hans62vdberg on Feb 14, 23:58

Congrats and thanks for the free money {nm}   Randy on Feb 15, 20:18

Its 9:00 in Calif butb IPO'S are listed as PreIPO'S {nm}   laujer on Feb 13, 09:10

Thought it was Wednesday. Sorry {nm}   laujer on Feb 13, 09:41

I love you. But, not in a weird way, you know? {nm}   ndmaster on Feb 13, 10:00

Not that there's anything wrong with that. {nm}   Jerry on Feb 14, 10:27

No, not at all. {nm}   George on Feb 15, 18:57

I just made my first million in 3-4 weeks at H$3 million {nm}   klarobass on Feb 11, 00:16

Well done there keep charging on. {nm}   blaze223 on Feb 11, 11:40

A+ {nm}   tallbridge on Feb 11, 11:54

Nicely Done. Best Wishes from Saskatoon. {nm}   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Feb 11, 15:54

Woo Hoo! on to 10 mil! {nm}   JDolphin on Feb 11, 18:30

Great job! {nm}   gordon06 on Feb 12, 05:57

Way to go!...keep up the work!! {nm}   Flash on Feb 12, 09:06

welcome to the site!...congrats! {nm}   tealfan on Feb 12, 09:41

Keep at it! {nm}   TheTomAsta on Feb 12, 09:51

Congrats on your milestone {nm}   Randy on Feb 12, 14:23

You're catching on way faster than I did, already well on your way to 4 million. Keep it up {nm}   MattW on Feb 13, 13:51

why is the stock price of JUMNJ.BW so low?   klarobass on Feb 10, 01:51

Because (virtually) every active investor has already bought it, so no one is buying more, which means the price doesn't move {nm}   RogerMore on Feb 10, 09:51

thanks. {nm}   klarobass on Feb 10, 10:17

That's why there's so much easy money in star bonds as well, too few active players to move the price before adjust day.   MattW on Feb 10, 18:00

Why would trading volume influence gains on bonds? Adjustments control prices. Just groom your portfolio properly. {nm}    DTXbro on Feb 11, 06:54

I think he is saying the same kind of thing happens with bonds, presenting bigger opportunities to profit at adjust {nm}   ndmaster on Feb 11, 10:44

The past couple weeks, I've noticed a discrepancy between the SB adjust announcement figure and what appears on the page. (see inside for ex   BuenaOnda on Feb 07, 12:19

The adjust was yesterday... {nm}   parthm_ on Feb 07, 12:24

Yeah, post adjust, they trade freely again. Yesterday, they were at the adjust prices. {nm}   ndmaster on Feb 07, 21:10

With Xmas, New Years, and MLK day, we had 3 out of 4 weeks adjusting on Wed - maybe you just go used to that {nm}   JDolphin on Feb 07, 23:48

My port is $15 mil down from new year but I've maintained my standing in the Billionaire's Club. Can someone explain the market nose dive? {nm}   BuenaOnda on Feb 07, 12:00

After the big returns of Christmas movies, the market tends to cool off. I wouldn't say it has turned down, though {nm}   ndmaster on Feb 08, 05:22

I threw an anchor on your port so I can pass you up...!! {nm}   Flash on Feb 08, 09:19

You're investing in the wrongs things, not investing in the rright things - I don't know I'm up 90mil since new years (no day trading) {nm}   JDolphin on Feb 08, 17:48

if you're not processing your starbonds on the proper day that could be part of the problem. Did you keep GODPT long - 4 mil loss if so {nm}   JDolphin on Feb 08, 17:55

Don't forget the Massive -20 MILL Smack-Down on (STAR8). {nm}   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Feb 08, 20:51

Most of that was before Jan1, but still 4mil after. hoepfully hold TGSOE and JUMJI long or that was 3mil and 10mil (either lost or not gain {nm}   JDolphin on Feb 08, 23:03

any tips or advice for playing Opening Weekend warrants?   klarobass on Feb 05, 16:34

typos   klarobass on Feb 05, 16:41

My two cents on Opening Weekend Warrants   vanssa on Feb 06, 09:02

I like to play them just before halt, maybe a day or two out   ndmaster on Feb 06, 23:46

It took me many years...but I reached the 100,000,000 club   magicrules22311 on Feb 03, 22:18

It's a bingo! {nm}   ndmaster on Feb 03, 22:42

Nicely Done. {nm}   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Feb 03, 23:54

congrats! {nm}   tealfan on Feb 04, 00:52

Nice milestone...on to $500 Million!! {nm}   Flash on Feb 04, 08:21

Great work. Keep it going. {nm}   cj19 on Feb 04, 10:26

Congratulations! {nm}   kibitzer on Feb 04, 11:01

Woo Hoo and a big CONGRATS {nm}   JDolphin on Feb 04, 16:28

Congrats {nm}   laujer on Feb 17, 18:19

Kaigeee: my apologies- Greatest Showman has kept the ridiculous hold !! and has passed Wonder. Sorry for the extra work.    JDolphin on Feb 03, 10:59

Newbie investment advice   ndmaster on Feb 02, 14:35

Link to an advice post of mine from some time back.   DTravel on Feb 02, 23:29

1 Billion Club. May I please get the super secret key to the washroom now?   TheTomAsta on Feb 01, 21:14

Nicely Done. *Sends Key to Billionaires' Washroom via Fedex.* Most Impressive: TOP 5 for 2018.   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Feb 01, 21:54

congrats! {nm}   tealfan on Feb 01, 22:10

Well done there {nm}   blaze223 on Feb 02, 08:24

Amazing! congrats on your milestone {nm}   Randy on Feb 02, 10:08

Woo Hoo! ! billion in 370 days is still impressive :) {nm}   JDolphin on Feb 02, 20:22

Congrats! Most impressive {nm}   Wrath_crfd on Feb 03, 03:11

Great Work. {nm}   cj19 on Feb 03, 07:11

Welcome to the Billionaire lifestyle!! go spend some of that fake money!! :-) {nm}   Flash on Feb 03, 09:20

I have a fake bridge he can buy. {nm}   DTravel on Feb 03, 16:47

8 Billion Milestone {nm}   oneman on Jan 29, 12:43

Nicely Done. {nm}   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Jan 29, 13:37

Congrats! {nm}   Wrath_crfd on Jan 29, 14:36

congrats! {nm}   tealfan on Jan 29, 15:04

Well done there {nm}   blaze223 on Jan 30, 00:33

Woo Hoo! Woo Hoo! {nm}   JDolphin on Jan 30, 00:36

Congratulations oneman! Way to go! {nm}   EarthMotherYTD2015 on Jan 30, 02:00

Excellent work! {nm}   gordon06 on Jan 30, 12:03

Congrats on the milestone {nm}   Randy on Jan 30, 20:04

HIP HIP ^8 {nm}   Buy BONDS 28 on Jan 31, 00:24

Super are in rare company!!! {nm}   Flash on Jan 31, 14:42

Great Work. {nm}   cj19 on Feb 03, 07:11

Congrats {nm}   laujer on Feb 17, 18:24

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