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Hey Flash! DTravel Feb 24, 10:29

Well, glad somebody's staying ahead of you! lol! Flash Feb 24, 16:42

See if you can catch Mojave Mom...she's a good friend from waaaaay back. Flash Feb 24, 16:46

So you're saying The Flash got left in the dust by an old lady. {nm} DTravel Feb 24, 17:14

She was already way ahead when I started... Flash Feb 25, 08:37

Actually, no, I don't remember. I didn't join HSX until after shorting was available. {nm} DTravel Feb 25, 09:37

No wonder you're ahead of me. :-) {nm} Flash Feb 25, 13:02

You should have had enough of a head start that I COULDN'T catch you in the first place! {nm} DTravel Feb 25, 14:30

If we could have shorted back in them thar days and buy 100K shares, etc.... you'd probably be in my rear view mirror. :-) {nm} Flash Feb 25, 15:48

Inside DTravel Feb 25, 22:47

*smiles* Gotta love friendly rivalry! :-) {nm} Flash Feb 26, 12:00

Bad hair day for sure! {nm} Grunt Feb 26, 13:10

He can "Thbbft!" at you too, ya know! :-P {nm} DTravel Feb 26, 13:19

The Dig shelact Feb 21, 12:06

Maybe post this on the Feedback Board. {nm} Flash Feb 24, 09:16

Who's up for some reminiscing? ndmaster Feb 13, 15:29

That is THE day I logged in late;-{( {nm} Grunt Feb 13, 19:10

I thought it was wild when very early in the day, I was up 7MM ndmaster Feb 13, 22:24

Ditto...I lost a ton that day! {nm} Flash Feb 18, 11:33

A very good day for me as well {nm} albrown Feb 13, 19:28

Seven "B"ees make a lot of honey. :) {nm} DTravel Feb 11, 09:59

congrats! {nm} tealfan Feb 11, 22:20

congrats {nm} oneman Feb 12, 07:49

Niiiiiice!! Now slow down! Flash Feb 12, 08:39

Maybe having someone to chase will motivate you to move faster than an arthritic snail? :-D {nm} DTravel Feb 12, 11:27

HEY! grrrrrrrr! Flash Feb 12, 14:14

Never should have let me catch up with you in the first place. :-P {nm} DTravel Feb 12, 20:36

Well, not everyone can be here 24/7... :p {nm} Flash Feb 13, 08:37

HA! Its only recently that I've been checking in here more than once a day. Most of the time I was playing on my lunch at work. {nm} DTravel Feb 13, 09:04

*Sigh* {nm} Flash Feb 15, 14:46

New "additional" challenge for you... Flash Feb 17, 15:50

It might take a while but I'm sure I could reduce your port to only 6 million. Wouldn't it be faster to just reset? {nm} DTravel Feb 18, 12:06

More seriously I posted some time ago my investing guidelines. Look in my profile for the link. {nm} DTravel Feb 18, 15:18

Some good thoughts!! Nice of you to post'em! {nm} Flash Feb 19, 09:03

Very nice! {nm} Grunt Feb 12, 11:04

Outstanding! {nm} WBROXFund Feb 12, 19:46

Great Work {nm} cj19 Feb 12, 19:55

Bzzzzzzzzzz {nm} ndmaster Feb 13, 15:29

Congrats ^7 {nm} mrbinns Feb 17, 05:58

SPORT has limped home {nm} SportsFund Feb 09, 04:43

Limping or running, congrats on getting there! Thanks for the mucho effort! {nm} Flash Feb 09, 08:04

I like the NFL BOWL options (Not S****) and it is sort of over under. How about straight up and down? Win or Lose? (or with the spread) {nm} mrbinns Feb 02, 19:34

Don't get why one Super Bowl Derivative is going up & the other down (explained below) Tallwonder Feb 05, 22:52

Maybe traders are going for the most money not the safest bet {nm} JDolphin Feb 06, 00:38

People think that one team will score more points than the other. ndmaster Feb 06, 16:13

lol..since that message both are up! {nm} Tallwonder Feb 06, 23:50

Because it's not a zero sum game.You will make money if one team outperforms while the other underperforms. {nm} Antibody Feb 07, 11:30

Is there any place to see what's in a star's TAG? ShawnVW Feb 02, 19:09

it's always the star's last five films...I think it's defined in the Glossary linked at the bottom of each page {nm} tealfan Feb 02, 19:28

or 4 or 3 if there are less than 5. The inactive films are listed on the StarBOnd pages. {nm} Antibody Feb 03, 08:44

Are you sure? I don't see CHCH2 on CCOLU's page, or JUJTS on TJAA's page {nm} ShawnVW Feb 03, 23:06

Starbonds are detached from movies that have not reported any box office (Zero Box Office - ZBO) one week before they delist. DTravel Feb 04, 09:25

They won't be their TAG. {nm} Antibody Feb 04, 09:46

So there's a difference between "inactive films" and films with ZBO? {nm} ShawnVW Feb 06, 08:36

Mostly ZBO are a subset of inactive Moviestocks but yes, there is a difference. DTravel Feb 06, 09:40

MovieStocks with no box office do not enter into a StarBond's TAG. {nm} Antibody Feb 07, 11:31

Goggins price adjustment gone wrong? Tallwonder Feb 02, 11:39

TAG should be 43,928,499 not 55,357,693 {nm} DTravel Feb 02, 12:33

Nope, it is right. ndmaster Feb 02, 19:02

Antibody fixed it. {nm} DTravel Feb 02, 20:01

Back after a LONG hiatus LogBomb Jan 26, 00:20

Welcome back! Flash Jan 26, 09:12

Thanks! Good to see Antibody (probably the only "old" name I would recognize) is still around :) {nm} LogBomb Jan 26, 23:58

*Sniff* That hurts. :-) {nm} Flash Feb 10, 15:40

Time is relative. Only 4 of the top 100 ports started after you joined. Abraxas Feb 15, 18:42

Just thought of another question LogBomb Jan 27, 00:11

https://www.the-numbers.com/ Grunt Jan 27, 08:52

Boy, have you got a learning curve. Good luck and a ditto of Flash. {nm} Grunt Jan 26, 11:09

Nice to see you back. All Delist CashOuts will show up in the Trade History. {nm} RotoHockeyYTD2014 Jan 26, 14:14

I find it hard to believe where some of these MST prices are still. ndmaster Jan 13, 21:24

I know...the price of some movie stocks just don't make sense to me either, crazy! Short? Long? Short? Long? :-p {nm} Flash Jan 14, 08:41

closing 30% of the theaters should only reduce total box office 10%-15%. Only 1/3 the theaters do 75% of the box office on big titles. Moviesnob Jan 14, 08:56

Agreed. Look at WOND2: likely to delist ~H$35 next week but there's over 225M shares still held long despite considerable losses. {nm} stormgod Jan 14, 10:10

Probably many shares held by inactive ports, or people who don't log in much...that's crazy! {nm} Flash Jan 14, 15:45

Wait - if it will delist at ~35 next week and it sits at ~7 right now, isnt long the right position to hold? {nm} LogBomb Jan 26, 03:57

Just went to check the BO numbers for the movie - I guess you meant the movie will make about 35M in total BO and so the derivative cashes LogBomb Jan 26, 03:58

Blade & Morbius Bluescorpio Jan 13, 03:18

Net Worth MitchC Jan 03, 14:36

Au Contraire. At least one (1) Port had a Positive ONE-DAY GAIN of +192.7 MILL on December 02, 2020. Lots with 100+ MILL GAINS that day. RotoHockeyYTD2014 Jan 03, 16:16

KAIGEE: TOP 100 HSX Traders for the Year 2020 -- #1 GAIN of +1.872 BILLION - - #100 GAIN OF +276.88 MILLION. RotoHockeyYTD2014 Jan 03, 16:45

When will BWDOW.RP and JB25.RP cash out? I don't see them on the calendar; they're Nov 15th & Dec 1 puts (respectively) {nm} stormgod Jan 03, 11:40

Probably 60 days after the put date {nm} RBlaine Jan 03, 16:39

Yay! My YTD is green again after 10 months! {nm} lagunacat Jan 01, 01:47

It's been a killer year...not just with the virus, but ports as well..I'm STILL in the red YTD! grrrr! {nm} Flash Jan 01, 11:34

15 hours ahead of you lagunacat Jan 01, 16:37

Someone hacked my account! (I am NOT dead) {More-->} NeilSite_VanThomas Dec 29, 07:19

You should be banned from these boards for all the **** you've pulled on here over the years. ndmaster Dec 29, 16:16

it's the sequel that nobody asked for. {nm} AFRAM The African-American Fund Dec 30, 01:09

We didn't want the original, let alone a sequel. {nm} DTravel Dec 30, 22:32

You and ndmaster are just jealous that I have advanced far more than you this year. {nm} NeilSite_VanThomas Dec 31, 05:01

ROFLMAO. I've made more just this year than four times what your total net worth is. {nm} DTravel Dec 31, 09:40

That may be true, but percent is what counts: I am up nearly 71% YTD, I moved up 5.4 points in the Percentile. What about YOU?! {nm} NeilSite_VanThomas Dec 31, 10:15

Just a tip: It's hard for players to move up MUCH further than 99.9% {nm} Flash Dec 31, 10:55

YTD % is fine, it's LTD that really matters. {nm} Flash Dec 31, 10:57

STOOPID Russians. Of all the Ports to Hack, they chose to Hack a Port that is virtually Worthless in Value. {nm} Captain Obvious Dec 31, 23:45

It could have been China! #JustSaying {nm} NeilSite_VanThomas Jan 01, 06:15

Well, if you want a dick measuring contest, I'm up 76% YTD and my port is up to 705MM ndmaster Dec 31, 10:57

My fund has already passed him... after only a week. {nm} AFRAM The African-American Fund Dec 31, 11:16

I *knew* I held this fund for a reason! :-) {nm} Flash Dec 31, 11:56

According to KaiGee, I'm #11 in H$ made so far this year. DTravel Dec 31, 14:47

Smallest port on the list! Woot! {nm} ndmaster Dec 31, 18:57

But my rank and percentile only ever increases...that's how I know I will make it to the coveted No. 1 spot. {nm} NeilSite_VanThomas Dec 31, 19:46

Not if you aren't making more H$ than everyone else. You're just doing better than the other ports about your size. {nm} DTravel Dec 31, 20:30

"According to KaiGee". So now your existence is determined by the very source of blatant market manipulation on HSX. #Smh {nm} NeilSite_VanThomas Jan 01, 06:14

*ssssssssWHAP* {nm} DTravel Jan 01, 13:00

So, you just acted like your mom got on your account and said you were dead, huh? ndmaster Dec 31, 10:08

Did you not read my post? My account was hacked! (That wasn't me). {nm} NeilSite_VanThomas Dec 31, 10:16

You are so full of ****. Get a life. {nm} ndmaster Dec 31, 10:21

But it took you a looong time to mention it. {nm} Grunt Dec 31, 10:49

Not really, I am hardly on this site anymore...been here 2 years on this port, only traded 280 of those days, or 37% of the time. {nm} NeilSite_VanThomas Dec 31, 19:43

Done with this fool. Fakes his death saying he's his mother. We all know his site and how to find him. He's just a sorry excuse for even a {nm} NOLEAFCLOVR Dec 31, 20:08

TROLL. {nm} NOLEAFCLOVR Dec 31, 20:09

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! ** NeilSite_VanThomas Jan 01, 06:10

Let's hope this is only the beginning of this. ndmaster Jan 01, 19:22

Encourage or threaten with violence ..... every great story does need a villain {nm} unaturalx Jan 04, 11:51

One definition of "an adventure" is "A series of very unpleasant events happening to someone else far away". DTravel Jan 04, 18:09

Hahaha, Cheers to you sir. {nm} unaturalx Jan 06, 09:47

I See That Razorhawk's "New" THE AFRTCAN-AMERTCAN FUND 17 (AFRAM) Is Now Trading. Razorhawk's record as manager of AFRAM is excellent. kibitzer Dec 22, 09:24

Errr...AFRICAN-AMERICAN...Apologies {nm} kibitzer Dec 22, 09:26

What happens with (SOUL) Dec 1 PUT? Tallwonder Dec 22, 07:06

It's explained in the description. {nm} Antibody Dec 22, 08:23

I think it's coming to Disney+ on December 25th so that would be its "U.S. release date (Theatrical or Streaming)" {nm} FrozenDude Dec 22, 09:07

I don't understand why so many of these have not cashed out yet that are well over 60 days past the strike date. ndmaster Dec 22, 21:06

Whoops, my bad. I was looking at the IPO date, not strike date. Sorry. {nm} ndmaster Dec 22, 21:08

Hi there - UK Player of 5 years returning to HSX and I'm missing a few things... RickandMorty Dec 16, 16:10

Biggest news...max share limits of movie stocks are now150K, Options/Derivatives now 25K, Opening warrants 100K, and funds are now 20K {nm} Flash Dec 16, 16:27

And StarBonds are 25K also. {nm} Grunt Dec 16, 18:53

Price Movement list loads for me KaiGee Dec 16, 21:31

Thank you so much KaiGee, you're a star! RickandMorty Dec 17, 05:08

Chimp still works for me - Firefox {nm} JDolphin Dec 16, 23:07

...And the value of FAST on my port looks strange as well... cmbastos Dec 15, 04:51

Coming back to it, the avg. price is wrong cmbastos Dec 15, 09:54

You likely have a duplicate transaction. Antibody Dec 15, 11:22

Wow, thanks! And sorry... i shorted EVE and FAST on the same day, back in March, 14, and crossed the prices... everything is fine now! {nm} cmbastos Dec 15, 11:47

Anybody else having a problem with the EVE delist? cmbastos Dec 15, 04:27

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