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Why can't see see purchase history for funds? {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Jun 20, 11:17

the fund's holdings are there and number of shares...do you mean what the fund paid for them? {nm}   tealfan on Jun 20, 12:04

When I go to "trade history", I would like to know when I purchased the fund. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Jun 20, 12:51

Just a call out to everyone. Make sure you have your shares of the all the funds! Don't let easy money pass on by! {nm}   SEETVFund on Jun 19, 17:05

I got'em...and even that SEETV Fund is up today!! {nm}   Flash on Jun 20, 08:51

players moving 20-30 million+ shares/week-what are you trading that much? I do some day trades for fun but don't come anywhere near that {nm}   forlorne on Jun 19, 13:33

They trade some after reset to get others to move it further, then they flip. And flip again. And just for the heck of it flip again. {nm}   DTravel on Jun 19, 17:09

Weird non-Milestone: H$100,000+ daily interest   DTravel on Jun 18, 12:51

great weird milestone! congrats {nm}   egolub on Jun 18, 17:17

money to burn! {nm}   tealfan on Jun 18, 17:23

That's about 1.46 M in cash {nm}   Buy BONDS 31 on Jun 19, 05:32

Billion {nm}   ndmaster on Jun 19, 15:53

Soon you won't know what to spend all your H$ on! :-) {nm}   Flash on Jun 19, 08:21

What is the name of the app that graphs the performance of a stock by clicking on Today's Change?   GruntNoNeck on Jun 14, 19:20

This one? http://theun4gven.com/hsx/daily.php?sec= {nm}   MattW on Jun 14, 20:15

That is it. Thanks Matt {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Jun 15, 10:59

Well, that was the name but now I need the link for the download. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Jun 15, 12:36

I'm not familiar with a download, just that site and add the movie stock on the end {nm}   MattW on Jun 15, 17:04

That gave me what I needed. There was a link to send an e-mail. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Jun 15, 19:53

This is weird. I am playing one port and maintaining another. I have un4gven in one but not the other. It must be a "flag" I have set in HSX {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Jun 16, 14:44

i don't know if this what you're looking for but.....   SEETV Fund on Jun 17, 13:48

This is exactly what I needed. Thank you.   GruntNoNeck on Jun 17, 18:01

no problem. I'm glad it was what you needed. {nm}   SEETV Fund on Jun 18, 13:28

TomAsta passed me :(    MattW on Jun 14, 17:16

Lots of effort and a little bit of luck. I will keep an eye out over my shoulder. {nm}   TheTomAsta on Jun 19, 18:50

Milestone : $750m   Shirtavius on Jun 11, 10:06

Nice, getting close to a billion. Keep it up! {nm}   tatoufan on Jun 11, 13:54

congrats! {nm}   tealfan on Jun 11, 14:50

Good going!! Keep your eye focused on that key you get to the Exec. washroom when you hit $1B!! {nm}   Flash on Jun 11, 15:13

Hey Flash...   chipshot on Jun 12, 14:50

The only one I've ever 'heard' from was   Flash on Jun 14, 07:36

Which, by the way   Flash on Jun 15, 09:01

[AFRAM] 14 has passed $100 and is ready for delist. {nm}   AFRAM The African-American Fund on Jun 10, 17:07

congrats {nm}   oneman on Jun 10, 18:11

SHOW ME THE... *is handed a thick envelope* Oh, thank you! {nm}   DTravel on Jun 10, 22:06

Well Done, RazorHawk! I Eagerly Await AFRAM 15! {nm}   kibitzer on Jun 11, 08:01

Once again...thank you for the efforts, and the fake $$ ! {nm}   Flash on Jun 11, 08:04

Eager for #15. Thank you! {nm}   forlorne on Jun 12, 06:51

Nice going RH....tougher than usual.....where is BPNTH when you need it? Thanks as usual {nm}   Buy BONDS 31 on Jun 14, 06:48

Derivatives still not active again for me   Tallwonder on Jun 08, 22:01

If it is still happening see inside   GruntNoNeck on Jun 09, 08:29

Secret sauce speculation   MattW on Jun 07, 23:14

I've always thought there must be a formula to start some "correction" in small increments after a lot of movement....   NOLEAFCLOVR on Jun 08, 00:29

Yeah I noticed a lot of stocks had the same movement in H$ despite varying process and volume over the previous days. {nm}   MattW on Jun 08, 08:23

Shorting a Call?   Ecorrigan on Jun 05, 05:36

No. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Jun 05, 08:54

Easy way to find out. Short and long one share off each call and put for one warrant and observe the payout. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Jun 05, 10:36

I do not recommend shorting a call or put. The potential gains are limited while the potential losses are unlimited. {nm}   Nobody on Jun 05, 09:17

Techniclly, you are correct, but realistically, you're overstating the risk. {nm}   ndmaster on Jun 05, 21:57

my thoughts   jaymel on Jun 05, 21:25

Milstone...15 B.....thank you AVNG4 {nm}   Buy BONDS 31 on May 31, 06:29

congrats {nm}   oneman on May 31, 06:35

Wow! Nice milestone!! {nm}   Flash on May 31, 06:47

Super! {nm}   islndr on May 31, 07:03

THAT is a legit milestone! {nm}   forlorne on May 31, 07:24

Excellent!!! Congrats to you. {nm}   gordon06 on May 31, 08:28

GREAT, I hope I have the endurance to get there. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on May 31, 08:46

congrats! {nm}   tealfan on May 31, 11:27

It's a Bingo! {nm}   ndmaster on May 31, 15:00

Awesome work and well deserved. {nm}   cj19 on May 31, 17:28

Huge! Well done, sir. {nm}   tatoufan on Jun 01, 16:48

sweet. {nm}   CSBD on Jun 02, 05:30

Grab a brew. Don’t cost nuthin’. {nm}    SenJohnBlutarsky on Jun 02, 05:31

Well Done, Mr. Binns! {nm}   kibitzer on Jun 02, 11:36

Make a quick $1 million in 2 hours by buying CMARV.BW before 4PM PST {nm}   sentinel423 on May 28, 13:41

Why are my limit orders filling before the price I set?   FinBuenasNoches on May 27, 01:34

example   FinBuenasNoches on May 27, 01:36

A limit order for less than than current price executes immediately. It's not a stop-loss. I think.   Wellespring on May 27, 03:04

ok I think I understand now. Thanks {nm}   FinBuenasNoches on May 27, 03:24

Yeah, people forget the or better part. {nm}   ndmaster on May 27, 08:01

Quick tip (part of a periodic series for newer HSXers) -- quick, easy, free, sound bond advice   SenJohnBlutarsky on May 23, 11:04

Agreed! MR. BINNS, "proprieter" of StarBonds Fund (31), "is an exquisitely skilled trader." BUY BONDS!    kibitzer on May 24, 07:31

Negative. I'm already losing $ on BONDS. I don't recommend. {nm}   NeilSite_VanThomas on May 27, 06:35

Haha! This takes the cake... {nm}   ndmaster on May 27, 09:28

Only you... {nm}   tatoufan on May 27, 17:13

Billionaire club finally! Thanks to the AVNG4 Star Bonds! {nm}   nikedj1909 on May 21, 12:26

Nice! If I remember right, it was one of the Harry Potters that got me over that hump. {nm}   forlorne on May 21, 13:34

Congratulations! {nm}   tatoufan on May 21, 13:56

Nicely done {nm}   MattW on May 21, 17:38

Great job! {nm}   IM Deplorable on May 21, 17:49

It's a Bingo! {nm}   ndmaster on May 21, 18:24

congrats! {nm}   tealfan on May 22, 06:54

Keep on keepin' on. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on May 22, 08:29

Your key to the Executive washroom is now available...please contact HSX for your copy.    Flash on May 22, 11:09

Yassss! Best reply! {nm}   nikedj1909 on May 24, 05:06

Congrats {nm}   cj19 on May 22, 16:21

Grab a brew! Don't cost nuthin'. {nm}   SenJohnBlutarsky on May 23, 06:40

...and free brews!!! {nm}   nikedj1909 on May 24, 05:07

Hello $8 Billion {nm}   hyhwong on May 21, 11:59

congrats {nm}   oneman on May 21, 12:22

Awesome work {nm}   MattW on May 21, 17:40

congrats {nm}   tealfan on May 22, 06:54

Keep on keepin' on. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on May 22, 08:29

That's ONE big milestone!! Kudos! {nm}   Flash on May 22, 11:10

Great job! {nm}   IM Deplorable on May 22, 13:01

Congrats {nm}   cj19 on May 22, 16:21

** This post has been removed by the forum moderator! **   BENF05 on May 20, 19:00

Yep, that's exactly why it's popping...   berndog62 on May 20, 20:05

Friendly advice, posts like that are seriously frowned upon. Players are not supposed to comment or ask about price movements.   DTravel on May 20, 20:13

fascinating!   BENF05 on May 20, 21:26

did something happen to the upcoming Starbond fund? i thought i saw it listed as coming up new next week   Sodbuster on May 16, 15:49

Its still listed for Tuesday. Same as when i last checked yesterday. Maybe you missed it or it was removed for a short while. {nm}   thomasisnewhere on May 16, 16:43

yeah see it now .... maybe i just didn't see it .... you start looking at things real fast and it's easy to miss something {nm}   Sodbuster on May 17, 06:48

Is 3 Million.. A "Big Loss" to a port of a billion plus dollars.    MitchC on May 14, 10:27

a little less than 0.3%. nothing to sweat about, most of the losses are probably from commissions paid trying to chase volatile stocks. {nm}   forlorne on May 14, 13:22

Thanks. Some stocks did take big losses. I guess the number just got my attention. {nm}   MitchC on May 14, 13:39

The funny thing. With my "noticing the loss" I actually went up 13 places in the ranks yesterday, so maybe people took similar losses {nm}   MitchC on May 15, 03:17

Yeah, that's a good barometer to see how you're doing. If you're down less than those around you, that's good.   ndmaster on May 15, 11:33

I see your point, nd. I've lost another $500,000 so far today. The port seems very volatile the last 3-4 days {nm}   MitchC on May 15, 12:34

you can sort columns by gains/losses daily. are you holding some of the soon to be or recently released movies that are likely overpriced? {nm}   forlorne on May 15, 13:44

The only current movie I have is Avengers. I'm going to wait for that to delist. {nm}   MitchC on May 15, 15:25

I have never dumped my port even when I have million dollar losses a day. Such thought has gotten me to over a billion. I just keep trying {nm}   MitchC on May 15, 15:26

So, are you just running a bond portfolio, for all intents and purposes?   ndmaster on May 15, 21:48

Seriously? Down 0.1% is volatile? {nm}   Antibody on May 15, 18:23

Come on, don't you know he's related to Madoff... {nm}   ndmaster on May 15, 21:51

I get the urge to dump my port about once a month, then it comes back. Don't give up. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on May 15, 14:39

Probably my biggest vice is if I short something that plunges, it goes back up, and then I dump it. I rush in spite of my total . {nm}   MitchC on May 15, 15:29

Know why you short something, and what to expect. Then, if it goes your way, take profits, don't wait. {nm}   ndmaster on May 15, 20:05

nd, I short something because it keeps going down. sometimes I sell, and it goes down more, so I rebuy, wait for more drop, then sell again {nm}   MitchC on May 16, 04:43

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