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Whisper Numbers: Pets ain’t afraid of no Ghostbusters

This weekend finally brings the opening of this summer’s most talked about movie Ghostbusters [GHST3]. However, the level of buzz appears unlikely to be enough to topple The Secret Life of Pets [PETS]. Even if its second weekend decline by more than 40%, $60 million will likely keep The Secret Life of Pets in first place.

After years of unsuccessful attempts to make a second sequel, Sony finally decided to reboot Ghostbusters with a new cast: Melissa McCarthy [MMCCA], Kristen Wiig [KWIIG], Kate McKinnon [KAMCK] and Leslie Jones [LJONE]. Unfortunately, the female leads have upset a vocal minority of sexist haters out to sabotage the film. Despite their negativity though, the PG-13 rated fantasy comedy has been met with mostly positive reviews. Director Paul Feig [PFEIG] has a track-record of delivering hits targeted at women, which as a group should more than make up for the men boycotting the film. Ghostbusters will also attract families with parents nostalgic for the 30-year-old classic. Advance tickets sales are brisk with no sign of a Fantastic Four-level disaster. Streaming into 3963 theater, Ghostbusters could cross over $50 million.

The Legend of Tarzan [TARZN] looks to swing pass the $100 million mark with another $10 million.  Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates may lose 50% of its debut to around $8 million.

Bryan Cranston [BCRAN] toplines the R-rated thriller The Infiltrator [NFILT]. Broad Green targets fans of "Breaking Bad", but has not really spend the advertising dollars. The film opened on Wednesday and collected less than $0.8 million. The Infiltrator could tap just $4 million over the weekend from 1600 locations.

That’s the whisper from the virtual trading floor.


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By Box Office Whisperer on Thursday, July 14, 2016 @ 03:59 PM 1673 views

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Friday, July 15 at 13:01 PM Pacific
"Unfortunately, the female leads have upset a vocal minority of sexist haters out to sabotage the film." Really? Come on...
Saturday, July 16 at 09:45 AM Pacific
I dont want to see the film.....doesnt make me sexist....it just looks terrible, Paul Feig even said in an interview that he didn't have a good idea for a Ghost3usters movie, and then thought to himself, what if they were women, and made the movie anyways


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