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The Private Theater Rentals are still very popular in NYC. 13 of 16 slots sold for Sunday AMC24. TheWeekendWarrior Mar 06, 15:42

NPORT has definitely not been skipping arms day lately in these set photos from THOR4 notfabio Mar 06, 14:38

V: PALMR has nearly as many views as GREYH on AppleTV+ Antibody Mar 06, 13:32

ThR Box office up 14% with NYC reopening notfabio Mar 06, 08:48

Deadline: Not underestimated it appears now 2.5 Friday for Raya, 8 weekend notfabio Mar 06, 08:30

1.3 Chaos Walking, Tom and Jerry down 52% {nm} notfabio Mar 06, 08:33

BOG: still looking like a better PSA than Croods 2 for Raya notfabio Mar 06, 08:35

who knows if it was correctly explained to them but claims that one DPP $30 rental = 5 or 6 physical ticket sales pickle rick! Mar 06, 11:30

one tvod view is 2 viewers with kids titles, but at a $30 price point they may be getting more. 5 or 6 seems like a lot {nm} Moviesnob Mar 06, 12:19

Maybe with Coming 2 America on Amazon, people are renting Raya on Disney plus and making a weekend of it? {nm} austpow Mar 06, 12:35

They were more likely to be watching WandaVision last night. {nm} Antibody Mar 06, 13:05

and as polling has consistently shown, the majority of America is not going back until herd immunity, which no city is even close to yet {nm} pickle rick! Mar 06, 13:07

Yep. You can't out-advertise a pandemic, and economic collapse. It's probably 6 months to 1 year. {nm} 3ebfan511 Mar 06, 14:48

i'll go back for the right film after i'm vaxxed, but in LA i'm not expecting that to be for at least a month (50+ age group) {nm} pickle rick! Mar 06, 14:59

Right. Some people who love movies will trickle bsck {nm} 3ebfan511 Mar 06, 15:18

Right. Some people who love movies will trickle bsck {nm} 3ebfan511 Mar 06, 15:18

Right. Some people who love movies will trickle bsck {nm} 3ebfan511 Mar 06, 15:18

Oops...but the majority who are less into movies, and much of the population broke. {nm} 3ebfan511 Mar 06, 15:19

Oops...but the majority who are less into movies, and much of the population broke. {nm} 3ebfan511 Mar 06, 15:19

It will be a long time for "normal" or anything near it. I expect to be vaccinated in July. {nm} 3ebfan511 Mar 06, 15:20

Chaos Walking skates by with a B Cinemascore, Boogie C notfabio Mar 06, 07:24

RAYA A notfabio Mar 06, 07:25

DLH: VERITY: 'Think You've Seen 'TENET'? You Haven't Been Truly Confused & Underwhelmed Until You've Seen It On The BIG Screen!'. RotoHockeyYTD2014 Mar 06, 06:39

West Virginia will still require masks, but all COVID-19 capacity limits lifted on movie theatres for 3/6. notfabio Mar 05, 18:48

They actually have been one of the most successful in terms of vaccinations (but aren't a major box office generator) {nm} notfabio Mar 05, 18:50

DL Fri pm box office projection is back! RAYAD $3M today / $9M-$10M weekend Antibody Mar 05, 15:44

Nature is healing! {nm} notfabio Mar 05, 15:59

*sets reminder for three weeks from today* pickle rick! Mar 05, 16:28

I'm more worried about the "personal responsibility" states and that Cinemark/AMC have been silent on sticking to mask policy notfabio Mar 05, 17:01

so.....worse than Tom and Jerry....(which was also available SVOD, and even cheaper.) People are not ready to go back to theaters....a lot 3ebfan511 Mar 05, 17:41

It's playing in around 400 less major grossing theatres so this is actually better per screen (but also likely this is being underestimated) {nm} notfabio Mar 05, 17:44

What also hurts is Cinemark has strong theatres in Hispanic communities which are the most enthusiastic family film audiences {nm} notfabio Mar 05, 17:48

AMC is also still closed in San Francisco this weekend (Cinemark is open and just showing Tom and Jerry) and that's 3% of the US box office {nm} notfabio Mar 05, 17:52

I do have to take some of that back, while Google still lists AMC being closed, AMC's site does have sold out showtimes for RAYA in SF. {nm} notfabio Mar 05, 17:53

Ah ok...its a toss-up, but at best perhaps....as ___ (bad ?) as Tom and Jerry.... {nm} 3ebfan511 Mar 05, 18:24

Disney has 10 times the engagement that HBO has. If the movie does half of TOM AND JERRY at the box office, Disney will be dancing {nm} Moviesnob Mar 05, 18:27

I doubt it, nor would that make sense......but they likely care more about the PVOD numbers. {nm} 3ebfan511 Mar 05, 19:36

thats why they didnt push theatrical (and held to their film terms) and will be happy with what they are getting there. {nm} Moviesnob Mar 05, 19:55

KTLA: Friday GOOD news drop surprise CA Gov approves Disneyland/etc can open at 15% capacity in Red Tier April 1st notfabio Mar 05, 14:58

Gov. Newsome hoping it will avert a recall, probably. :-) {nm} Flash Mar 05, 15:54

Yep, it's definitely looking like political pressure is in the drivers seat though they clearly didn't tip-off Disney, et all this week notfabio Mar 05, 16:02

the math seems inevitable on that. he's in no danger of actually losing it, except by ****ing up the COVID response even more {nm} pickle rick! Mar 05, 16:06

how wonderful would Disneyland be at only 15% full? Rishoutfield Mar 05, 20:19

V: NOMDL is being scrubbed from Chinese internet and unlikely to open April 23 due to old CZHAO quotes. Antibody Mar 05, 14:29

May also affect ETRNL release in China. {nm} Antibody Mar 05, 14:31

Too late for Disney to claim Eternals: An Alan Smithee Film? {nm} notfabio Mar 05, 14:47

well i'm sure all the studios will take a similarly hard line in support of her {nm} pickle rick! Mar 05, 14:33

my immediate thoughts were to 1984; time to go rewatch {nm} sneak Mar 05, 16:06

Adam Aron was on the Closing Bell with CNBC just now, AMC has now raised 2.2 billion, no plans for an additional stock offering soon. {nm} notfabio Mar 05, 13:25

Wanda has only sold 2 million of the 46 million shares they had {nm} notfabio Mar 05, 13:40

THR: Curtis Gwinn will act as writer and showrunner of The Talisman which will be produced by Netflix [TALIS] Antibody Mar 05, 13:17

Deadline: Jennifer Tilly and Devon Sawa are the "big names" for the Chucky sequel series unclear if Brad Dourif is still a part. notfabio Mar 05, 12:49

AMC: Liam Neeson's publicity stunt at NYC Lincoln Square is working only a 9:25pm show available for THE MARKSMAN everything else sold out notfabio Mar 05, 12:39

Raya is also picking up steam, several more sellouts. {nm} notfabio Mar 05, 12:43

More after 8:30pm showtimes added (though I doubt they are going to go crazy with midnights, etc) {nm} notfabio Mar 05, 13:46

IW: Not surprisingly AMC Theatres has cancelled their Best Picture Oscar Marathon for this year. notfabio Mar 05, 11:12

Because everything is streaming? {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Mar 05, 14:50

Because nobody cares. Because there are no movies to go watch. It's the streaming awards this year. {nm} goodvibe61 Mar 05, 18:43

DL: Universal has dated [BROS] for Aug. 12, 2022. Antibody Mar 05, 10:35

BROS, co-written and starring @billyeichner , will be released on August 12, 2022 (the typical mid August R-rated comedy slot) notfabio Mar 05, 10:34

Expecting them to make a sequel in 2023 titled HOES {nm} Tallwonder Mar 05, 11:03

One can never forget the "scam" BAD DADS project STX used to push the cast of BAD MOMS to agree to BAD MOMS 2 {nm} notfabio Mar 05, 11:10

We're working on the subsequent piece BOATS. {nm} WFERR and JCREI Mar 05, 12:03

Collider: Gore Verbinski talks about how GAMBIT fell apart, Fox was hot to shoot without an agreed upon script. notfabio Mar 05, 10:00

IW: Neon CEO wants a new Oscar-qualifying rule. "required to report your box office.” Antibody Mar 05, 08:58

Makes sense to me. {nm} DTravel Mar 05, 09:49

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