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The Fast Times Table Read is now available to watch in full on Facebook Live. SLABE wound up being Spicoli from his car in a tanktop?   notfabio on Sep 17, 19:16

Spoiler, at the end (inside)   notfabio on Sep 17, 19:20

thx for the link {nm}   tealfan on Sep 17, 23:09

THR: WarnerMedia Leaders "Concerned and Disappointed" With Internal Culture Reports, Memos Say   notfabio on Sep 17, 16:47

Doesn't bring up Ray Fisher at all and the article points towards their TV productions, but the memos include both the TV and film groups. {nm}   notfabio on Sep 17, 16:48

at The Ellen DeGeneres Show, TMZ on TV and other shows. No mention fo Ray Fisher. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 17, 16:49

AppleTV should make a spinoff called "The Afternoon Show"   Antibody on Sep 17, 17:04

heh, starring Portia de Rossi {nm}   pickle rick! on Sep 17, 17:17

ERC: Close up those theatres boys and girls until November, CONNECTED is now TBA 2020.   notfabio on Sep 17, 16:22

Which means the only kids film in-theatre trailer target before CROODS 2 opens is gone. {nm}   notfabio on Sep 17, 16:24

they dont care about in theater promotion, especially when moms should be (but arent) buying the tickets {nm}   Moviesnob on Sep 17, 18:47

LAT: LA County '“If we don’t see a surge in cases... we could enter Tier 2... some time in October,” (theater reopening)   Antibody on Sep 17, 15:56

The catch is that it is a minimum of two weeks after it hits the criteria and it still hasn't hit the criteria and Labor Day surge is likely {nm}   notfabio on Sep 17, 16:19

If schools go to in person, that is another surge. Florida didn't have a surge last week but positivity % and deaths increased this week.    Catzan on Sep 17, 19:56

Variety has kicked off Awards Circuit with a slew of way too early Oscar predictions.   notfabio on Sep 17, 15:51

Doesn't the new guy know to spread the content oover day by day. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 17, 15:58

It is exhausting, their main page is littered with individual Awards Circuit pieces. {nm}   notfabio on Sep 17, 16:17

DL: Vertical Entertainment acquire North American distribution rights to Shadow in the Cloud, [SHCLD]   Antibody on Sep 17, 15:25

I hope Roseanne Liang receives major backing in future...   Qix on Sep 17, 15:41

TN theater counts: INFID 1724 , TWISI 124   Antibody on Sep 17, 14:58

ERC: NEST 301   Antibody on Sep 17, 15:30

It has begun: Alamo Drafthouse closing 4 theatres until new product returns after opening on August 25th   notfabio on Sep 17, 14:17

DL: Nazrin Choudhury has been set by Universal to pen American Radical [AMRAD]   Antibody on Sep 17, 13:19

DL: Tatiana Maslany is the choice to play Marvel’s She-Hulk   Antibody on Sep 17, 13:18

Good for her, she's been going for these kind of roles for awhile now, she auditioned for Rose in STAR8 and Jyn Erso for Rogue One. {nm}   notfabio on Sep 17, 13:24

oops: "No idea when production on She-Hulk will begin as execs and Coiro now need to find their actress to play the part."   AFRAM The African-American Fund on Sep 17, 13:25

they corrected it and took out that sentence...or is that correction what you were referring to :) {nm}   tealfan on Sep 17, 17:06

BOG: Even with almost no new product, BILL3 loses 25% of its screens, Words on Bathroom Walls 21%, New Mutants 7%   notfabio on Sep 17, 12:33

Looks like INFIDEL is getting some decent screens at least, CNOLA's new favorite theatre is showing MINIONS as its one "classic" title.   notfabio on Sep 17, 12:37

Kotaku: WB has started distancing itself from J.K. Rowling for its Harry Potter prequel tie-in game.    notfabio on Sep 17, 12:08

You could hedge a bit and well, it's simply she didn't have anything to do with it, but they are likely experimenting with tip-toeing. {nm}   notfabio on Sep 17, 12:11

Deadline - Moody’s Top Media Analyst Says Smaller SVOD Players Will Need To “Partner Up Or Be Acquired”   Moviesnob on Sep 17, 11:30

Platforms that have enough subs are likely just Netflix, Amazon, Disney & Hulu (if it stays). HBO & Epix maybe.    Moviesnob on Sep 17, 11:34

HBO, Paramount and Peacock not going anywhere. They're the future of their company. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 17, 11:41

There are some that wouldn’t be absorbed as much as bundled, WWE Network, for example. {nm}   austpow on Sep 17, 12:47

No one said they are going anywhere, but they'll need to look at bundle with competitors to fully grow subs {nm}   Moviesnob on Sep 17, 13:45

"HBO & Epix maybe (top tier). Apple, Paramount, Starz & Peacock are next tier." {nm}   Moviesnob on Sep 17, 13:46

The smaller SVOD players he's referring to are the likes of Discovery and AMC, not Peacock and Paramount. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 17, 14:16

He only mentioned two tiers. {nm}   Antibody on Sep 17, 14:19

theres a lot more nuance and not a lot of dollars {nm}   Moviesnob on Sep 17, 18:46

Texas will be re-opening to 75% capacity in most counties starting 9/21   notfabio on Sep 17, 11:28

San Diego OTOH. San Diego County headed to more-restrictive tier because of SDSU cases    Antibody on Sep 17, 11:34

Texas: Next super spreader event? {nm}   Wilderness_Journey on Sep 17, 11:57

Teaser for Fast Times Live table read tonight at 9PM ET / 6PM PT   Antibody on Sep 17, 11:19

The Princess Bride script read with most of the original cast raised $4.25 million, maybe they should do these as in-theatre events.    notfabio on Sep 17, 11:50

BBC: KREEV says MTRX4 is a love story, not a prequel. (so no young Morpheus)   Antibody on Sep 17, 11:10

THR via Jess Cagle: Neil Patrick Harris says MTRX4 style has shifted visually, his part is small, he'd like to be a lead in an action film.   notfabio on Sep 17, 11:45

He mentions wirework is still a major part, which has been seen in the numerous set videos already. {nm}   notfabio on Sep 17, 11:48

THR: Jeff Goldblum, Ariana Greenblatt, Eva Longoria join THE BOSS BABY: FAMILY BUSINESS   notfabio on Sep 17, 11:06

James Marsden and Amy Sedaris as well. {nm}   notfabio on Sep 17, 11:06

Tim and the Boss Baby are all grown up now in this one. {nm}   austpow on Sep 17, 11:33

THR: Practically every leading camera maker will now be certified to tag their cameras as "filmed in IMAX"   notfabio on Sep 17, 10:46

DUNE will have shifting ratios, TOP GUN MAVERICK will be in 1.90:1 {nm}   notfabio on Sep 17, 10:46

V: Jennifer Kluska and Derek Drymon have been named directors on Hotel Transylvania 4 [HTRN4] . SGOME now a producer.   Antibody on Sep 17, 10:40

V: Sonia Ammar Joins Cast of ‘Scream 5,’ [SCRM5]   Antibody on Sep 17, 10:28

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