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TN: Lionsgate announced they will release Untitled Gerard Butler Action Thriller (Wide) on January 27, 2023. [TPLNE] Antibody Jun 28, 07:18

I wonder if Herve Villechaize sued to keep them from using the original title. {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Jun 28, 07:34

Hocus Pocus 2 Disney+ Streaming Event September 30th teaser trailer notfabio Jun 28, 05:47

720p upload? worried about the makeup in hd? (idk looks fine to me) {nm} islndr Jun 28, 06:41

the one Disney cash-grab sequel fans have been screaming for for years and they won't be able to take their kids to see in theaters? raccacoonie Jun 28, 07:02

(Pocus-heads love to cosplay for Halloween like nobody's business) raccacoonie Jun 28, 07:03

Disneys fiscal quarter year ends on that release date it is to bump fye Disney+ subscribers notfabio Jun 28, 07:14

MLCLS is opening in 1306 theaters and counting Antibody Jun 27, 18:30

I suspect the film will only have 17-day window, like what Bleecker Street's previous film "Montana Story" did {nm} Peterlee Jun 27, 22:10

More BARBIE on-set shots, the first one with America Ferrera in character notfabio Jun 27, 17:40

DL: Ian McKellen, Lesley Manville, Romola Garai Mark Strong join The Critic, new title for [KLTLT]. CFIRT out. Antibody Jun 27, 17:27

and Ben Barnes {nm} Antibody Jun 27, 17:27

The Direct: Stuart Beattie talks about his original plan for 3 Obi Wan Kenobi feature films. notfabio Jun 27, 16:27

TheWrap: Taika's Star Wars movie won't shoot until at least 2023, he'll be filming Time Bandits/Our Flag rest of the year/writing. notfabio Jun 27, 16:19

Separately claims he directed 3 episodes of Mandalorian S3 have been walked back, he's just a part of 3 (SPOILER inside) notfabio Jun 27, 16:56

DL: SAMBATV #'s: Obi Wan Kenobi's finale did 20% better than Book of Boba Fett (5 day) notfabio Jun 27, 16:08

Dr Strange 2 did about 100k more views than ETERNALS, about the same as SHANG CHI (different 5 day stretch) on "free to D+" release. {nm} notfabio Jun 27, 16:10

BRMarvelNews: Sam Raimi confirmed in MOM extras, he snuck a Xena Warrior Princess statue in. notfabio Jun 27, 16:12

The Snyder Cut becomes available for digital only non-HBO Max purchase July 19th. notfabio Jun 27, 12:53

If the OW is for 3 days, the call and put will be the same? {nm} Grunt Jun 27, 12:39

THR: WB is doing panels only for SDCC this year, no show floor, no word on what films. Universal and Paramount are both skipping this year. notfabio Jun 27, 12:31

No 2023 titles (so no THE FLASH/AQUAMAN 2) for WB {nm} notfabio Jun 27, 12:33

Erik Davis posted a line-up for WBDisco... all TV, no movies? TheWeekendWarrior Jun 27, 12:35

WB usually unveils TV, etc first. Then films. DL also mentioned the films were coming later. notfabio Jun 27, 12:37

Also, "usually" they keep most of their film plans secret, but if they aren't doing any 2023 titles...... notfabio Jun 27, 12:39

SDCC Blog: Variety has edited the article and removed the mention that Paramount was "not attending" notfabio Jun 27, 18:56

DL: Dave Franco, Katy O’Brian, Ed Harris And Jena Malone Join Kristen Stewart In ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ For A24 Peter453 Jun 27, 12:23

DL: EMMA ROBERTS joins MADAME WEB notfabio Jun 27, 10:25

THR: Jason Schwartzman wants to pump his starbond up. Joins The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes notfabio Jun 27, 10:22

Scott Speedman, call your manager. {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Jun 27, 10:48

I'm up 5,000% on SSPEE, I'm afraid if he has a franchie adjust I'll break HSX {nm} Noah66 Jun 27, 13:39

*franchise (also you can't delete a message?) {nm} Noah66 Jun 27, 13:39

That is correct. Only the moderator has the power to scrub a post. {nm} erhead56 Jun 27, 14:13

So Who Saw What Last Week?...Doctor Strange MoM (B-)...minus because multiverses give me a headache {nm} tealfan Jun 27, 09:36

Doctor Strange (B- for weak writing), Sing 2 (A-), Adaams Family 2 (B-), Good Luck to You, Leo Grande (A+) {nm} gsquared Jun 27, 10:02

Forbidden Planet (1956) A, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958) B+, Even Ants Strive For Survival (2017) B, and... {nm} joeoftexas Jun 27, 10:03

The Life and Death of 9413, a Hollywood Extra (1928) A {nm} joeoftexas Jun 27, 10:03

TOPG2 (A+) {nm} Buckee Jun 27, 10:20

I just watched Mr. Malcolm's List last night... B- at best. {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Jun 27, 10:49

Elvis (B+ for bat**** bonkers Baz); RRR (even more bonkers than Elvis. i don't know how to grade it. CGI is turrible but you're not really raccacoonie Jun 27, 10:52

this slate article breaks down some of the Indian films and religious iconography/symbols being referenced for the unfamiliar raccacoonie Jun 27, 11:03

ITS THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE {nm} Moviesnob Jun 27, 12:12

it's preposterous (mostly in a good way) raccacoonie Jun 27, 12:35

Ray Stevenson and Alison Doody aren't no names! {nm} Moviesnob Jun 27, 13:46

those two did look more familiar {nm} raccacoonie Jun 27, 13:48

Obi Wan (B), Last Call (C), The Millionairess 1960 (B-/C), It 2 (B-), Nancy Drew 2019 (B-), Knght of Cups (C), How It Ends (B-) {nm} Tallwonder Jun 27, 11:06

Big Stone Gap (B-), Nocturnal Animals (B), Doctor Strange MoM (B), Finding Steve McQueen (B-) {nm} Tallwonder Jun 27, 11:12

Top Gun Maverick (A+) 2nd viewing oneman Jun 27, 13:44

Elvis: B+; The Dark Phone: B+; Top Gun Maverick: A- {nm} goodvibe61 Jun 27, 14:24

Black Phone: 7.1, Elvis: 6.9, Boogie Nights: 8.7 {nm} JayPrimetown Jun 27, 16:06

Dr. Strange MOM C+, Crimes of the Future B-, Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round B, After Yang B+, On the Count of Three C+, 5 Fingers A- {nm} Topper21 Jun 27, 17:55

Variety: Update on the return of the Golden Globes return to NBC. Go/no go needs to be soon, FATHER STU is the first to submit to the HFPA notfabio Jun 27, 09:16

Gist half of PR firms are unsatisified with changes (only around 20 new members added so far). HFPA thinks NBC ok'ing telecast with get them {nm} notfabio Jun 27, 09:18

Only mildly dumped, Sony debut of The Invitation trailer notfabio Jun 27, 09:03

With how heavily female audience its pitched does make a good fit on Where the Crawdads Sing {nm} notfabio Jun 27, 09:05

Also super spoilerly has to have a scene from the last 20 minutes of the movie {nm} notfabio Jun 27, 09:08

DL: According to data this morning, Elvis wins No. 1 this weekend with a $31.1M opening beating Top Gun: Maverick which did $29.6M. Antibody Jun 27, 07:36

Jatinder had it last night: #Elvis for $31M opening weekend #1 debut in a "not close at all" battle with #TopGunMaverick $29.5M Antibody Jun 27, 07:39

What I like about weekends is like this is you can tell which studio deliberately overestimated to try to steal another #1. {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Jun 27, 08:52

Kind of funny Paramount felt the need, DiscoWB stock is nearly at its all time low, Paramount is not great, but TOP GUN/etc have propped it {nm} notfabio Jun 27, 09:32

maybe still under the delusion (especially as the Fed jacks up rates) that some mark will pay off Shar's $20b tab {nm} raccacoonie Jun 27, 10:54

i did my part (Sunday matinee at the Chinese was pretty healthy attendance. crowd seemed to be pretty into it) {nm} raccacoonie Jun 27, 09:05

When was the last time a movie rebounded (or climbed) for #3 to #1 on the Weekend BO? I can't recall... cmbastos Jun 27, 07:30

Jumanji did it more recently than that and I feel like there were others in recent years. {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Jun 27, 07:35

Thanks... and it seems TOP GUN didn't pull it off, after all. {nm} cmbastos Jun 27, 08:19

V: MNIO2 expected to generate at least $65 million to $70 million in its debut over the July 4th holiday weekend. Antibody Jun 27, 07:25

I think it will reach $90, but I bet the farm on LIGHTYEAR, so what do I know? {nm} Rishoutfield Jun 27, 13:07

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The Plane aka Untitled Gerard Butler Action Thriller will land in theaters on January 27, 2023       Ian McKellen, Lesley Manville, Romola Garai, Ben Barnes and Mark Strong join The Critic aka Kill the Light        Dave Franco, Ed Harris and Jena Malone join Love Lies Bleeding        Emma Roberts joins Madame Web        Jason Schwartzman joins The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes        Weekend #BoxOffice Actuals: 1. #Elvis $31.2M 2. #TopGunMaverick $29.6M 3. #JurassicWorldDominion $26.7M 4.…       First trailer for The Invitation starring Natalie Emmanuel #TheInvitation https://t.co/PYDVTa9pv0       Box Score: #Elvis and #TopGunMaverick tied at the weekend #boxoffice with an estimated $30.5 million…       #TheBlackPhone grabbed an estimated $10.18 million Friday at the #boxoffice https://t.co/CG5XtOQQgG       #Elvis earned an estimated $12.7 million Friday at the #boxoffice https://t.co/LTxrksRsDh      
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