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Disney's new 10-K our distribution approach and the businesses/distribution platforms selected for the initial distribution of content notfabio Nov 29, 14:36

changes can be expected. {nm} notfabio Nov 29, 14:37

The restructuring and change in business strategy, once determined, could result in impairment charges {nm} notfabio Nov 29, 14:41

In other words, probably going to take some write-offs ala WB (ala Scoob Holiday Haunt/Batgirl), but likely more theatrical first releases. {nm} notfabio Nov 29, 14:43

A Viagra musical..... OOOooookay. {nm} DTravel Nov 29, 14:26

I'm up for it! {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Nov 29, 14:35

Sounds like Blue Man Group. {nm} Abraxas Nov 29, 15:03

Rise ... the musical {nm} bface Nov 29, 15:21

Bones it all {nm} Abraxas Nov 29, 15:24

DL: No word yet on the Film side, but Amazon is retiring the Orion brand (again) for TV which likely means Orion Film side is dead too. notfabio Nov 29, 14:21

Likely waiting for WOMEN TALKING to release before they formally kill Orion Pictures outright (TILL is their current film). {nm} notfabio Nov 29, 14:24

New trailer for [MARIO] Antibody Nov 29, 14:12

Everything tight but CPRAT at times {nm} budice Nov 29, 14:14

This thing is just going to an absolute monster. Looks like a ton of fun and they've laid plenty of groundwork for sequels! {nm} MiyazakiFan Nov 29, 14:23

April sure does need it, it's very weak in comparison to the jam packed March. {nm} notfabio Nov 29, 14:31

I think this can get to 300M domestic {nm} Peter453 Nov 29, 14:45

Ampere: 64% of SVOD U.S. originals are based on pre-existing IP. AppleTV+ has the highest % in the first half of 2022 Antibody Nov 29, 13:43

V: A reimagining of the classic 1969 counterculture film “Easy Rider” is in early development Antibody Nov 29, 13:26

V: Netflix taking 35% to just under 40% of KNIV2 opening weekend; let theater owners know they wouldn’t be pleased with celebratory P.R. Antibody Nov 29, 13:24

this food is terrible, and in such small portions {nm} donny blaze Nov 29, 13:49

Variety: Netflix told exhibitors not to issue any press releases about GLASS ONION's success this week. notfabio Nov 29, 13:23

Or what? They'll pull the film? Not play other Netflix titles in theaters? I would issue so many press releases if I was still in exhibition Moviesnob Nov 29, 13:47

Lionsgate should take out one of those full-page "Congrats Rian Johnson!" ads in the trade that previous box-office champs always do {nm} donny blaze Nov 29, 13:51

Oh for sure Adam Aron was chomping at the bit to PR, they were the only chain that actually did in the US for the original announcement notfabio Nov 29, 13:56

I would show people in their theater seats cheering and laughing and walking out of the theater with smiles CAUSE NETFLIX HAS NO LEVERAGE Moviesnob Nov 29, 14:20

Illuminerdi: NEUROMANCER (dead delisted in September) will be made as an Apple TV series, Miles Teller eyed for the lead. notfabio Nov 29, 13:18

hmm, only for one season, while the female lead is for 3 seasons. {nm} Antibody Nov 29, 13:45

Perhaps Miles Teller will get Clipped in Season 1 Episode 1 just like 'BIG SKY' Clipped the Lead Ryan Phillippe. {nm} Captain Obvious Nov 29, 14:04

In the book the female lead love interest gets fridged in the 2nd chapter. Presumably they're flip-flopping that? notfabio Nov 29, 14:09

The female lead is Molly, who appears in other novels by William Gibson Antibody Nov 29, 14:42

Likely season 2 is Count Zero (1986), and season 3 is Mona Lisa Overdrive (1988). {nm} Antibody Nov 29, 14:43

Molly was in all three of Gibson's Sprawl books. Neuromancer, Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive {nm} albrown Nov 29, 14:48

THR: WB still trying for Oscar gold on ELVIS, trotting out Austin Butler to host SNL 12/17 notfabio Nov 29, 13:04

BIKERIDERS should be changed to in production (may have even wrapped by now), started October in Ohio. notfabio Nov 29, 13:06

Their best bet would've been one of the music/sound/costume awards but they don't have an Original Song {nm} Tallwonder Nov 29, 13:12

He won't win unless BFRAS gets cancelled, but Butler is still a a favorite for a nomination. Will help raise his profile for DUNE PART TWO. {nm} notfabio Nov 29, 13:15

THR: AMC Networks (IFC, Sundance, AMC) CEO out after 3 months, Chairman just sent an employee memo warning of large scale layoffs. notfabio Nov 29, 12:59

basically acknowledging that pivoting to streaming to compensate for cord cutting was a BFM. but it'll never happen to the studios {nm} donny blaze Nov 29, 14:17

DL: The surprise last minute IMAX release for early December? TOP GUN MAVERICK! Place your bets will they bring it back early next year too notfabio Nov 29, 12:23

It's at $1,486,657,763 WW, they for sure will do some kind of reissue to get it to 1.5 billion (it won't get there from this). {nm} notfabio Nov 29, 12:26

when i said let it run through Labor Day i didn't think they'd take it seriously {nm} donny blaze Nov 29, 13:26

If they get really shameless to get it to 1.5 billion they'll double-feature it at Drive-Ins with D&D/MISS7/TFRM7 {nm} notfabio Nov 29, 13:35

why not? there arent any tentpoles until AVATAR. studios are just ****ing it up for exhibition left and right Moviesnob Nov 29, 15:20

Clarence Gilyard, 'DIE HARD', 'TOP GUN' & 'WALKER, TEXAS RANGER' Star, Dead At 66. RotoHockeyYTD2014 Nov 29, 10:26

Very sad news - RIP {nm} joeoftexas Nov 29, 11:15

Had to check who he was: Alan Rickman's tech guy from Die Hard {nm} Tallwonder Nov 29, 12:46

DL: Ed Helms joins the McG directed "entire Family body swap" Jennifer Garner comedy FAMILY LEAVE. notfabio Nov 29, 10:03

Variety: [Exclusive] F** it, we'll do it live! All 23 Oscar Categories will be broadcast live for the next ceremony per AMPAS new CEO. notfabio Nov 29, 09:37

Comedian host & exclusive guest list of bald stars & their partner/mates already lined up I guess. Ratings TO THE MOON!!! {nm} Tallwonder Nov 29, 10:42

They had a great turnout for their Met Gala knockoff event at the AMPAS museum. They have said they want to apply that to next awards. {nm} notfabio Nov 29, 11:53

Trailer for Rock Dog 3 (there was a Rock Dog 2?!) Antibody Nov 29, 09:03

There was a Rock Dog 1?!? {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Nov 29, 09:19

Who/What is a Rock Dog? {nm} Tallwonder Nov 29, 09:28

It's a dog... that rocks, of course! (I just saw the pr in my inbox) :) {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Nov 29, 09:37

'ROCK DOG' (2017 Movie) Official Trailer - 'Follow Your Dream'. RotoHockeyYTD2014 Nov 29, 09:44

$24m worldwide based on a $60m budget... let's make a sequel! No, wait... TWO sequels! {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Nov 29, 09:46

Gotta lose money to lose money! {nm} JHFHockey Nov 29, 09:52

Elon Musk says hold my weed! {nm} Tallwonder Nov 29, 10:38

I think that was the tagline for a soccer movie too, released 12 years earlier - called Goal! {nm} Tallwonder Nov 29, 10:40

DL: THE BLACKENING will be the first film released specifically for the Juneteenth holiday, June 16, 2023 release notfabio Nov 29, 08:46

Opens against NO HARD FEELINGS, makes it less likely Untitled Adele Lim Comedy will keep its date the next weekend. {nm} notfabio Nov 29, 08:47

Blackening will be a one-weekend wonder... if that. {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Nov 29, 08:56

And other than both being comedies released by Lionsgate, they're different audiences. {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Nov 29, 08:57

I just doubt there's enough recovery for 3 wide release comedies in back to back weeks, 2 that don't have big name stars. notfabio Nov 29, 09:29

LGF: [BLCKN] June 16th Antibody Nov 29, 09:01

PTAND is looking for a teenage girl with martial arts experience for a studio film. Probably not KKID2, but that would be awesome. Antibody Nov 29, 07:38

Yeah JONATHAN ENTWISTLE is supposed to direct, but he ankles a lot of projects, so who knows? (also lead is supposed to be a boy) notfabio Nov 29, 08:23

Empire of Light the next Oscar contender to tempt box office annihilation, tickets on sale now first shows 5pm December 8th notfabio Nov 29, 07:15

Just one theater in LA?! {nm} Antibody Nov 29, 07:16

New York is also just a drafthouse and a Showcase National Amusements but Regal sent out a socisl media post about tickets on sale {nm} notfabio Nov 29, 07:19

at least it's not The Grove {nm} donny blaze Nov 29, 08:48

Maybe it has changed to an Oscar Qualifying Run, the PSAs would be pretty poor with the smaller auditoriums. notfabio Nov 29, 08:53

Doubtful. They're junketing this weekend. {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Nov 29, 09:19

Official site also has The Grove and Century City Antibody Nov 29, 10:09

AMB Burbank now appears. {nm} Antibody Nov 29, 08:56

Weird, usually these get preloaded well in advance so that they all launch at the same time. {nm} notfabio Nov 29, 09:31

Looks like extremely limited on that date only Alamo Drafthouse in LA has tickets on sale {nm} notfabio Nov 29, 07:17

Trailer and Jan 20 release date for [WYFSW] Antibody Nov 29, 07:03

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