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THS: I’ve seen concept art from Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness that shows Ghost Rider. Antibody May 12, 19:27

In addition to COVID-19 capacity restrictions, Newsom "sees" CA will also drop mask mandates except SDCCstyle large conventions June 15th notfabio May 12, 18:13

GFR: Trust me bro, our super reliable super secret source says Daisy Ridley's in talks with Disney to return as Rey in an upcoming project notfabio May 12, 18:07

i'd actually prefer this to the way they did Rey dirty in the "Skywalker" trilogy cake boss! May 12, 18:55

they are trying to move beyond the TOS and sequel trilogy characters for theatrical so (if true) this is a video game or disney+ series Moviesnob May 12, 19:17

GFR make up these rumors about every character from Star Wars, Marvel...etc. A month ago it was Rose Tico. {nm} Antibody May 12, 19:29

WHERES MY JAR JAR REDEMPTION MOVIE {nm} Moviesnob May 12, 19:42

in all seriousness, i loved that they brought back <REDACTED> for the beginning of the new BAD BATCH series Moviesnob May 12, 19:45

Critics Choice Awards will air live on The CW Network on Sunday, January 9, 2022 (likely would have been the Gloden Globes) Antibody May 12, 16:17

It'll be interesting to see if someone tries to muscle them out. {nm} notfabio May 12, 16:49

Star Wars Celebration moves up from August 18-21, 2022, to May 26-29, 2022 (I'd imagine either ANDOR or KENOBI debut for May the 4th) notfabio May 12, 14:11

Variety: Bob Chapek is ramping up marginalizing Bob Iger, Alan Horn won't likely be replaced when he retires. notfabio May 12, 13:58

Doomcock and friends are still looking to have to deal with Kathleen Kennedy heading Lucasfilm for the forseeable future. {nm} notfabio May 12, 13:59

insiders say that Feige is fully committed with his Marvel duties and has no ambition to lead Lucasfilm or take more of a role. {nm} Antibody May 12, 19:37

THR: Top Hollywood Female Execs talk shop, JENNIFER SALKE @ Amazon says they are refocusing on more COMING 2 AMERICA type films notfabio May 12, 13:41

Gist "fun" titles (MY SPY was a big hit for them too) vs Oscar bait. Also no surprise their Lord of the Rings needs to be a massive hit. {nm} notfabio May 12, 13:44

Her first Sundance at Amazon (2019) is basically the line in the sand that people to refer to when everything became permanently broken Moviesnob May 12, 13:52

does Amazon really even need to make anything though? people sign up for Prime to get free shipping on everything else cake boss! May 12, 14:20

there's a reason why they aren't buying oscar bait titles anymore - No one was watching them on their service Moviesnob May 12, 14:27

^^^^^ This {nm} TheWeekendWarrior May 12, 17:45

THR: onNicole Brown - President, TriStar Pictures IWDWS about to begin production. BDRV2 still on the horizon Antibody May 12, 12:36

THR on Dede Gardner In July, she starts production on Sarah Polley’s Women Talking [WMTLK] Antibody May 12, 12:43

RT: SPIRL non-OMGWTFLOLBBQ review embargo dropped, 54% with 37 reviews, ARMY OF THE DEAD still hanging at 76% with 50 notfabio May 12, 12:06

my friend's joint Oxygen drops on netflix today. still 94% fresh babeee cake boss! May 12, 12:27

I'm gonna pay to see Finding You just so I can be the first OMGWTFLOLBBQ reaction! {nm} TheWeekendWarrior May 12, 14:45

Too late. V review Antibody May 12, 14:59

DL: The Tragedy of Macbeth theatrically worldwide in the fourth quarter [MACBE] Antibody May 12, 11:36

A24 was already the distributor, now it's headed to Apple after release. {nm} Antibody May 12, 11:38

Anthony Mackie doesn't deny that he "could be" in BLACK PANTHER WAKANDA FOREVER. notfabio May 12, 11:15

thats what Tom doesnt understand - and bcause its his job to say what was a hit and what wasnt. He struggles to see outside that Moviesnob May 12, 10:54

meant as a reply to cake boss {nm} Moviesnob May 12, 10:55

though it's easier to invent metrics for streaming views than juke actual box office totals cake boss! May 12, 11:06

Reminding me of car commercials. "Best in Class" when the maker defines the class so it only includes their vehicle. {nm} DTravel May 12, 12:24

Variety - The Entire Industry Has Enabled HFPA’s Questionable Practices Moviesnob May 12, 10:33

THR: Janelle Monae Joins Daniel Craig in ‘Knives Out’ Sequel (Exclusive) notfabio May 12, 10:25

endless Knives Out casting announcements = nature is healing {nm} cake boss! May 12, 11:18

??? {nm} DTravel May 12, 12:22

I think cake means we're coming out of the pandemic...*knock on wood* {nm} tealfan May 12, 18:44

IW says the appearance of being a hit in theaters may motivate Netflix to report grosses Antibody May 12, 09:03

IW and others do best guess box office reporting on the big Oscar Netflix titles. But of course best guess doesn't count... {nm} notfabio May 12, 09:56

"appearances of a hit" are the basis of their whole business model {nm} cake boss! May 12, 10:45

Stern: EBLUn on EDGT2 “Honestly, I think the movie is too expensive. I just don’t know how we’re going to do it,” Antibody May 12, 08:49

Those Who Wish Me Dead 87% on Rotten Tomatoes at the moment with 15 reviews in. Should manage a Fresh rating notfabio May 12, 08:23

New trailer for Wish Dragon - Only on Netflix Antibody May 12, 08:19

Trailer for [PURG5] Antibody May 12, 08:12

JLUCA credited. {nm} Antibody May 12, 08:15

THR: Emily Blunt denies the Fantastic Four rumors. notfabio May 12, 06:52

On one hand, people deny these things before the official announcement. On the other hand, I can see someone like her having no interest. {nm} Jay_Beezy May 12, 07:20

On the third hand, the comic book films rumor mill has become a horrible clickbait article industry. Everyone has "sources" now. {nm} HurricaneKid May 12, 07:38

That, too. {nm} Jay_Beezy May 12, 07:55

maybe a scorecard for scoopers and outlets would be a good idea...if there isn't one already {nm} tealfan May 12, 09:54

There is a crowd sourced google doc for MCU scoops (link inside) notfabio May 12, 10:19

Looks like it hasn't been updated in a year. {nm} HurricaneKid May 12, 11:49

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