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CNN: Is 'Solo' suffering from 'Star Wars' fatigue?    RollingThunder on May 25, 14:39

Or telling stories audiences care about. Solo is a great character, but one brought to life by Ford.   -JPV- on May 25, 14:40

Precisely, a sentiment shared in the article for those not wishing to read the entire thing...   RollingThunder on May 25, 14:42

But don't you see; they have to mine it for all it's worth until we're all completely sick of it. That's how it works! Don't confuse em'! {nm}   goodvibe61 on May 25, 14:51

I agree with her. I've never been a big SW guy, but it used to be special, now they're churning them out every year.   -JPV- on May 25, 15:06

Telling stories that we already how the end {nm}   gogreenytd on May 25, 14:57

oh no!!! chewie is hanging outside the train and a big rock is coming... I hope he makes it. {nm}   RazorHawk on May 25, 15:06

Prequel fatigue in general, we want ORIGINAL ideas, characters with unknown outcomes. {nm}   skunkrunner on May 25, 15:31

Thanks to rian johnsons Jedi movie Star Wars is going downhill from here    bunty_ketti on May 25, 15:44

Jeff Sneider is joining Collider   Antibody on May 25, 13:10

cause it rhymes {nm}   slipping jimmy on May 25, 13:28

TheWrap:Sesame Workshop Sues Over ‘Happytime Murders Trailer. No Sesame. All Street Brand Confusion.   notfabio on May 25, 12:11

Most likely they'll just wind up forcing STX to release a new trailer and poster to remove the tagline, which they probably would do anyway   notfabio on May 25, 12:16

It says “no sesame”. Not sure how much clearer they can be {nm}   RogerMore on May 25, 12:31

Some people may think Sesame Street producers are making an adult version of Sesame Street. Brand confusion. {nm}   Antibody on May 25, 12:38

I know, I'm just making jokes :) {nm}   RogerMore on May 25, 13:16

Early DL Projections: SWAR2 $80-90m 3-Day, $105-115m 4-Day. Figures not from Disney.   RollingThunder on May 25, 11:10

Before 11 AM Pacific. Someone wants to start the weekend early. {nm}   Antibody on May 25, 11:13

"Industry estimates" in this case probably means guesses at the preview:OD ratio, not anything based on admissions so far {nm}   MattW on May 25, 11:17

No, the midday update is always based on early Fri admissions. {nm}   Antibody on May 25, 11:20

So, the Soylo soycott is working! And we'll do the same for any Obey Women Kenobi and Boba Femme films too! (jk)   mantleclinic on May 25, 11:42

The bigots and the backward don't win in America. Looking at you, disaffected right-wing yahoos.   DTXbro on May 25, 13:40

Could be a lot of sad faces on Tuesday with that OW figure. {nm}   TheTomAsta on May 25, 12:06

I will be very happy. {nm}   RazorHawk on May 25, 12:58

+1 {nm}   -JPV- on May 25, 13:34

I like lots of free money too {nm}   TheTomAsta on May 25, 14:11

THR update: SWAR2 $80 million-$90 million 3-day / $105 million-$110 million 4-day   Antibody on May 25, 13:07

It looks boring. {nm}   CSBD on May 25, 15:46

Holy cow, what a disaster. {nm}   skunkrunner on May 25, 13:42

I can only hope that if it does disappoint, they'll re-think these spin-off movies. {nm}   -JPV- on May 25, 13:49

they paid $4 billion for Lucasfilm and have multiple trilogies and TV shows in development. Solo is not going to change anything {nm}   slipping jimmy on May 25, 13:55

There will be impact, but what exactly it manifests as is up in the air. {nm}   notfabio on May 25, 14:04

stop trying to fit the films to conform with Disney's rigorous release schedule would be a good start {nm}   slipping jimmy on May 25, 14:05

Re-think how to do them, maybe. But they'll keep making them because getting it right will earn them a lot a lot of money.   RogerMore on May 25, 14:01

i think KK and JJ rushed into the whole development process way too fast. should have taken a lot more time on all of them, but Disney don't   slipping jimmy on May 25, 14:05

(like, it took Marvel five years and multiple standalones just to work up to the first Avengers) {nm}   slipping jimmy on May 25, 14:07

But we are The House of Mouse! We can always do it faster and more profitably!! (Especially after someone else has shown us how.) {nm}   The Mouse on May 25, 15:11

V: Fri $32M; 4-day $110M   Antibody on May 25, 13:56

DL 8:16 AM Update: $14.1M in Thursday for Solo previews   warcraft86 on May 25, 08:23

International $11.4M in two days plus $3.3M in China   Antibody on May 25, 09:01

DL's similar international article for Rogue One was $33M   Antibody on May 25, 09:08

And in the same article it says TFA made $72.7 in the first 2 days¡ Haha {nm}   mexgoer33 on May 25, 09:42

Had a lot more families come out last night than expected, so hopefully its Saturday will see a softer drop. {nm}   RollingThunder on May 25, 09:05

THR: SWAR2 $14.1M   Antibody on May 25, 08:23

It's Disney so gotta think the estimates will be on the conservative side. {nm}   budice on May 25, 08:37

It's not going to be that far off. {nm}   -JPV- on May 25, 08:49

New traailer for Christopher Robin [WINPO]   Antibody on May 25, 08:17

DL: Production begins December 3. Danny Boyle is now set to direct [JB25]. Domestic distribution will be handled by MGM and Annapurna.   Antibody on May 24, 20:29

D: Deadline sources (not Disney) are estimating $13m-$15m for Solo previews    tomcat90 on May 24, 18:25

JL made 13M in previews, only went on to earn 93.8M for OW... called it. Soycott is on. The fans are speaking.... {nm}   Baron_Darcon2017 on May 24, 19:01

Can someone please ban this ****? {nm}   MiyazakiFan on May 24, 19:38

+1 {nm}   Fechin on May 24, 20:34

He’s not wrong, this is looking like a colossal disappointment. {nm}   skunkrunner on May 24, 20:40

How? It looks like it will open with more than $100 million domestically.    CSStrowbridge on May 25, 03:46

"Top 10 Memorial Day Opener" is a really low bar for success given that it's a major tentpole film. {nm}   parthm_ on May 25, 08:27

That's at worse. It's likely top 3. Is that still a low bar? {nm}   CSStrowbridge on May 25, 08:38

Yes I would say so. This movie cost $250 million and yet it might not beat an X-Men movie from 12 years ago.   parthm_ on May 25, 10:56

How would you define colossal disappointment? {nm}   numbersix_99 on May 25, 05:16

<150 poor <140 bad <125 colossal <110 franchise killing {nm}   skunkrunner on May 25, 07:02

This is all sorts of wrong. {nm}   CSStrowbridge on May 25, 08:25

Solo's 4-day making less than Rogue One's 3-day is poor and bad. {nm}   Antibody on May 25, 08:37

It's going to make a profit, even after being almost entire reshoot. It's a success. {nm}   CSStrowbridge on May 25, 08:42

I don't know. $250M production plus another $100M+ in marketing. {nm}   Antibody on May 25, 08:47

Studios don’t make movies to barely clear a profit, they have an expected rate of return. {nm}   RogerMore on May 25, 12:33

In whose terms, though. Yours or disney's? Because as long as it makes over $800m worldwide it's a profitable film {nm}   numbersix_99 on May 25, 08:44

It's looking like under $400M for domestic. Double that for WW is $800M.. {nm}   Antibody on May 25, 08:52

I 2nd this! {nm}   JDolphin on May 24, 20:43

Ban for truth? The previous film is having a big negative effect on the current film {nm}   Fitch3k on May 24, 20:48

No, banned for being a Nazi.    CSStrowbridge on May 25, 03:42

Couldn't care less about whether he is right or wrong. No reason to give a platform to someone is regularly racist and uses inflammatory   MiyazakiFan on May 25, 07:30

this. {nm}   CSBD on May 25, 08:01

Exactly.    CSStrowbridge on May 25, 08:29

+3   STONYRN on May 24, 21:06

I agree. It's pointless, causes unnecessary drama, and does zero to benefit this (or ANY) community. He's constantly toxic for the sake of    BSmurf on May 24, 23:44

How about speaking in English? You are en elf......uncontrollably...i think.....the bcott is on....boarde has spoken...toldya!! {nm}   goodvibe61 on May 25, 00:33

using XMEN7 79.8/8.2 = 9.73 x 13-15 = 126-146 4-day.    Antibody on May 24, 19:28

I meant XMEn6 {nm}   Antibody on May 24, 19:30

Ep7 had a 3-day:Preview multi of 4.35; Ep8 was 4.89; R1 was 5.35. I have a hard time seeing Solo get up to Xmen's level, 8.0   MattW on May 24, 20:11

Avg it 4.86 x 15=72.9 that'd be devastating... There is a push to support Deadpool 2 as to stick it to Disney.... if   Baron_Darcon2017 on May 24, 20:31

fake news {nm}   Fechin on May 24, 20:35

Solo has a Sunday within a holiday weekend. {nm}   Antibody on May 24, 20:36

Those numbers are highly doubtful XMEN6 is the best comparison. {nm}   Randy on May 24, 20:50

Memorial Day vs. Christmas Holiday release. You can't compare the two.    CSStrowbridge on May 25, 03:45

Pirates did more than 11x its previews for the 3-day, seems like a poor comparison for star wars IMO {nm}   MattW on May 25, 07:27

X-Men: Apocalypse did 8x over 3 days. ...   CSStrowbridge on May 25, 08:31

Ouch.. That is surprising {nm}   VictorY on May 24, 19:31

Whatever the **** happens at the box office this weekend I really enjoyed this movie. A solid addition to the franchise. {nm}   Wellespring on May 24, 20:23

It was fantastic!!! {nm}   Fechin on May 24, 20:35

The film is good, i've really enjoyed it, but i will be glad if it tanks at least in the OW. Kathleen Kennedy needs to be out soon. {nm}   Filmstardust on May 24, 20:56

Because.... ? {nm}   BSmurf on May 24, 22:35

She's a successful woman...   CSStrowbridge on May 25, 03:47

Because she hates the fan base, because she turn the franchise into a SJW agenda, and because she sucks at managing. She sucks {nm}   Filmstardust on May 25, 07:22

I don't care if she's a man, a woman, gay, trans, or a robot, she's terrible at her job. She received the biggest franchise in history and..   Filmstardust on May 25, 07:25

except she didnt. 3 films $4.4B ww, which is hey look $1B more than the prequel trilogy did ww adjusted! {nm}   islndr on May 25, 08:26


Toy sales down 80%....Toys selling for 3 cents!!!!! SW on clearance all over... Video games underselling by hundreds of millions... {nm}   Baron_Darcon2017 on May 25, 09:31

Links? No game ever has sold hundreds of millions of copies. You are a liar. Period. A liar. {nm}   BSmurf on May 25, 10:54

heh. deceptive and fraudulent posts are bannable under the tos. :) {nm}   islndr on May 25, 11:14

What is SJW {nm}   goodvibe61 on May 25, 08:53

social justice warrior. mostly used by insecure white men when diversity in entertainment is thrust upon them. {nm}   CSBD on May 25, 09:00

I had a blast watching it. Starts a little slow but once it kicks in it's just non-stop. Visuals were fantastic -- loved the look of the pic {nm}   MiyazakiFan on May 25, 07:32

DM: GDELT is going to pick his next film by September. PNOCH is one of four under consideration.   Antibody on May 24, 17:26

V: Early tracking for Sony’s “Superfly” remake indicated an opening in the $10 million range. [SPRFL]   Antibody on May 24, 16:50

DL: Jennifer Fox has optioned the film rights to fantasy book series, Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin   Antibody on May 24, 16:14

THR: James Mangold is writing and directing the SW Boba Fett anthology movie.   notfabio on May 24, 15:46

May or may not be the same project Simon Kinberg was/is also working on. {nm}   notfabio on May 24, 15:47

Deadline hears that Mangold’s Logan producer Simon Kinberg is still attached to the Boba Fett project at Disney.   Antibody on May 24, 16:36

Boba Fett could become the third spin-off [SWAR3] as no writers working on a script for Obi-Wan Kenobi.   Antibody on May 24, 15:48

and EMCGR seemingly noncommittal to signing on. {nm}   Antibody on May 24, 15:53

Judging by the timing there could be an official announcement "soon" {nm}   notfabio on May 24, 16:14

i thought Daldry was writing it as well {nm}   slipping jimmy on May 24, 16:01

Breaking: Harvey Weinstein expected to turn himself in for arrest. {nm}   CSBD on May 24, 13:38

Soylo collapse in China, 0.12M advance preview, only 10M weekend forecast. Midnight SW comparison...   Baron_Darcon2017 on May 24, 12:35

Thanks for the trade war, Trump {nm}   slipping jimmy on May 24, 12:56

Soy beans are our #1 export with China, they just don't want our soy-movies. {nm}   Baron_Darcon2017 on May 24, 17:53

It's so weird seeing a conservative rooting for a business to NOT make money. Thought you were all pro-business. {nm}   BSmurf on May 24, 22:38

That's cause he's not a conservative...   CSStrowbridge on May 25, 03:54

Animal Crackers - Summer 2018   kitmoro on May 24, 11:47

August 10 was made up by Sava. ESTP has dated an aimated film for September 14   Antibody on May 24, 13:49

AFR: TLSTR trailer classified   Antibody on May 24, 10:46

The Division   kitmoro on May 24, 10:45

NYT profile: How Boots Riley Infiltrated Hollywood   Antibody on May 24, 10:06

VF: you know your film production is bad when the Fantastic Four crew had "AT LEAST WE’RE NOT ON TERMINATOR" shirt   Antibody on May 24, 09:36

also could have worked for Corman's Fantastic Four {nm}   slipping jimmy on May 24, 09:56

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