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BF: Laeta Kalogridis is writing Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (which is apparently not the David Benioff and D.B. Weiss trilogy)   Antibody on May 23, 17:03

RMALI for Darth Malek, obvs {nm}   professor zovek on May 23, 17:17

CB: Taika Waititi And Netflix Pull Out Of Stop-Motion ‘Bubbles’   Antibody on May 23, 16:03

CB: Blumhouse has not signed off on SPWN2 script and Todd MacFarlane is threatening to "walk waway from it all"   Antibody on May 23, 13:36

Here professor zovek, XMEN7 promoted as Sansa going full Targaryen on HBO.   Antibody on May 23, 13:22

QT now considering an even longer cut of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood    professor zovek on May 23, 12:33

QT now considering an even longer cut of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood    professor zovek on May 23, 12:33

Would he dare to add more MROBB as Sharon Tate. {nm}   Antibody on May 23, 12:37

after the Cannes press conference, maybe {nm}   professor zovek on May 23, 13:33

"I reject your hypothesis!" {nm}   Antibody on May 23, 14:05

SMCNA didn't make the Canne cut. Scoot McNairy. “That was his only scene,” said Tarantino. {nm}   Antibody on May 23, 12:38

THR preview: ALADN $80M, some as high as $100M; BBURN $13 million; BKSMR $8 million to $10 million   Antibody on May 23, 11:20

ALADN reviews probably won't be a deathblow but anyone on the fence is likely knocked off and will choose the pool instead. {nm}   RollingThunder on May 23, 11:33

it's a family movie. the kids won't give a **** about reviews {nm}   professor zovek on May 23, 11:37

Unless they have money to buy a ticket, get those floaties on. {nm}   RollingThunder on May 23, 11:57

if they're excited to see it, parents have little choice but to pony up   professor zovek on May 23, 12:09

Lol, depends on the parent. Likely they will also want to see Lion King and Toy Story, too. Parents not made of money. {nm}   RollingThunder on May 23, 12:11

more likely they'll skip the marginal stuff like Secret Life of Pets 2 or Angry Birds 2. Disney knows they have the product kids throw fits   professor zovek on May 23, 12:15

"Look, I'm gonna give you your choice...   Wellespring on May 23, 12:38

ALADN music video for Speechless and two covers of A Whole New World/Un Mundo Ideal   Antibody on May 23, 10:59

WSMIT rap version of Friend Like Me   Antibody on May 23, 11:04

Still not that excited about the film myself, but I like Will Smith's soundtrack versions of the songs. {nm}   DGarris on May 23, 17:24

AFR: GLDFN trailer classified    Antibody on May 23, 10:45

V: Ariana Greenblatt will voice young Velma, while Pierce Gagnon to voice young Fred in [SCOBY].   Antibody on May 23, 09:48

Velma's a shiksa {nm}   professor zovek on May 23, 10:53

DL: [MIB4] tracking $40M; [SHAF2] $20M-$22M   Antibody on May 23, 08:37

Yeah. That looks accurate. I don't really see any high fan demand for MIB at all. {nm}   VictorY on May 23, 08:41

That's clearly manipulation. ("How could it be overpriced when it hasn't opened yet." --Antibody)" SCRUB THIS {nm}   IM Deplorable on May 23, 08:52

Wrong. He's talking about opening weekend box office, not stock price. {nm}   Antibody on May 23, 08:58

The two are correlated. In fact, that's the whole point of HSX {nm}   IM Deplorable on May 23, 09:00

its been like this forever-talk about box office without talking about stock price.but sure, tell the guy running the site what the point is {nm}   islndr on May 23, 09:16

So you're saying box office has absolutely nothing to do with stock price? Then why trade at all? {nm}   IM Deplorable on May 23, 09:20

Do talk about box office. Don't talk about about stock price. Trading is optional. {nm}   tatoufan on May 23, 09:38

Talking about one is talking about the other. If not, on what basis do you value stocks? {nm}   IM Deplorable on May 23, 09:44

Several factors influence trading judgments, grasshopper. Expected (or actual) box office sometimes not most important factor {nm}   SenJohnBlutarsky on May 23, 10:54

Every factor influences expected B.O. and thus the value of the stock {nm}   IM Deplorable on May 23, 10:59

There is a world of difference between discussing industry OW tracking and the 4-week total of which the stock is speculating. {nm}   HurricaneKid on May 23, 12:26

Wrong, grasshopper. A player sometimes plays the players, not the expected or actual value(s) of a security.   SenJohnBlutarsky on May 23, 15:32

This information came from an external trusted source. Analysis based on quantifiable data and probably has no vested interest. {nm}   MilkCalcium on May 23, 10:11

I don't base my playing of this GAME on one persons opinion about how a movie will open. Should you? {nm}   Pennystocks2 on May 23, 11:11

Of course not. But if its policy that discussion of the value of stocks should be scrubbed, that policy should be evenly applied {nm}   IM Deplorable on May 23, 12:32

You seem to be the only one who doesn't understand the difference between box office and stock price. {nm}   Antibody on May 23, 12:49

Really? When a stock delists, how do you determine the delist price of a stock if not the box office? {nm}   IM Deplorable on May 23, 12:55

Keep trolling and you won't get to post at all. {nm}   Antibody on May 23, 12:56

I am not trolling. {nm}   IM Deplorable on May 23, 13:01

V: MIB4 $40 million; SHAF2 $16 million range   Antibody on May 23, 09:00

What's strange is I know more than one person who believe WSMIT is in MIB4 despite the fact that he's clearly not.    RollingThunder on May 23, 09:01

He "is" but it's not what you think (spoiler)   notfabio on May 23, 09:46

almost as much as Paramount paid for Down Under Cover at Cannes! {nm}   professor zovek on May 23, 09:09

Trailer for Abominable [EVERS]   Antibody on May 23, 08:31

thst kinda looks like one of their best efforts {nm}   islndr on May 23, 09:22

It's actually produced outside DWA by Pearl Studio Shanghai. {nm}   Antibody on May 23, 10:06

Reddit Movies: Schwarzenegger is kind of doing an impromptu jokey AMA after posting the trailer Terminator "himself"   notfabio on May 23, 08:21

such a cool guy on the socials...that man truly lifts {nm}   tealfan on May 23, 09:38

DL: RT Audience Rating System is now verified Fandango moviegoers. Plan to add AMC, Regal and Cinemark later this year.   Antibody on May 23, 08:14

ha ha, buying tickets to Own The Libs {nm}   professor zovek on May 23, 11:09

[TERM6] Terminator: Dark Fate teaser is out.   The_1250_Man on May 23, 06:22

Going to live or die on if Linda Hamilton carries the whole thing (which she will likely have to) the rest looks Genisyssy. {nm}   notfabio on May 23, 07:38

While I didn't hate TERM5, it doesn't look all that different, including the questionable CGI. {nm}   ~JPV~ on May 23, 07:42

the default video is in a small window at 480p, hard to judge off that. (but im on a basic old monitor so hard to tell anyways) {nm}   islndr on May 23, 07:57

They need to make these movies...smaller. This makes T1 & T2 look like a chamber piece. {nm}   Wellespring on May 23, 08:56

With the importance of being able to sell to an international audience with big booms and the pay they have to dole out to Cameron/Ahnuld   notfabio on May 23, 11:16

Where's the theme music? Put at least a few notes at the end. {nm}   Antibody on May 23, 08:04

Bjork covers by dudes are where it is at bro! ;) {nm}   notfabio on May 23, 08:16

well, they couldnt possibly do any worse then last time. linda hamilton gives it some respect points {nm}   horrorfanatic on May 23, 08:21

reddit: "Will Smith hasn't broken 70% on RT in over 20 Years"   tealfan on May 22, 21:43

And only one Certified Fresh movie in his entire career (the first MIB).   Jay_Beezy on May 23, 07:05

I watched it again in the past couple years and I still think I, Robot holds up really well. That movie is underrated. {nm}   MiyazakiFan on May 23, 07:42

+1 {nm}   sphere on May 23, 08:18

Got a lot of mileage out of the ID4 performance {nm}   budice on May 23, 07:58

WS knows what his audience wants, that's all that matters. {nm}   VictorY on May 23, 08:42

BOXOFFICE Weekend Forecast (4-day): ALADN ($68–85 MM), BKSMR ($8–13 MM), BBURN ($6–11 MM)   stormgod on May 22, 18:09

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, he gives his precise predictions: ALADN $75.7m; BKSMR $10.3m; BBURN $9m - *ALL 4-Day {nm}   tomcat90 on May 22, 18:37

BOM: MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE pulled from release schedule (again).   notfabio on May 22, 17:46

DC SUPER PETS pushed back one year to May 2022 after JOHN WICK 4 takes May 2021 date. {nm}   notfabio on May 22, 17:47

Could just be they are rethinking release strategy after MORTAL KOMBAT took 3/5/21. {nm}   notfabio on May 22, 17:50

That was my first take also. They're just looking for a more open release date. {nm}   VictorY on May 23, 08:43

VF: C-3PO to have a central role in STAR9 (similar to Han in STAR7 and Luke in STAR8)   Antibody on May 22, 17:22

oh no...   professor zovek on May 22, 17:25

Lando's role is rumored to only be Maz Kanata in Force Awakens size. {nm}   notfabio on May 22, 17:37

Spoiler    notfabio on May 22, 17:42

I don't care about STAR9 spoilers like I did AVNG4 spoilers. lol   Jay_Beezy on May 22, 20:52

My internal message right above is a spoiler just FYI. {nm}   Jay_Beezy on May 22, 20:53

Miss the old days when Memorial Day Weekend was tentpoles only...and adjusts! {nm}   Colt 1911 on May 22, 17:00

The last 3 years had XMEN, PIRT and SW tentpoles. {nm}   Antibody on May 22, 17:07

Yeah, they did...true enough. Just not excited about this week, should have held Mr. Wick another week ;) {nm}   Colt 1911 on May 22, 17:54

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