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Page 1 of 3536 Go to page < Previous | Next > JLEAG 90, Wonder 27, Star 9    JDolphin on Nov 18, 14:14

D: 8:05AM SAT JLEAG $38.8m/$96m; WONDR $9.4m/$28.3m; TLAMB $10.2m (weekend estimate)   tomcat90 on Nov 18, 08:12

The Incredibles 2 [NCRD2] gets a teaser trailer   RazorHawk on Nov 18, 07:50

if its going to be all about the baby, pass {nm}   islndr on Nov 18, 07:52

It's about the wife going out on a mission while the husband mainly stays with the baby this time around I believe {nm}   tomcat90 on Nov 18, 07:55

why is he still a baby 13 years later? {nm}   slipping jimmy on Nov 18, 11:33

they are continuing right after the 1st one left off    Randy on Nov 18, 11:39

hopefully Coco will remind them to stop making dumb sequels {nm}   slipping jimmy on Nov 18, 11:45

Dumb sells. As Hunter S. Thompson observed: When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. The going these days is dumb.{nm}   DTXbro on Nov 18, 11:53

Ya most sequels are garbage but I'm hoping The Incredibles 2 will be exception like Finding Dory was but Coco does look wonderful {nm}   Randy on Nov 18, 11:55

Toy Story 4 was great. Finding Dory was mediocre {nm}   slipping jimmy on Nov 18, 11:57

(er, TS3) {nm}   slipping jimmy on Nov 18, 11:57

Ya your right Toy Story 3 was great but I really did enjoy Finding Dory {nm}   Randy on Nov 18, 12:03

Loved Finding Dory (almost as good as Nemo). Beginning and End of Toy Story 3 was great, rest was terrible. And meh on Incredibles) {nm}   JDolphin on Nov 18, 14:04

lol, no {nm}   slipping jimmy on Nov 18, 14:11

It's animation - no one grows up. See Simpsons. {nm}   JDolphin on Nov 18, 14:06

Andy grew up from a 10 year old to going off to college in Toy Story {nm}   slipping jimmy on Nov 18, 14:08

Hotel Transylvania 2 Mavis is now married and has a son. {nm}   RazorHawk on Nov 18, 14:17

Todd and Copper are pups at the beginning of The Fox And The Hound, and are adults at the end. {nm}   RazorHawk on Nov 18, 14:24

Ok - in animation you don't have to grow up. See Simpsons. {nm}   JDolphin on Nov 18, 14:50

DLH: FRI 11:33 PM: JLEAG 38.4 / 93.5 WONDE 9.4 / 27.3 THOR3 5.9 / 21.0 / 246.6 MOTOE 4.0 / 14.3 / 52.2.   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Nov 18, 00:17

DDHM2 3.9 / 13.5 / 49.3 TLAMB 2.7 / 9.1 BADM2 2.3 / 7.3 / 51.3 LADYB 740K / 2.4 / 4.6 3BOEM 283K / 901K / 1.3. {nm}   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Nov 18, 00:21

SAW8 286K / 885K / 36.3 INRCT 18K / 56K. {nm}   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Nov 18, 00:23

so Wonder at $9.4M isn’t far off Blind Side at $11M OD. Blind Side had $100M+ on day 10.   lobogotti on Nov 18, 00:46

I remember back in spring an article calling this the next blind side. Kudos to that guy. And I can see this taking a lot of screens over   columbia on Nov 18, 06:35

indeed a great call. and my thoughts exactly about Coco. both will suffer a tad because of each other. {nm}   lobogotti on Nov 18, 07:30

families will just go see both, eventually {nm}   slipping jimmy on Nov 18, 11:58

yep. 'tis the season. {nm}   CSBD on Nov 18, 12:43

Smack-Down Time MONDAY for 20.3 MILL Shares (JLEAG.OW) LONG at 119.59. Just 19.0 MILL Shares SHORT. {nm}   Captain Obvious on Nov 18, 00:59

A SWEET Monday for those with (WONDE.OW) LONG, (JLEAG.OW) SHORT & (TLAMB.OW) SHORT. {nm}   Captain Obvious on Nov 18, 01:19

I will be one of those enjoying a sweet Monday. Need all I can to catch the Billionaires around here {nm}   TheTomAsta on Nov 18, 04:46

I'm in the good group there. But being short on Wonder ... {nm}   Dales on Nov 18, 06:13

so about half and half. {nm}   CSBD on Nov 18, 08:05

The league Will surpass 100 Mill this weekend. Is my bet {nm}   JMT-NL on Nov 18, 05:29

and here i thought the winter pick 7 would be too predictable. no justice for the 51 out of 71 who have it 2nd {nm}   islndr on Nov 18, 06:30

DL late update: Justice League at $93+m and falling {nm}   slipping jimmy on Nov 17, 23:50

Holy Dissapointments Batman, we’ll barely outgross that other time Supes returned {nm}   mexgoer33 on Nov 18, 00:03

4th weekend under 200m? {nm}   MattW on Nov 18, 01:53

It doesn't have the toxic WOM that BvS had, so no. And with Thanksgiving, it should have some okay weekday #s. {nm}   -JPV- on Nov 18, 11:53

The weeks after Thanksgiving are among the worst of the year though. (My bet is under 200) {nm}   RogerMore on Nov 18, 13:30

MILESTONE: RotoHockeyYTD2014: TOP 44 All-Time. 2 MILL To TOP 44 All-Time (9.7 BILLION) In 1,415 Days.   RotoHockey2013MainPort on Nov 17, 23:45

What I want to know is, are you ever going to catch Oleg_Max or Grory? :-) {nm}   Flash on Nov 18, 09:58

I guess Grory's retired, so it might be possible! :-) {nm}   Flash on Nov 18, 09:58

IW: "‘Doctor Strange’ Co-Writer: Rotten Tomatoes’ Latest Move Proves Its Bias"   tealfan on Nov 17, 22:16

When the sources for information are reduced, those remaining will indeed wield too much power. Recent moves by the FCC seek to do this with   Catzan on Nov 17, 23:43

Warner Bros owns part of Rotten Tomatoes   RazorHawk on Nov 18, 00:17

RT *may* have shown it's bias, but it also showed that hiding the numbers doesn't help   Dales on Nov 18, 06:16

hey it managed a B+ CinemaScore   tealfan on Nov 17, 22:09

Wonder A+, Star A (from Deadline) {nm}   JDolphin on Nov 17, 23:13

been reading FB posts on Wonder. so much love from families taking their kids last night. telling families to take    lobogotti on Nov 18, 00:38

Blind side just keeps coming to mind here as far as legs {nm}   columbia on Nov 18, 06:32

be over $85M (based on $9.4M Fri) on 10th day if it follows same pattern. would also make it to $200M+   lobogotti on Nov 18, 07:33

The movie is a decent flick. I enjoyed the moodiness of the opening. And I stared too long at the upper lip thing but eventually forgot    Catzan on Nov 18, 00:01

I agree...well-developed solos first, then team-up...look at how people couldn't wait for Avengers to come out...and coming next...   tealfan on Nov 18, 01:46

The Wrap: ‘Captain Phillips’ Writer Billy Ray to Rewrite New ‘Terminator’ Movie [TERM6]   -JPV- on Nov 17, 17:44

protip for Billy: find a way to work the line "I'll be back" in there somewhere {nm}   slipping jimmy on Nov 17, 18:22

Luke Skywalker's "Who are you?" is in a STAR8 TV spot   Antibody on Nov 17, 16:17

the thing about fulfilling your destiny is, if it's your destiny, you can't help but fulfill it {nm}   slipping jimmy on Nov 17, 16:20

'who are you?" I AM NEGAN! {nm}   horrorfanatic on Nov 18, 00:04

V: Netflix is staying in the Noah Baumbach business. Adam Driver, Laura Dern, and Scarlett Johansson to star in his next film.    Antibody on Nov 17, 14:35

get him, Disney {nm}   slipping jimmy on Nov 17, 14:40

DL: Wendi McLendon-Covey will lend her voice in Open Road Films’ Playmobil [PLAYM]   Antibody on Nov 17, 14:30

Wendi McLendon-Covey will lend her voice in [PMOBL] {nm}   Antibody on Nov 17, 14:30

Uhh, who? {nm}   DTravel on Nov 17, 18:01

You seen Bridesmaids? {nm}   Antibody on Nov 17, 18:39

heh. there are usually many legit "who?"s posted to these boards, but she isnt one. (reno 911, the goldbergs, lots other) {nm}   islndr on Nov 18, 06:34

Have not seen Bridesmaids, Reno 911, Goldbergs. {nm}   DTravel on Nov 18, 09:17

I'm with DTravel - never heard of her or watched those movies/tv (saw enough of Reno 911 not to want to see anymore) {nm}   JDolphin on Nov 18, 12:10

her comedy comes from snark/sarcasm (except on Goldbergs) , which I think will appeal to a lot of people here =P {nm}   tealfan on Nov 18, 13:51

DL: Douglas Booth is in negotiations to play Nikki Sixx in [TDIRT]   Antibody on Nov 17, 14:28

going straight to Netflix {nm}   RazorHawk on Nov 17, 14:50

D: 1:50pm JLEAG $97m+; WONDE $30m-$32m; STAR $8m-$9m   tomcat90 on Nov 17, 14:04

There you go Lobo :) {nm}   tomcat90 on Nov 17, 14:04

bam! {nm}   lobogotti on Nov 17, 17:15

Thanks for the heads up, Lobo. {nm}   Abraxas on Nov 17, 22:06

no problem {nm}   lobogotti on Nov 18, 00:00

"sleeper" no longer seems like the correct label for Wonder, lol {nm}   RollingThunder on Nov 17, 14:08

And yet the current MS price is only H$46.48. {nm}   -JPV- on Nov 17, 15:08

just walked out of it about an hour ago. infectious WOM coming. crazy how many teens were in our show, which    lobogotti on Nov 17, 17:16

Nice to see you still active on the boards.   second gary on Nov 17, 20:46

Gary! just thinking about you the other day. I hope life is treating you kind. and I really hope you stop back in   lobogotti on Nov 17, 21:37

"Three billboards" isn't here yet...   second gary on Nov 18, 06:47

you too! {nm}   lobogotti on Nov 18, 07:36

LOL at the sidebar ads -" FYC in all categories Thor: Ragnarok" {nm}   RogerMore on Nov 17, 14:08

The Foregin Press could like TAWAI and nominate THOR3 as a comedy {nm}   Antibody on Nov 17, 14:25

Man I miss adjusts! {nm}   leo21 on Nov 17, 15:47

Yay Wonder and lol Justice League!! {nm}   doitdoitdoitnow on Nov 17, 16:37

V 1:08: JLEAG about $95 million; WONDE above $20 million   Antibody on Nov 17, 13:17

It may not even crack 200 domestic WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW {nm}   gogreen on Nov 17, 13:22

Shocking. BAFFL no longer has to pretend he's still Batman. {nm}   Antibody on Nov 17, 13:25

CDAN blind item suggests WB is willing to pay CBALE the most money for a role ever if he can lose the Cheney weight and grow his hair back   slipping jimmy on Nov 17, 21:09

with the Thanksgiving holiday it's assured that much at least. now if it didn't have the holiday, I might buy into that. {nm}   lobogotti on Nov 17, 13:26

Autopsy: Dark, brooding heroes use sparingly. Audience's want uplifting stories. Z. Sydney vision was awful. {nm}   Baron_Darcon2017 on Nov 17, 13:35

The Matrix was dark. but it was fun. don't have to be Marvel but just be fun {nm}   slipping jimmy on Nov 17, 13:37

for me, doesn't matter if fun or dark...just has to be good...TDK trilogy was dark, yet good (and was a big success) {nm}   tealfan on Nov 17, 13:51

yeah man, what I saw this week on Justice didn't feel like it would do well at all (in comparison to other SH films). {nm}   lobogotti on Nov 17, 13:23

knew people were really underestimating Wonder. now let's see this baby run. let's get $70M+   lobogotti on Nov 17, 13:25

You were all over that Lobo. It got me back in much lower. Thanks and nice call :) {nm}   tomcat90 on Nov 17, 13:30

thanks tom. want this one to scorch earth now. {nm}   lobogotti on Nov 17, 13:36

They are projecting a preview multiple under 3.0. Ultra frontloaded if right, ouch. {nm}   RollingThunder on Nov 17, 13:42

it'll probably touch $100M... my gosh if it doesn't, yeouch {nm}   lobogotti on Nov 17, 13:47

THR 12:49 PM: Justice League $95M-Plus; WONDER $25 million range; The Star projected $7 million.(could be carryover from preview article)   Antibody on Nov 17, 12:55

probably...they haven't even updated the article timestamp yet {nm}   tealfan on Nov 17, 13:07

JLEAG and WONDE are updated 12:49 PM. TLAMB is the same 7 from yesterday.   Antibody on Nov 17, 13:15

Trailer for The Dancer [DNCER] - In Theatres December 1st from Pacific Norwest Pictures   Antibody on Nov 17, 12:22

TB: Bob Odenkirk and Catherine Keener have joined the voice cast of [NCRD2]   Antibody on Nov 17, 11:47

THR: Sony is also interested in acquiring 21st Century Fox   Antibody on Nov 17, 11:01

Spider-Man with Deadpool, Wolverine and X-Men? {nm}   Antibody on Nov 17, 11:03

Its weird to me that most people's reaction to this is what this could do with their favorite superheroes {nm}   Moviesnob on Nov 17, 11:18

Since they bought Marvel and Lucasfilm, Disney is making more money with less releases   Moviesnob on Nov 17, 11:26

consolidation likely means less studio movies. That will have an enormous effect on the theatrical industry {nm}   Moviesnob on Nov 17, 11:27

Exhibition oversaturated with megaplexes everywhere and allowed movies to be played in theaters mere miles apart. Newer builds have lower    Catzan on Nov 17, 12:13

if demand is there, you can't build enough supply   slipping jimmy on Nov 17, 12:29

thats really all the studios are anymore tho - superhero factories.    islndr on Nov 17, 11:27

(1) only by choice, man; and (2) nothing lasts forever, not even comic book franchises {nm}   slipping jimmy on Nov 17, 11:31

Probably Will take 5 more years and then superhero - movies ( skyscrapers mayhem ) are passé. {nm}   JMT-NL on Nov 17, 12:34

thats unsustainable imo. I love them as well but theres going to be a saturation point. Especially with the varied quality between brands {nm}   Moviesnob on Nov 17, 11:32

all true. my post more in repsonse to yours that you find it weird people talk about what could do to superheroes...   islndr on Nov 17, 11:37

That is why it looks and feels like Marvel is about to pivot {nm}   RazorHawk on Nov 17, 11:46

Disney too. They are trying to become Netflix before Netflix can become Disney {nm}   Moviesnob on Nov 17, 12:03

If you were into comics you'd understand. Fans were ALWAYS comparing, loved team-ups, friendly rivalry and   Baron_Darcon2017 on Nov 17, 13:30

Ummm... I doubt they could afford it.   CSStrowbridge on Nov 17, 14:01

V: Claes Bang to play villain in The Girl in the Spider’s Web [TGRL2]   Antibody on Nov 17, 10:28

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