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Creator of [Mandalorian Spoiler Character] was not given any heads up and has had zero involvement with The Mandalorian notfabio Dec 01, 17:33

V: “The Oscars in-person telecast will happen,” Antibody Dec 01, 15:25

Dolby Theatre seats 3400, so 25% capacity would be 850. I think the AMPAS Museum Theatre will only hold 1000. notfabio Dec 01, 16:10

Indiewire's Anne Thompson drops her OMGLOLWTFBBQ twitter reaction to NEWS OF THE WORLD "Excellent acting, writing, directing and crafts." notfabio Dec 01, 15:04

not linking but apparently Wells had a legit emotional meltdown watching The Prom pickle rick! Dec 01, 16:15

V: “Judas and the Black Messiah,” “The Little Things” and the “Tom and Jerry” remake could all see a hybrid HBO Max/ theatrical fate Antibody Dec 01, 13:56

Interesting they don't even mention Godzilla vs Kong, but otherwise mostly speculation. {nm} notfabio Dec 01, 14:05

Article's focus on releases frome arly 2021. GOVKO is not until May. {nm} Antibody Dec 01, 14:08

During this pandemic almost every film that has been "speculated" to go, has done so... 3ebfan511 Dec 01, 16:00

insiders say that Gadot and director Patty Jenkins received generous backend deals after agreeing to send the film to HBO Max. {nm} Antibody Dec 01, 14:15

Embarrassing knee-jerk behavior from a studio that I used to respect. {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Dec 01, 16:02

But honestly, I heard that WarnerMedia was so bullish about pushing its HBO Max and turning its back on theatrical months ago. TheWeekendWarrior Dec 01, 16:03

It's not the same studio after AT&T. {nm} Antibody Dec 01, 16:21

Their current CEO is Direct to Consumer first (he helped build Hulu) and AT&T statements to the contrary felt the HBO Max launch was bungled notfabio Dec 01, 16:22

But even long-time movie studio execs tend to hate having to deal with exhibition. {nm} notfabio Dec 01, 16:24

legit looking forward to all the pent-up theatrical demand hitting around Memorial Day as the vaccine rollout really starts to go wide {nm} pickle rick! Dec 01, 16:29

Studios and Theatre Chains really have to devise some killer marketing plans and make the ad dollars rain. notfabio Dec 01, 17:13

DL: Horizon Line VOD transactional platform launch on Jan. 12. [HRZNL] Antibody Dec 01, 13:18

Deadline: Armie Hammer plays The Godfather producer Al Ruddy in Paramount+'s "Making of The Godfather" Series titled THE OFFER notfabio Dec 01, 13:14

Vanity Fair covered the Making Of in this 2009 article (don't know if it was used for the series) notfabio Dec 01, 13:20

WW84 will be the first title available in 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos on HBO Max notfabio Dec 01, 12:34

Should be an umbrella label to cover all those like "More Fancy 4K" {nm} budice Dec 01, 13:20

"4K that you paid extra for for no real reason" {nm} Hollywood Dec 01, 14:17

The Guardian: Pixar's joke-laden template for kids animation has ruined classic cinema for my Pixar-raised kids pickle rick! Dec 01, 11:47

I'd agree with your inner message, DreamWorks Animation titles of the past 20 years are far more joke/gag laden {nm} notfabio Dec 01, 12:17

It's really more that Animation titles (especially SPA and DWA titles) are test screened nowadays to within an inch of their lives, notfabio Dec 01, 12:21

yeah more Dreamworks than Pixar. tear-laden is maybe more appropriate for Pixar =P {nm} tealfan Dec 01, 12:33

How many times can their lead character get sucked into a strange world and learn what is really important in life is family and friends. RufusS Dec 01, 13:00

yeah this is more my issue. they have a template that's worked (mostly) great for 25 years. but time to tell a new kind of story {nm} pickle rick! Dec 01, 13:11

I don't know about the first part ( I count two: Coco and Soul)), but I hear ya on the family and friends pattern {nm} tealfan Dec 01, 16:17

DL: Netflix has inked a multimillion-dollar deal for near-global rights to Stowaway [STOWA] Antibody Dec 01, 11:05

DL: Julius Avery directing Van Helsing [VANHL] Antibody Dec 01, 11:03

no ticker change needed but EPAGE via his twitter comes out as trans (Elliot Page) pickle rick! Dec 01, 10:32

IGN: I think this is a first, Netflix is going to update Elliot Page's past credits (on-screen and on their site) on their productions. notfabio Dec 01, 14:52

Haven't heard if Disney+ plans to do the same with say the Fox X-Men titles. {nm} notfabio Dec 01, 14:53

DanielRPK via WGTC: Lucasfilm “Instead of de-ageing Mark Hamill they decided with Hamill’s approval to cast Sebastian Stan..." Antibody Dec 01, 10:15

He has been openly pretty supportive of Stan in the past as far as that idea goes as fans continually bring it up to him on social media. {nm} notfabio Dec 01, 10:52

Trailer for The Mauritanian [PR760] Antibody Dec 01, 09:17

VF First Look Antibody Dec 01, 09:18

THR: Clive Barker 'Hellraiser' Writer Reclaiming U.S. Franchise Rights After Lawsuit Settlement Antibody Dec 01, 08:07

DL: Peter Dinklage To Star In Legendary’s ‘Toxic Avenger’ Antibody Nov 30, 17:11

I'm not so sure I would chalk up starring as Toxie as "continuing to build a strong film slate post Game of Thrones" but he will be fun. {nm} notfabio Nov 30, 17:26

at least it's not Millennium pickle rick! Nov 30, 17:38

IW: HBELG only had one day atop Netflix. replaced by CHCH2 #1 since Thu. Antibody Nov 30, 16:29

Deadline: California is looking at an even more drastic Stay at Home Order in the next few days with ICU capacity at 80% in SoCal by 12/24 notfabio Nov 30, 13:13

Going by the chart, still a chance Santa Clara/SF market could re-open theatres (they just closed again) but SoCal = no in time for WW84. {nm} notfabio Nov 30, 13:15

Cuomo is still going with micro-cluster closures for NY vs state wide, but hasn't mentioned anything about re-opening NYC. {nm} notfabio Nov 30, 13:16

Nothing else has closed in NYC since reopening, not the 25% in-door dining, not bowling alleys, not gyms... movie theaters are still closed. {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Nov 30, 19:28

Hollywood-Elsewhere: NEWS OF THE WORLD digital screeners have been sent to reviewers, reviews should pop up "soon" notfabio Nov 30, 13:06

THR: Alicia Witt to Star in 'Alice' [ALCE] Antibody Nov 30, 13:06

THR: BBC Studios inclusion rider sets out a minimum target that 20 percent of all on-screen talent and production teams Antibody Nov 30, 12:46

I'm happy with that. That % target should be okay to hit, and it will help with the ridiculous privilege evident here in the UK screen secto {nm} numbersix_99 Dec 01, 06:20

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