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There it is... first Wick with an A CinemaScore ... which means it could be #1 again next weekend TheWeekendWarrior Mar 25, 04:21

Scream 6 D14 > Shazam 2 D7 {nm} Tallwonder Mar 25, 00:06

LA Times: Victoria Alonso has hired litigator Patty Glaser, claims she was fired when she refused to do something "reprehensible" notfabio Mar 24, 17:41

Attorney denies it has anything to do with Argentina 1985. that she had permission. Mentions Don't Say Gay opposition. {nm} notfabio Mar 24, 17:44

Considering her lawyer points towards her being a Gay Latina, don't say gay. Maybe they asked her to cut/tone down gay element (Agatha?) notfabio Mar 24, 17:52

Disney already has a press statement, they confirm it was for breach of contract, that Alonso's attorney is leaving out key details. notfabio Mar 24, 17:58

Chapek kicked her off of all press after she singled him out in her Don't Say Gay comments at the GLAAD Awards. {nm} notfabio Mar 24, 17:59

which one? the first breach they excused or the second or the third . . . {nm} my mate paul Mar 24, 18:15

GFR: Jennifer Lawrence to play hawt RBG in a new biopic notfabio Mar 24, 16:27

You saying FJONE wasn't hawt? {nm} Antibody Mar 24, 16:35

Sure why not. FJONE is much closer to RBG physically, JLAWR is 8 inches taller than RBG, FJONE only 2 inches. {nm} notfabio Mar 24, 17:08

Any nudity? TheWeekendWarrior Mar 24, 19:01

Uh, wut? {nm} ndmaster Mar 24, 22:07

US trailer for Knights of the Zodiac [KOTZ] Antibody Mar 24, 16:15

Presence and panel at WonderCon today Antibody Mar 24, 16:30

More 2nd Hand The Hot Mic: David Gordon Green was developing a Star Wars movie, regrets agreeing to doing 3 Exorcist movies after Halloween notfabio Mar 24, 15:11

Also, Sneider, Obaid-Chinoy clashed with Lindelof over the script (which he hears is not good), Steven Knight has been on standby for awhile notfabio Mar 24, 15:20

SUZUME will be in "select" IMAX theatres 4/14 notfabio Mar 24, 14:12

DL's Too Early Update: WICKY-WICK4 looking at 30+ Friday, 70+ low 70's 3 day. notfabio Mar 24, 13:54

Collider: The prequel series THE CONTINENTAL will be 3 - 90 minute episodes and will debut on Peacock in September notfabio Mar 24, 13:56

A blogger I sometimes follow predicts mid-80s. We shall see {nm} SirWinstonNewkirk Mar 24, 16:39

THR: Victoria Alonso was terminated over breach of contract for producing Argentina 1985 notfabio Mar 24, 13:38

Sounds like an easy cover vs employee complaints but her walking the red carpet on Oscars for it was final straw {nm} notfabio Mar 24, 13:42

(Well champagne carpet but you get the drift, for Amazon) {nm} notfabio Mar 24, 13:43

I would do the same thing if I am her, and I wouldn't mind to get fired for it. "Argentina 1985" is a great movie. {nm} Peterlee Mar 24, 14:25

OTN: Chris Pine Joins [WISH] Antibody Mar 24, 13:13

/FILM Rebel Moon 1 and 2 will have R rated extended cuts available. Sound mixing until February (likely on #2 since #1 is December release) notfabio Mar 24, 12:29

Gizmodo: Funko decimates their new acquisition Mondo, will cease new poster production, lays off key staff. notfabio Mar 24, 10:38

(Gizmodo reported posters would continue, The Wrap follows up and says nope, they're done, only toys and records will survive) notfabio Mar 24, 10:40

Devastating {nm} Moviesnob Mar 24, 11:11

here's the real story: "The company was sold to Fundamental Capital, a private equity firm, in 2013 to raise funds" my mate paul Mar 24, 11:16

Funko disclosed a couple of weeks ago they sent $30 million in unsold inventory to a landfill. notfabio Mar 24, 11:33

Sympathy to those laid off. What an outrage. {nm} TFeeney Mar 24, 11:27

Good lord, take a look at FundamentalCapital.com. I'm surprised it doesn't have a dancing baby gif in the corner. {nm} TFeeney Mar 24, 11:29

As a huge print collector.. it's really a huge blow. They were my entry point back in the day and are still the gold standard {nm} MiyazakiFan Mar 24, 11:40

I'd imagine the key staff that were let go will (hopefully) start up their own outfit but getting funding for it right now could be a trick. {nm} notfabio Mar 24, 11:42

Ideal scenario would be Alamo starting it back up again if their finances are in okay shape now. MiyazakiFan Mar 24, 11:50

Alamo is not Alamo anymore {nm} Moviesnob Mar 24, 13:33

Variety: Paramount dusting off Republic Pictures label to release Winter Spring Summer of Fall w/ JORTE and The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial notfabio Mar 24, 10:32

Typo in Variety it's Winter Spring Summer or Fall. My guess is these will be limited vs wide theatricals at best. {nm} notfabio Mar 24, 10:33

if it's not filmed on the Republic lot . . . well {nm} my mate paul Mar 24, 11:01

It's pretty weird how they'll dust these old labels off only to bury them soon after, Orion is clinging to life support. {nm} notfabio Mar 24, 11:24

bring back Touchstone, but for reals {nm} my mate paul Mar 24, 11:57

Today's IPO is a real thing? And with no Taylor Sheridan involvement despite his recent success? TheWeekendWarrior Mar 24, 10:25

Lead pair also not returning (Renner anyway can't for now).. Clarke etc is underwhelming .. not sure about the 15m BO bit Tallwonder Mar 24, 13:17

I moderated a QnA with Garrett Hedlund who is in Tulsa King and he had some insight on the project... Sheridan definitely involved. {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Mar 24, 18:54

New promo for Chevalier (CDSG) Peter453 Mar 24, 10:16

MAGZN will be released by Searchlight on Dec 8 {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Mar 24, 10:04

Can it turn things around for the EMPIRE OF LIGHT/WEST SIDE STORY death slot? {nm} notfabio Mar 24, 10:05

Wound up working ok for The Whale, conversely, just hasn't been very lucky for Searchlight/20th lately. {nm} notfabio Mar 24, 10:08

Pretty confident Majors will get nominated. Empire of Light was just a royal ****-up all around. {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Mar 24, 10:08

It could be interesting if MGM mounts a serious campaign for CREED 3, has anyone been nominated for Best Lead and Best Supporting same year? {nm} notfabio Mar 24, 10:15

Holly Hunter and Emma Thompson have I think from memory {nm} Peter453 Mar 24, 10:17

Julianne Moore? And then 12 years later, she won for a movie that was worse than both. {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Mar 24, 10:17

Jamie Fox, Scarlett {nm} Peter453 Mar 24, 10:20

Al Pacino, Sigourney Weaver {nm} Peter453 Mar 24, 10:20

NEON has picked up the rights to EILEN; theatrical release this Fall {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Mar 24, 09:40

Neon has acquired [EILEN] Antibody Mar 24, 09:54

DL: Patton Oswalt and Kumail Nanjiani join GHOSTBUSTERS 4 notfabio Mar 24, 09:34

5 even {nm} Peter453 Mar 24, 09:38

Darn those female ghostbusters! {nm} notfabio Mar 24, 09:40

Kumail Nanjiani, Patton Oswalt, James Acaster and Emily Alyn Lind join [GHST5] {nm} Antibody Mar 24, 09:52

Assassin Club (ASCLB) getting released in theaters in UK April 14 Peter453 Mar 24, 09:24

No news of a release in US yet {nm} Peter453 Mar 24, 09:25

Robert Pattinson and Robert Downey Jr will star in Adam McKay’s next film ‘AVERAGE HEIGHT, AVERAGE BUILD’. Peter453 Mar 24, 09:21

DL: and Amy Adams , Forest Whitaker & Danielle Deadwyler For Serial Killer Comedy Peter453 Mar 24, 09:54

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